FSX USAF Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) UAV

PreviewUSAF Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) UAV. The Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) is a high altitude, long range, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operated by the U. S. Air Force. This model incorporates all known real world flight dynamics and engine ratings, making it one of the most accurate FSX aircraft o...

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USAF Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) UAV. The Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) is a high altitude, long range, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operated by the U. S. Air Force. This model incorporates all known real world flight dynamics and engine ratings, making it one of the most accurate FSX aircraft on the planet. Study the "Readme" text file before installation and flight. Created by Kazunori Ito. Panel by Bob Chicilo. Sound by Aaron R. Swindle. Flight dynamics, data and modifications by Douglas E. Trapp. (See also RQ-4BUP.ZIP).

USAF Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) UAV.

USAF Block 20 Global Hawk (RQ-4B) UAV.

To install, copy the RQ-4B folder and all subfolders to your Airplanes folder in FSX. Read the instructions included in the text documents in the Gauges and Smoke subfolders in order to properly install the panel and smoke effects.

The panel is an F-86 panel only because it shows more accurate data for a single engine jet, and once installed you can simply copy this panel folder to any other single engine jet panel folder of your choice. I think you will find it works well for this aircraft.

If fully fueled this aircraft is 100 lbs overweight, so taxi from gate or fuel stand is recommended ... otherwise fuel burn to 99% is necessary before take-off.

Her maximum speed is mach .85 up to about FL510 or so. Climb rate can be up to 3,000 f/m up to about FL300, but has to be decreased above that point in order to maintain forward speed. It takes a long time to get to FL650 at 1,000 f/m or less, but it is necessary. Once you reach mach .80, maintain that mach speed. Decrease the climb rate by 500 f/m every time you see the speed rpm is at 100% during your climb. Cruise speed at FL410 is about mach .74, and mach .80 above FL410. This, to me, appears accurate. The following climb rate rules might help:

All rules are using autopilot with auto-throttle

Takeoff (Flaps 1 notch): Set auto-throttle to 250 KIAS (auto throttle on), begin climb at 100 KIAS (Autopilot on, Altitude Hold on) and gear up when above runway, then flaps up and climb rate to 3,000 f/m.

Climb to desired heading at 3,000 f/m at 250 KIAS, to FL100. Increase speed to 280 KIAS above FL100. Increase speed to 330 KIAS above FL180. Maintain 330 KIAS to mach .80, then switch to mach hold at .80 mach.

When the RPM gauge indicates 100%, decrease climb rate by 500 f/m. This will result in a slow climb rate above FL500, and will result in a climb rate of about 500 f/m after reaching FL600.

Upon descent you will notice buffeting above FL480. You can use the flaps to slow rather than the slats, but only one notch. Use the slats only upon landing.

Understand that the Global Hawk is not made for speed, although it can fly fast ... it is a long duration, high altitude recon UAV. Everything related to the dynamics and engines in this model are accurate, based on available REAL WORLD data. When operational it normally flies at 310 TAS, which is about mach .60 at FL410.

Landing speed can be as low as 120 KIAS (flaps full, gear down) because of the long wings, but be careful of aircraft approaching from the rear unless you land only at AFB's, or land on the inactive runway at other airports.

This is still experimental, although I think you will find it a joy to fly. If you like long duration flying, take her up to FL650E to the furthest destination you can plan, and let her go for a day or so. You can take-off from almost anywhere and simply head 90 degrees to see how far she flies at FL650, mach .80, or follow high altitude airways and watch her make course corrections. If you use 16X speed acceleration the plane will loose its stability.

Please feel free to report any problems you find with this aircraft, especially those related to the way she flies. Remember, I'm just a flight dynamics engineer, and don't deal with issues that do not relate to that concept. Otherwise, I'd love to hear your reports because it is possible I missed something important and correctable.

Douglas E. Trapp
FS Flight Dynamics Engineer
Arlington, Texas

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Aircraft.cfg07.04.108.06 kB
Gauges10.22.090 B
dsbxml01.14.090 B
DSBAburner.xml10.11.092.88 kB
DSBFlap.xml10.11.09332 B
DSBLandingLights.xml10.11.09311 B
f86_accel.gau10.11.09134.00 kB
f86_airspeed.gau10.11.09139.00 kB
f86_altimeter.gau10.11.09157.50 kB
f86_compass.gau01.14.09203.50 kB
f86_egt.gau10.11.09134.00 kB
f86_flaps.gau10.11.09133.00 kB
f86_fuelflow.gau01.14.09134.50 kB
f86_fuelpress.gau10.11.09134.00 kB
f86_fuelqty.gau10.11.09135.00 kB
f86_gear.gau10.11.0931.00 kB
f86_hydr.gau10.11.09134.00 kB
f86_lights.gau01.14.0924.00 kB
f86_mach.gau10.11.09134.50 kB
f86_oilpress.gau10.11.09134.00 kB
f86_radcomp.gau10.11.09204.00 kB
f86_tach.gau01.14.09134.50 kB
f86_vvi.gau10.11.09135.00 kB
F-86D Gauges.cab01.14.09296.31 kB
Gauges.txt07.02.10423 B
Jet Compass10.14.090 B
compass.xml10.11.091.96 kB
compass_card.bmp10.11.098.53 kB
compass_card_night.bmp10.11.098.53 kB
compass_pointer.bmp10.11.092.84 kB
compass_pointer_night.bmp10.11.092.84 kB
p51d.gau01.14.09829.50 kB
RKG_fuelstat.gau10.11.09601.50 kB
yellow hud10.14.090 B
hud.bmp10.11.0960.12 kB
hud.xml10.11.095.50 kB
hud_cdi_bar.bmp10.11.092.72 kB
hud_gsi_bar.bmp10.11.092.74 kB
hud_hdg_strip.bmp10.11.0943.47 kB
hud_mask.bmp10.11.0960.12 kB
hud_mask2.bmp10.11.0960.12 kB
hud_overlay.bmp10.11.0960.12 kB
hud_strip.bmp10.11.09281.15 kB
hud_wp_strip.bmp10.11.0943.47 kB
model01.14.090 B
Model.cfg01.14.0924 B
RQ-4A.mdl01.14.09380.32 kB
panel.F8601.14.090 B
main.bmp10.11.092.25 MB
panel.cfg10.11.093.45 kB
Readme.txt07.05.103.41 kB
RQ-4B.air07.04.107.87 kB
RQ-4B.JPG07.04.1083.44 kB
Smoke10.22.090 B
fx_smoke_f6.fx09.28.081.17 kB
Smoke.txt10.22.09164 B
sound10.22.090 B
flc1.wav08.21.09101.09 kB
flc2.wav08.21.09101.08 kB
flc2strt.wav08.21.09110.45 kB
flc3.wav08.21.09101.07 kB
flc4.wav08.21.09107.08 kB
flcflaps.wav08.21.0989.05 kB
flcgear.wav08.21.09213.08 kB
flcgrwrn.wav08.21.0939.45 kB
flcroll.wav08.21.0955.08 kB
flcshut.wav08.21.09251.99 kB
flcstall.wav08.21.0939.45 kB
flcstrt.wav08.21.09235.17 kB
flctch.wav08.21.0915.45 kB
flcwind.wav08.21.0966.95 kB
revt.wav08.21.09164.95 kB
Sound.cfg07.02.107.15 kB
xflc1.wav08.21.09108.08 kB
xflc2.wav08.21.09101.08 kB
xflc3.wav08.21.09108.08 kB
xflc4.wav08.21.09108.08 kB
xflcstrt.wav08.21.09254.00 kB
xrevt.wav08.21.09164.95 kB
texture07.04.100 B
Burner.BMP01.14.0917.05 kB
Fuse01.bmp01.14.09257.05 kB
Fuse02.bmp01.14.09257.05 kB
thumbnail.JPG07.04.1083.44 kB
Wing.bmp01.14.091.00 MB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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