FSX Antonov AN124

PreviewAntonov AN124; native FSX model. Comes with working virtual cockpit and a basic 2D panel. Uses default sound and soundai. Repaint sources included. Works with SP1 and SP2 but not testet with DX10. Multiplayer compatible model included. An-124 by Thomas Ruth.

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Antonov AN124; native FSX model. Comes with working virtual cockpit and a basic 2D panel. Uses default sound and soundai. Repaint sources included. Works with SP1 and SP2 but not testet with DX10. Multiplayer compatible model included. An-124 by Thomas Ruth.

1) Unzip TOM124X.ZIP into a temporary location, your desktop for example
2) Move the AN124 folder from your temporary folder (desktop) into your
FSX simobjects/aircrafts folder.
3) Copy the six .fx files from your temporary locations effects folder
into your FSX/effects folder.
4) Copy your default Boeing747-400.cab file from your default Boeing747-400
panel folder into your FSX gauges folder.

As you can sea, almost everything of the virtual cockpit of the AN124 (and in a few weeks, the AN225)
is hand painted and does not base on photos. Also most of the switches and gauges of the cockpit do not
the same as they do in reality.
I never had the chance to visit a real world AN124 or AN225. I would like to create a much better cockpit
which would contain as much "real world" functions as possible.
I would like to visit a AN124 with my camera to take as much pictures of the outside and the cockpit
as possible and to ask as many questions as possible to the crew. I am living near EDDL in Germany and can go
to any airport within 500 kilometers around (With a box of german beer in my hand, of course).
If you could make this one possible, me and a lot of flightsim people around the world would be the most happy
people on earth.

Antonov AN124 flying through clouds.

Antonov AN124 flying through clouds.

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The archive tom124x.zip has 74 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
copyright.txt07.10.09685 B
FILE_ID.DIZ07.10.09265 B
install.txt08.04.09597 B
personal_plea.txt08.05.09935 B
readme_multiplayer.txt08.05.09358 B
thanks.txt08.05.09321 B
tom124x.gif07.10.099.92 kB
aircraft.cfg07.26.0924.13 kB
an124.air05.02.098.26 kB
documentation07.20.090 B
manual.pdf08.05.093.81 MB
model08.04.090 B
an124.MDL07.28.096.38 MB
an124_interior.MDL07.20.091.69 MB
Model.cfg05.10.0849 B
multiplayer07.20.090 B
an124.MDL07.31.096.38 MB
an124_interior.MDL07.30.091.69 MB
single08.04.090 B
an124.MDL07.28.096.38 MB
an124_interior.MDL07.20.091.69 MB
panel07.20.090 B
$gauges.bmp07.07.093.00 MB
overhead.bmp07.06.091.27 MB
overhead_night.bmp07.07.091.27 MB
panel.bmp07.07.092.25 MB
panel.cfg07.18.097.14 kB
panel_night.bmp07.07.092.25 MB
sound07.20.090 B
sound.cfg08.05.0930 B
soundai07.20.090 B
soundai.cfg05.12.0634 B
texture.simple07.20.090 B
main_124.dds07.20.091.00 MB
main_124_bump.dds07.20.091.00 MB
texture.VD07.20.090 B
gaugesl.dds07.08.09256.12 kB
glass.dds06.17.0964.12 kB
main_124.dds07.20.094.00 MB
main_124_bump.dds06.03.094.00 MB
main_124_light.dds06.27.091.00 MB
main_124_spec.dds06.03.09256.12 kB
texture.cfg07.09.09140 B
thumbnail.jpg07.10.097.42 kB
VC01_l.dds07.07.091.00 MB
VC01_t.dds07.09.091.00 MB
VC02_l.dds07.07.091.00 MB
VC02_t.dds07.11.091.00 MB
VC03_l.dds07.07.091.00 MB
VC03_t.dds07.08.091.00 MB
VC04_l.dds07.07.091.00 MB
VC04_t.dds07.02.091.00 MB
wing_bump.dds06.18.091.00 MB
wing_l.dds06.21.091.00 MB
wing_r.dds06.21.091.00 MB
wing_spec.dds06.18.0964.12 kB
texture.WHITE08.04.090 B
gaugesl.dds07.08.09256.12 kB
main_124.dds07.20.094.00 MB
main_124_spec.dds07.09.09256.12 kB
texture.cfg07.09.09140 B
thumbnail.jpg07.10.096.63 kB
wing_l.dds07.09.091.00 MB
wing_r.dds07.09.091.00 MB
tom124x.jpg07.10.0975.08 kB
tom124x_vc.jpg07.10.09131.74 kB
fx_an124beacon.fx06.19.093.57 kB
fx_an124land.fx06.20.091.22 kB
fx_an124land2.fx06.19.094.55 kB
fx_an124logo.fx11.11.081.21 kB
fx_an124taxi.fx06.19.094.54 kB
fx_an124vc.fx05.12.061.31 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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AAASat, 20 Aug 2022 07:17:59 GMT

@TheAmazingName, sooo true

TheAmazingNateSun, 22 Mar 2020 12:52:10 GMT

This is a good transport for coronavirus.

JanSat, 01 Feb 2014 15:12:38 GMT

klick left mouse in flight, then hold your mouse (not click) over aircraft/outside. Then select whatever view you want.

JanSat, 18 Jan 2014 18:49:58 GMT

Great mod, i have never seen an aircraft FSX with so many functions! And since you are living in Germany i shall say: macht weiter so!

fadyThu, 31 Jan 2013 12:28:30 GMT

i must thank you really it works fine and the VC is very nice and it's the most beautifull aircraft with vc i have in fsx, but i can't see the body, only wings are visible!!, please help.

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