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Bombardier Global Express XRS, FSX native model. The Global Express is a growth from the Challanger 601 series. The Global Express cruises at an airspeed of 488 kts and has a maximum altitude of 51,000 feet. The aircraft is powered by two BMW/Rolls Royce BR700-710A2-20 turbofan engines, rated at 14,750 pounds takeoff thrust. The cockpit features the Primus 2000 system. This package contains both 4:3 and wide-screen 2D panels, as well as a fully interactive virtual cockpit. The gauge system was designed to use the FMS by Garett Smith. By Richard Schwertfeger.

Bombardier Global Express XRS.

Bombardier Global Express XRS.

Installation instructions for Bombardier Global Express XRS.

This has been a continuing 2 year program, with constant update and improvements to the current status. There are probably som minor cosmetic issues externally as well as internally but I cannot correct those as hard as I have tried.

The installation is straight forward as most other manual installations:

1. Unzip the file to your ..FSX installation path. All folders and files will automatically be placed where they belong...

This model includes both a 4:3 (standard) 2d panel and a 16:9 (1680x1050) wide-screen 2d panel. By default, the aircraft.cfg is set up to use the "ws" (wide-screen) 2d panel.

If you need to use the 4:3 panel, please open the aircraft.cfg file and change:



panel.43 for every livery variation, and save your changes.

Included are Checklists and Reference html documents for use with the Kneepad.

Global Express XRS PANEL.pdf (and the original FSX Global Express XRS PANEL.doc file) is included which explains all the functions of the control panels.

A virtual cockpit is included with all panels working as noted in the manual.

The exit.0 is the passenger enty airstair, the exit.1 is the cargo door (baggage) left side forward of engine 1, exit.2 is the RH emergency overwing exit, and exit.3 is the far aft APU door. The RH overwing emergency exit is technically a manually operated exit but for the sake of the sim I made it operate in and then rotate forward of the interior rh ledge to stow when open.

A separate upload will be the external paintkit, so individuals can paint their own paint scheme as desired. I will not include the internal.

Microsoft Corporation for Flight Simulator X and all previous versions.
Bombardier Aerospace for their Global Express XRS model.
All the OEM's of the control panels included in the cockpit.
Much credit to Bill Leaming for all his help and assistance in creating the model as it is now.

Bombardier Global Express XRS flying above clouds.

Bombardier Global Express XRS flying above clouds.

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The archive has 104 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Installation.txt10.24.092.27 kB
thumbnail.jpg10.16.09146.75 kB
Aircraft.cfg10.16.0922.24 kB
Bombardier_BD_700.air03.08.098.91 kB
Bombardier_BD700_Primus_check.htm08.06.0988.24 kB
Bombardier_BD700_ref.htm11.16.0830.46 kB
FSX Global Express XRS PANEL.doc10.15.094.43 MB
FSX Global Express XRS PANEL.pdf10.15.093.52 MB
Installation.txt10.24.092.27 kB
model.XRS10.15.090 B
Global_XRS.MDL10.22.091.75 MB
Global_XRS_interior.MDL10.15.091.40 MB
Model.cfg08.21.0961 B
panel.4310.22.090 B
bombardier_BD700_ws2_panel_v5_background.bmp10.11.092.25 MB
bombardier_BD700_ws2_panel_v5_background_night.bmp10.11.092.25 MB
panel.cfg10.11.099.83 kB
Thumbs.db10.11.0911.00 kB
Panel.ws10.22.090 B
bombardier_BD700_ws2_panel_v5_background.bmp10.10.093.09 MB
bombardier_BD700_ws2_panel_v5_background_night.bmp10.10.093.09 MB
panel.cfg10.10.099.70 kB
Thumbs.db10.11.0910.50 kB
sound10.15.090 B
door_large_close.wav05.12.06131.81 kB
door_large_open.wav05.12.06116.30 kB
Sound.cfg10.12.0918.67 kB
texture.N30GL10.23.090 B
Glexp_Engines_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
Glexp_fuselage_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
glexp_fuselage_Pt2_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
glexp_wings_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
Image1.jpg07.10.0987.83 kB
texture.cfg10.22.09158 B
thumbnail.jpg10.16.0935.17 kB
Thumbs.db10.16.0917.50 kB
texture.N43GL10.23.090 B
Glexp_Engines_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
Glexp_fuselage_1_T.dds10.20.091.00 MB
glexp_fuselage_Pt2_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
glexp_wings_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
Image1.jpg07.10.0987.83 kB
texture.cfg10.22.09158 B
thumbnail.jpg10.16.09146.75 kB
Thumbs.db10.20.0920.00 kB
texture.N552RS10.23.090 B
Glexp_Engines_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
Glexp_fuselage_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
glexp_fuselage_Pt2_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
glexp_wings_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
texture.cfg10.22.09158 B
thumbnail.jpg10.28.0881.18 kB
texture.N929LM10.23.090 B
Glexp_Engines_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
Glexp_fuselage_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
glexp_fuselage_Pt2_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
glexp_wings_1_T.dds10.22.091.00 MB
texture.cfg10.22.09158 B
thumbnail.jpg07.10.0939.18 kB
texture10.23.090 B
Black_Image.dds09.11.092.12 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds09.04.06640 B
Glexp_cockpit_1_C.dds10.05.09512.12 kB
Glexp_cockpit_1_night_C.dds10.09.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_2_C.dds10.07.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_2_night_C.dds09.15.09512.12 kB
Glexp_cockpit_3_C.dds10.08.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_3_night_C.dds09.21.09512.12 kB
Glexp_cockpit_4_C.dds10.07.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_4_night_C.dds10.07.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_4_T.dds10.04.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_5_C.dds10.04.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_5_night_C.dds08.28.09512.12 kB
Glexp_cockpit_6_C.dds10.04.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_6_night_C.dds10.09.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_7_C.dds10.06.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_7_night_C.dds10.06.09512.12 kB
Glexp_cockpit_8_C.dds10.04.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_8_night_C.dds10.09.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_9_C.dds10.05.091.33 MB
Glexp_cockpit_9_night_C.dds10.09.091.33 MB
interior_shell.dds10.06.091.33 MB
interior_shell_2.dds10.06.091.33 MB
interior_shell_2_night.dds09.08.09512.12 kB
interior_shell_night.dds08.28.09512.12 kB
texture.cfg10.22.09158 B
XRS_Decals1_C.dds10.05.09682.83 kB
XRS_Decals1_night_C.dds09.16.09256.12 kB
Thumbs.db10.15.0914.50 kB
fx_land_glx.fx10.23.091.28 kB
fx_taxi_glx.fx10.23.091.27 kB
filelist.txt11.02.09435 B
New_Icons.CAB10.10.0912.61 kB
XRS_Chrono_Clock.CAB10.09.0970.11 kB
XRS_Digital_Clock.CAB10.09.0942.67 kB
XRS_EngineFire_Panel.CAB10.09.09157.19 kB
XRS_Panel.CAB10.22.091.80 MB
XRS_Primus.CAB10.12.09854.35 kB
file_id.diz10.16.09639 B
filelist.txt11.04.09826 B
GlobalExpXRS.gif10.24.097.54 kB
GlobalExpXRS.png10.24.0918.52 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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