FSX Air Tractor 802A

PreviewAir Tractor 802A crop duster chemical trails fix for the Brian Gladden FS2004 Air Tractor 802A crop duster version when used in FSX. Changes the nozzle count from seven per wing to six for a more well defined and visually appealing space between chem-trails. Fixes the missing chem-trail in Brian'...

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Air Tractor 802A crop duster chemical trails fix for the Brian Gladden FS2004 Air Tractor 802A crop duster version when used in FSX. Changes the nozzle count from seven per wing to six for a more well defined and visually appealing space between chem-trails. Fixes the missing chem-trail in Brian's original release. Offers your choice of four [SMOKESYSTEM] chem-trail coordinates... for FS2004 white smoke, FSX white smoke, FSX red smoke, or FSX thin gray smoke. Includes a blue and white repaint texture. Easy installation. By Tom Tiedman.

Air Tractor 802A with white smoke.

Air Tractor 802A with white smoke.


Brian Gladden for his wonderful freeware FS9 Air Tractor 802A Crop Duster.


1.) Copy and paste (or drag and drop) the 4 enclosed "fx" files into your FSX "Effects" folder. (They are probably there already).

2.) Open your 802A "aircraft.cfg" file, scroll down to the [smokesystem] coordinates, and erase them, as they do not display properly when used in FSX.

3.) Choose which [SMOKESYSTEM] effect your prefer from the four [SMOKESYSTEM] coordinates listed below, then copy and paste that [SMOKESYSTEM] coordinate back into your 802A "aircraft.cfg" file. I pasted mine at the bottom with good results. Then click 'file', then click 'save', of course. (In my opinion, the FS9 white smoke and the FSX thin gray smoke look the best to me).

4.) If your computer is like mine, you may have to hold down your "I" key for as long as you want the smoke to appear. For example... hold down your "I" key as you begin to spray a field, then stop pressing your "I" key when you finish spraying the field to turn off the smoke. 5.) If you want to install the enclosed blue and white repaint texture, as is the usual method, simply drag and drop the enclosed "texture.White and Blue" folder into your 802A folder, then copy and paste the [fltsim.X] info. found below into your 802A "aircraft.cfg" file in the next logically sequential numerical order among your 802A repaints. Be sure to change the "X" in [fltsim.X] to the next number in line among your 802A repaints. Then click 'file', then click 'save', of course. Now get to work! These wheat fields won't spray themselves, dag nab it!

For FSX thin gray smoke...

smoke.0=-5.01, -27.31, -2.31, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.1=-5.01, -22.81, -2.31, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.2=-5.01, -18.31, -2.91, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.3=-5.01, -13.81, -2.91, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.4=-5.01, -9.31, -3.51, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.5=-5.01, -4.81, -3.51, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.6=-5.01, 4.81, -3.51, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.7=-5.01, 9.31, -3.51, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.8=-5.01, 13.81, -2.91, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.9=-5.01, 18.31, -2.91, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.10=-5.01, 22.81, -2.31, fx_smoke_f6
smoke.11=-5.01, 27.31, -2.31, fx_smoke_f6

For FSX white smoke...

smoke.0=-5.01, -27.31, -2.31, fx_smoke_w
smoke.1=-5.01, -22.81, -2.31, fx_smoke_w
smoke.2=-5.01, -18.31, -2.91, fx_smoke_w
smoke.3=-5.01, -13.81, -2.91, fx_smoke_w
smoke.4=-5.01, -9.31, -3.51, fx_smoke_w
smoke.5=-5.01, -4.81, -3.51, fx_smoke_w
smoke.6=-5.01, 4.81, -3.51, fx_smoke_w
smoke.7=-5.01, 9.31, -3.51, fx_smoke_w
smoke.8=-5.01, 13.81, -2.91, fx_smoke_w
smoke.9=-5.01, 18.31, -2.91, fx_smoke_w
smoke.10=-5.01, 22.81, -2.31, fx_smoke_w
smoke.11=-5.01, 27.31, -2.31, fx_smoke_w

For FSX red smoke...

smoke.0=-5.01, -27.31, -2.31, fx_smoke_r
smoke.1=-5.01, -22.81, -2.31, fx_smoke_r
smoke.2=-5.01, -18.31, -2.91, fx_smoke_r
smoke.3=-5.01, -13.81, -2.91, fx_smoke_r
smoke.4=-5.01, -9.31, -3.51, fx_smoke_r
smoke.5=-5.01, -4.81, -3.51, fx_smoke_r
smoke.6=-5.01, 4.81, -3.51, fx_smoke_r
smoke.7=-5.01, 9.31, -3.51, fx_smoke_r
smoke.8=-5.01, 13.81, -2.91, fx_smoke_r
smoke.9=-5.01, 18.31, -2.91, fx_smoke_r
smoke.10=-5.01, 22.81, -2.31, fx_smoke_r
smoke.11=-5.01, 27.31, -2.31, fx_smoke_r

For FS9 white smoke...

smoke.0=-5.01, -27.31, -2.31, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.1=-5.01, -22.81, -2.31, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.2=-5.01, -18.31, -2.91, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.3=-5.01, -13.81, -2.91, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.4=-5.01, -9.31, -3.51, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.5=-5.01, -4.81, -3.51, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.6=-5.01, 4.81, -3.51, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.7=-5.01, 9.31, -3.51, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.8=-5.01, 13.81, -2.91, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.9=-5.01, 18.31, -2.91, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.10=-5.01, 22.81, -2.31, fx_smoke_crop
smoke.11=-5.01, 27.31, -2.31, fx_smoke_crop

For adding the repaint texture...

title=AT-802A Duster White and Blue
sim=AT-802A Duster
texture=White and Blue
ui_manufacturer=Air Tractor
ui_variation=White and Blue
description=The AT-802 series is the world's largest single engine aircraft, and its popularity reflects the industry's trend to larger high-production turbine equipment. Whether it's used for fertilizing forests, spraying huge cotton fields, or spraying dispersant on oil spills, this plane has the productivity and performance to get big jobs done efficiently.

Air Tractor 802A with red smoke.

Air Tractor 802A with red smoke.

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For FSX White Smoke.jpg07.28.1122.37 kB
For Thin Gray Smoke.jpg07.28.1119.02 kB
fx_smoke_crop.fx07.28.112.30 kB
fx_smoke_f6.fx04.19.041.17 kB
fx_smoke_r.fx07.27.064.78 kB
fx_smoke_w.fx06.13.104.80 kB
READ ME and INSTALLATION.txt07.28.115.22 kB
texture.White and Blue07.28.110 B
$vc107.28.11768.05 kB
$vc207.28.11768.05 kB
$vc307.28.11768.05 kB
AT-802_prop_move.bmp07.28.1165.05 kB
AT-802_prop_still.bmp07.28.1165.05 kB
AT-802_Side.bmp07.28.114.00 MB
AT-802_wings.bmp07.28.114.00 MB
panel lines.bmp07.28.11910.05 kB
pilot.bmp07.28.11257.05 kB
thumbnail.jpg07.28.1137.25 kB
White and Blue Repaint.jpg07.28.1173.98 kB
Working For A Living.jpg07.28.11219.88 kB
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