FSX Beechcraft Baron P58TC

PreviewBeechcraft Baron P58TC. A Beech Baron turbocharged 58, FSX SP2 compatable, 125 hp. Turbocharger good to 25000 feet. Made from freeware and original FSX files, specifications from Ramaircraft. By Jerry Giffin.

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Beechcraft Baron P58TC. A Beech Baron turbocharged 58, FSX SP2 compatable, 125 hp. Turbocharger good to 25000 feet. Made from freeware and original FSX files, specifications from Ramaircraft. By Jerry Giffin.

A friendly Hello to everyone!

ZiggyFsims proudly presents its very first stand-alone Aircraft.
Although this is just a repaint of original MSFS BeechBaron it goes as a complete new aircraft because a lot has been modified. It starts with a new paintscheme, based on a real BeechBaron, with a higher level of detail (little chrome parts, turbo slots as seen on original 56/58 turbos, signs and logos, dxtBmps, dynymic/reflective textures with alpha channel, outside views on engines, a very realistic high performance CFG-File and finally a special created, powerful but smooth running brand new turbo normalized sound set.
Hellowear Aerosport livery & Teledyne IO550 Turbo normalized sound by: Siggi Schaeffer/ZiggyFsims.

FS2004 Beech Baron 58TC-Turbo normalized version: This is a simple rework of the default Baron58. Modified are the aircraft.cfg file, here for the turbo normalized version Io550N with better performance (310hp) and of course a little bit higher fuel consumption... all based on real-world, Turbo Baron specs. The manifold pressure gauges have been modified for turbo-charging. The elevator effectiveness has been modified to what "we all" feel is a more realistic level. It will show up as a completely separate plane (Baron_58TC). Leaving all default Barons in place. Basic Aircraft.cfg modifications by: Brett Henderson
Thanks Brett!


Unzip the B58TC.zip file into a temporary folder. Look it over.... make sure it's intact and then move the main beech_baron_58tc folder into your aircraft folder. The modified gauge is already in the panel folder so it will not alter your default gauges at all!

As the aircraft.cfg is a rework of a default aircraft you all already own, Brett makes no claim or warranty whatsoever. Use, modify and distribute this as you see fit.

Brett Henderson


Have fun and get the thrill out of it!


I followed specifications from ram aircraft for a Beech Baron P58TC model.This baron now has 325 hp. and cruises at a speed of 232 with max speed of 261.Turbocharger is good to 25000 ft.Changed a few gauges to work with the new turbocharger. Also fixed a bug in the sound for wrong side engine sound at startup.Texture has been replaced to work with FSXSP2 as the cockpit in original texture turned green in heavy rain.

Beechcraft Baron P58TC in flight.

Beechcraft Baron P58TC in flight.


1.open zip folder and copy the"beech_turbo_baron_58"folder to airplanes folder in simobjects.
2.copy the"Douglas_DC3"cabinet file to the gauges folder in flight simulator X. That's it!

Credits go to above named.


Enjoy and Thank You Hellowear!

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The archive btb58.zip has 90 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
beech_baron_58.air09.04.066.58 kB
beech_baron_58_check.htm07.27.0666.68 kB
beech_baron_58_ref.htm05.12.066.71 kB
model07.09.080 B
Beech_Baron_58.mdl09.04.068.37 MB
Beech_Baron_58_interior.mdl09.04.064.40 MB
model.cfg08.11.0667 B
panel07.09.080 B
Baron_background_1024.bmp05.12.06524.05 kB
Beech_Baron_Panel_Decals.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
soundai07.09.080 B
AIbaron_rpm1_left-f.wav06.30.06236.92 kB
AIbaron_rpm1_left-r.wav06.30.06236.92 kB
AIbaron_rpm1_right-f.wav06.30.06195.55 kB
AIbaron_rpm1_right-r.wav06.30.06195.55 kB
AIbaron_rpm3_left-f.wav06.30.06213.25 kB
AIbaron_rpm3_left-r.wav06.30.06213.25 kB
AIbaron_rpm3_right-f.wav06.30.06267.71 kB
AIbaron_rpm3_right-r.wav06.30.06267.71 kB
soundai.cfg07.14.068.28 kB
xAIbaron_rpm1_left-f.wav06.30.06236.92 kB
xAIbaron_rpm1_left-r.wav06.30.06236.92 kB
xAIbaron_rpm1_right-f.wav06.30.06195.56 kB
xAIbaron_rpm1_right-r.wav06.30.06195.56 kB
xAIbaron_rpm3_left-f.wav06.30.06213.25 kB
xAIbaron_rpm3_left-r.wav06.30.06213.25 kB
xAIbaron_rpm3_right-f.wav06.30.06267.72 kB
xAIbaron_rpm3_right-r.wav06.30.06267.72 kB
texture.sm07.09.080 B
Baron_Baron_58_Interior_T.dds09.04.06341.45 kB
Beech_Baron_58_1_c.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
Beech_Baron_58_2_c.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
Beech_Baron_58_3_c.dds09.04.06682.79 kB
Beech_Baron_58_reflection.dds09.04.06170.79 kB
Beech_Baron_58_T.dds01.26.081.33 MB
Beech_Baron_58_T_bump.dds09.04.061.00 MB
Beech_Baron_58_T_spec.dds01.26.081.33 MB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds01.26.08640 B
Grumman_Goose_pilot.dds09.04.0642.79 kB
prop_Baron.dds01.26.0885.46 kB
texture.cfg01.26.08137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.26.087.39 kB
PANEL.CFG07.09.087.98 kB
baron_geardn.wav08.15.01288.12 kB
baron_gearup.wav08.15.01312.37 kB
BTC_1.wav04.18.01332.85 kB
BTC_1_X.wav02.02.01409.37 kB
BTC_2.wav04.18.01443.63 kB
BTC_2_X.wav02.02.01335.28 kB
BTC_3.wav07.07.0158.23 kB
BTC_3_X.wav02.02.01495.51 kB
BTC_4.wav04.18.01450.04 kB
BTC_4_X.wav06.18.00469.24 kB
BTC_AP.wav11.15.03167.99 kB
BTC_DOOR-CLOSE.wav04.09.0355.99 kB
BTC_DOOR-OPEN.wav04.09.0359.98 kB
BTC_FLAPS.wav11.11.03319.35 kB
BTC_GW.wav04.18.0131.23 kB
BTC_GYRO.wav08.14.014.48 MB
BTC_NC_1.wav08.28.01277.12 kB
BTC_NC_1_X.wav09.16.9955.79 kB
BTC_NC_2.wav08.28.01259.96 kB
BTC_NC_2_X.wav09.16.9955.79 kB
BTC_PROP_1A.wav09.10.03211.05 kB
BTC_PROP_1A_X.wav03.03.0496.96 kB
BTC_PROP_1B.wav09.10.03204.46 kB
BTC_PROP_1B_X.wav03.03.0496.96 kB
BTC_PROP_2A.wav11.08.03137.69 kB
BTC_PROP_2A_X.wav08.15.0160.75 kB
BTC_PROP_2B.wav09.16.9986.79 kB
BTC_PROP_2B_X.wav08.15.0173.25 kB
BTC_SHUTDOWN.wav08.15.01605.81 kB
BTC_SHUTDOWN_X.wav01.02.02329.15 kB
BTC_STALL.wav11.15.03104.00 kB
BTC_STARTER.wav08.14.03184.73 kB
BTC_STARTER_X.wav08.14.03184.73 kB
BTC_STARTUP.WAV06.16.0065.17 kB
BTC_STARTUP_X.wav08.14.0395.07 kB
BTC_WHEEL_ROLL.wav04.03.03572.21 kB
BTC_WHEEL_ROLL_2.wav04.03.03646.21 kB
BTC_WIND.wav04.18.01123.46 kB
file_id.diz03.04.04196 B
shutdown.log04.09.051.09 kB
SOUND.CFG04.10.0511.49 kB
Douglas_DC3.cab12.10.072.51 MB
README_install.txt07.12.084.08 kB
aircraft.cfg07.13.0822.34 kB
thumbnail.jpg01.26.087.39 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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