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FS2004 Lockheed X-35A & C JSF

Complete with Base ModelJump to: Screenshots | Comments | File Details | Editorial
FS2004 Lockheed X-35A & C JSF. Joint Strike Fighter developed for the US/UK air forces. Fully animated. Includes custom panel based on current test bed, plus virtual cockpit with HUD. Supersonic .air file. Model by Colin Thwaites. Air file by Claudio Mussner.

X-35 for FS2004


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The archive has 187 files and directories contained within it. View them...

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
X35fan_boost.wav11.01.03245.19 kB
X35fan_3.wav11.04.03261.54 kB
X35fan_2.wav11.01.03245.19 kB
X35fan_1.wav11.01.0387.29 kB
X35liftfan.wav07.29.0391.20 kB
X35_door.wav11.16.03159.01 kB
X35_flaps.wav11.16.0359.36 kB
X35_gear.wav11.16.03510.13 kB
X35_klick.wav11.16.0311.48 kB
X35_kligg.wav11.16.0312.12 kB
X35_nozzle.wav11.16.03128.86 kB
X35_refuel.wav11.16.03170.65 kB
cm_conc_sonicbang.WAV08.31.0236.93 kB
SOUND11.05.030 B
X-35_notes.txt11.12.03278 B
X-35B_ref.txt10.31.031.69 kB
X-35B_check.txt03.06.047.00 kB
X-35B_notes.txt04.22.040 B
Aircraft.cfg06.26.0413.93 kB
X-35B.air05.15.0413.00 kB
Texture06.27.040 B
Parts.bmp11.22.03682.75 kB
Gear.bmp11.05.031.00 MB
Tail_B.bmp11.04.03682.75 kB
$Hud11.03.0265.05 kB
$pan111.03.0265.05 kB
$pan211.03.0265.05 kB
$pan311.03.0265.05 kB
C_Panel.bmp10.15.03682.75 kB
m_Panel.bmp11.30.03682.75 kB
Fuseilage.bmp11.12.03682.75 kB
damage.bmp07.10.0142.74 kB
Reflect.bmp03.06.04682.74 kB
m_Panel1.bmp05.25.041.33 MB
Panel2_L.bmp05.27.04341.43 kB
$Panel105.24.0465.05 kB
$Panel205.24.0465.05 kB
Hud1_L.bmp05.26.041.33 MB
Panel1_L.bmp05.26.04341.43 kB
$Hud105.26.041.00 MB
Panel06.27.040 B
Hud.bmp05.26.04768.05 kB
Panel.cfg06.26.047.79 kB
X35_Cockpit_1024.bmp12.02.03769.05 kB
Hud1.bmp05.26.04768.05 kB
Panel1.bmp05.24.04257.05 kB
Panel2.bmp05.24.04257.05 kB
model06.27.040 B
Model.cfg11.01.0324 B
X-35B.mdl06.04.041.51 MB
sound06.27.040 B
README.txt01.24.032.76 kB
ROLL.WAV08.25.02272.09 kB
rumble.wav08.06.9883.30 kB
sound.cfg05.20.044.27 kB
wind3.wav08.06.98161.26 kB
xharttoucl.wav08.06.983.87 kB
xhatoucc.wav08.06.984.33 kB
xhaxxx.wav08.06.98322.50 kB
xjhartoucr.wav08.06.984.33 kB
XLHAN1SHUT.WAV08.25.02359.09 kB
XLHAN1STRT.WAV01.24.03232.59 kB
XLHAN2STRT.WAV08.25.02125.09 kB
XLHAN11.WAV08.25.02259.09 kB
XLHAN12.WAV08.25.0280.09 kB
XLHAN13.WAV08.25.02160.09 kB
XLHAN14.WAV08.25.0260.09 kB
XLHAN15.WAV08.25.02396.09 kB
XLHAN16.WAV08.25.02396.09 kB
haover.wav08.06.9850.24 kB
haxxx.wav08.06.98115.75 kB
LHAIR.WAV08.25.02155.09 kB
LHAN1SHUT.WAV08.25.02359.09 kB
LHAN1STRT.WAV01.24.03234.59 kB
LHAN2STRT.WAV08.25.02125.09 kB
LHAN11.WAV08.25.02259.09 kB
LHAN12.WAV08.25.0280.09 kB
LHAN13.WAV08.25.02160.09 kB
LHAN14.WAV08.25.0260.09 kB
LHAN15.WAV08.25.02141.17 kB
LHAN16.WAV08.25.02141.17 kB
LHOVER.WAV04.17.0113.25 kB
LHSTALL.WAV07.13.0239.09 kB
model.X-35B06.27.040 B
Panel.X-35B06.27.040 B
Texture.X-3506.27.040 B
sound.X-3506.27.040 B
X-35B06.27.040 B
GaugeSound.dll05.02.0340.00 kB
X35-B.jpg04.24.0498.47 kB
fx_X35_dust.fx08.20.033.34 kB
fx_X35_flaptip.fx08.20.032.42 kB
fx_X35_wingtip.fx08.20.032.42 kB
fx_X35tchdwn_15s.fx08.19.034.56 kB
fx_X35_afterburner.fx08.20.0311.13 kB
EFFECTS03.03.040 B
X35_aoa_0001.GAU11.03.0314.50 kB
X35_AoA_display.gau09.02.03108.50 kB
X35_AoAInd.gau04.07.9852.00 kB
X35_AoAInd_0001.GAU11.11.0352.00 kB
X35_AP.gau03.04.0086.00 kB
X35_AP_0001.GAU11.11.0386.00 kB
X35_AP_0002.GAU11.11.0386.00 kB
X35_AP_original.gau03.04.0087.00 kB
X35_B_afterburner.gau11.30.0316.00 kB
X35_B_flaps_ind.gau11.30.0337.50 kB
X35_B_power_warn_lights.gau11.30.0378.50 kB
X35_bak_adi.gau08.23.03283.50 kB
X35_Bak_adi_0001.GAU11.18.03283.50 kB
X35_config.gau10.22.0345.00 kB
X35_config_bank.gau11.13.03414.50 kB
X35_Display1_toggle.gau11.03.0315.00 kB
X35_Display2_toggle.gau11.03.0315.00 kB
X35_dust.gau10.11.0315.00 kB
X35_EGT1.gau03.09.98128.00 kB
X35_elev_trim.GAU11.23.969.50 kB
X35_Eng1-N1.gau03.09.98128.00 kB
X35_Eng1-N2.gau03.09.98128.00 kB
X35_fan_sound_01.gau11.13.0316.00 kB
X35_fan_sound_02.gau11.16.0316.00 kB
X35_fan_sound_03.gau11.13.0316.00 kB
X35_FF1.gau03.09.98128.00 kB
X35_flaps_ind.gau11.16.0337.50 kB
X35_flaptip.gau10.07.0315.00 kB
X35_FMC.gau08.04.00113.50 kB
X35_FMC_0001.GAU11.11.03113.50 kB
X35_FMC_original.gau08.04.00113.50 kB
X35_fuel.gau07.03.9847.00 kB
X35_fuel_nozzle.gau11.18.03507.00 kB
X35_fuel_nozzle_switch.gau10.28.0326.00 kB
X35_gear_lever.gau12.02.03120.00 kB
X35_gear_lever-vc.gau11.06.03120.00 kB
X35_gearind.gau08.29.0347.50 kB
X35_general_warn_lights.gau10.29.0340.00 kB
X35_HSI.gau04.21.98262.00 kB
X35_HSI_0001.GAU11.11.03262.00 kB
X35_HUD.gau10.08.031.52 MB
X35_HUD_inst_toggle.gau11.03.0332.50 kB
X35_hudcmp.gau03.24.9857.00 kB
X35_hudcmp_original.gau03.24.9858.00 kB
X35_hydbrake_left.gau10.11.0362.00 kB
X35_hydbrake_right.gau10.11.0362.00 kB
X35_lights.gau11.30.0376.00 kB
X35_milils.gau08.27.03181.00 kB
X35_mini_GPS_toggle.gau11.01.0315.00 kB
X35_nozzle_ind.gau11.16.0340.00 kB
X35_nozzle_ind_A.gau11.08.0340.00 kB
X35_pfd.gau12.06.01543.50 kB
X35_pfd_0001.GAU11.11.03543.50 kB
X35_Power.gau11.18.0355.50 kB
X35_Power_0001.GAU11.11.0355.00 kB
X35_power_warn_lights.gau11.10.0379.00 kB
X35_pullup.GAU06.26.9966.50 kB
X35_pullup_0001.GAU11.11.0366.50 kB
X35_refuel_nozzle.gau11.16.03507.50 kB
X35_refuel_nozzle_switch.gau11.16.0326.50 kB
X35_simgps.gau04.11.9860.50 kB
X35_simgps_0001.GAU11.11.0360.50 kB
X35_sonicbang.gau06.24.0315.00 kB
X35_spoiler_ind.gau11.06.0337.00 kB
X35_STOL_bank.gau11.16.03414.50 kB
X35_STOL_pitch.gau11.14.03245.00 kB
X35_STOL_Start.gau11.10.03245.00 kB
X35_temp.gau06.01.9016.50 kB
X35_temp_0001.GAU11.18.0316.50 kB
X35_throttle.gau11.11.0360.00 kB
X35_windspeed.gau04.12.98106.00 kB
X35_windspeed_0001.GAU11.11.03106.00 kB
SAB_BCNLIGHT.cab06.20.032.66 kB
SAB_LANDLIGHT.cab06.20.032.67 kB
SAB_NAVLIGHT.cab06.20.032.64 kB
SAB_PANLIGHT.cab06.20.032.67 kB
SAB_STRBLIGHT.cab06.20.032.65 kB
X35_afterburner.gau10.13.0316.00 kB
X35_antiskid_switch.gau11.16.0339.00 kB
X35_aoa.gau12.17.9714.50 kB
X35_C_power_warn_lights.gau11.30.0336.00 kB
X35_C_general_warn_lights.gau12.03.0366.50 kB
X35_C_flaps_ind.gau11.30.0337.00 kB
X35_C_bank.gau12.04.03529.00 kB
X35_C_afterburner.gau11.22.0316.00 kB
X35_A_general_warn_lights.gau12.02.0328.50 kB
X35_A_bank.gau11.30.03414.50 kB
GAUGES10.02.030 B
Install-B.txt06.27.04496 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This file has an overall rating of 1 out of 5 with a total of 1 votes and 1 review comments.

File Details

Download hits
File size
9.17 MB
Virus Scan
Scanned within the last 30 days with ClamAV and found to be free of all known virus.
Access to file
Content Rating
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Given when this was released and the way that modeling, texture detailing and animation has come on since, this FS2004 Lockheed X-35A & C JSF can look a little dated. However, for the time it was developed, this is a pretty cool little model to have installed.

The development team – Colin Thwaites and Claudio Mussner – put a lot of work into making the most of what they could. Given the muddy quality of the whole default FS2004 world when compared to what we are used to now, this model fits in well with the rest of the default FS2004 detail level.

Relative Quality

OK, I noticed the difference in quality when flying into some of the higher-definition scenery areas that I use, but this is still a good little model. It offers the kind of features that you would have hoped for – animation, customized paneling based on the current test-bedding, a virtual cockpit and a new HUD. All of these features tend to be essential to helping to make the flight of a military aircraft feel right: the difference between civilian and military aircraft is pretty exceptional, after all!

It’s a good choice if you are looking for something that feels at home in FS2004. If you aren’t too keen on going back in time, this is well worth having as a low-resource option that looks OK without draining memory too much. However, if your PC can handle a bit more detail and depth in the models that you are working with, this is going to feel a little out of place with the offerings that exist today.

With that in mind, it’s a good choice to go for when you are looking for that bit of simplicity and style or your machine can’t handle high-end graphics. For those who are more used to FSX than FS2004, though, this will feel dated.

For the time, though, it’s a very good model! 

Adam McEnroe

About Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.

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Pro MemberbenjsfSun, 16 Oct 2011 19:45:48 GMT

How do I get this on to FSX? Thanks.

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