FSX David Copley's P-38 Lightning

PreviewFSX Updates For David Copley's P-38 Lightnings. David has released several versions of his Lockheed Lightning for FS2004. For the most part, they convert well to FSX. The primary exception is some of the gauges. This update deals with these issues - and also provides thumbnails for the texture fo...

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FSX Updates For David Copley's P-38 Lightnings. David has released several versions of his Lockheed Lightning for FS2004. For the most part, they convert well to FSX. The primary exception is some of the gauges. This update deals with these issues - and also provides thumbnails for the texture folders, making the aircraft fully compatible with FSX. Update by Roger Mole.

P-38 Lightning

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The archive p-38_fsx.zip has 114 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
texture.4202.18.070 B
texture.jane02.18.070 B
texture02.18.070 B
panel_strobes02.18.070 B
panel_nostrobes02.18.070 B
P-38L02.18.070 B
panel03.02.070 B
texture.cat03.02.070 B
texture.gr03.02.070 B
texture.wl03.02.070 B
texture03.02.070 B
P-38L_Racer03.02.070 B
gauges02.18.070 B
texture.africa02.18.070 B
texture.ltsmith02.18.070 B
texture02.18.070 B
panel_strobes02.18.070 B
panel_nostrobes02.18.070 B
P-38F02.18.070 B
texture02.18.070 B
texture.fresh03.02.070 B
P-38G02.18.070 B
panel_strobes02.18.070 B
texture02.18.070 B
panel_nostrobes02.18.070 B
P-38H02.18.070 B
panel_strobes03.02.070 B
texture03.02.070 B
texture.yippee03.02.070 B
texture.porkyii03.02.070 B
texture.marge03.02.070 B
texture.f5e2q03.02.070 B
texture.ccutie03.02.070 B
panel_nostrobes03.02.070 B
P-38J03.02.070 B
Thumbs.db01.24.0552.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.18.078.83 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.18.078.86 kB
Aircraft.cfg02.18.0721.69 kB
Thumbs.db01.29.0547.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.18.078.31 kB
panel.cfg03.02.075.89 kB
msb.bmp02.18.0776.05 kB
panel.cfg03.02.075.84 kB
msb.bmp02.18.0776.05 kB
Aircraft.cfg03.02.0714.80 kB
P-38LRacer.air03.26.059.57 kB
P-38LRacer_Doc.html04.16.0514.21 kB
msb.bmp02.18.0776.05 kB
panel.cfg03.02.075.93 kB
Thumbs.db03.18.0551.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.078.02 kB
Thumbs.db03.31.0551.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.078.49 kB
Thumbs.db04.09.0550.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.078.79 kB
Thumbs.db04.16.0550.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.078.56 kB
ReadMe.txt03.02.076.51 kB
screenie.jpg02.18.0749.17 kB
thumb.jpg02.18.079.45 kB
2Eng_Switches.cab02.18.0725.18 kB
Thumbs.db01.09.0743.50 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.18.078.11 kB
Thumbs.db12.27.0644.50 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.18.078.16 kB
Thumbs.db12.27.0641.50 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.18.078.17 kB
panel.cfg02.18.075.12 kB
msb.bmp02.18.0776.05 kB
panel.cfg02.18.075.07 kB
msb.bmp02.18.0776.05 kB
Aircraft.cfg03.02.0719.74 kB
Thumbs.db01.13.0746.50 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.18.078.33 kB
Aircraft.cfg03.02.0718.12 kB
awc.bmp01.15.05257.05 kB
dull_chrome.bmp01.31.04256.07 kB
Lmisc.bmp07.05.04256.07 kB
misc_non.bmp12.24.041.00 MB
misc_non2.bmp12.31.041.00 MB
misc_non3.bmp12.23.041.00 MB
misc4.bmp01.18.051.00 MB
p38_t.bmp02.23.074.00 MB
p38-prop.bmp03.13.04256.07 kB
pure_chrome.bmp08.21.0364.07 kB
Thumbs.db01.29.0547.00 kB
vcwall.bmp01.13.051.00 MB
Mmisc.bmp09.19.0565.05 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.20.076.97 kB
panel.cfg03.02.075.90 kB
msb.bmp02.18.0776.05 kB
Thumbs.db01.08.0746.50 kB
thumbnail.jpg02.18.078.33 kB
Aircraft.cfg03.02.0717.40 kB
panel.cfg02.18.075.85 kB
msb.bmp02.18.0776.05 kB
Aircraft.cfg03.02.0723.59 kB
msb.bmp02.18.0776.05 kB
panel.cfg03.02.075.91 kB
Thumbs.db08.12.0551.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.078.73 kB
Thumbs.db07.13.0546.50 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.078.81 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.078.06 kB
Thumbs.db07.27.0548.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.078.51 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.077.76 kB
Thumbs.db08.12.0558.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg03.02.078.41 kB
msb.bmp02.18.0776.05 kB
panel.cfg03.02.075.86 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


The P-38 Lightning is up there in my all-time favorite war aircraft. Although a noted pacifist and not someone who really enjoys the fact we can blow the planet up from the sky, war aviation is hugely impressive.

Preview screenshot

The further back in history that I go, though, the more fascinated that I can get by aviation. It’s impressive today that we can launch nuclear warheads from a stealth bomber, of course it is.

But what about the guys who were flying P-38 Lightning aircraft back in the day!?

Realism Reflected

I have far more interest in seeing how that would have felt. With the help of the excellent David Copley, now I can. This rendition of a major part of aviation history has been taken on by David and further adapted by Roger Mole. The end result is a charmingly wonderful P-38 take that looks brilliant in just about every way.

Although this was made for FS2004 it does an excellent transfer into FSX, with only minor issues noticed. Whilst I had some trouble with a few of the old FS2004 gauges, they can be replaced by using this updated version. So if you have consigned Mr. Copley and his little masterpiece to the grave in the past, this should help you resurrect and enjoy his masterpiece once again.

The depth and detail that comes into the cockpit is great. I loved the tightknit nature of the cockpit, adding an extra layer of realism. Also, crucially, it gave me a good idea of what it must be like in the cockpit of one of these aircraft.

I felt positively terrified!

A Thrilling Flight

The speed and the rather inaccurate nature (relative to today) of the aircraft makes for a challenging flight. Not only will you find that flying this aircraft is made very different because it carries such a unique look, but the time-gap between modern and classic aircraft throws in some interesting challenges.

With that in mind, though, you should have no problem enjoying one of the finest aircraft of the old-school era. The work that has gone in makes this a fine mod to use even if it was for an older simulator.

The attention to detail, the precision in the look and the flight dynamics all make for a fair and engaging flight. I won’t be getting rid of this in a hurry and would happily recommend it to war buffs and historians alike!

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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oldunclemelSun, 13 Nov 2016 06:00:52 GMT

Complete with base model? I don't think so. Too bad.

Neenjahdude1Tue, 19 Jul 2011 23:46:56 GMT
The plane seems to not be recognized in FSX. Like i copied the aircraft to the correct folder and all, but when i jumped on FSX the plane wasn't recognized by the "Plane Chooser" so to speak.
cdoy69Wed, 27 Jan 2010 21:41:08 GMT
hi, i dont have fs2004 but if you could make P-38 for people like me who don't 2004 it would be great thanks! P.S. why i gave you the 10 is because i hope you make one for only people that have FSX so ,thanks agian!

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