FSX Hope Flite I.C.U. Cessna 404 Titan

PreviewHope Flite I.C.U. Cessna 404 Titan, a state of the art, mobile airborne pediatric medi-lift life flight air ambulance. This is the Henry Tomkiewicz freeware FS2004 Cessna 404 Titan, made flyable in FSX. By Tom Tiedman.

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Hope Flite I.C.U. Cessna 404 Titan, a state of the art, mobile airborne pediatric medi-lift life flight air ambulance. This is the Henry Tomkiewicz freeware FS2004 Cessna 404 Titan, made flyable in FSX. By Tom Tiedman.

Hope Flite I.C.U. Cessna 404 Titan in flight.

Hope Flite I.C.U. Cessna 404 Titan in flight.


Cessna 404 Titan. This is "Hope Flite I.C.U.", a state of the art, mobile airborne pediatric medi-lift life flight trauma center/surgical suite/intensive care unit specializing in serving the emergency medical needs of pregnant mothers, infants, and toddlers. From airborne births to airborne organ transplants, and every emergency medical need in between, "Tot Hopper-1" gets up and at it to get the job done! Modified and approved for continuous full throttle flight (sure your engines will smoke a bit, but little Timmy needs that new heart NOW! So put the pedal to the metal, Jack)! Cross the threshold at full throttle, deploy full flaps and cut the gas! Touchdown mid-runway and SLAM THOSE BRAKES! Screech to the end of the runway where the ambulance will meet you. Skids, sideswipes and gutterballs approved! But buddy, you better not bounce it, OR ELSE! And listen up, mister... whatever you do, DO NOT BE LATE! This is the Henry Tomkiewicz freeware FS2004 Cessna 404 Titan, made flyable in FSX by adding the default Baron panel and sound, an FSX-SP2 suitable propeller, adjusting the landing gear contact points for FSX, adding an engine smoke effect suitable for FSX (press your "I" key), and painting as an airborne ambulance. Also includes Henry's blank white model, flyable as well. Located in your airplane menu under "Cessna". By Tom Tiedman.


1.) Henry Tomkiewicz for a fantastic 404 Titan!

2.) Nick Cooper, for a much needed and much appreciated prop texture for FS2004 planes used in FSX-SP2!

3.) Microsoft, for their default Baron panel and sound.

4.) The original author of the "fx_enginesmoke" effect file, whoever you are.

I take no credit, I just painted it and packaged it and fiddled with it a bit. No big whoop.

Tom Tiedman


1.) Copy and paste the enclosed "Cessna 404 Titan Hope Flite" folder into your FSX "Airplanes" folder.

2.) Copy and paste the enclosed "fx_enginesmoke" file into your FSX "Effects" folder (it's probably there already). Press your "I" key to see the thin, light smoke.


Hope Flite I.C.U. Cessna 404 Titan in flight.

Hope Flite I.C.U. Cessna 404 Titan in flight.

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13.jpg08.29.10287.15 kB
8.jpg08.28.10178.57 kB
Cessna 404 Titan Hope Flite08.29.100 B
AI Cessna 404.air08.22.107.31 kB
Aircraft.cfg08.29.1015.61 kB
Henry Tomkiewicz' original Readme.txt08.22.101.81 kB
model08.29.100 B
AI Cessna 404 Titan.mdl08.22.10237.30 kB
Model.cfg08.22.1038 B
panel08.29.100 B
Baron_background_1024.bmp05.12.06524.05 kB
Beech_Baron_Panel_Decals.bmp05.12.06257.05 kB
PANEL.CFG05.12.068.07 kB
READ ME and INSTALLATION.txt08.29.102.24 kB
sound08.29.100 B
baron_apdisconnect.wav05.12.06176.62 kB
baron_falsestart_left.wav05.12.06194.12 kB
baron_falsestart_right.wav05.12.06207.12 kB
baron_flaps.wav05.12.06175.61 kB
baron_geardn.wav05.12.06288.12 kB
baron_gearup.wav05.12.06312.37 kB
baron_gearwarning.wav05.12.06239.59 kB
baron_gyro.wav05.12.061.88 MB
baron_noncombustion_left01.wav05.12.0681.86 kB
baron_noncombustion_left02.wav05.12.0661.75 kB
baron_noncombustion_right01.wav05.12.0698.72 kB
baron_noncombustion_right02.wav05.12.06163.42 kB
baron_prop1a_left.wav05.12.0660.75 kB
baron_prop1a_right.wav05.12.0665.25 kB
baron_prop1b_left.wav05.12.0668.25 kB
baron_prop1b_right.wav05.12.0665.25 kB
baron_prop2a_left.wav05.12.0662.75 kB
baron_prop2a_right.wav05.12.0660.75 kB
baron_prop2b_left.wav05.12.0673.25 kB
baron_prop2b_right.wav05.12.0673.75 kB
baron_rpm1_left.wav05.12.06235.66 kB
baron_rpm1_right.wav05.12.06218.28 kB
baron_rpm2_left.wav05.12.06253.04 kB
baron_rpm2_right.wav05.12.06253.04 kB
baron_rpm3_left.wav05.12.06228.29 kB
baron_rpm3_right.wav05.12.06249.91 kB
baron_rpm4_left.wav05.12.06245.96 kB
baron_rpm4_right.wav05.12.06170.75 kB
baron_shutdown_left.wav05.12.06156.12 kB
baron_shutdown_right.wav05.12.06175.12 kB
baron_stallhorn.wav05.12.0686.69 kB
baron_starter_left.wav05.12.0653.25 kB
baron_starter_right.wav05.12.0653.37 kB
baron_startup_left.wav05.12.06161.32 kB
baron_startup_right.wav05.12.06217.00 kB
baron_switch01.wav05.12.063.05 kB
baron_switch02.wav05.12.062.36 kB
baron_switch03.wav05.12.062.31 kB
baron_switch04.wav05.12.063.07 kB
c4wind4.wav06.28.06274.56 kB
door_small_close.wav05.12.0655.99 kB
door_small_open.wav05.12.0659.98 kB
SOUND.CFG06.28.0618.86 kB
wind_general.wav06.28.06269.64 kB
xbaron_falsestart_left.wav05.12.06167.62 kB
xbaron_falsestart_right.wav05.12.06170.12 kB
xbaron_noncombustion_left01.wav05.12.0643.14 kB
xbaron_noncombustion_left02.wav05.12.0696.35 kB
xbaron_noncombustion_right01.wav05.12.0634.27 kB
xbaron_noncombustion_right02.wav05.12.06101.41 kB
xbaron_prop1a_left.wav05.12.0660.75 kB
xbaron_prop1a_right.wav05.12.0665.25 kB
xbaron_prop1b_left.wav05.12.0668.25 kB
xbaron_prop1b_right.wav05.12.0665.25 kB
xbaron_prop2a_left.wav05.12.0662.75 kB
xbaron_prop2a_right.wav05.12.0660.75 kB
xbaron_prop2b_left.wav05.12.0673.25 kB
xbaron_prop2b_right.wav05.12.0673.75 kB
xbaron_rpm1_left-f.wav06.28.06236.92 kB
xbaron_rpm1_left-r.wav06.28.06236.92 kB
xbaron_rpm1_right-f.wav06.28.06195.56 kB
xbaron_rpm1_right-r.wav06.28.06195.56 kB
xbaron_rpm2_left-f.wav06.28.06248.18 kB
xbaron_rpm2_left-r.wav06.28.06248.18 kB
xbaron_rpm2_right-f.wav06.28.06223.52 kB
xbaron_rpm2_right-r.wav06.28.06223.52 kB
xbaron_rpm3_left-f.wav06.28.06213.25 kB
xbaron_rpm3_left-r.wav06.28.06213.25 kB
xbaron_rpm3_right-f.wav06.28.06267.72 kB
xbaron_rpm3_right-r.wav06.28.06267.72 kB
xbaron_rpm4_left-f.wav06.28.06171.66 kB
xbaron_rpm4_left-r.wav06.28.06171.66 kB
xbaron_rpm4_right-f.wav06.28.06214.63 kB
xbaron_rpm4_right-r.wav06.28.06214.63 kB
xbaron_shutdown_left.wav05.12.06144.57 kB
xbaron_shutdown_right.wav05.12.06146.12 kB
xbaron_starter_left.wav05.12.0634.87 kB
xbaron_starter_right.wav05.12.0642.87 kB
xbaron_startup_left.wav05.12.06317.69 kB
xbaron_startup_right.wav05.12.06352.43 kB
texture.HopeFlite08.29.100 B
ai404.bmp08.28.104.00 MB
ai404_l.bmp08.22.101.00 MB
prop-hs.bmp06.19.1085.43 kB
thumbnail.jpg08.28.10162.06 kB
texture08.29.100 B
ai404.bmp08.29.101.00 MB
ai404_l.bmp08.29.101.00 MB
prop-hs.bmp08.29.1064.07 kB
thumbnail.jpg08.22.10135.30 kB
Cessna_404_Titan_Hope_Flite.jpg08.28.10162.06 kB
file_id.diz08.29.10228 B
fx_engsmoke.fx08.09.063.65 kB
READ ME and INSTALLATION.txt08.29.102.24 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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