FSX SNCASO SO-4050 Vautour IIN V2

PreviewSNCASO SO-4050 Vautour IIN v2. This is an update for FSX only of the "Vautour" with a virtual cockpit (VC) and a new texture for the Vautour N°337 "Jolly Jumper". Complete aircraft and realistic model including 2D and 3D panels, custom XML gauges, sounds and six textures. By Philippe Penot. (Pre...

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SNCASO SO-4050 Vautour IIN v2. This is an update for FSX only of the "Vautour" with a virtual cockpit (VC) and a new texture for the Vautour N°337 "Jolly Jumper". Complete aircraft and realistic model including 2D and 3D panels, custom XML gauges, sounds and six textures. By Philippe Penot. (Previous version had 1428 downloads.)

SNCASO SO-4050 Vautour IIN in flight.

SNCASO SO-4050 Vautour IIN in flight.


This is a full package (model, panels, custom gauges and sounds) for FSX only.
There is also a specific version (without virtual cockpit) for FS2004.

For a story of the "Vautour" and more information look inside the aircraft DOC folder.

Any comments and sugestions please write to the author:

Philippe PENOT

The reproduction of this aircraft for Flight Simulator presented the creator with some challenging decisions which he made guided by three objectives:
- realism,
- faithfulness to the original model,
- ease of implementation in FS.

In order not to get too bogged down, the creator focused on (within the limit of his knowledge and skills) reproducing as faithfully as possible the visual and technical characteristics of this aircraft in order to recreate the ambiance of the era. This was relatively easy for the airframe for which originals still exist or of which there are photos. It was more complicated for the cockpit because "Vautour" IIN documentation is rare. The 2D and 3D panels were therefore completely produced using graphics software and all of the flight instruments (gauges) are original to the era.
Otherwise, the user can find details (not always very visible but always faithful to the original) which embellish the visual appearance (landing gear, wheel well, ejection seats, pilot equipment, etc.) and which are characteristic of the different aircraft variants.
The reproduction of the technical and flight characteristics of the aircraft was complex because Flight Simulator was originally designed to simulate civilian commercial or tourist aircraft. The two mysterious files (.air and .cfg) which contain the parameters which allow an aircraft’s performance to be simulated are therefore suited to certain types of aircraft but need to be completely modified in order to simulate the performance of a combat aircraft like the "Vautour", which is very different to that of the Learjet or the Cessna172. Contrary to popular belief, the .air file contains (even in FSX) essential parameters which are unique to each simulated aircraft, such as: engine characteristics (jet engine rate, fuel consumption and power depending on the altitude), characteristics of flight performance at low speeds (stall), etc.
It is therefore advisable, if you want to simulate a particular aircraft as best as possible, to edit the different sections in the .cfg and .air files, to modify them according to calculations and data sheets, and to test the effect on the aircraft’s performance.
The models supplied by the Vautour attempt to recreate the performance of the "bird", so attention must be paid to the fuel consumption (even if it can fly for a long period of time with maximum fuel) and the airspeed indicator must be monitored at low altitude because the Vautour is neither the Mirage 2000 nor the Airbus A320, and in the absence of fly-by-wire controls and computers it only obeys (within certain limits) the pilot and stalls in certain configurations, which can even lead to the loss of the aircraft (for which the creator cannot be held responsible !).
It is the same for navigation; because the "Vautour" was designed and produced in the 1950s, it does not have autopilot or a sophisticated navigation system or GPS. The pilot must learn or relearn how to fly using the flight instruments from that era or risk being lost (for which, again, the creator cannot be held responsible !).
However, some of the aircraft’s functions have been simplified in order to make them easier to get used to (also the creator's decision). These functions concern the starting and handling of the engines (standard FS buttons) and the radio (very simplified).
The animations are simple (steerings, speed brakes and flaps with 3 positions) but if you activate the classic sequence (Maj+E) to open the canopy, the pilot will throw you a proud fighter pilot look ! There is no animation of such functions as the brake chute or the ejection seats which are difficult to realistically reproduce (again, the creator's decision).
There is only one smoke effect (fx_VIIN_Start.fx) (light smoke in order to protect the environment) which is activated when the "ATAR" engines are started up.

The creator wishes you enjoyable flights aboard this proud-looking (according to him) aircraft.

This addon requires Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
First Uninstall previous version Vautour IIN-FSX 1.0 .
Then install this aircraft by extracting the downloaded file into a temporary folder. Run the installer, and it will automatically copy all the files into their correct locations. Please check that installer correctly locates your FSX folder. If not, then you will need to browse it manually (the main FSX folder, not the Airplanes subfolder!).

The author is not liable for any damage that you might incur as a result of using these files. You assume the risk of use.

Virtual cockpit of SNCASO SO-4050 Vautour IIN.

Virtual cockpit of SNCASO SO-4050 Vautour IIN.

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