FSX/P3D Boeing/BAe T-45C Goshawk

PreviewNow, v2.83. This file is compatible with FSX with the Acceleration Pack installed or the Steam Edition and Prepar3D v2, v3 and v4. Fully tested in P3Dv4 and confirmed working.

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Now, v2.83. This file is compatible with FSX with the Acceleration Pack installed or the Steam Edition and Prepar3D v2, v3 and v4. Fully tested in P3Dv4 and confirmed working.

The T-45 Goshawk is a heavily modified version of the BAe Hawk single-engine jet trainer, adapted to aircraft carrier ops.

This package contains an entirely new visual model, with self-shadowing, bump mapping and hi-res textures, working virtual cockpit, 3D gauges, and reasonably accurate flight model.

Includes custom HUD by Jivko Rusev and Scott Printz and sound package by Serge Lsa.

Acceleration Boeing/BAe T-45C Goshawk in flight.

Thanks for downloading my T-45C Goshawk model for Flight Simulator X. The scope of this project is to provide virtual naval aviators with a"state of the art" jet trainer. I've tried to achieve a good compromise between realism, playability and development time and resources. Hope you'll like it.


Should you have any previous version of this Goshawk model, first REMOVE the Goshawk files from the SimObjects/Aircraft folder.

  • Unzip the file (maintaining the proper folder structure) to your FSX Simobjects/Airplanes subfolder.
  • Move the fx_navorange_t45.fx from the Boeing_T45C/Effects folder to your main FSX Effects folder.


  • Opening exit door number 2 (SHIFT+E then 2) extends the footsteps of the crew boarding system.
  • Opening exit door number 3 (SHIFT+E then 3) makes a baggage pod appear attached below the fuselage.
  • Opening exit door number 4 (SHIFT+E then 4) makes practice bomb racks appear below the wings.

You can make practice bomb racks appear also by selecting "BOMB" in the STRS page of any MFD.

External loads will not affect flight behavior in any way. In the real T-45C carrier operation with external loads are FORBIDDEN.


Like the real thing, this model is designed for carrier training: I've tried to have both a realistic behavior and reasonable approach speeds. It should be easier to land than the F/A-18, and most pilots should be able to operate from a carrier without too many problems.

Note: after the catapult launch, the launch bar needs to be retracted manually.


If you want to operate the Goshawk from a carrier, and you probably will, there are two ways to find "operational" (i.e. with working cats and spaghetti):

  • Pick one of the carrier missions from the mission menu and check "Enable changes".
  • Start the mission (with the Hornet) and then you can switch to any other plane (including the Goshawk)
  • Find one of the moving carriers around the world. They cruise on fixed weekly routes to and from several ports (e.g.San Diego, Norfolk, and Hawaii). Search with google and you will find few pages with exact coordinates of the cruise.

I highly suggest the usage of AiCarriers add-on for Flight Simulator X, which allow "on the fly" placement and control of any ship in FSX.


USS Nimitz class ships from Javier Fernandez are an absolute MUST HAVE for any FSX user. They are extremely detailed and realistic. They are AI ships so you either use them with AICarriers or download a scenery route or mission using them.


All the textures are original and have been kept to the highest possible resolution. Textures are in DTX3 format, without MIPMAPs for maximum sharpness. This has a slight impact on load times, and some users may experience a slight delay switching from exterior/interior views. Most textures have a resolution of 2048x2048 pixels.


  • Launch bar needs to be retracted after cat launch, by using the "LAUNCH BAR RETRACT" switch in the VC (or SHIFT+U). If the launch bar is down, you will not be able to retract the gear.
  • If you have collision detection enabled, you MUST pull the stick during cat launch, otherwise, the plane may crash. This glitch should be fixed in the present release, but I had not time to test if the fix works 100%


Visual model, cockpit, flight model, textures...well...everything by Dino Cattaneo. Custom sound package by Serge "fsxnavypilot".

Developer: Dino Cattaneo.

Images & Screenshots

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The archive t45cv283.zip has 439 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
T45C_new_dynamics.jpg03.06.13754.90 kB
T45C_partial_spoilers.jpg03.06.131.17 MB
T45c20sm.gif03.06.1311.65 kB
T45cvcsm.gif03.06.138.95 kB
fx_beacon_t45.fx06.20.143.57 kB
fx_navorange_t45.fx07.21.143.01 kB
fx_strobe_t45.fx07.21.144.77 kB
fx_t45_vclight.fx07.21.141.25 kB
file_id.diz04.07.16562 B
README.txt04.07.1619.01 kB
Airplanes04.07.160 B
Boeing_T45C04.07.160 B
Aircraft.cfg12.21.1532.05 kB
docs04.07.160 B
T-45C_FSXA_VNATOPS.pdf01.14.154.96 MB
T-45-onepage-Checklist (Real world checklist).pdf01.14.15284.80 kB
model04.07.160 B
Model.cfg12.22.1541 B
t45c.MDL01.19.1614.58 MB
t45c2.MDL04.02.1610.20 MB
t45c2_hud.MDL03.05.161.65 kB
t45c2_mirror.MDL04.02.1610.20 MB
optional_features04.07.160 B
HUD_ONLY04.07.160 B
Aircraft.cfg12.21.1532.05 kB
model04.07.160 B
Model.cfg03.05.1645 B
scratch_reflection.dds01.14.154.12 kB
OLD_with_glass_reflections04.07.160 B
t45c2.MDL12.28.1510.20 MB
t45c2_mirror.MDL12.28.1510.20 MB
README.txt03.05.162.73 kB
Aircraft.cfg12.21.1532.05 kB
model04.07.160 B
Model.cfg12.22.1541 B
Aircraft.cfg12.19.1532.87 kB
model04.07.160 B
Model.cfg12.22.1548 B
panel04.07.160 B
PANEL.CFG12.30.156.59 kB
T45C_DEP.CAB01.14.155.01 kB
T45C_HUD04.07.160 B
Airspeed_box_00FF00.bmp01.14.152.60 kB
Airspeed_box_00FFFF.bmp01.14.152.60 kB
Airspeed_box_80FF80.bmp01.14.152.65 kB
Airspeed_box_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.152.65 kB
Alpha_00FF00.bmp01.14.15880 B
Alpha_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15880 B
Alpha_80FF80.bmp01.14.154.47 kB
Alpha_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15930 B
Altitude_box_00FF00.bmp01.14.154.05 kB
Altitude_box_00FFFF.bmp01.14.154.05 kB
Altitude_box_80FF80.bmp01.14.154.10 kB
Altitude_box_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.154.10 kB
AoA_bracket_00FF00.bmp01.14.151.48 kB
AoA_bracket_00FFFF.bmp01.14.151.48 kB
AoA_bracket_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.54 kB
AoA_bracket_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.54 kB
bank_arrow_00FF00.bmp01.14.15480 B
bank_arrow_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15480 B
bank_arrow_80FF80.bmp01.14.152.29 kB
bank_arrow_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15534 B
bank_scale_00FF00.bmp01.14.1557.08 kB
bank_scale_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1557.08 kB
bank_scale_80FF80.bmp01.14.1557.13 kB
bank_scale_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1557.13 kB
CCIP_00FF00.bmp01.14.152.02 kB
CCIP_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1511.01 kB
CCIP_80FF80.bmp01.14.152.02 kB
CCIP_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.152.02 kB
DEPRT_00FF00.bmp01.14.15154.27 kB
DEPRT_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15154.27 kB
DEPRT_80FF80.bmp01.14.1526.55 kB
DEPRT_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1526.55 kB
Energy_caret_00FF00.bmp01.14.15592 B
Energy_caret_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15592 B
Energy_caret_80FF80.bmp01.14.15646 B
Energy_caret_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15646 B
GNRT_00FF00.bmp01.14.155.09 kB
GNRT_00FFFF.bmp01.14.155.09 kB
GNRT_80FF80.bmp01.14.155.14 kB
GNRT_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.155.14 kB
Heading_marker_00FF00.bmp01.14.15280 B
Heading_marker_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15280 B
Heading_marker_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.21 kB
Heading_marker_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15334 B
Heading_pointer_00FF00.bmp01.14.15664 B
Heading_pointer_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15664 B
Heading_pointer_80FF80.bmp01.14.15718 B
Heading_pointer_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15718 B
Heading_tape_00FF00.bmp01.14.1512.32 kB
Heading_tape_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1512.32 kB
Heading_tape_80FF80.bmp01.14.1512.38 kB
Heading_tape_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1573.29 kB
Horizon_GDown_00FF00.bmp01.14.1510.23 kB
Horizon_GDown_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1510.23 kB
Horizon_GDown_80FF80.bmp01.14.1560.84 kB
Horizon_GDown_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1510.29 kB
Horizon_GUp_00FF00.bmp01.14.154.42 kB
Horizon_GUp_00FFFF.bmp01.14.154.42 kB
Horizon_GUp_80FF80.bmp01.14.154.47 kB
Horizon_GUp_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.154.47 kB
HUD_back.bmp01.14.1559.54 kB
HUD_steering_arrow_00FF00.bmp01.14.151.17 kB
HUD_steering_arrow_00FFFF.bmp01.14.151.17 kB
HUD_steering_arrow_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.22 kB
HUD_steering_arrow_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.22 kB
HUD_steering_dots_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.09 kB
HUD_steering_dots_00FFFF.bmp01.14.153.09 kB
HUD_steering_dots_80FF80.bmp01.14.153.14 kB
HUD_steering_dots_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.153.14 kB
Needle_glideslope_00FF00.bmp01.14.15244 B
Needle_glideslope_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15244 B
Needle_glideslope_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.08 kB
Needle_glideslope_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15298 B
Needle_localizer_00FF00.bmp01.14.15532 B
Needle_localizer_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15532 B
Needle_localizer_80FF80.bmp01.14.15586 B
Needle_localizer_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15586 B
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_00FF00.bmp01.14.15103.84 kB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15103.84 kB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_80FF80.bmp01.14.15103.89 kB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15103.89 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_00FF00.bmp01.14.15236.80 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_00FF00.bmp01.14.15236.80 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15236.80 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15236.80 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_80FF80.bmp01.14.15236.86 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.38 MB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.38 MB
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15236.86 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_00FF00.bmp01.14.15103.84 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15103.84 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_80FF80.bmp01.14.15103.89 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15103.89 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_00FF00.bmp01.14.15245.62 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15245.62 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.43 MB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.43 MB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_00FF00.bmp01.14.15245.19 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_00FFFF.bmp01.14.15245.19 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_80FF80.bmp01.14.15245.24 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.15245.24 kB
T45C_BLOWBACK.xml01.14.151.24 kB
T45C_GUN_MODE.xml01.14.1581.00 kB
T45C_HUD_Init.xml01.14.152.43 kB
T45C_HUD_Switches.CAB01.14.1587.57 kB
T45C_HUD_VC.xml01.14.15280.33 kB
T45C_HUD_VC_loBRT.xml01.14.15138.24 kB
TD_box_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.15 kB
TD_box_00FFFF.bmp01.14.153.15 kB
TD_box_80FF80.bmp01.14.153.20 kB
TD_box_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.153.20 kB
Trigger_Down_00FF00.bmp01.14.151.46 kB
Trigger_Down_00FFFF.bmp01.14.151.46 kB
Trigger_Down_80FF80.bmp01.14.151.51 kB
Trigger_Down_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.151.51 kB
Velocity_Vector_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Velocity_Vector_00FFFF.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Velocity_Vector_80FF80.bmp01.14.153.07 kB
Velocity_Vector_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.153.07 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_00FFFF.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_80FF80.bmp01.14.153.07 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1517.03 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_Mask.bmp01.14.15138.51 kB
Warning_00FF00.bmp01.14.1512.55 kB
Warning_00FFFF.bmp01.14.1512.55 kB
Warning_80FF80.bmp01.14.1512.60 kB
Warning_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.1512.60 kB
Waterline_00FF00.bmp01.14.151.57 kB
Waterline_00FFFF.bmp01.14.151.57 kB
Waterline_80FF80.bmp01.14.158.80 kB
Waterline_C0FFFF.bmp01.14.158.80 kB
T45C_MFD04.07.160 B
AoA_bracket_00FF00.bmp01.14.15478 B
DEPRT_00FF00.bmp01.14.15154.27 kB
Energy_caret_00FF00.bmp01.14.15592 B
GNRT_00FF00.bmp01.14.155.09 kB
Horiz_selection.bmp01.14.154.08 kB
ILS_Needle_glideslope.bmp01.14.15298 B
ILS_Needle_loc.bmp01.14.15838 B
MFD_ADI_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_ADI_BALL.bmp01.14.151.67 kB
MFD_ADI_BINGO.bmp01.14.159.90 kB
MFD_ADI_LAW.bmp01.14.159.90 kB
MFD_ADI_PADDLE.bmp01.14.152.24 kB
MFD_BANK_ARROW.bmp01.14.155.72 kB
MFD_BIT_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_DATA_BACK.bmp01.14.15257.05 kB
MFD_EFI_Speed_index.bmp01.14.15282 B
MFD_ENG_BACK.bmp01.14.15257.05 kB
MFD_HORIZON_STRIP.bmp04.06.163.43 MB
MFD_HSI_ADF_BEARING.bmp01.14.1512.94 kB
MFD_HSI_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_HSI_COURSE_DEVIATION.bmp01.14.1512.71 kB
MFD_HSI_COURSE_LINE.bmp01.14.15126.62 kB
MFD_HSI_CRS.bmp01.14.159.90 kB
MFD_HSI_HDG.bmp01.14.159.90 kB
MFD_HSI_HEADING_BUG.bmp01.14.151.39 kB
MFD_HSI_ROSE.bmp01.14.15300.99 kB
MFD_HSI_TACAN_BEARING.bmp01.14.1512.94 kB
MFD_HSI_TP_BEARING.bmp01.14.1512.94 kB
MFD_HSI_VOR_BEARING.bmp01.14.1512.94 kB
MFD_HUD_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_HUD_BANK_ARROW.bmp01.14.155.72 kB
MFD_HUD_Horizon.bmp01.14.15882.87 kB
MFD_INOP_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_MENU_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_STRS_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_STRS_BACK_AA.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_STRS_BACK_AG.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_STRS_CCIP.bmp01.14.1524.05 kB
MFD_STRS_SEL.bmp01.14.154.93 kB
MFD_TRNG_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_VCR_BACK.bmp01.14.15768.05 kB
MFD_VSI_NEEDLE.bmp01.14.15774 B
MFD_WATERLINE.bmp01.14.152.65 kB
MFD_WPN_MK76.bmp01.14.156.15 kB
MFD_WPN_RKT.bmp01.14.156.15 kB
Needle_glideslope_00FF00.bmp01.14.15244 B
Needle_localizer_00FF00.bmp01.14.15532 B
T45MFD_1.xml01.14.1564.43 kB
T45MFD_1_Control.xml01.14.1515.22 kB
T45MFD_1_keys.xml01.14.154.83 kB
T45MFD_2.xml01.14.1564.43 kB
T45MFD_2_Control.xml01.14.1515.22 kB
T45MFD_2_keys.xml01.14.154.83 kB
T45MFD_3.xml01.14.1564.43 kB
T45MFD_3_Control.xml01.14.1515.22 kB
T45MFD_Init.xml04.02.1618.25 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.15132.50 kB
VARWATCHER.xml01.14.152.68 kB
Velocity_Vector_00FF00.bmp01.14.15862 B
Velocity_Vector_ghost_00FF00.bmp01.14.153.02 kB
Vert_selection.bmp01.14.157.79 kB
Warning_00FF00.bmp01.14.1512.55 kB
Tactical04.07.160 B
T45Config.xml12.30.1510.38 kB
T45Configurator.bmp12.30.151.46 MB
TacpackNotPresent.bmp01.14.1586.72 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.1544.00 kB
VARWATCHER.xml01.14.15566 B
sound04.07.160 B
bingo.wav01.14.1545.33 kB
FA18_aapdis.wav01.14.1542.62 kB
FA18_agear.wav01.14.1570.19 kB
FA18_aover.wav01.14.1550.27 kB
LaunchBarExtend.wav01.14.15112.08 kB
LaunchBarRetract.wav01.14.1548.90 kB
readme.txt01.14.151.29 kB
sound.cfg01.14.156.82 kB
stall_warning.wav01.14.1542.35 kB
T45_avionix.wav01.14.15102.99 kB
T45_canopy_close.wav01.14.1590.88 kB
T45_canopy_open.wav01.14.1591.12 kB
T45_comb_0.wav01.14.15120.45 kB
T45_comb_1.wav01.14.15172.09 kB
T45_comb_start.wav01.14.15940.86 kB
T45_flaps.wav01.14.1573.43 kB
T45_gear_down.wav01.14.15526.08 kB
T45_gear_up.wav01.14.15535.79 kB
T45_hook_gown.wav01.14.1581.12 kB
T45_hook_up.wav01.14.1586.27 kB
T45_shutdown.wav01.14.151.93 MB
T45_starter.wav01.14.15861.37 kB
T45_TailhookExtend.wav01.14.1561.98 kB
T45_TailhookRetract.wav01.14.1545.36 kB
T45_whine_0.wav01.14.15171.45 kB
T45_whine_1.wav01.14.15146.71 kB
wheel_roll.wav01.14.15396.57 kB
wheel_touch.wav01.14.1528.64 kB
x_T45_comb_0.wav01.14.15128.93 kB
x_T45_comb_1.wav01.14.15235.99 kB
x_T45_comb_2.wav01.14.15359.19 kB
x_T45_comb_3.wav01.14.15438.39 kB
x_T45_comb_start.wav01.14.15805.75 kB
x_T45_shutdown.wav01.14.151.23 MB
x_T45_starter.wav01.14.15861.37 kB
x_T45_whine_0.wav01.14.15180.77 kB
x_T45_whine_1.wav01.14.15133.81 kB
x_T45_whine_2.wav01.14.1597.92 kB
x_T45_whine_3.wav01.14.15316.42 kB
T45.air01.14.158.46 kB
T45C_check.htm01.14.1532.79 kB
T45C_ref.htm01.14.153.75 kB
tacpack.ini01.14.151.79 kB
tacpack.sig01.14.15512 B
texture.10104.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.38 kB
texture.10704.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.34 kB
texture.10904.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.26 kB
texture.15004.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.39 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.154.50 kB
texture.20004.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.65 kB
texture.20104.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.96 kB
texture.30304.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.56 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.154.50 kB
texture.32104.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.06 kB
texture.32204.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1524.25 kB
Thumbs.db01.14.1511.00 kB
texture.60104.07.160 B
T45C_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
texture.cfg01.14.15137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.14.1523.62 kB
texture04.07.160 B
BDU-33_D.dds01.14.15512.12 kB
BDU-33_S.dds01.14.15512.12 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds01.14.151.12 kB
glass_T.dds01.14.155.44 kB
LAU-68.dds01.14.151.00 MB
Military_instrumentation_2_T.dds01.14.154.00 MB
Military_instrumentation_2_T_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
Military_instrumentation_T.bmp01.14.1512.00 MB
NACES_seat_1.dds01.14.154.00 MB
NACES_seat_2.dds01.14.151.00 MB
Normal_flipper.dds01.14.154.12 kB
Ribbons_Covers.dds12.29.15256.12 kB
scratch_reflection.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
t45_glass_t.dds01.14.15128.12 kB
t45_loads_T.dds01.14.151.00 MB
t45_loads_T_bump.dds01.14.151.00 MB
t45_loads_T_spec.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
T45C_1_T_bump.dds11.18.1516.00 MB
T45C_1_T_spec.dds11.17.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T_bump.dds11.18.1516.00 MB
T45C_2_T_spec.dds11.17.1516.00 MB
T45C_form_lights.dds01.14.154.12 kB
usaf-helmet-diffuse.dds01.14.151.00 MB
usaf-helmet-specular.dds01.14.151.00 MB
usaf-mask-diffuse.dds01.14.151.00 MB
usaf-pilot-diffuse.dds10.21.154.00 MB
usaf-pilot-normal.dds01.14.154.00 MB
us-soldier-white.dds10.31.154.00 MB
VC_1_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
VC_1_T_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
VC_2_T.dds12.28.1516.00 MB
VC_2_T_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
VC_3_T.dds12.22.154.00 MB
VC_4_T.dds12.22.1516.00 MB
VC_5_T.dds01.14.1516.00 MB
VC_5_T_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
VC_Glass.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_glass_reflection.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_GlasshUD.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
VC_Military_digits.dds01.14.15128.12 kB
VC_mirror_reflection.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
VC_T45_add_dials.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
VC_T45_add_dials_LM.dds01.14.15256.12 kB
VC_t45_dials.dds12.19.1516.00 MB
VC_t45_dials_LM.dds01.14.154.00 MB
VC_t45_glass_reflections.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_t45_HUDkeypad.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_t45_HUDkeypad_LM.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_t45_MFD.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VC_t45_MFD_LM.dds01.14.151.00 MB
VRS_NACES.dds10.03.138.00 MB
tp-public.key01.14.152.51 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
Screenshots02.01.200 B
screen-1.jpg02.01.20610.10 kB
screen-10.jpg02.01.20753.17 kB
screen-11.jpg02.01.20518.74 kB
screen-12.jpg02.01.20561.30 kB
screen-13.jpg02.01.20537.41 kB
screen-14.jpg02.01.20840.55 kB
screen-15.jpg02.01.20818.92 kB
screen-16.jpg02.01.20318.08 kB
screen-17.jpg02.01.20840.07 kB
screen-18.jpg02.01.20512.46 kB
screen-19.jpg02.01.20930.32 kB
screen-2.jpg02.01.20652.94 kB
screen-20.jpg02.01.20956.21 kB
screen-21.jpg02.01.20755.84 kB
screen-22.jpg02.01.20579.32 kB
screen-23.jpg02.01.20519.73 kB
screen-24.jpg02.01.20864.68 kB
screen-25.jpg02.01.20899.60 kB
screen-26.jpg02.01.20740.92 kB
screen-27.jpg02.01.20527.92 kB
screen-28.jpg02.01.20621.12 kB
screen-29.jpg02.01.20600.72 kB
screen-3.jpg02.01.20477.68 kB
screen-30.jpg02.01.20591.63 kB
screen-31.jpg02.01.20681.00 kB
screen-32.jpg02.01.20518.88 kB
screen-33.jpg02.01.20519.69 kB
screen-34.jpg02.01.20623.81 kB
screen-35.jpg02.01.20698.81 kB
screen-36.jpg02.01.20595.17 kB
screen-37.jpg02.01.20516.31 kB
screen-38.jpg02.01.20630.58 kB
screen-4.jpg02.01.20549.76 kB
screen-5.jpg02.01.20418.48 kB
screen-6.jpg02.01.201012.61 kB
screen-7.jpg02.01.20822.76 kB
screen-8.jpg02.01.20637.63 kB
screen-9.jpg02.01.20831.49 kB


This remake of the Boeing/BAe T-45C Goshawk is a very nice remodeling of one of the most effect single engine je trainers we’ve ever had. This reconditions the aircraft and makes it suitable for fighter carrier operations, and ensures that you will be getting access to a brand new model and a whole range of different changes within the cockpit and the flight dynamics, too. Given that it was a total remake of the original, I felt compelled to try this out and see what I made of it – and I have to say I was very impressed!

Preview screenshot

It comes with a totally unique model that has some incredibly attention to detail in those hi-res textures, capturing all of the effects of the visual model in all of it from as well as providing the kind of high-end bump mapping and self-shadowing that we love to see these days.

The main thing that impressed me, though, was the massive changes within the aircrafts cockpit. The cockpit was totally remade from the ground up and has comes with some very impressive 3D gauges that really make you feel as if you are sitting in the cockpit of the real thing! It’s a very impressive design in many ways, and certainly makes it an enjoyable aircraft to sit and fly around the skies with. The virtual cockpit has been totally revamped as well and it looks absolutely spectacular, giving you a healthy dose of realism as you go.

A totally customized HUD was made by the brilliant Scott Printz and Jivko Rusev, whilst Serge Lsa designed the fresh sounds that have been included. Add it in with the awesome modeling created by Dino Cattaneo, and you have a hugely impressive model that really takes inspiration from the real thing and does it fantastic levels of justice! I was blown away by the little things like the new sound packages and the various changes that they have introduced into the HUD, making everything feel as realistic and as crisp as it possibly can.

The aircraft itself has been remade to fit with the carrier ops style, and this has been well represented in the quality of the design and the behavior of the aircraft. This makes it feel really realistic and quite reasonable in terms of the style, ensuring that those who are used to the original T-45C design will be able to get a fresh new challenge from this.

You’ll be able to take on carrier missions, too, which is very impressive – it makes a huge difference to the actual enjoyment of the aircraft and lets you take on fresh opportunities all the time. This will allow you to get some very impressive new tasks to take on and will ensure that you need to find a moving carrier that is set at specific port – all of these ports are chose through realistic Google co-ordinates, so you can use these to find the cruises that you are looking for.

It’s these little things that make this package so impressive to me, and is a big part of why I would recommend this so much to people across the board – it’s a truly impressive piece of hardware.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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TGWSun, 04 Dec 2022 08:11:56 GMT

Is there a paint kit available for this fine aircraft?

StonewallUSMCFri, 26 Mar 2021 09:11:48 GMT


girthFri, 19 Mar 2021 17:17:25 GMT

This plane flies so god damn well and it's so easy to control. Great job to whoever made this.

Cole CatheyThu, 03 Dec 2020 04:40:11 GMT

Will there be an update to put this into Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

Noah HeftTue, 16 Jun 2020 20:54:07 GMT

Does it work with FSX Deluxe?

gxsmithWed, 18 Mar 2020 10:53:38 GMT

Fantastic, really love this aircraft, thank you Dino, excellent work. Highly recommend this, better than many payware.

William Cox JrTue, 28 Jan 2020 17:05:06 GMT

This is a very nice add-on. I would like to buy a DVD rather than use the internet. Is this possible?

Bill Cox

KevinMon, 02 Dec 2019 00:54:02 GMT

Can you include gliders into your aircraft list say 15, 18, 22 meters wing span?

jackywillsonMon, 10 Jun 2019 15:51:48 GMT

Thank you for this new download of this add-on of your site that I recognize great and very interesting I have been for many years this is a great site! Congratulations and see you soon. Excellent site.

greg sparksSun, 26 May 2019 00:43:58 GMT

HOW TO FIND THE CARRIERS IN FSX: I can't find the USS Nimitz carrier in my flight simulator that I loaded with Fly Away; how do you find the carrier in a flight simulator?

MartinThu, 16 Feb 2017 23:38:22 GMT


The Goshawk looks superb - as I am quite new to flight SIM downloads I thought that I would download it and see how it went, unfortunately, even following the video tutorial (which is great BTW) with Windows 10 and FSXSE I had to create my own 'Airplanes' file as only a Rotorcraft one existed. I dont know if that was the right thing to do - its been 25 years since I learned anything to do with with programming or file creation for programs. Anyways the Goshawk is sat in its new file but I cant access it via FSXSE (it doesn't appear in the Free Flight Change Aircraft window.

Things seemed to be so much easier with Vista and MSFS2004 and the like - ie using as CD or DVD disc!

Can anyone help me?

Many thanks,


mrcapsSun, 21 Sep 2014 05:26:26 GMT

how to fix CDI? it can't show on my fsx. i've installed fsx sp2

robert stewartWed, 11 Sep 2013 22:49:18 GMT

I downloaded the T-45c.v2,10 Goshawk, seems I cant get it to find my HDG,CRS, ILS, cant get the CDI to show up. Maybe I have to download something else?

CaptainK49Sat, 29 Jun 2013 01:47:41 GMT

This aircraft has fabulous graphics and is easy to fly. I haven't tried a carrier yet. I can't seem to get the PFD to come on? Can you land on the AI carriers that are in FSX? Thanks!

n122vuFri, 31 May 2013 14:02:02 GMT

Love this aircraft, one of my favorites in FSX! Just an FYI, latest version (2.6?) still suffers from the 'must pull stick during cat launch' glitch, at least for me anyway. I usually just disable collision detection, take off, then pause and re-enable as a workaround.

Thanks so much for a great addon!

dabigchiefMon, 17 Dec 2012 20:01:32 GMT

This aircraft download and installed easily. The graphics are excellent and the flight handling is very good. This aircraft can be flown by all levels of simulation expertise, except those of us that are trying to fly for the first time.

Asian NomadMon, 15 Oct 2012 07:57:33 GMT

Fun to fly, great detail. One of my favorite planes. An excellent add-on!

JonathanSun, 08 Jul 2012 09:03:42 GMT

This is a wonderfully detailled model in all respects. From outside, breathtaking in exactness and the pilot and trainer are animated realistically. The cockpit is quite functional. Great job!

samlee2Fri, 21 Oct 2011 17:28:07 GMT

Looks cool man!

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