FS2004 Boeing E-4B Nightwatch

Preview FS2004 Boeing E-4B Nightwatch. A special variant of the Boeing 747-200v4A series. The E-4B Nightwatch is derived from the Boeing 747-200B and was introduced on the height of the cold war in 1973 as E-4A. In 1979 the last of four aircraft was delivered and equipped with new instruments, now des...

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FS2004 Boeing E-4B Nightwatch. A special variant of the Boeing 747-200v4A series. The E-4B Nightwatch is derived from the Boeing 747-200B and was introduced on the height of the cold war in 1973 as E-4A. In 1979 the last of four aircraft was delivered and equipped with new instruments, now designated E-4B. The rest of the fleet was updated to the E-4B standard until 1985. By Project Open Sky. Model by Hiroshi Igami, E-4B modification by Jakob Klein. FDE by Warren C. Daniel, Brandon D. Henry. Master textures by Corey Ford, E-4B 50125 textures by Ryan Chadwick.

Boeing E-4B Nightwatch for FS2004

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The archive os_boeing_e4b.zip has 159 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
BOEING_E4BV207.27.090 B
747-200B-GE-CF6-50E2.air12.23.079.07 kB
Aircraft.cfg07.27.0931.29 kB
BOEING E4B.txt07.27.09188 B
boeing747_check.htm03.03.0770.73 kB
boeing747_check_files04.03.080 B
filelist.xml03.03.07175 B
image001.gif12.16.0611.13 kB
boeing747_ref.htm03.03.0734.14 kB
boeing747_ref_files04.03.080 B
filelist.xml03.03.07173 B
image001.gif12.16.0611.13 kB
E4B.jpg07.27.09197.47 kB
EULA.txt07.27.091.17 kB
model07.26.090 B
model.cfg07.27.0932 B
OSE4B_K073--WTD.mdl07.26.094.56 MB
panel06.25.090 B
747_Background_1024.bmp08.29.01515.05 kB
747_Background_640.bmp08.29.01603.80 kB
747_Upper_Background_1024.bmp07.14.01433.18 kB
747_Upper_Background_640.bmp06.01.0157.66 kB
ECU_Background_1024.bmp08.01.01371.27 kB
ECU_Background_640.bmp08.01.01145.47 kB
panel.cfg07.27.097.99 kB
Pky747_revspray06.25.090 B
revspray.xml06.14.09741 B
Pky_Autobrake06.26.090 B
PKY_AB_Light.bmp06.23.091.19 kB
PKY_AB_SW_1.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_2.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_3.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_4.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_OFF.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
PKY_AB_SW_RTO.bmp08.04.086.80 kB
Pky_AutoBrake.xml06.24.094.06 kB
Pky_Autobrake_Init.xml06.23.09412 B
Pky_AutoBrake_Panel.xml06.23.091.88 kB
posky_Autobrake.bmp06.23.0918.80 kB
Thumbs.db06.23.0923.50 kB
Pky_util06.26.090 B
install.txt03.25.08143 B
Pky_Init.xml06.28.09679 B
Pky_Timer.xml06.26.091.45 kB
Pky_Util.xml06.26.097.42 kB
posky_sw_close.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_off.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_on.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_sw_open.bmp03.25.082.30 kB
posky_tow_0.bmp10.24.084.55 kB
posky_tow_100.bmp10.24.084.55 kB
posky_tow_200.bmp10.24.084.55 kB
posky_utilbase.bmp06.26.0956.30 kB
Thumbs.db09.11.087.00 kB
Posky74407.27.090 B
PkyBodygearheight.xml09.28.07859 B
PkyCALC.xml10.02.07950 B
PkyLeftgearboggie.xml09.30.07701 B
PkyLeftwgearboggie.xml09.13.07699 B
PkyLWINGMIDFLEX.xml09.27.07609 B
PkyLWINGTIPFLEX.xml07.01.09715 B
PkyNosegearheight.xml10.01.07787 B
PkyNosegearsteerling.xml06.26.09796 B
PkyRightgearboggie.xml09.30.07705 B
PkyRightwgearboggie.xml09.13.07703 B
PkyRudder.xml09.20.07588 B
PkyRWINGMIDFLEX.xml09.27.07613 B
PkyRWINGTIPFLEX.xml07.01.09711 B
PkyWinggearheight.xml09.25.07854 B
PkyWINGROOTFLEX.xml09.27.07632 B
Pky_AdvInit.xml06.28.09621 B
Pky_PB_Towhead.xml06.26.09794 B
poskydebug.xml06.29.09351 B
poskydebug2.xml10.01.07354 B
README !.txt07.28.09841 B
sound03.30.070 B
sound.cfg04.18.0130 B
texture.AABNCP07.27.090 B
Os742body_l_l.bmp07.27.094.00 MB
Os742body_l_t.bmp07.27.094.00 MB
Os742body_r_l.bmp07.26.094.00 MB
Os742body_r_t.bmp07.27.094.00 MB
Os742CARGO_INTERIOR_L.bmp07.27.091.00 MB
Os742CARGO_INTERIOR_T.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
OS742_Parts2_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS742_Parts2_T.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
OS742_Parts3_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS742_Parts3_T.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
OS742_Parts_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS742_Parts_T.bmp07.26.094.00 MB
OS742_TEFLAPGUIDE_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS742_TEFLAPGUIDE_T.bmp07.26.09256.07 kB
Os742_wing_l_in_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
Os742_wing_l_in_T.bmp07.27.094.00 MB
Os742_wing_l_out_L.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS742_wing_l_out_T.bmp07.27.094.00 MB
Os742_wing_r_in_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
Os742_wing_r_in_T.bmp07.27.094.00 MB
OS742_wing_r_out_l.BMP07.26.094.07 kB
OS742_wing_r_out_T.bmp07.27.094.00 MB
Os747CF6-50_fanblurred.bmp07.26.09256.07 kB
Os747CF6-50_fanSlow.bmp07.26.09256.07 kB
Os747CF6-50_pylon_T.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
Os747CF6-50_T.bmp07.26.094.00 MB
OS747frontwheel_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS747frontwheel_T.bmp07.27.09256.05 kB
Os747L1DOOR_L.BMP07.27.091.00 MB
Os747L1DOOR_T.BMP07.26.091.00 MB
Os747L2DOOR_L.bmp07.27.091.00 MB
Os747L2DOOR_T.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
OS747maintire_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS747maintire_T.bmp07.26.09256.07 kB
OS747mainwheelF_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS747mainwheelF_T.bmp07.26.09256.07 kB
OS747mainwheelR_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS747mainwheelR_T.bmp07.26.09256.07 kB
OS747nosetire_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS747nosetire_T.bmp07.26.09256.07 kB
Os747shaft_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
Os747shaft_t.bmp07.26.0916.07 kB
OS747wingwheelF_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS747wingwheelF_T.bmp07.26.09256.07 kB
OS747wingwheelR_l.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OS747wingwheelR_T.bmp07.26.09256.07 kB
Os747_ANTCOL_RED.BMP07.26.094.07 kB
Os747_ANTSILVER.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
Os747_ANTWIRE.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
Os747_COCKPITWINDOW_l.BMP07.26.094.07 kB
Os747_COCKPITWINDOW_T.BMP07.26.09256.07 kB
Os747_COCKPIT_1_l.BMP07.26.094.07 kB
Os747_COCKPIT_1_T.BMP07.26.091.00 MB
Os747_COCKPIT_2_l.BMP07.26.094.07 kB
Os747_COCKPIT_2_T.BMP07.26.09256.07 kB
Os747_FAirstair_t.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
Os747_GLASSCOVER_T.bmp07.26.094.07 kB
OsE4BInt_L.bmp07.27.091.00 MB
OsE4BInt_T.bmp07.27.091.00 MB
OsE4B_t.bmp07.27.091.00 MB
Os_st2_t.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
Os_st_t.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
Os_wt500e_l.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
Os_wt500e_t.bmp07.26.091.00 MB
Thumbs.db07.27.09190.50 kB
ReadMe.txt08.20.073.64 kB
Effects07.28.090 B
Opensky_revspray.fx08.16.071.28 kB
Opensky_wing_light.fx12.24.061.31 kB
Opensky_747_vclight.fx12.24.061.31 kB
Opensky_beacon.fx12.24.063.04 kB
Opensky_Boeing_vclight.fx12.24.061.31 kB
Opensky_conden.fx12.24.063.15 kB
Opensky_condens.fx12.24.062.71 kB
Opensky_logo_light.fx12.24.061.31 kB
Opensky_nacelle_refl.fx12.24.061.29 kB
Opensky_nav_yellow.fx12.24.063.07 kB
Opensky_sparks.fx12.24.067.05 kB
Opensky_vortex.fx12.24.061.23 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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Fly Away SimulationThu, 03 May 2012 12:12:13 GMT

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DarkBullSun, 18 Sep 2011 10:14:16 GMT


flyawayThu, 14 Apr 2011 12:59:35 GMT
Seems to work perfectly.

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