MSFS Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport (LECU) Scenery

PreviewA rendition of LECU (Madrid–Cuatro Vientos Airport) created by developer Alfredo del Val for Microsoft's latest flight simulator release, MSFS 2020, or FS2020 as it's known within the community.

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A rendition of LECU (Madrid–Cuatro Vientos Airport) created by developer Alfredo del Val for Microsoft's latest flight simulator release, MSFS 2020, or FS2020 as it's known within the community.

Showing the LECU scenery mod in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)?The LECU project is a community-driven open source project to create a free Cuatro Vientos airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020).

Any contribution is more than welcome, so if you want to do it, you can collaborate on the project either creating any object of the airport like hangars, buildings...

About the airport

Madrid–Cuatro Vientos Airport (ICAO: LECU), also known as Cuatro Vientos Airport, is the oldest airport in Spain, established in 1911 and one of the three civil airports of Madrid along with Madrid–Barajas and Torrejón Air Base. The airport is located 8 km (5.0 mi) southwest of the city center. The name "Cuatro Vientos" translates into English as "Four Winds."

Cuatro Vientos was originally an airbase, which later became also a civil airport. Thus, there is a military section located on a separate apron of the airport, opposite to the civil one. It is also used as the Madrid base for aircraft of the Spanish Police, as well as for the road traffic surveillance helicopters.

Additional comments

This is a live project. As an open-source scenario, I am expecting that people can contribute to it so it could be improved.

For more information, please visit:


You have to unzip the files in the Community folder. If you’ve installed the game in a custom location, the folder will be in the game directory. If you’ve installed it in the default location and you’re using the MS store version, you should look in %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator (with a bunch of letters and numbers at the end)\LocalCache\Packages.

If you’re using the Steam version, there are two places you should look in. The first is %appdata%\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community.

The second is in the Steam library folder – \steamapps\common\Community.

Developer: Alfredo del Val (

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Readme.txt09.24.202.52 kB
Screenshots09.27.200 B
LECU Screenshot2ai.png09.27.209.98 MB
LECU Screenshot3ai.png09.27.208.61 MB
LECU Screenshotai.png09.27.209.12 MB
avaldesign-lecu09.24.200 B
ContentInfo09.24.200 B
avaldesign-lecu09.24.200 B
Thumbnail.jpg07.22.2013.20 kB
layout.json09.24.2013.00 kB
manifest.json09.24.20292 B
scenery09.24.200 B
global09.24.200 B
scenery09.24.200 B
TEXTURE09.24.200 B
CLUB_TEXTURE1.PNG.DDS09.24.2010.51 kB
CLUB_TEXTURE1.PNG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CLUB_TEXTURE2.PNG.DDS09.24.207.16 kB
CLUB_TEXTURE2.PNG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CLUB_TEXTURE3.PNG.DDS09.24.201.82 kB
CLUB_TEXTURE3.PNG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CT_MATERIAL_11.JPG.DDS09.24.2012.71 kB
CT_MATERIAL_11.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CT_MATERIAL_11_2.JPG.DDS09.24.204.17 kB
CT_MATERIAL_11_2.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CT_MATERIAL_3.JPG.DDS09.24.205.62 kB
CT_MATERIAL_3.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CT_MATERIAL_4.JPG.DDS09.24.206.91 kB
CT_MATERIAL_4.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CT_MATERIAL_8.JPG.DDS09.24.2044.03 kB
CT_MATERIAL_8.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CT_MATERIAL_9.JPG.DDS09.24.2013.38 kB
CT_MATERIAL_9.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CT_ROOFING.JPG.DDS09.24.2042.80 kB
CT_ROOFING.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
CT__.JPG.DDS09.24.20199.26 kB
CT__.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
FIOMATERIAL1.PNG.DDS09.24.20490.89 kB
FIOMATERIAL1.PNG.DDS.json09.24.20119 B
FIOMATERIAL1_0.PNG.DDS.json09.24.20119 B
FIOMATERIAL1_1.PNG.DDS.json09.24.20119 B
FIOMATERIAL2.PNG.DDS09.24.20159.51 kB
FIOMATERIAL2.PNG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU01.JPG.DDS09.24.20312 B
HGU01.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU01_0.JPG.DDS09.24.2034.29 kB
HGU01_0.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU01_1.JPG.DDS09.24.2074.91 kB
HGU01_1.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU01_2.JPG.DDS09.24.202.38 kB
HGU01_2.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU01_3.JPG.DDS09.24.2074.91 kB
HGU01_3.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU01_4.JPG.DDS09.24.202.38 kB
HGU01_4.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU01_6.JPG.DDS09.24.209.59 kB
HGU01_6.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU02.JPG.DDS09.24.2013.40 kB
HGU02.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU03.JPG.DDS09.24.202.48 kB
HGU03.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU04.JPG.DDS09.24.202.31 kB
HGU04.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU05.JPG.DDS09.24.204.36 kB
HGU05.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU05_5.JPG.DDS09.24.204.36 kB
HGU05_5.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU06.JPG.DDS09.24.201.16 kB
HGU06.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU07.JPG.DDS09.24.202.41 kB
HGU07.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU08.JPG.DDS09.24.201.81 kB
HGU08.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU09.JPG.DDS09.24.203.23 kB
HGU09.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU10.JPG.DDS09.24.2012.47 kB
HGU10.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
HGU11.JPG.DDS09.24.2012.80 kB
HGU11.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
SCT_ASPHALT.JPG.DDS09.24.202.80 kB
SCT_ASPHALT.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
SCT_MATERIAL_1.JPG.DDS09.24.2069.85 kB
SCT_MATERIAL_1.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
SCT_MATERIAL_2.JPG.DDS09.24.2035.55 kB
SCT_MATERIAL_2.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
SCT_MATERIAL_2_1.JPG.DDS09.24.2042.37 kB
SCT_MATERIAL_2_1.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
SCT_STCMATERIAL4.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
SCT_STCMATERIAL5.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
TEMP.JPG.DDS09.24.2017.70 kB
TEMP.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
TER_MATERIAL.JPG.DDS09.24.2085.92 kB
TER_MATERIAL.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
TER_MATERIAL1.JPG.DDS09.24.2011.99 kB
TER_MATERIAL1.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
TER_ROOFING.JPG.DDS09.24.2042.80 kB
TER_ROOFING.JPG.DDS.json09.24.20102 B
modelLib.BGL09.24.20492.68 kB
world09.24.200 B
scenery09.24.200 B
LECU.BGL09.24.202.59 kB
lecu2.bgl09.24.208.75 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
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murdockWed, 05 Jan 2022 14:16:08 GMT

LECU is the military part of the Cuatrovientos aerodrome and LEVS is the civil part. Questions, is there a differentiation between the LECU/LEVS scenario? There is only one LECU scenario? If the two LECU/LEVS scenarios are present, do they complement each other, forming Cuatrovientos, or do they interfere with each other? Thank you.

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