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The Largest cargo aircraft of the United States, the C-5 Galaxy. This is my second release of this magnificent aircraft, now with all available options and accurate annimations of gears, pilots heads, leading edge flaps, annimated elevator trim, Dy- namic Shine, Virtual Cockpit, openning frt and rear cargo doors, reverse-thrusters rolling wheels and much more, it also inc- cludes a 2D panel created by Dave Haskell. FD by Gunther Kirshtein, model and textures by Rey Lopez.


Upon unzipping the file RLADSC-5.ZIP, you will find several folders, one of them is the Gauges folder, this folder is to be placed in the FS2002 main Gauge folder and NOT in the panel folder of the model. Ituses the sound from the B737_400, however, There is a sound file that was created by Mike Hambly for this particular aircraft.

It is important to remember that this is a freeware version of a model that will be modified for commercial release, so there will be some things that are not going to be as accurate as the commercial release, and I am referring to the textures among a few other items, so please bear with me and I hope you enjoy this model.

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The archive rladsc-5.zip has 103 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Aircraft.cfg07.02.0311.06 kB
File_id.diz07.02.03536 B
Gauges07.02.030 B
A2-autopilot.1.gau11.22.9644.00 kB
b2.fuel.qty.gau03.17.9818.00 kB
b2.navcom1.gau03.16.9895.00 kB
b2.navcom2.gau03.16.9894.50 kB
b2.radadf.gau03.16.9865.50 kB
b2.xponder.gau03.16.9869.00 kB
c17.Controls.gau11.26.9848.00 kB
C17.gear.gau07.21.9895.00 kB
c5.dme.gau04.14.9951.50 kB
c5.jetegt.gau04.08.9962.50 kB
c5.jetff.gau04.08.9962.50 kB
c5.jetn1.gau04.08.9962.50 kB
c5.jetn2.gau04.08.9963.00 kB
c5.start.gau06.15.9942.00 kB
c5.temp.gau07.31.9916.50 kB
dfd_pan1tog.gau03.10.00112.08 kB
fsd_f84.radalt.gau10.03.99129.00 kB
fsd_f84.vor1.gau10.03.99157.50 kB
fsd_f842.asi.gau10.03.99134.00 kB
fsd_f842.tc.gau10.03.99134.00 kB
fsd_generic.flaps.gau10.03.9957.50 kB
fsd_generic.landing_lights.gau10.03.9986.00 kB
fsd_generic.panel_lights.gau10.03.9986.00 kB
fsd_generic.pitot.gau10.03.9986.00 kB
fsd_generic.strobe_lights.gau10.03.9986.00 kB
fsd_rf4.adi2.gau10.03.99305.50 kB
fsd_rf4.alt.gau10.03.99180.50 kB
fsd_rf4.hsi.gau06.26.99376.00 kB
fsd_rf4.ils.gau10.03.99121.00 kB
fsd_rf4.vsi.gau10.03.99135.00 kB
fsd_wxradar.gau10.03.99730.00 kB
Lockheed-Martin C-5.air11.30.0213.28 kB
model07.02.030 B
lockheed-martin c-5.mdl07.02.031.22 MB
Model.cfg11.30.0238 B
Must_read.txt07.02.031.63 kB
Panel07.02.030 B
File_id.diz07.12.02224 B
Galapnl.jpg07.14.0238.66 kB
Main.bmp07.01.02769.05 kB
Panel.cfg07.02.033.05 kB
Panels.txt07.03.023.33 kB
Radio Panel.bmp06.30.02769.05 kB
Readme_1st.txt07.14.024.08 kB
Throttle Panel.bmp06.30.02769.05 kB
RLADSC5.JPG07.02.0360.05 kB
TEXTURE07.02.030 B
C5_VCOCKPIT.bmp12.15.02129.05 kB
CARGO_PARTS.bmp07.02.03257.05 kB
COCKPIT.bmp12.13.021.00 MB
COCKPIT_FRAME.bmp12.29.021.00 MB
ENGINE.bmp12.15.021.00 MB
FIN.bmp12.29.021.00 MB
FUSE MASTER.bmp12.15.021.50 MB
FUSE1.bmp12.15.021.00 MB
FUSE2.bmp12.15.021.00 MB
FUSE3.bmp12.15.021.00 MB
KC135VC_COCKPIT.bmp12.12.02257.05 kB
MISC DOOR SMALL.bmp12.15.027.56 kB
MISC DOOR.bmp12.15.0229.88 kB
MISC.bmp12.17.021.00 MB
MISC_2.bmp01.10.03257.05 kB
navigators_main_panel.bmp12.12.02513.05 kB
NOSE_CONE.bmp07.02.03257.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf07.02.0338.42 kB
REAR_DOORS_BOTTOM.bmp07.02.03257.05 kB
Thumbs.db07.02.0363.00 kB
TIRE.bmp12.09.0265.05 kB
VCCOCKPIT BACKUPOLD.bmp12.15.02129.05 kB
windshield_frame.bmp12.13.02257.05 kB
WINGS.bmp12.15.021.00 MB
YOKE.bmp10.21.02256.07 kB
TEXTURE.white07.02.030 B
C5_VCOCKPIT.bmp12.15.02129.05 kB
CARGO_PARTS.bmp07.02.03257.05 kB
COCKPIT.bmp12.13.021.00 MB
COCKPIT_FRAME.bmp12.29.021.00 MB
ENGINE.bmp05.21.031.00 MB
FIN.bmp05.21.031.00 MB
FUSE MASTER.bmp12.15.021.50 MB
FUSE1.bmp05.21.031.00 MB
FUSE2.bmp05.22.031.00 MB
FUSE3.bmp05.22.031.00 MB
KC135VC_COCKPIT.bmp12.12.02257.05 kB
MISC DOOR SMALL.bmp12.15.027.56 kB
MISC DOOR.bmp12.15.0229.88 kB
MISC.bmp12.17.021.00 MB
MISC_2.bmp01.10.03257.05 kB
navigators_main_panel.bmp12.12.02513.05 kB
NOSE_CONE.bmp07.02.03257.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf07.02.0342.06 kB
REAR_DOORS_BOTTOM.bmp07.02.03257.05 kB
TIRE.bmp12.09.0265.05 kB
VCCOCKPIT BACKUPOLD.bmp12.15.02129.05 kB
windshield_frame.bmp12.13.02257.05 kB
WINGS.bmp05.21.031.00 MB
YOKE.bmp10.21.02256.07 kB
RLADSC-507.02.030 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


I’ve spoken quite regularly in the past about how much I enjoy being able to go back in time and using some of the older simulators as they give you a nice sense of nostalgia. After sometimes getting a little bit frustrated with FSX and the minor limitations it still has, it can be a nice reality check to go back and see what we were using a decade ago! However, not all was lost back in the day as the fine community that makes flight simulation so fun was absolutely rampant back then, too. It’s something that can be really easily managed if you know what you are looking for, and this Lockheed C5 package was just what I was looking for!

Introducing a real classic aircraft to my old-school flight simulators, it becomes so much easier to just fly around and see what the differences are versus the originals and the community-made content. I quickly noticed that the graphical differences between this version and some of the more recent FSX additions by Microsoft weren’t night and day; noticeable, sure, but not night and day!

It’s really easy, then, to be able to just settle down and enjoy this aircraft. It looks really impressive given the systems that it comes up against and the actual performance and features provided are equally as enjoyable to use as the graphics are to look at. It captures the heart and style of the Galaxy so well, and adds a real aura to an aircraft that was never really represented as it should have been back in the day.

This package lets you fly around in this stunning aircraft that also comes with the dynamic shine feature that many FSX users will be more than used to; this helps to keep the graphical side of things looking even better whilst maintaining performance and class. This release was one that caught my eye when looking for something to use on my older PC as it can only really handle FS2004, and it was nice to come across this lovely little file.

It helps to add a bit more of the FSX fight and feel to FS2004, so adjusting from the halcyon days of FSX to the more nuanced FS2004 was made to be much easier than I expected it to be. If you want to see performance and style in the one fine package then this is well worth picking up.

It does the real aircraft itself no harm whatsoever, either. Taking on its rich name and heritage, you are able to fly this aircraft in a way that feels every bit as realistic as any of the same mods I’ve tried for FSX. It captures the look, cockpit, dynamics and performance of the plane perfectly and ensures it will more than look the part for you. If, like me, you need that extra kick of visuals now to be able to enjoy the older flight simulators then this help to give you an excellent compromise.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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pyrosnakeWed, 09 May 2007 13:59:13 GMT
None moving flaps and plain looking paint. Bad dinamics and graphics! on the good side, it works on FSX also.
RavenholmAlphaThu, 08 Jun 2006 01:11:22 GMT
It has pretty good graphics but a little blury. It had no sound but I fixed it by copying the 747 sounds and that sounded better. It had a good panel. Overall it is pretty cool!

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