FSX Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

PreviewThe F35 Lightning II is a fifth-generation, single-seat, single-engine stealth multirole fighter that can perform close air support, tactical bombing, and air defense missions.

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The F35 Lightning II is a fifth-generation, single-seat, single-engine stealth multirole fighter that can perform close air support, tactical bombing, and air defense missions.

Screenshot of Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II in flight.

The F-35 has three different models: the F-35A is a conventional takeoff and landing variant, the F-35B is a short take-off and vertical-landing variant, and the F-35C is a carrier-based variant.

Includes custom HUD by Jivko Rusev and Scott Printz, sound package by Serge Luzin, and conventional flight dynamics by Roberto Leonardo and full STOVL functionality by Rob Baredregt and Mario Motta. Designed by Dino Cattaneo.

The scope of this project is to provide virtual naval aviators with a "state of the art" jet trainer. Please see the DOCS subfolder in the SimObjects/Airplanes/F-35A folder for a complete manual in .pdf format


Should you have any previous version of my F-35 Goshawk models, first UNINSTALL them and remove all the relevant files from the SimObjects/Aircraft folder.

Version 2.3 does not feature an installer program so you will have to install the files manually.

You should unpack all the files in a folder of your choice then move all the files in the Effects folder in the Flight Simulator X/Effects folder and all the files in the SimObject folder in the Flight Simulator X/SimObject folder, maintaining the exact folder structure and names.

NOTE: This aircraft requires Flight Simulator X: Acceleration or Flight Simulator X: Gold for full functionality. May also work (but it is not tested) on Microsoft ESP and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

Developer: Dino Cattaneo.

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The archive F35v241.zip has 1014 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Effects11.04.200 B
F35_fx_RCB_Fandust.fx07.07.122.82 kB
F35_orange.fx06.22.123.01 kB
fx_F35A_gun.fx03.24.1311.80 kB
fx_F35_HeatShimmer.fx11.14.112.62 kB
fx_F35_gun_gunpod.fx07.16.1311.80 kB
fx_F35_vclight.fx07.07.121.25 kB
fx_f35_beaconb.fx07.07.123.56 kB
fx_f35_navgrem.fx07.07.124.53 kB
fx_f35_navredm.fx07.07.124.53 kB
fx_fueldump.fx09.05.071.27 kB
F35FSXA.gif12.30.1210.73 kB
README.txt04.25.1412.96 kB
Screenshots11.04.200 B
f-35-screen-10ai.jpg11.04.202.21 MB
f-35-screen-1ai.jpg11.04.201.86 MB
f-35-screen-2ai.jpg11.04.201.62 MB
f-35-screen-3ai.jpg11.04.201.85 MB
f-35-screen-4ai.jpg11.04.201.64 MB
f-35-screen-5ai.jpg11.04.201.09 MB
f-35-screen-6ai.jpg11.04.201.50 MB
f-35-screen-7ai.jpg11.04.202.02 MB
f-35-screen-8ai.jpg11.04.202.04 MB
f-35-screen-9ai.jpg11.04.20585.30 kB
SimObjects11.04.200 B
Airplanes04.22.140 B
F-35A04.22.140 B
F-35A.air08.24.137.40 kB
F-35Al.air01.28.107.40 kB
F35A_check.htm07.19.1238.30 kB
F35A_ref.htm07.19.125.46 kB
Model04.22.140 B
jsf.MDL01.11.1413.23 MB
jsf1.MDL01.14.148.00 MB
model.cfg08.09.1135 B
Panel04.22.140 B
F-35_HUD_VC04.22.140 B
ADL_B_00FF00.bmp07.04.132.02 kB
AM_CIRCLE_00FF00.bmp07.01.13518.08 kB
AM_CIRCLE_BIG_00FF00.bmp08.06.13273.30 kB
Airspeed_box_00FF00.bmp05.24.123.73 kB
Alpha_00FF00.bmp05.24.121.29 kB
Altitude_box_00FF00.bmp05.24.123.99 kB
Altitude_dial_00FF00.bmp05.24.1214.98 kB
Altitude_index_00FF00.bmp05.24.12156 B
AoA_bracket_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.04 kB
BATR_00FF00.bmp07.09.13230 B
Bearing_pointer_00FF00.bmp05.24.12444 B
CCIP_00FF00.bmp07.15.132.02 kB
CueFRIEND.bmp03.30.145.60 kB
CueINRNG.bmp08.09.136.07 kB
CueSHOOT.bmp08.09.135.60 kB
Diamond_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Diamond_cross_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Energy_caret_00FF00.bmp05.24.12592 B
F-35_HUD_VC.xml04.22.14124.36 kB
Gear_00FF00.bmp05.24.127.07 kB
Ground_Target_00FF00.bmp08.12.13938 B
Gun_Cross_B_00FFFF.bmp03.06.122.23 kB
HUD_Funnel_DOT_00FF00.bmp07.04.13146 B
HUD_Funnel_DOTsm_00FF00.bmp07.04.13146 B
HUD_steering_arrow_00FF00.bmp05.24.12632 B
HUD_steering_dots_00FF00.bmp05.24.121.82 kB
Heading_mask_00FF00.bmp05.24.1212.96 kB
Heading_tape_00FF00.BMP05.24.1288.75 kB
Horizon_00FF00.bmp05.24.1214.23 kB
Horizon_ghost_00FF00.bmp05.24.1214.23 kB
Needle_glideslope_00FF00.bmp05.24.12376 B
Needle_localizer_00FF00.bmp05.24.12892 B
Nird_circle.bmp08.06.1352.97 kB
Nird_circle_Cue.bmp08.06.13394 B
Nird_circle_RNG.bmp08.06.13374 B
Nird_steeringdot.bmp08.06.13150 B
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_00FF00.bmp05.24.12229.12 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_00FF00.bmp05.24.12101.43 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_00FF00.bmp05.24.12232.40 kB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_00FF00.bmp05.24.1293.83 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_00FF00.bmp05.24.12213.46 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_00FF00.bmp05.24.12218.74 kB
Radar_Target_00FF00.bmp07.05.13918 B
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_10000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_11000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_12000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_1750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_2750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_3750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4250.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_4750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_500.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_5000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_5500.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_6000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_6500.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_7000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_750.bmp07.08.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_8000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_9000.bmp07.05.1316.02 kB
Reticle_AA_D_00FF00_range.bmp08.21.131.49 kB
Reticle_AG_00FF00.bmp07.04.1316.02 kB
Reticle_MAXRANGE_00FF00.bmp07.09.1316.02 kB
SW_CIRCLE_00FF00.bmp03.27.13107.49 kB
SW_Seeker_00FF00.bmp04.01.13582 B
Speed_dial_00FF00.bmp05.24.1214.98 kB
Speed_index_00FF00.bmp05.24.12140 B
Tadpole_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Thumbs.db11.06.13259.50 kB
Velocity_Vector_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Velocity_Vector_cross_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Velocity_Vector_dot_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_BAE_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.82 kB
Waterline_00FF00.bmp05.24.121.48 kB
bank_arrow_00FF00.bmp05.24.12520 B
bank_scale_1_00FF00.bmp05.24.125.97 kB
bank_scale_2_00FF00.bmp05.24.1213.54 kB
bank_scale_3_00FF00.bmp05.24.1234.64 kB
beta_arrow_00FF00.bmp05.24.12520 B
glideslope_line_00FF00.bmp05.24.121.40 kB
nozzle_vector_00FF00.bmp05.24.12536 B
speed_caret_00FF00.bmp05.24.12528 B
vsi_arc_00FF00.bmp05.24.127.54 kB
vsi_arc_mask_00FF00.bmp05.24.127.54 kB
vtol_airplane_00FF00.bmp05.24.1210.01 kB
wind_arrow_00FF00.bmp05.24.12784 B
Sound04.22.140 B
Gun.wav03.23.13176.86 kB
MasterCaution..wav11.12.1079.02 kB
MasterCaution.wav08.28.1378.53 kB
RWR_1.wav01.17.0734.50 kB
RWR_2.wav01.17.0751.74 kB
RWR_3.wav01.17.0721.59 kB
SWGrowlLock.wav03.26.139.92 MB
SWGrowlSeek.wav03.26.139.51 MB
SonicBoom.wav03.28.13151.62 kB
Sound.ini08.29.13979 B
Switch1.wav03.30.13112.07 kB
Switch2.wav03.30.1350.73 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.gau03.26.13156.46 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.ini06.21.13671 B
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.rtf03.26.1384.76 kB
dsd_fsx_xml_sound.txt03.26.1314.59 kB
Tactical04.22.140 B
Config_check_green.bmp07.13.132.04 kB
F35Config.bmp07.26.13975.05 kB
F35Config.xml07.28.1338.72 kB
F35ConfigB.bmp07.26.13137.50 kB
F35Tactical.xml04.25.1463.66 kB
TacpackNotPresent.bmp07.28.1386.72 kB
Thumbs.db08.12.13128.00 kB
VARWATCHER.xml02.13.143.68 kB
Thumbs.db07.09.138.50 kB
dsd_fsx_fuel_dump.dll03.04.12136.47 kB
f3504.22.140 B
Airspeed_box_00FF00.bmp05.24.123.73 kB
Alpha_00FF00.bmp05.24.121.29 kB
Altitude_box_00FF00.bmp05.24.123.99 kB
Altitude_dial_00FF00.bmp05.24.1214.98 kB
Altitude_index_00FF00.bmp05.24.12156 B
AoA_bracket_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.04 kB
Bearing_pointer_00FF00.bmp05.24.12444 B
CameraDown.xml05.22.124.32 kB
CameraDown_Background.bmp05.22.1288.94 kB
Diamond_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Diamond_cross_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Energy_caret_00FF00.bmp05.24.12592 B
F35HMD.bmp11.11.133.00 MB
F35HMD.xml04.22.1421.91 kB
F35HMD_background_wide.bmp03.05.13769.05 kB
F35_pfd_compass_bug.bmp05.13.131.29 kB
F35_pfd_compass_card.bmp05.13.13168.80 kB
F35_pfd_compass_fixed_pointers.bmp05.13.13116.76 kB
F35_pfd_compass_heading_bug_line.bmp05.13.132.18 kB
F35_pfd_compass_mask.bmp05.13.1350.78 kB
F35_pfd_compass_pointer_1.bmp05.13.1372.79 kB
F35_pfd_compass_pointer_1_from_arrow.bmp05.13.133.32 kB
F35_pfd_compass_pointer_1_to_arrow.bmp05.13.133.32 kB
F35_pfd_compass_pointer_2.bmp05.13.131.90 kB
F35_pfd_compass_pointer_2_from_arrow.bmp05.13.133.32 kB
F35_pfd_compass_pointer_2_to_arrow.bmp05.13.133.32 kB
Gear_00FF00.bmp05.24.127.07 kB
Ground_Target_00FF00.bmp08.12.13938 B
Gun_icon.bmp05.02.132.34 kB
Gun_icon_WHITE.bmp07.06.132.34 kB
HAFUAMBIGUOUS.bmp08.05.13698 B
HAFUDT2.bmp08.05.133.11 kB
HAFUFRIENDLY.bmp08.05.13838 B
HAFUHOSTILE.bmp08.05.133.45 kB
HAFULANDS.bmp08.05.13698 B
HAFULOWPRIORITY.bmp08.05.13286 B
HAFURAWHIT.bmp08.05.13374 B
HAFUUNKNOWN.bmp08.05.133.00 kB
HMDToggle.xml06.20.10952 B
HUD_steering_arrow_00FF00.bmp05.24.12632 B
HUD_steering_dots_00FF00.bmp05.24.121.82 kB
Heading_mask_00FF00.bmp05.24.1212.96 kB
Heading_tape_00FF00.BMP05.24.1288.75 kB
Horizon_00FF00.bmp05.24.1214.23 kB
Horizon_ghost_00FF00.bmp05.24.1214.23 kB
ICAWS_BATTFAIL.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
ICAWS_ENGFIRE.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
ICAWS_ENGRPMLOW.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
ICAWS_FUELLOW.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
ICAWS_GENERFAIL.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
ICAWS_GPWS.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
ICAWS_REFUELSYSOPN.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
ICAWS_SEATCANOPY.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
ICAWS_STALL.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
ICAWS_WEAPDOOROPN.bmp03.08.104.45 kB
MFDASR_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDASR_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDCKLST_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDCKLST_back_3.bmp05.01.131.03 MB
MFDCNI_back.bmp08.26.131.03 MB
MFDCNI_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDDAS_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDDAS_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDDTM_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDDTM_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDEFI_back.bmp05.13.13353.05 kB
MFDEFI_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDENG_background.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDFCS_background.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDFTA_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDFTA_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDFTI_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDFTI_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDFUE_background.bmp05.02.13353.05 kB
MFDFUE_background_mask.bmp05.02.13947.08 kB
MFDHUD_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDHUD_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDHUD_background.bmp04.12.131.03 MB
MFDICA_background.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDMENU.bmp05.02.13353.05 kB
MFDPHD_back.bmp05.28.13353.05 kB
MFDPHD_back_3.bmp05.28.13353.05 kB
MFDSMS_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDSMS_back_3.bmp05.02.13353.05 kB
MFDSMS_back_clean.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDSRCH_back.bmp08.23.131.03 MB
MFDSRCH_back_3.bmp08.23.131.03 MB
MFDSubportal_ASR.bmp04.14.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_BLANK.bmp04.16.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_CKLST.bmp05.02.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_CNI.bmp05.02.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_DAS.bmp04.23.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_DTM.bmp04.14.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_EFI.bmp04.26.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_ENG.bmp04.14.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_FCS.bmp04.14.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_FTA.bmp04.19.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_FTI.bmp04.16.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_FUEL.bmp04.14.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_HUD.bmp04.16.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_ICAWS.bmp04.15.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_PHD.bmp04.19.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_SMS.bmp04.23.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_SRCH.bmp04.19.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_TFLIR.bmp04.19.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_TSD1.bmp04.29.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_TSD2.bmp04.29.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_TSD3.bmp04.29.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_TWD.bmp04.23.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_WPNA.bmp04.19.13143.80 kB
MFDSubportal_WPNS.bmp04.19.13143.80 kB
MFDTAGS_ASR.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_BLANK.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_CKLST.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_CNI.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_DAS.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_DTM.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_EFI.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_ENG.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_FCS.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_FTA.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_FTI.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_FUEL.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_HUD.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_ICAWS.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_PHD.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_SMS.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_SRCH.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_TFLIR.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_TSD1.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_TSD2.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_TSD3.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_TWD.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_WPNA.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTAGS_WPNS.bmp04.14.135.62 kB
MFDTFLIR_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDTFLIR_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDTSD1_back.bmp05.07.13353.05 kB
MFDTSD1_back_3.bmp05.07.13353.05 kB
MFDTSD2_back.bmp05.07.13353.05 kB
MFDTSD2_back_3.bmp05.07.13353.05 kB
MFDTSD3_back.bmp05.07.13353.05 kB
MFDTSD3_back_3.bmp05.07.13353.05 kB
MFDTWD_back_3.bmp08.26.13353.05 kB
MFDTWD_background.bmp08.26.13353.05 kB
MFDWPNA_back.bmp08.23.13353.05 kB
MFDWPNA_back_3.bmp08.23.13353.05 kB
MFDWPNS_back.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFDWPNS_back_3.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFD_APT.bmp04.25.106.23 kB
MFD_ARROW_DOWN.bmp04.19.133.95 kB
MFD_Bar_APAT.xml08.05.131.74 kB
MFD_Bar_APControls_RT.xml08.05.1322.24 kB
MFD_Bar_FlightData.xml07.28.1312.10 kB
MFD_Bar_Swap.xml08.05.133.25 kB
MFD_CNI_ALTHOLD.bmp04.29.1329.15 kB
MFD_CNI_AP.bmp04.29.1328.00 kB
MFD_CNI_AT.bmp04.29.1328.38 kB
MFD_CNI_FD.bmp04.29.1326.77 kB
MFD_CNI_GPS.bmp08.26.1326.18 kB
MFD_CNI_HDGHOLD.bmp04.29.1330.63 kB
MFD_CNI_SPDHOLD.bmp04.29.1328.26 kB
MFD_CNI_VORLOC.bmp04.29.1329.44 kB
MFD_EFI_Speed_index.bmp04.25.13194 B
MFD_HIAWY.bmp04.25.1010.59 kB
MFD_HUD_Horizon.bmp12.09.13882.87 kB
MFD_Init_Master_Mode.xml10.20.138.74 kB
MFD_LOAWY.bmp04.25.104.32 kB
MFD_MASTERMODE_AA1.bmp05.01.132.51 kB
MFD_MASTERMODE_AS.bmp05.01.132.51 kB
MFD_MASTERMODE_NAV.bmp05.01.132.51 kB
MFD_MODE_MINUS.bmp02.08.104.53 kB
MFD_MODE_PLUS.bmp02.08.104.32 kB
MFD_NDB.bmp02.09.105.19 kB
MFD_RNG.bmp04.25.10302 B
MFD_RNG_MINUS.bmp04.25.101.05 kB
MFD_RNG_PLUS.bmp04.25.101.05 kB
MFD_SMS_AGM65_GREEN.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_AGM65_GREEN_FRONT.bmp07.15.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_AGM65_WHITE.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_AIM120CSELECTED.bmp06.20.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_AIM9XSELECTED.bmp06.20.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_AM_GREEN.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_AM_GREEN_FRONT.bmp04.22.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_AM_WHITE.bmp06.20.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_AM_WHITE_FRONT.bmp06.20.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_ARM.bmp05.06.135.08 kB
MFD_SMS_CBUSELECTED.bmp06.20.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_CBU_GREEN.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_CBU_GREEN_FRONT.bmp04.22.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_CBU_WHITE.bmp06.20.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_CBU_WHITE_FRONT.bmp06.20.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_DOOR_CLOSED.bmp04.22.137.60 kB
MFD_SMS_DOOR_OPEN.bmp04.22.136.06 kB
MFD_SMS_FUEL.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_FUEL_GREEN.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_FUEL_GREEN_FRONT.bmp04.21.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_FUEL_WHITE.bmp06.20.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_FUEL_WHITE_FRONT.bmp06.20.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU10SELECTED.bmp07.15.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU10_GREEN.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU10_GREEN_FRONT.bmp07.15.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU10_WHITE.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU12SELECTED.bmp07.15.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU12_GREEN.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU12_GREEN_FRONT.bmp04.22.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU12_WHITE.bmp06.20.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU12_WHITE_FRONT.bmp06.20.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU31SELECTED.bmp07.15.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU31_GREEN.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU31_GREEN_FRONT.bmp04.21.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU31_WHITE.bmp06.20.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU31_WHITE_FRONT.bmp06.20.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU32SELECTED.bmp06.20.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU32_GREEN.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU32_GREEN_FRONT.bmp04.21.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU32_WHITE.bmp06.20.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GBU32_WHITE_FRONT.bmp06.20.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_GUNPOD_GREEN.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GUNPOD_WHITE.bmp06.20.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_GUNSELECTED.bmp06.20.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_JSOWSELECTED.bmp07.15.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_JSOW_GREEN.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_JSOW_GREEN_FRONT.bmp04.21.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_JSOW_WHITE.bmp06.20.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_JSOW_WHITE_FRONT.bmp06.20.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_MAVSELECTED.bmp07.15.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_MK82SELECTED.bmp07.15.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_MK82_GREEN.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_MK82_GREEN_FRONT.bmp07.15.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_MK82_WHITE.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_MK83SELECTED.bmp07.15.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_MK83_GREEN.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_MK83_GREEN_FRONT.bmp07.15.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_MK83_WHITE.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_MK84SELECTED.bmp07.15.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_MK84_GREEN.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_MK84_GREEN_FRONT.bmp07.15.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_MK84_WHITE.bmp07.15.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_SW_GREEN.bmp04.21.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_SW_GREEN_FRONT.bmp04.21.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_SW_WHITE.bmp06.20.1326.53 kB
MFD_SMS_SW_WHITE_FRONT.bmp06.20.138.70 kB
MFD_SMS_TANKSELECTED.bmp06.20.1323.36 kB
MFD_SMS_doorsintransit.bmp04.22.13189.76 kB
MFD_SMS_doorsopen.bmp04.22.13189.76 kB
MFD_TDS_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TERR.bmp04.25.103.84 kB
MFD_TSD_APT_OFF.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_APT_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_ASP_OFF.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_ASP_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_AWY_OFF.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_AWY_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_HAW_OFF.bmp05.20.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_HAW_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_ILS_OFF.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_ILS_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_INT_OFF.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_INT_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_LAW_OFF.bmp05.20.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_LAW_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_MAP_OFF.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_MAP_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_NDB_OFF.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_NDB_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_RINGS_FULL.bmp05.14.132.06 MB
MFD_TSD_VOR_OFF.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_TSD_VOR_ON.bmp05.07.134.21 kB
MFD_VOR.bmp04.25.101.08 kB
MFD_Waterline.bmp04.25.131.48 kB
MFD_bank_arrow.bmp04.24.13518 B
MFD_bank_scale.bmp04.25.1334.44 kB
MFD_eng_background.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFD_fcs_HOVER.bmp05.03.13256.40 kB
MFD_fcs_HOVER2.bmp05.03.1377.30 kB
MFD_fcs_HOVER3.bmp05.03.1377.30 kB
MFD_fcs_NOHOVER.bmp05.03.1377.30 kB
MFD_fcs_STOVL.bmp05.03.13256.40 kB
MFD_fcs_background.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFD_fcs_hook_anim.bmp05.29.122.85 kB
MFD_fcs_launch_bar.bmp07.11.122.65 kB
MFD_fcs_lbar_OFF.bmp05.07.135.08 kB
MFD_fcs_lbar_ON.bmp05.07.135.08 kB
MFD_fcs_wing_OFF.bmp05.07.135.08 kB
MFD_fcs_wing_ON.bmp05.07.135.08 kB
MFD_fue_background.bmp05.02.13353.05 kB
MFD_fue_background_mask.bmp05.02.131.03 MB
MFD_ica_background.bmp05.01.13353.05 kB
MFD_menu_back_1.bmp04.20.10353.05 kB
MFD_menu_back_2.bmp04.18.10353.05 kB
MFD_pfd_sky_ground_strip_ladder.bmp04.25.131.15 MB
MFD_pfd_sky_ground_strip_no_ladder.bmp04.24.134.80 MB
MINIHUD_Speed_index.bmp01.23.10140 B
Model.xml02.14.14412 B
Needle_glideslope_00FF00.bmp05.24.12376 B
Needle_localizer_00FF00.bmp05.24.12892 B
Pitch_Ladder_-25_-60_00FF00.bmp05.24.12229.12 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-5_-20_00FF00.bmp05.24.12101.43 kB
Pitch_Ladder_-65_bottom_00FF00.bmp05.24.12232.40 kB
Pitch_Ladder_20_5_00FF00.bmp05.24.1293.83 kB
Pitch_Ladder_25_60_00FF00.bmp05.24.12213.46 kB
Pitch_Ladder_65_top_00FF00.bmp05.24.12218.74 kB
RWR_AA.bmp08.26.135.30 kB
RWR_EM.bmp08.26.135.30 kB
RWR_IR.bmp08.26.135.30 kB
RWR_LAND.bmp08.26.134.62 kB
RWR_SEA.bmp08.26.135.30 kB
Radar_Target_00FF00.bmp07.05.13918 B
SMS.xml02.14.1415.64 kB
SW_CIRCLE_00FF00.bmp03.27.13107.49 kB
SW_Seeker_00FF00.bmp04.01.13582 B
Sav4A92.tmp05.07.130 B
SavD438.tmp06.20.130 B
Speed_dial_00FF00.bmp05.24.1214.98 kB
Speed_index_00FF00.bmp05.24.12140 B
Tadpole_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Thumbs.db08.27.132.24 MB
VSTOLNozzlesNeedle.bmp04.28.124.32 kB
Velocity_Vector_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Velocity_Vector_cross_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Velocity_Vector_dot_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.77 kB
Velocity_Vector_ghost_BAE_00FF00.bmp05.24.122.82 kB
Waterline_00FF00.bmp05.24.121.48 kB
autopilot_annunciator_ap_at_off.bmp04.05.133.87 kB
autopilot_annunciator_ap_at_on.bmp04.05.132.37 kB
autopilot_background.bmp04.05.13573.10 kB
autopilot_button_ap_alt_hld_off.bmp04.05.133.87 kB
autopilot_button_ap_alt_hld_on.bmp04.05.133.87 kB
autopilot_button_ap_app_off.bmp04.05.133.87 kB
autopilot_button_ap_app_on.bmp04.05.133.87 kB


Note: Please make sure that if you download this, you have either the Acceleration, Gold or Steam Editions of Flight Simulator X. It needs to have these extras to give you the full effectiveness and quality!

Preview screenshot

As a massive fan of the Lockheed Martin range of military-brand aircraft, I was super excited when I first came across this package. It gives you access to one of my all-time favorites, the Lightning II, and for this reason alone I was extremely interested. Having finally had the chance to try out this add-on I can safely say that it lives up to every possible expectation I had for it – and more.

The Lightning II

In case you aren’t familiar with this aircraft, the F-35 Lightning II is a high-end military aircraft that is recognized for its fine balance between power and pace. It’s usually used for air defence and tactical bombing missions, meaning that you can find yourself enjoying a wide variety of different styles of flight when you take this beauty into the skies.

The aircraft itself has established itself as a truly high-octane piece of hardware that can hit the heights of most modern aircraft, and is well worth a look if you are a fan of military aviation like myself.

Staggeringly Realistic

The first thing that hit me when I first took part in this add-on was the fact that it had all the additions you would hope to see. From the excellent sound packages and heads-up display that make you feel as if you are actually within the cockpit of the real thing to the various little gauges and knobs that work constantly as you blaze around the skies of the world, you’ll really get that authentic feeling.

For any flight simulation fan this is the most important aspect of the entire thing, so having your aircraft roar into life with you can be a truly gratifying experience.

Attention to Detail

The fact that you get all three variants – the A/B/C variety that are all used for different functions – gives you an idea of just how much detail has been added into this package. Functionality has been included for each and every possible inclusion within the simulator, so the only things you can’t take charge of are literally impossible to add into the flight simulator itself.

Whatever can be added has been. This makes it so much more fun to fly in my opinion as you’ll get access to some new features that you simply won’t find on any other package out there. As far as the design quality and style goes, very few aircraft will give you the same thrill as this – it’s rapid, it’s powerful and its realistic, what more could you ask for?

Whilst the installation process can be a bit of an uphill battle if you aren’t used to it, so make sure that you are installing the right files into the appropriate folders. Because there is no installer, it can be take a few goes to get right but if you are experienced enough at manual installations it won’t be any harder than the other times you have done so.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

Installation icon.

Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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PaddyMon, 11 Sep 2023 12:11:06 GMT

Hi, can't get the auto-pilot to work properly, after inputting the ILS data, speed, course, etc, the auto-pilot just dives the plane into the ground (alt hold is on).

Mr.echoRomeoThu, 20 May 2021 00:31:17 GMT

5 STARS the cockpit looks amazing and the physics seems really good.

JackTue, 05 Nov 2019 02:57:05 GMT

Seem to have rendering problems with mine. The skin is completely gone both when selecting the aircraft & when I fly it & interior isn't rendering properly either. I'm currently trying to install it on my CD version of FSX.

JackSat, 28 Sep 2019 23:49:11 GMT

Trying to use it with my FSX original CD installed version but the hull & other parts of the aircraft won't properly render so now it only displays a few internal details like the cockpit, pilot, some wires, missiles & rear engine parts. Full aircraft doesn't render completely. SOOO ANNOYING! Care to fix this addon so it can work with FSX Original? I would really like a proper F-35 addon that works with FSX original.

And also, Please don't alienate FSX Acceleration or Gold edition players from original base FSX users. Make addons for all versions of FSX.

Luis DeCamoesSat, 27 Jul 2019 14:19:23 GMT

Fantastic. And after reading here about hitting Cntl+H in STOVL mode, I can hover in F-35B. There is payware out there that is not this good.

fake nameWed, 03 Jul 2019 11:46:52 GMT

I have looked everywhere for a solution to fix the forward motion while in hover mode. Please help!

I have found nothing. I have C++ installed, I have read the instructions and other peoples solutions but they didn't really explain them to well, and yes I have dumped the fuel so the hover thing turns blue.

Augusto afonsoMon, 04 Feb 2019 20:34:37 GMT

Hello, I can not visualize the instruments of the cockpit. I put all the files in the corresponding folders, but the only thing I can see is the HUD display. What could be happening?

M110A2Tue, 25 Dec 2018 05:54:41 GMT

Great Model, full of detail right down to the ordnance, rivets, and gauges. The experience has been fun and one of the best downloads ever.

John CapterThu, 18 Oct 2018 18:35:04 GMT

Would be nice to have a list of the custom controls for this aircraft.

jpop8807Thu, 23 Aug 2018 03:06:51 GMT

Hands down the best detailed fighter I have downloaded that isn't payware this thing is incredible. I'm glad I found this. You should so make more airplanes this bird kicks butt.

Galm1Wed, 25 Oct 2017 10:00:02 GMT

The best plane I've ever downloaded. Flies, and lands so smooth.

Jorge LuizFri, 06 Oct 2017 01:52:28 GMT

Hello! I joined here on the phone, that is, I can not play the F-35 because it is FSX. Previously I was able to download FSX files from the F-35 and other planes but now it crashes early in the download. I would be very happy if you would help me.

Att, Jorge Luiz

EdmeisterMon, 31 Jul 2017 19:42:33 GMT

This is the best fighter jet I have ever downloaded. Dino i have your Tomcat. I thought it was good. This is better. You have outdone yourself! Thanks!

CharlesTrkWed, 28 Jun 2017 15:37:20 GMT

I installed the plane bet when ı chose f35 from aircraft and click done game closing itself .

JohnnyBoythePilotWed, 03 May 2017 14:36:01 GMT

Ok never mind about my earlier post concerning where I can't hover. The F-35 now hovers fully for me and is one of my favorite fighters I currently fly in FSX! Thanks Dino!

helpFri, 28 Apr 2017 08:19:45 GMT

I have normal fsx.I can't load this plane texture. I can only load engine, cocpit and wheels. Help me please.

JohnnyBoythePilotFri, 24 Feb 2017 06:18:54 GMT

Beautiful fighter jet and addon. Currently I love the F-35A and F-35C in the package, however I can't seem to however in the F-35B. I followed ALL instructions on hovering, and still can't however. When I activate STOVL mode by pressing SHIFT+Q, everything seems fine, but the minute I press CTRL+H to activate VTOL mode, the aircraft rapidly accelerates forward and doesn't hover at all. Also the engine in CTRL+H mode is stuck at high power settings and the only way I can lower the power in CTRL+H mode is to press N1 on the panel under IAS/Mach window, except when N1 is active I have NO control of the engine. And when I attempt at transitioning in-flight UNDER 150 knts to hover mode, the aircraft either accelerates with the engine stuck at max throttle, or the airplane stalls when I try flying slower then 100 knts in "hover mode". Is there a fix for this?

Currently using FSX Steam Edition

ParkerSun, 05 Feb 2017 22:56:02 GMT

Is there a way to hover on steam edition beach use it's not working when I push the tail hook button

Desert_BreezeSun, 20 Nov 2016 08:50:34 GMT

Very amazing aircraft, to enter hover mode you have to be light enough, I don't know if there is a certain variant in the menu, but you can remove some fuel and payload in the top bar to get there,

To enter hovermode you must press your tailhook button, then go into the cockpit and on the menu where it shows your aircraft status, you should see either a blue text "Hover" or red, if it is red you need to be lighter. Then you just click it and tada.

Also afterburner is not a button, you need to have acceleration to see it/use it.

MertMon, 31 Oct 2016 20:52:54 GMT

hi can we shout missiles?

SebSun, 04 Sep 2016 12:47:03 GMT

Hello. At the outset, I apologize for my bad English. Mod F-35 is great, congratulations work and talent. I have a question, if you can get official permission from the author of this mod to use some of its elements as a basis to create a mod F-35 for the game IL-2 1946. Thank you in advance for your answer. Seb

P.S. The first message was a mistake.

SebSun, 04 Sep 2016 10:22:18 GMT

Hello. At the outset, I apologize for my bad English. This mod is great, congratulations work and talent. I have a question, if you can get official permission from the author of this mod on wykożystanie some of its elements as a basis for making mod F-35 for the game IL-2 in 1946. Thank you in advance for your answer. Seb

joshWed, 23 Mar 2016 12:17:24 GMT

works well but which model of the B series is light enough to enter VTOL mode...

EricTue, 24 Nov 2015 03:53:27 GMT

Will this work on the disk version of the game or only the steam version?

MesoSun, 19 Jul 2015 11:26:54 GMT

Amazing. Great plane, great job, super realistic.

BosebccMon, 13 Jul 2015 12:34:40 GMT

How to put on the after burner??? What key is it? Please answer

Henry JonesFri, 19 Jun 2015 18:36:41 GMT

I cant engage VTOL. I press HOOK/STVOL then HDG SEL. The HDG SEL flashes white then off again. I cant turn it on!

RoraBora93Thu, 26 Mar 2015 12:59:55 GMT

Hello there, I cant seem to figure out how to use the VTOL system properly and I was wondering if someone could give this gal a quick How-To on what Im doing wrong.

oops-a-daisyFri, 20 Feb 2015 01:03:43 GMT

You really need to read the instructions (found in the 'Docs' folder which in turn is found in the 'Airplanes/F35-A/' folder.)

For VTOL landing you first need the F35-B.

Landing is a bit different to the hover and it sounds like some people are trying to land in hover mode. The F35 incorporates a computer assisted control for landings.

There are a couple of considerations you need to do a vertical landing. 1) You must be travelling below 150kts 2) Your gross weight must not exceed 40600lbs (figure shown in virtual cockpit on the fuel panel)

If you ok so far you should:

1) Select VTOL mode (hook button) 2) Select Heading hold button (default CTRL+H) - this is what initiates the assisted control 3) Stick forward to reduce alt...stick back to increase.

Aileron trim keys are used to move the plane forward and back and to bring it to a stop. With rudder still controlling yaw.

Read the full instructions for control on Page21... but i'd recommend reading the whole thing. all of it is interesting.

jaimparatoMon, 12 Jan 2015 23:19:08 GMT

Every time I land in vtol config, as soon as the main gear touches down, no matter how soft, it shoots the nose gear into the ground and causes a crash. Anyone else have this problem?

DuddsMon, 29 Dec 2014 13:18:11 GMT

Hi. I'm not inexperienced when it comes to installing aircraft yet this quite straight-forward installation is crashing FSX when I try to select any one of the three basic models. Apologies, has this already been addressed (and is there a fix)?

odesseyTue, 30 Sep 2014 02:47:29 GMT

Such a good FSX plane. Good enough to be payware, but it's free. I have fallen in love with this plane, with beautiful textures and wonderful realism. Often described in real life by the test pilots as "precise to every move." This addon truly holds up to that standard. 5/5

DavidMon, 04 Aug 2014 16:23:11 GMT


I am a 58 year old still trying to work out how to drive my new Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X (must not forget the V2 bit) after that's sorted I would hope I could join your natter however her indoors (the wife) purchased it for as a birthday present ... uhhh hum... yes old age does not creep.... it just jumps on you.

Not cynical I am just wheel chair bound and watch a lot of what is said on various items but I am looking forward to using this add on. However her idea was to keep me silent.


Abdul QayumMon, 04 Aug 2014 14:18:32 GMT

Dear Sir I download FSX Acceleration Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II V2.10, please guide me how can it play on my laptop?


WWardenTue, 22 Jul 2014 00:56:29 GMT

I've downloaded this a couple of times and for some reason the cockpit and a few other parts are still blue. No detail. Anyone know why?

strykertcSat, 12 Jul 2014 13:07:12 GMT

just shuts down the whole game after selecting this aircraft. not sure whats up...

codyWed, 11 Jun 2014 04:24:56 GMT

i cannot get it to work for some reason, i have done many other planes before. i put effects into fsx/effects. and rest is in fsx/simobjects/airplanes.... i made a new file in airplanes for the f35. and it is clickable when selecting aircraft in game but than the little animated show box of selected aircraft where it spins around, it just goes black and then game gets error and shuts down

JakeSat, 07 Jun 2014 13:35:06 GMT

How do I enable VTOL and fire weapons?

AlbertThu, 30 Jan 2014 16:33:36 GMT

For those of you who like this awesome aircraft and my high praises to the creators of it, if you map a button to your tail hook you can open the fan and set for VTOL. The VTOL effects are great, the VTOL flight dynamics could use a little fine tuning, but all in all a very excellent aircraft. I would say its better than some of the payware models out of the F-35.

tyknightSun, 03 Nov 2013 22:07:03 GMT

I am having trouble getting the sound to work. Other than that, by far the coolest freeware military plane I have used.

Any help with the sound would be appreciated.

ThisPlaneIsAwesomeTue, 20 Aug 2013 00:43:49 GMT

Disappointed that full functionality is only available on FSX Acceleration or Gold edition.

JonTrollMon, 08 Jul 2013 19:40:58 GMT

Wow......I am impressed with this plane. It don't even feel like a mod. It is just as detailed if not more so than the default planes provided (f-18, DC-3, LearJet, Trike)

ifurredTue, 28 May 2013 10:47:29 GMT

There is a button in the cockpit on the left of the radars, you may need to zoom in. but it enables vertical flying.

AyrtonWed, 03 Apr 2013 18:43:36 GMT

How do you open the fan thing so you can hover and fly vertically?

bob_boberinyTue, 22 Jan 2013 23:44:22 GMT

How do you enable STOL/VTOL?

marsmannSun, 20 Jan 2013 19:26:00 GMT

The best plane ever!

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