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PreviewLufthansa Airbus A350 demo version The A350 XWB (Xtra Wide-Body) is Airbus' response to market demand for a medium capacity long range wide-body family. Designed with airlines' priorities in mind, the A350 XWB confronts the challenges of high fuel prices, rising passenger expectations and increas...

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Lufthansa Airbus A350 demo version The A350 XWB (Xtra Wide-Body) is Airbus' response to market demand for a medium capacity long range wide-body family. Designed with airlines' priorities in mind, the A350 XWB confronts the challenges of high fuel prices, rising passenger expectations and increasing environmental concerns. Panel, gauges, model, sound and textures by A. Meyer.

Lufthansa Airbus A350 on runway.

Lufthansa Airbus A350 on runway.

Airbus A350, Demoversion

FS VERSION: FSX (assisted SP1, SP2, Acceleration Pack) and FS2004

AFS-design brings a excellent rendition of Airbus A350 - Family.

The A350 XWB (Xtra Wide-Body) is Airbus’ response to market demand for a medium capacity long range wide-body family. Designed with airlines’ priorities in mind, the A350 XWB confronts the challenges of high fuel prices, rising passenger expectations and increasing environmental concerns.
Available from 2013, it has an entirely new, uncompromised, 21st Century design with a wider and taller fuselage for extra space and passenger comfort. A complete family of airliners sized to generate cost reductions and provide unprecedented operating flexibility for airlines; three basic passenger versions are being offered. With a range of up to 8,300nm/15,380km they include the A350-800 for 270 passengers in a spacious three-class configuration; the A350-900 for 314 passengers and the A350-1000 seating 350 passengers. An ultra long-range version, the A350–900R, will fly even further while a freighter version, the A350–900F, will complement the passenger models.
As befits the most advanced aircraft family in its segment, the A350 XWB is able to provide greater economy on long-range markets and is equally attractive as a route opener or as part of a multi-type Airbus fleet offering optimized network solutions. Thanks to the application of the latest innovations, the A350 XWB is able to offer 20 per cent lower cash operating costs per seat than competing aircraft in this size category and fuel efficiency improvements of up to 25 per cent per seat.
The fly-by-wire A350 XWB Family is a significant addition to the Airbus product range. A member of the Airbus FBW Family of aircraft, it benefits from the same operational commonality as the other members of the Family. This handling and flight deck commonality allows airlines to benefit from the unique Airbus Family concept of cross crew qualification and mixed fleet flying, and will ensure smooth introduction into service.

All models have a fully functional cockpit:

- 2 Primär-Flight-Displays and 2 Multifunctionsdisplays
- 2 switchable EICAS Displays
- Center console with FMC, radio controls with transponders, trim wheel, throttle and engine control
- Upper panel with about 100 real deposited switches
- "Seatbelt" and "no-Smoking" sign with acoustic sound
- Autopilot features: ILS, FD, ALT, VS, HDG, NAV, SPeeD, Mach, Loc, Autothrottle/ Master, QNH
- HUD - Display: vertical gyro, Velocity, G, Mach, TAS, IAS, Kompass, QNH, Höhe, Pitch
- 2D-Panel in the resolution 1280x720 px / 3D-Panel with high-resolution 1024x1024 px textures

FMC ( Flight Managment Computer ):

- New FMC for the Airbus A330 Family
- 15 differents menus
- Gauge of miscellaneous flightparameter
- Use of flightplan
- Calculation of courses analogical wind, highlevel and aerodrome of destination
- Follow of waypoints
- Coursegauge and autopilotcontrol

Other features:

- All models are for the Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004 and FSX
- Detailed external and internal model including Virtual Cockpit with a friendly co - pilot
- Animations in the external model: flaps, slats, spoilers, three cabin doors and two hatches, animate gear
- Extensive lighting effects of windows and exterior lighting
- Exterior lighting: Beacon-, Strobes-, Nav-, Landing- and Taxi- Lights
- Virtual Cockpit: panel light, window reflections, highly detailed, including avionics for radio navigation
- Panel with FMC ( Flight Managment Computer ) and GPS ( Global Positioning System )
- Engine thrust reverser including animation and realistic flight dynamics
- All models with ATC-ID sign in the cockpit and exterior models.
- New textures (1024*1024) with specular shine, night lighting and Alpha technology
- Record sound of original Rolls Royce TRENT 900 engines

These are equipped with a variety of liveries:

- Industrie house,
- Lufthansa,
- Qantas,
- Emirates
- Airlines,
- Grundlack,
- Emirates,
- Air France,
- Virgin Atlantic,
- Korean Air,
- Malaysia,
- Quatar Air,
- Thai - Thailand,
- Singapore Airlines,
- Repaint texture

Panel, GAUGES, model, sound and textures by A.Meyer.



1.) Unzip the contents of this file to a temporary directory of your choice.

2.) than:
start A350demo.exe and follow install-instruction

short outline:

flaps step 1: normal flight (250 kn/h - 300 kn/h)
flaps step 2: normal flight (200 kn/h - 250 kn/h)
flaps step 3: start flight only
flaps step 4: landing flight only
flaps up : > F6 <
flaps down: > F7 <



Inside the cockpit of Lufthansa Airbus A350.

Inside the cockpit of Lufthansa Airbus A350.

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Having seen that this was created by one of my favourite designers, AFS-Design, I decided to download this mod. As an easy to use and effective recreation of the Lufthansa Airbus A350 this done a great job of making sure that I had something to use for this model that looks absolutely brilliant!

Preview screenshot

This demo version was really fun to fly around, giving us all a chance to have some fun with the demand in the market for medium capacity, long-range and wide-body aircraft. The main reason I decided to give this a go, however, was because of the emotional connection that I have to this model.

It’s a popular product that was around a lot when I first got into the world of aviation, and therefore it’s always held a bit of a special place in my heart. When I downloaded this mod, my hope was to have that special place finally fulfilled – so how did I get on?

Fun to Fly

I was massively impressed by the depth and speed of the aircraft given the incredible way that it operates and manoeuvres around the sky. As far as a recreation of the real thing goes it seems to be that way as the pilots I know who have had the pleasure of using this in reality say its great fun to fly.

As a major part of the Airbus range at one stage this became a bit of a popular feature for many people, offering something new that Airbus had never engaged with in the past. With the same quality as other members of the Airbus family this was incredibly easy to use and see. It was easy to learn given my knowledge of Airbus but even for newbies it should be relatively easy to get used to.

Fitting to the Memory

This aircraft done a spectacular job of giving me the memories that I was hoping to see in the first place. With 2 PFDs and MFDs I had all the tools that I could need to make sure the flight would feel fun and engaging. I also had access to various EICAS displays so it was very easy to have the features you need to enjoy that A+ simulation experience.

From a point of adhering to reality then this has all of the features that you would expect to see included in the cockpit. For me, that was more than enough to make this a huge amount of fun to fly around in. The sheer wealth of features across the board meant that I could easily fulfil my dreams, being able to give my memory some satisfaction in terms of how this beauty should have flown.

The various liveries were just a final bit of icing on the cake; the detail, the realism and the sheer volume of features make this a dream to fly. Add in the brilliant animations, the solid FMC & GPS systems and a whole host of minor features this really was a breath of fresh air to hop into the cockpit with.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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Yandiel RiveraThu, 16 Jan 2020 17:20:58 GMT

I want to know if the FMC works?

RubensSun, 24 Nov 2019 04:20:27 GMT

Amazing model, beautiful and different.

Nolan MiddlemasSat, 29 Jun 2013 18:43:55 GMT

This is one of the best jets i have used by far. With its great vc and cabin its hard to beat.

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