FS2002 British Columbia Floatplane Pilot Flights package for FS2002

PreviewAs a Cessna Caravan Amphibian pilot in British Columbia, fly tourists and residents from 140+ lakes and rivers to destinations throughout this beautiful province, or fly by yourself to take in the sites. The lakes and rivers vary in size and shape. Some are easy to take-off from and land on, whil...

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As a Cessna Caravan Amphibian pilot in British Columbia, fly tourists and residents from 140+ lakes and rivers to destinations throughout this beautiful province, or fly by yourself to take in the sites. The lakes and rivers vary in size and shape. Some are easy to take-off from and land on, while others are quite tricky. The terrain is as diverse from flatlands to steep mountains with deep valleys. The weather is clear and sunny, but you can set it to whatever you like. Enjoy our province, and fly safe. Jeffrey Hendricks.

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BCfloat1.GIF11.01.0110.67 kB
flights11.01.010 B
bcfloat11.01.010 B
desc.txt10.29.01548 B
Blue River BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
108 Mile BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Alert Bay BC - water.FLT10.28.017.62 kB
Alert Bay BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Alexis Lakes BC - water.FLT10.28.017.63 kB
Alexis Lakes BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Anahim Lake BC - water.FLT10.28.017.62 kB
Anahim Lake BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Atlin BC - water.FLT10.28.017.62 kB
Atlin BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Bella Bella BC - water.FLT10.28.017.63 kB
Bella Bella BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Bella Coola BC - water.FLT10.28.017.63 kB
Bella Coola BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Blue River BC - water.FLT10.28.017.63 kB
108 Mile BC - water.FLT10.28.017.62 kB
Chilko Lake BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Chilko Lake BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Twin Lakes BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Tsuniah Lake Lodge BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Twin Lakes BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Tsuniah Lake Lodge BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Campbell River BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Boundary Bay BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Bronson Creek BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Bronson Creek BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Burns Lake BC - water.FLT10.28.017.53 kB
Burns Lake BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Cache Creek BC - water.FLT10.28.017.53 kB
Cache Creek BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Campbell River BC - water.FLT10.28.017.56 kB
Boundary Bay BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Dease Lake BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Castlegar BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Chetwynd BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Chetwynd BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Chilliwack BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Chilliwack BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Comox BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Comox BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Courtenay BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Courtenay BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Crawford Bay BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Crawford Bay BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Creston BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Creston BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Dawson Creek BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Dawson Creek BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Dease Lake BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Castlegar BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Fort Graham BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Douglas Lake BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Duncan BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Duncan BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Echo Valley BC - water.FLT10.28.017.56 kB
Echo Valley BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Eddontenjon BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Eddontenjon BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Elko BC - water.FLT10.28.017.53 kB
Elko BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Fairmont Hot Springs BC - water.FLT10.28.017.56 kB
Fairmont Hot Springs BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Finbow BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Finbow BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Fort Graham BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Douglas Lake BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Ingenika BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Fort Langley BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Fort Nelson BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Fort Nelson BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Fort St.John BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Fort St.John BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Fraser Lake BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Fraser Lake BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Ft Nelson BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Ft Nelson BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Fort St.James BC - water.FLT10.28.017.56 kB
Fort St.James BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Fort Ware BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Fort Ware BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Gang Ranch BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Gang Ranch BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Golden BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Golden BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Green Lake BC - water.FLT10.28.017.55 kB
Green Lake BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Helmet BC - water.FLT10.28.017.54 kB
Helmet BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Hope BC - water.FLT10.28.017.53 kB
Hope BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Houston BC - water.FLT10.28.017.63 kB
Houston BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Hudson's Hope BC - water.FLT10.28.017.65 kB
Hudson's Hope BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Ingenika BC - water.FLT10.28.017.64 kB
Fort Langley BC - water.FLT10.28.017.56 kB
Invermere BC - water.WX10.28.0196 B
Invermere BC - water.FLT10.28.017.64 kB
Bluff Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01288 B
100 Mile House BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Bluff Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
100 Mile House BC - water.FLT10.30.017.55 kB
Connie Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Charlotte Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01288 B
Chilanko Lodge BC - water.FLT10.30.017.64 kB
Chilanko Lodge BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Choelquoit Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.56 kB
Choelquoit Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Cochin Lake BC - water.FLT11.01.017.54 kB
Cochin Lake BC - water.WX11.01.01288 B
Connie Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Charlotte Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.56 kB
Lillooet BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Eagle Lake BC - water.WX11.01.01288 B
Gillies Bay BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Gillies Bay BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Horn Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Horn Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Kamloops BC - water.FLT10.30.017.54 kB
Kamloops BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Kaslo BC - water.FLT10.30.017.53 kB
Kaslo BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Kelowna BC - water.FLT10.30.017.54 kB
Kelowna BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Kitimat BC - water.FLT10.30.017.55 kB
Kitimat BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Leo Creek BC - water.FLT10.30.017.64 kB
Leo Creek BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Likely BC - water.FLT10.30.017.63 kB
Likely BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Lillooet BC - water.FLT10.30.017.63 kB
Eagle Lake BC - water.FLT11.01.017.55 kB
Powell River BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Mabel Lake BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Mackenzie BC - water.FLT10.30.017.64 kB
Mackenzie BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Martin Lake BC - water.FLT11.01.017.54 kB
Martin Lake BC - water.WX11.01.01288 B
Masset BC - water.FLT10.30.017.63 kB
Masset BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
McBride BC - water.FLT10.30.017.63 kB
McBride BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Merritt BC - water.FLT10.30.017.64 kB
Merritt BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Middle Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Middle Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01288 B
Midway BC - water.FLT10.30.017.63 kB
Midway BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Miner Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Miner Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01288 B
Muddy Lake BC - water (2).FLT10.30.017.56 kB
Muddy Lake BC - water (2).WX10.30.01140 B
Muddy Lake BC - water.FLT10.30.017.54 kB
Muddy Lake BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Mule Creek BC - water.FLT10.30.017.54 kB
Mule Creek BC - water.WX10.30.01140 B
Nakusp BC - water.FLT10.30.017.53 kB
Nakusp BC - water.WX10.30.01140 B
Nanaimo BC - water.FLT10.30.017.54 kB
Nanaimo BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Nazko Lake BC - water.FLT11.01.017.56 kB
Nazko Lake BC - water.WX11.01.01288 B
Nelson BC - water.FLT10.30.017.53 kB
Nelson BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Nimpo Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Nimpo Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01288 B
Oliver BC - water.FLT10.30.017.54 kB
Oliver BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Osoyoos BC - water.FLT10.30.017.53 kB
Osoyoos BC - water.WX10.30.0196 B
Pemberton BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Pemberton BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Penticton BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Penticton BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Petitot BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Petitot BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Pitt Meadows BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Pitt Meadows BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Port Alberni (MacMillan Bloedel) BC - water.FLT10.31.017.59 kB
Port Alberni (MacMillan Bloedel) BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Port Alberni BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Port Alberni BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Port Hardy BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Port Hardy BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Port McNeill BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Port McNeill BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Powell River BC - water.FLT10.31.017.56 kB
Mabel Lake BC - water.FLT10.30.017.64 kB
Prince George BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Prince Rupert BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Prince Rupert BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Princeton BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Princeton BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Puntzi Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Puntzi Lake BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Qualicum Beach BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Qualicum Beach BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Quesnel BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Quesnel BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Quilchena BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Quilchena BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Radium Hot Springs BC - water.FLT10.31.017.57 kB
Radium Hot Springs BC - water.WX10.31.01140 B
Revelstoke BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Revelstoke BC - water.WX10.31.01140 B
Riske Creek BC - water.FLT10.31.017.64 kB
Riske Creek BC - water.WX10.31.01140 B
Salmon Arm BC - water.FLT10.31.017.63 kB
Salmon Arm BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Sandspit BC - water.FLT10.31.017.63 kB
Sandspit BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Sapeye Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.56 kB
Sapeye Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Scum Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.64 kB
Scum Lake BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Sechelt-Gibsons BC - water.FLT10.31.017.65 kB
Sechelt-Gibsons BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Sheep Creek Bridge BC - water.FLT10.31.017.73 kB
Sheep Creek Bridge BC - water.WX10.31.01140 B
Smithers BC - water.FLT10.31.017.63 kB
Smithers BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Sparwood-Elk Valley BC - water.FLT10.31.017.66 kB
Sparwood-Elk Valley BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Springhouse BC - water.FLT10.31.017.64 kB
Springhouse BC - water.WX10.31.01140 B
Squamish BC - water (2).FLT10.31.017.65 kB
Squamish BC - water (2).WX10.31.01140 B
Squamish BC - water.FLT10.31.017.64 kB
Squamish BC - water.WX10.31.01140 B
Stewart BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Stewart BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Swannell BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Swannell BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Takla Narrows BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Takla Narrows BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Taseko Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Taseko Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Tatla Lake BC - water.FLT11.01.017.54 kB
Tatla Lake BC - water.WX11.01.01288 B
Tatlayoko Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.56 kB
Tatlayoko Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Telegraph Creek BC - water.FLT10.31.017.56 kB
Telegraph Creek BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Terrace BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Terrace BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Tipella BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Tipella BC - water.WX10.31.0196 B
Toad River BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Toad River BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Tofino BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Tofino BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Trail BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Trail BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Tsacha Lake BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Tsacha Lake BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Tsay Keh BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Tsay Keh BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Tumber Ridge BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Tumber Ridge BC - water.WX10.31.01192 B
Tweedsmuir Park (south) BC - water.FLT10.31.017.60 kB
Tweedsmuir Park (south) BC - water.WX10.31.01288 B
Prince George BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Vancouver BC - water.WX10.31.01288 B
Valemount BC - water.WX10.31.01288 B
Vancouver BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Valemount BC - water.FLT10.31.017.55 kB
Woss BC - water.WX11.01.01288 B
Vanderhoof BC - water.WX10.31.01288 B
Vernon BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Vernon BC - water.WX10.31.01332 B
Victoria Seabase BC - water.WX11.01.01332 B
Williams Lake BC - water.FLT11.01.017.54 kB
Williams Lake BC - water.WX11.01.01288 B
Woodcock BC - water.FLT11.01.017.54 kB
Woodcock BC - water.WX11.01.01288 B
Woss BC - water.FLT11.01.017.54 kB
Vanderhoof BC - water.FLT10.31.017.54 kB
Victoria Seabase BC - water.FLT11.01.017.57 kB
Documents11.01.010 B
file_id.diz11.01.01626 B
Readme.txt11.01.011.82 kB
Images11.01.010 B
BCfloat(2).jpg11.01.0173.67 kB
BCfloat(6).jpg11.01.0123.96 kB
BCfloat(7).jpg11.01.0136.34 kB
BCfloat(8).jpg11.01.0167.55 kB
BCfloat(5).jpg11.01.0140.97 kB
BCfloat(4).jpg11.01.0134.99 kB
BCfloat(3).jpg11.01.0125.41 kB
FS200211.01.010 B
file_id.diz11.01.01626 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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