FS2004/2002 Sukhoi Su-35 in 3º/2º Air Unit (PV) colors of Brazilian Air Force (FAB)

Previewa real model that is participating in the bidding for the FX Fighters for the AF . Aircraft by Denis & Daniel da Silva Repainted by foo_fighter.

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a real model that is participating in the bidding for the FX Fighters for the AF . Aircraft by Denis & Daniel da Silva Repainted by foo_fighter.

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Aircraft.cfg03.24.046.81 kB
model.ba03.24.040 B
Model.cfg09.25.0239 B
zhuk-35_daniel_denis.mdl09.25.021.00 MB
zhuk-35_daniel_denis.mdl.mpi09.25.0210.82 kB
panel03.24.040 B
Panel.cfg02.07.043.30 kB
panel.utb12.15.022.88 kB
panel_su35.BMP12.13.021.37 MB
panel_su35_MDF_1.BMP12.12.02145.38 kB
panel_su35_MDF_2.BMP12.12.02145.38 kB
Thumbs.db12.14.028.00 kB
sound03.24.040 B
Sound.cfg09.26.0232 B
texture03.24.040 B
Asas_35.BMP03.23.0465.05 kB
Brasil_Rio_Armas.BMP09.25.0264.41 kB
Brasil_Rio_Armas2.BMP12.11.0264.69 kB
Daniel_Denis_baixo.BMP03.24.04682.75 kB
Daniel_Denis_burn.BMP08.14.0216.50 kB
Daniel_Denis_cima.BMP03.24.04682.75 kB
Daniel_Denis_Farol.BMP08.10.025.05 kB
Daniel_Denis_interssola.BMP03.18.0217.03 kB
Daniel_Denis_interssola_LM.BMP03.18.0217.05 kB
Daniel_Denis_left_leme_direito.bmp03.23.0465.05 kB
Daniel_Denis_left_leme_esquerdo.bmp03.24.0465.05 kB
Daniel_Denis_right_leme_direito.bmp03.24.0465.05 kB
Daniel_Denis_right_leme_esquerdo.bmp03.23.0465.05 kB
Daniel_Denis_T.BMP09.22.0265.05 kB
Daniel_Denis_thrust.BMP08.14.0265.05 kB
Daniel_Denis_tire.BMP08.10.0264.59 kB
Daniel_Denis_turbinaentrada.BMP03.17.0442.75 kB
Daniel_Denis_turbinatoptras.bmp03.20.0485.43 kB
Daniel_Denis_turbina_baixo.bmp03.16.0442.75 kB
Daniel_Denis_turbina_direita1.bmp03.21.0442.75 kB
Daniel_Denis_turbina_esquerda1.bmp03.16.0442.75 kB
Daniel_Denis_Vidro.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
denissilveoliveira@ig.com.br_Lado.BMP03.17.04170.75 kB
Denis_Daniel_afterburnne.BMP09.07.0216.30 kB
Denis_Daniel_afterburnne_LM.BMP08.15.0216.30 kB
Denis_Daniel_asento.BMP05.04.02257.00 kB
Denis_Daniel_copainel.bmp09.22.0265.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_copainel_LM.BMP09.22.0265.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_hud.bmp09.22.0264.88 kB
Denis_Daniel_hud_LM.bmp09.22.0264.88 kB
Denis_Daniel_painel.bmp12.11.0265.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_painel_2.bmp03.23.0465.05 kB
Denis_Daniel_painel_LM.bmp09.22.0265.05 kB
detalhepiloto1.bmp06.20.0265.05 kB
dsnirvana@ig.com.br_sensor.BMP08.13.025.05 kB
www.fs98fabmil.hpg.com.br_T.BMP08.14.024.72 kB
www.fsfab.kit.net_Canopy.BMP03.17.0442.75 kB
www.fsfab.kit.net_Canopy2.BMP03.17.0442.75 kB
www.fsfab.kit.net_Canopy3.BMP03.17.0442.75 kB
Zhuk-35_Daniel_Denis.air09.22.0213.49 kB
su-35_model_B_Armado03.24.040 B
description.txt03.24.04298 B
copyright.txt03.24.04957 B
readme_leiame.txt03.24.041.35 kB
su-35_1.jpg03.24.0462.98 kB
su-35_2.jpg03.24.0433.01 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


This authentic remake of the brilliant Sukhou SU-35 has been very well received by virtual pilots who enjoy to fly something a bit more dramatic in style. Additionally, its engaging color scheme makes it a very popular selection as it carries the colors of the Brazilian Air Force. These green colors are extremely striking, serving as a hugely popular reminder of just how awesome these aircraft can look.

Preview screenshot

This package is made for use with FS2004 and FS2002, working perfectly in both. The aircraft was designed by Denis & Daniel da Silva, and was repainted by community member Foo_Fighter. It carries a mesmerizing likeness to the real thing, and this makes it really easy to get to grips with the aircraft if you know anything about it. A deadly fast fighter that has been in use for some time, this aircraft manages to offer an awesome alternative to military fighter jets when you decide to use an older flight simulator.

The Sukhou SU-35 is known to be a multi-role war fighter that has taken place in its fair share of unique battles and challenges throughout its existence, providing a consistent and sturdy opponent for any fighter out there. It was first designed in the 1980s as a template known as the SU-27, and served as the long-term planning for the SU-35. The aircraft included in here was first brought to service in 2007, and still serves to this day.

This brilliant solution makes it much easier for you to witness and demonstrate the incredible power of modern war fighters. It’s known as a 4++ generation fighter that has become a real flagship of military forces all across the globe. It’s served the Russian Air Force since it was first crated, and it has also been contracted to various other parts of the world. Interestingly, Russia has outsourced this to their BRIC allies; Brazil, China and India. This political axis has served as the basis for one of the most impressive fighters in recent times to be created.

It’s got incredible avionics and radar as well as stunning thrust-vector engineering, reduced radar signatures and fantastic control in the air. If you are looking to see the depth and strength of modern military aircraft then few better models exist for FS2004/2002 than this to try it out in. this fighter has become incredibly important to both Russian and global aviation development, standing as a benchmark in many capacities for fighters.

If you always wanted to try one out or had an inkling to see how powerful they really were, then this is the perfect choice to go with. This mod manages to get as many features included as possible to bring the whole thing to life, giving you total control and command over a deeply powerful war fighter.

It’s incredibly fast, comes with accurate design and details, and will give you a first-hand representation of the sheer speed, ferocity and power that’s brought to the table by modern fighters like this.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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