MSFS McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet

PreviewA fun pack produced by developer Cayden Nguyen bringing the FSX/Acceleration model and included repaints to Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release as a port-over.  While a port-over, the developer has ensured that this pack performs in exceptional detail in the new sim with upscaled/upg...

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Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 Release
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A fun pack produced by developer Cayden Nguyen bringing the FSX/Acceleration model and included repaints to Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release as a port-over.  While a port-over, the developer has ensured that this pack performs in exceptional detail in the new sim with upscaled/upgraded textures for repaints and much more.

FA/18 Hornet in MSFS (2020) after installing the add-on.​The developer has announced that all of the textures have been upscaled to 8K to be more fluid and compatible with the new sim release.  Also, the legacy model has been converted and also modified - it's not a simple conversation (that anyone can do).

Repaints included;

  • Blue Angels
  • USMC

All of the textures based on the FSX model have been upscaled and recreated in 8K format compatible with the new MSFS specs.

The developer notes;

This is not a perfect study level aircraft as of right now there are no clickable switches, most panels aren't working, the gear is up by default when you spawn at a gate or ramp and when you spawn on a runway and, the engines take about 1-2 minutes to start up.


Simply download the F/A-18 Hornet zip file and extract both the "FA-18_Hornet" and, "legacy-vcockpits-instruments" into your MSFS Community Folder.

Additional notes from the developer;

The FSX F/A-18 Hornet was converted using MSFS Legacy Importer by Alex Marko.

Microsoft Flight Simulator © Microsoft Corporation. F/A-18 Hornet was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration Expansion Package, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Update (Sim Update 5)

This mod has not been tested (and may not work in Sim Update 5 of MSFS).  Please test and report back in the comments sections below.  Thank you for your comments.  If compatibility is not found, we will await an update from the developer but you will still be able to download this mod and make it usable in previous (non-updated) versions of MSFS.

Developer: Cayden Nguyen (Arkid77)

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11Screenshot 12Screenshot 13Screenshot 14Screenshot 15Screenshot 16Screenshot 17Screenshot 18Screenshot 19Screenshot 20Screenshot 21Screenshot 22Screenshot 23Screenshot 24Screenshot 25Screenshot 26Screenshot 27Screenshot 28Screenshot 29Screenshot 30Screenshot 31Screenshot 32Screenshot 33Screenshot 34Screenshot 35Screenshot 36Screenshot 37Screenshot 38Screenshot 39Screenshot 40Screenshot 41Screenshot 42Screenshot 43Screenshot 44Screenshot 45Screenshot 46Screenshot 47Screenshot 48Screenshot 49Screenshot 50Screenshot 51Screenshot 52Screenshot 53Screenshot 54Screenshot 55Screenshot 56Screenshot 57Screenshot 58Screenshot 59Screenshot 60

The archive has 325 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
FA-18_Hornet06.25.210 B
SimObjects06.23.210 B
AIRPLANES06.23.210 B
FA-18_Hornet06.23.210 B
FA-18.air09.26.077.40 kB
FA-18.txt06.02.2121.03 kB
Model06.23.210 B
FA-18_Hornet.mdl06.08.213.84 MB
FA-18_Hornet_Interior.mdl06.08.211.92 MB
model.cfg06.06.2163 B
Panel06.23.210 B
panel.cfg06.08.21221 B
Texture06.23.210 B
Texture.106.23.210 B
F-18_Main01_T.dds03.22.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main02_T.dds03.22.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main03_T.dds03.22.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main04_T.dds03.22.2175.00 MB
F-18_WingR_T.dds03.22.2175.00 MB
F-18_Wingl_T.dds03.22.2175.00 MB
texture.cfg08.22.07162 B
thumbnail.jpg06.08.216.08 MB
$F18_A_GAUGE1.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
AfterBurner_Spec.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
AfterBurner_t.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Afterburner_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Glass_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main01_LM_T.dds03.19.214.69 MB
F-18_Main01_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main01_T_Bump.dds01.03.151.00 MB
F-18_Main01_T_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
F-18_Main02_LM_T.dds01.03.151.33 MB
F-18_Main02_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main02_T_Bump.dds01.03.151.00 MB
F-18_Main02_T_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
F-18_Main03_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main03_T_Bump.dds01.03.151.00 MB
F-18_Main03_T_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
F-18_Main04_LM_T.dds01.03.151.33 MB
F-18_Main04_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main04_T_Bump.dds01.03.151.00 MB
F-18_Main04_T_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
F-18_Main05_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main05_T_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
F-18_Main06_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Main06_T_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
F-18_Main07_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_WingR_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_WingR_T_Bump.dds01.03.151.00 MB
F-18_WingR_T_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
F-18_Wingl_T.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
F-18_Wingl_T_Bump.dds01.03.151.00 MB
F-18_Wingl_T_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
FA_18_01_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_01_C_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
FA_18_01_NIGHT_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_02_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_02_C_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
FA_18_02_NIGHT_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_03_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_03_C_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
FA_18_03_NIGHT_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_04_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_04_C_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
FA_18_04_NIGHT_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_05_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_05_C_Specular.dds01.03.15341.45 kB
FA_18_05_NIGHT_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_06_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_06_C_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
FA_18_06_NIGHT_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_07_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_07_C_Specular.dds01.03.151.33 MB
FA_18_07_NIGHT_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_08_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_08_C_SPECULAR.dds01.03.151.33 MB
FA_18_08_NIGHT_C.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_Cube.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_Hud_Glass.dds03.19.2175.00 MB
FA_18_fresnelhud.dds01.03.15640 B
Fresnel_Ramp.dds01.03.15640 B
texture.cfg08.22.07137 B
thumbnail.jpg06.08.215.97 MB
aircraft.cfg06.23.216.19 kB
boeing_FA18_check.htm08.22.0758.30 kB
boeing_FA18_ref.htm08.22.075.17 kB
cameras.cfg06.02.2126.96 kB
cockpit.cfg06.02.212.11 kB
engines.cfg04.21.2111.07 kB
flight_model.cfg06.08.2120.94 kB
gameplay.cfg06.02.211.47 kB
runway.flt06.23.211.56 kB
sound06.23.210 B
FA18_aapdis.wav08.22.0711.25 kB
FA18_agear.wav08.22.0718.25 kB
FA18_an11.wav08.22.07818.38 kB
FA18_an12.wav08.22.07451.67 kB
FA18_an13.wav08.22.07498.14 kB
FA18_an14.wav08.22.07225.86 kB
FA18_an1shut.wav08.22.07227.59 kB
FA18_an1strt.wav08.22.07291.84 kB
FA18_an21.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_an22.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_an23.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_an24.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_an2B.wav08.22.07167.14 kB
FA18_an2shut.wav08.22.0759.30 kB
FA18_an2strt.wav08.22.07113.27 kB
FA18_an2t.wav08.22.07101.34 kB
FA18_aover.wav08.22.0713.25 kB
FA18_bn11.wav08.22.07818.38 kB
FA18_bn12.wav08.22.07451.67 kB
FA18_bn13.wav08.22.07498.14 kB
FA18_bn14.wav08.22.07259.64 kB
FA18_bn1shut.wav08.22.07203.59 kB
FA18_bn1strt.wav08.22.07282.34 kB
FA18_bn21.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_bn22.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_bn23.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_bn24.wav08.22.07134.64 kB
FA18_bn2B.wav08.22.07167.14 kB
FA18_bn2shut.wav08.22.0765.30 kB
FA18_bn2strt.wav08.22.07113.27 kB
FA18_bn2t.wav08.22.0797.34 kB
GPWS_Dont_Sink.wav08.22.0734.26 kB
GPWS_Pull_Up.wav08.22.0731.14 kB
GPWS_Sink_Rate.wav08.22.0732.66 kB
GPWS_too_low_flaps_up.wav08.22.0762.93 kB
GPWS_too_low_gear_up.wav08.22.0759.82 kB
GPWS_too_low_terrain.wav08.22.0758.99 kB
LaunchBarExtend.wav08.22.0756.13 kB
LaunchBarRetract.wav08.22.0724.55 kB
TailhookExtend.wav08.22.0761.83 kB
TailhookRetract.wav08.22.0745.45 kB
WingFold.wav08.22.07158.74 kB
WingUnfold.wav08.22.07158.74 kB
c5wind2.wav08.22.07426.64 kB
door_large_close.wav08.22.07131.81 kB
door_large_open.wav08.22.07116.30 kB
lmflaps.wav08.22.0780.43 kB
lmgeardn.wav08.22.0754.27 kB
lmgearup.wav08.22.0759.27 kB
lncrash1.wav08.22.0770.19 kB
lncrash2.wav08.22.07102.69 kB
lncrash3.wav08.22.07136.19 kB
lnsplash.wav08.22.0785.69 kB
sound.cfg08.29.0720.16 kB
xFA18_an11.wav08.22.07364.12 kB
xFA18_an12.wav08.22.07320.12 kB
xFA18_an13.wav08.22.07280.12 kB
xFA18_an14.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xFA18_an1B.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xFA18_an1shut.wav08.22.07217.27 kB
xFA18_an1strt.wav08.22.07378.61 kB
xFA18_an21.wav08.22.07363.60 kB
xFA18_an22.wav08.22.07319.43 kB
xFA18_an23.wav08.22.07279.97 kB
xFA18_an24.wav08.22.07240.08 kB
xFA18_an2B.wav08.22.07252.08 kB
xFA18_an2shut.wav08.29.07137.77 kB
xFA18_an2strt.wav08.22.07123.27 kB
xFA18_an2t.wav08.22.07100.81 kB
xFA18_bn11.wav08.22.07364.12 kB
xFA18_bn12.wav08.22.07320.12 kB
xFA18_bn13.wav08.22.07280.12 kB
xFA18_bn14.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xFA18_bn1B.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xFA18_bn1shut.wav08.22.07216.77 kB
xFA18_bn1strt.wav08.22.07378.61 kB
xFA18_bn21.wav08.22.07362.81 kB
xFA18_bn22.wav08.22.07319.68 kB
xFA18_bn23.wav08.22.07279.97 kB
xFA18_bn24.wav08.22.07250.45 kB
xFA18_bn2B.wav08.22.07252.08 kB
xFA18_bn2shut.wav08.29.07137.77 kB
xFA18_bn2strt.wav08.22.07439.12 kB
xFA18_bn2t.wav08.22.0796.81 kB
xFA18_flap.wav08.22.07263.18 kB
xFA18_n1shut.wav08.22.071.05 MB
xFA18_n1strt.wav08.22.07781.22 kB
xFA18_n2strt.wav08.22.071.10 MB
xlmflap.wav08.22.0767.81 kB
xlncras1.wav08.22.0770.19 kB
xlncras2.wav08.22.07102.69 kB
xlncras3.wav08.22.07136.19 kB
xlnsplash.wav08.22.0785.69 kB
soundai06.23.210 B
AIFA18_an11.wav08.22.07320.12 kB
AIFA18_an13.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
AIFA18_an1strt.wav08.22.071.79 MB
AIFA18_an21.wav08.22.07319.43 kB
AIFA18_an23.wav08.22.07252.08 kB
AIFA18_an2shut.wav08.22.07771.03 kB
AIFA18_an2strt.wav08.22.07281.44 kB
AIFA18_bn11.wav08.22.07320.12 kB
AIFA18_bn13.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
AIFA18_bn1strt.wav08.22.071.77 MB
AIFA18_bn21.wav08.22.07319.43 kB
AIFA18_bn23.wav08.22.07252.08 kB
AIFA18_bn2shut.wav08.22.07758.38 kB
AIFA18_bn2strt.wav08.22.07284.63 kB
soundai.cfg08.22.0710.10 kB
xAIFA18_an11.wav08.22.07320.12 kB
xAIFA18_an13.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xAIFA18_an1strt.wav08.22.07464.31 kB
xAIFA18_an21.wav08.22.07319.43 kB
xAIFA18_an23.wav08.22.07252.08 kB
xAIFA18_an2shut.wav08.22.07195.25 kB
xAIFA18_an2strt.wav08.22.0771.75 kB
xAIFA18_bn11.wav08.22.07320.12 kB
xAIFA18_bn13.wav08.22.07252.12 kB
xAIFA18_bn1strt.wav08.22.07459.81 kB
xAIFA18_bn21.wav08.22.07319.43 kB
xAIFA18_bn23.wav08.22.07252.08 kB
xAIFA18_bn2shut.wav08.22.07192.25 kB
xAIFA18_bn2strt.wav08.22.0772.25 kB
systems.cfg06.02.2110.36 kB
layout.json06.23.2130.17 kB
manifest.json06.23.21355 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url08.22.1952 B
Read Me.txt06.23.21880 B
Screenshots08.01.210 B
new-screen-1.jpg08.01.21451.12 kB
new-screen-10.jpg08.01.21878.82 kB
new-screen-11.jpg08.01.211.58 MB
new-screen-12.jpg08.01.211.54 MB
new-screen-13.jpg08.01.211.62 MB
new-screen-14.jpg08.01.211.64 MB
new-screen-15.jpg08.01.211.97 MB
new-screen-16.jpg08.01.211.89 MB
new-screen-17.jpg08.01.211.61 MB
new-screen-18.jpg08.01.211005.77 kB
new-screen-19.jpg08.01.211.45 MB
new-screen-2.jpg08.01.21280.13 kB
new-screen-20.jpg08.01.21785.61 kB
new-screen-21.jpg08.01.212.32 MB
new-screen-22.jpg08.01.212.02 MB
new-screen-23.jpg08.01.211.48 MB
new-screen-24.jpg08.01.21912.24 kB
new-screen-25.jpg08.01.21778.87 kB
new-screen-26.jpg08.01.21606.26 kB
new-screen-27.jpg08.01.21570.12 kB
new-screen-28.jpg08.01.211.15 MB
new-screen-29.jpg08.01.21658.28 kB
new-screen-3.jpg08.01.21409.68 kB
new-screen-30.jpg08.01.211.36 MB
new-screen-31.jpg08.01.211.94 MB
new-screen-32.jpg08.01.211.06 MB
new-screen-33.jpg08.01.213.00 MB
new-screen-34.jpg08.01.21696.52 kB
new-screen-35.jpg08.01.21868.38 kB
new-screen-36.jpg08.01.211004.09 kB
new-screen-37.jpg08.01.211.17 MB
new-screen-38.jpg08.01.21568.55 kB
new-screen-39.jpg08.01.211.04 MB
new-screen-4.jpg08.01.21943.77 kB
new-screen-40.jpg08.01.211.24 MB
new-screen-41.jpg08.01.211.67 MB
new-screen-42.jpg08.01.211.61 MB
new-screen-43.jpg08.01.211.12 MB
new-screen-44.jpg08.01.21874.37 kB
new-screen-45.jpg08.01.211017.18 kB
new-screen-46.jpg08.01.21529.45 kB
new-screen-47.jpg08.01.211.41 MB
new-screen-48.jpg08.01.211.04 MB
new-screen-49.jpg08.01.211.07 MB
new-screen-5.jpg08.01.21362.09 kB
new-screen-50.jpg08.01.211.76 MB
new-screen-51.jpg08.01.21865.67 kB
new-screen-52.jpg08.01.211.57 MB
new-screen-53.jpg08.01.211.45 MB
new-screen-54.jpg08.01.211.10 MB
new-screen-55.jpg08.01.21812.27 kB
new-screen-56.jpg08.01.21997.05 kB
new-screen-57.jpg08.01.211.59 MB
new-screen-58.jpg08.01.211.41 MB
new-screen-59.jpg08.01.21876.20 kB
new-screen-6.jpg08.01.21408.05 kB
new-screen-60.jpg08.01.211.16 MB
new-screen-61.jpg08.01.21966.01 kB
new-screen-62.jpg08.01.211.11 MB
new-screen-63.jpg08.01.21680.63 kB
new-screen-64.jpg08.01.21510.32 kB
new-screen-65.jpg08.01.21873.47 kB
new-screen-66.jpg08.01.21587.91 kB
new-screen-67.jpg08.01.21630.92 kB
new-screen-68.jpg08.01.21498.98 kB
new-screen-69.jpg08.01.21425.14 kB
new-screen-7.jpg08.01.21716.07 kB
new-screen-70.jpg08.01.21439.12 kB
new-screen-71.jpg08.01.211.01 MB
new-screen-72.jpg08.01.211.25 MB
new-screen-73.jpg08.01.211.06 MB
new-screen-74.jpg08.01.21694.74 kB
new-screen-75.jpg08.01.211.05 MB
new-screen-76.jpg08.01.211.16 MB
new-screen-77.jpg08.01.211.05 MB
new-screen-78.jpg08.01.211.82 MB
new-screen-79.jpg08.01.211.48 MB
new-screen-8.jpg08.01.211.71 MB
new-screen-80.jpg08.01.212.07 MB
new-screen-81.jpg08.01.211.90 MB
new-screen-82.jpg08.01.211.54 MB
new-screen-83.jpg08.01.211.57 MB
new-screen-84.jpg08.01.211.12 MB
new-screen-9.jpg08.01.211.88 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.02.201.20 kB
legacy-vcockpits-instruments06.25.210 B
html_ui06.23.210 B
Pages06.23.210 B
VLivery06.23.210 B
liveries06.23.210 B
Legacy06.23.210 B
fa-18_hornet_Panel06.23.210 B
gauges_f18_a_gauge1.css06.08.211.24 kB
gauges_f18_a_gauge1.html06.08.21293 B
gauges_f18_a_gauge1.js06.08.213.70 kB
layout.json06.08.21530 B
manifest.json06.08.21425 B
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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AndreaportaleoneThu, 04 Nov 2021 06:46:24 GMT

No chance: as soon as try to have the parking brakes off the game crashes. I was forced to remove the FA-18 Hornet folders from the community main folder.

Richard FoyWed, 29 Sep 2021 02:47:07 GMT

I have tried to run this add-on with update 5, however, it appears to crash the game.

Kendall Bruce CargillThu, 16 Sep 2021 20:04:04 GMT

I have tried 2 times to get this aircraft to work in MSFS 2020. When I pick the FA 18 the game crashes. I have updated the Sim with the latest mandatory update. Had to remove the aircraft from my community folder. Just thought I would let folks know. I hope I can get it to work at a later date.

mperryz24Sat, 04 Sep 2021 21:28:01 GMT

Crashes to desktop in MSFS2020 ver.

nismo451Sun, 22 Aug 2021 02:14:56 GMT

Doesn't work with the new update CTD.

Dave PierceThu, 12 Aug 2021 15:30:40 GMT

Hi there. Great looking plane. Unfortunately, it crashes after the latest update. Tried it on the runway and in the air to start but CTD on both tries...Dave...

gwb202Sun, 08 Aug 2021 18:31:26 GMT

Each time I select "FLY" to fly the FA-18 Hornet, it locks my screen and a moment later crashes my MSFS 2020 to the desktop. Several times I've redownloaded it and copied it to my community folder as instructed, but get the same result. Any suggestions?

badkiller15Sat, 17 Jul 2021 15:59:40 GMT

not very well working... e.g.

- park break not working - spawn without gear, so not able to move.

blau06051972Thu, 15 Jul 2021 07:34:42 GMT

Unusable: Agileless, not possible to steer with rudders. Panel-Displays (VC) not working. No HUD.

blau06051972Wed, 14 Jul 2021 18:11:09 GMT

Unfortunately, I have no display views in the VC. The three display panels are white. And I have no HUD.

John FeltusThu, 08 Jul 2021 16:15:41 GMT

When I loaded this aircraft to take off the gear was down, the engine ramped up within seconds and the only issue was the high speed needed for takeoff. Maybe this is an improved version

gringoalSun, 04 Jul 2021 20:42:06 GMT

Crashes MSFS on loading a flight with this aircraft.

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