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PreviewAirbus A400M. Airbus Military A400 M model for FSX SP2 with virtual cockpit. Special thanks to Dietmar Loleit for the radar, maps, HUD and TCAS gauges. Updated to fix cockpit errors and non showing gauges. Fixes by Chris Evans. Original upload by Patrick Le Luyer.

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Airbus A400M. Airbus Military A400 M model for FSX SP2 with virtual cockpit. Special thanks to Dietmar Loleit for the radar, maps, HUD and TCAS gauges. Updated to fix cockpit errors and non showing gauges. Fixes by Chris Evans. Original upload by Patrick Le Luyer.

Airbus A400M in flight.

Airbus A400M in flight.

Modeling Gmax:
Pierre, Thomas and Patrick Gmax Academy
Panel 2D and 3D:
Patrick and a big thank you to Dietmar Loleit for its gauges "Radar, Hud, Maps and Tcas".
You will find the documentation (PDF files) of this differents gauges writed by Dietmar Loleit
Flight model:
installation is done at the risk and risk of the user.
Unzip archive and then copy the entire directory into the directory "aircraft"off fsx:

This aircraft is released as Freeware. As freeware you are permitted to distribute this archive subject to the following conditions:
- The archive must be distributed without modification to the contents of the archive. Redistributing this archive with any files added, removed or modified is prohibited.

- The inclusion of any individual file from this archive in another archive without the prior permission of the author is prohibited. This means, for example, that you may not upload an archive that uses our visual or flight models with your own aircraft or include it in a package containing a panel or aircraft sounds without first obtaining the authors' permission.

- No charge may be made for this archive other than that to cover the cost of its distribution. If a fee is charged it must be made clear to the purchaser that the archive is freeware and that the fee is to cover the distributor's costs of providing the archive.

- The authors' rights and wishes concerning this archive must be respected.

Airbus A400M in flight.

Airbus A400M in flight.

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A400M04.27.110 B
A400M.air12.27.1015.31 kB
A400M1.jpg12.27.10195.79 kB
A400M2.jpg12.27.10195.51 kB
A400M3.jpg12.27.1083.23 kB
A400M4.jpg12.27.10162.14 kB
aircraft.cfg12.30.1012.23 kB
hud_doc.pdf12.27.10143.90 kB
mmmap.pdf12.27.10407.77 kB
model04.27.110 B
A400M.MDL12.27.106.43 MB
A400M_interior.MDL12.19.101.46 MB
Model.cfg05.31.1049 B
panel04.27.110 B
$casquette.bmp09.22.103.00 MB
$CLOCK.bmp09.22.103.00 MB
$essai.bmp09.11.10768.05 kB
$essai1.bmp11.20.091.03 MB
$essai2.bmp09.18.10768.05 kB
$essai3.bmp11.17.09199.27 kB
$essai4.bmp09.18.10768.05 kB
$essai5.bmp09.18.10768.05 kB
$essai6.bmp09.18.10768.05 kB
$essai7.bmp09.18.10768.05 kB
$essai_d.bmp09.11.10768.05 kB
$essai_d1.bmp09.11.10768.05 kB
$hud_vc.bmp11.11.09527.40 kB
$icones.bmp09.22.103.00 MB
$mfd_g.bmp09.11.10768.05 kB
$pylone1.bmp09.15.10384.05 kB
$p_a.bmp11.28.10768.05 kB
$r_hud.bmp09.11.10768.05 kB
$tdb_vc.bmp11.10.09360.09 kB
Airbus_A321.cab09.26.072.72 MB
B737_800.cab09.26.072.01 MB
FP_Airbus_Clock9X_v3.CAB08.31.1039.83 kB
genhud.cab09.12.1011.94 kB
MAIN.bmp12.19.103.00 MB
MMMAP.cab09.19.10152.89 kB
Panel.cfg12.30.105.89 kB
radar.cab10.05.107.58 kB
radio.bmp12.02.093.00 MB
TCAS_V2.CAB10.25.10366.43 kB
Thumbs.db12.16.0944.00 kB
radar.pdf12.27.10312.79 kB
readme_eng.txt04.27.111.87 kB
readme_fr.txt04.27.111010 B
Sound04.27.110 B
c4wind4.wav07.13.06274.56 kB
cockpit.wav12.30.05696.52 kB
door_close.wav12.30.05131.94 kB
door_open.wav12.30.05116.44 kB
ExJet1.wav03.23.06145.09 kB
ExJet2.wav03.23.06163.09 kB
ExProp1-1.wav03.23.06227.45 kB
ExProp1-2.wav03.23.06348.34 kB
ExProp1-3.wav03.23.06319.84 kB
ExProp2-1.wav03.23.06221.59 kB
ExProp2-2.wav03.23.06346.34 kB
ExProp2-3.wav03.23.06311.98 kB
ExShutdown1.wav03.23.062.34 MB
ExShutdown2.wav03.23.062.30 MB
ExStarter.wav03.23.06602.34 kB
ExStartup.wav03.23.062.14 MB
flaps.wav03.23.06860.40 kB
geardown.wav12.30.05527.85 kB
gearup.wav12.30.05527.85 kB
HORN.wav12.30.05140.43 kB
INNERMK.wav12.30.05106.33 kB
MIDDMK.wav12.30.05136.33 kB
OUTERMK.wav12.30.0560.64 kB
Prop1-1.wav03.23.06306.34 kB
Prop1-2.wav03.23.06359.69 kB
Prop1-3.wav03.23.06181.23 kB
Prop2-1.wav03.23.06320.34 kB
Prop2-2.wav03.23.06444.69 kB
Prop2-3.wav03.23.06181.23 kB
RVR-1.wav12.30.05105.26 kB
RVR-2.wav12.30.05172.46 kB
RVR-3.wav12.30.05105.26 kB
Shutdown1.wav03.23.062.34 MB
Shutdown2.wav03.23.062.30 MB
sound.cfg12.27.108.65 kB
SOUND400.wav12.30.05172.60 kB
Starter.wav03.23.06601.84 kB
Startup.wav03.23.062.12 MB
touchmain.wav12.30.0552.16 kB
tcas.pdf12.27.10335.13 kB
texture04.27.110 B
A400M_ FUSE10_T.bmp12.19.101.33 MB
A400M_ FUSE10_T_bump.bmp12.20.101.33 MB
A400M_ FUSE7.bmp08.21.10341.43 kB
A400M_ MOTOR_T.bmp10.30.101.33 MB
A400M_ MOTOR_T_bump.bmp11.08.101.33 MB
A400M_Fuse11_T.bmp12.30.101.33 MB
A400M_Fuse11_T_Bump.bmp12.27.101.33 MB
A400M_HELICE1_T.bmp10.27.1085.43 kB
A400M_HELICE2.bmp03.17.1085.43 kB
A400M_HELICE21_T.bmp10.27.1085.43 kB
A400M_HELICE2_T.bmp10.27.1085.43 kB
A400M_train.bmp08.30.091.33 MB
cokpit.bmp11.23.101.33 MB
interieur_T.bmp11.12.101.33 MB
thumbnail.jpg12.21.1042.81 kB
Thumbs.db11.22.0948.00 kB
train.bmp11.17.101.33 MB
train_bump.bmp11.18.101.33 MB
vc01_T.bmp12.19.101.33 MB
vc02_T.bmp12.12.101.33 MB
vc1_t.bmp12.04.101.33 MB
vc3_T.bmp12.17.101.33 MB
vc4_T.bmp09.05.101.33 MB
vc6_t.bmp09.13.101.33 MB
vitre_T.bmp09.05.101.33 MB
thumbnail.jpg12.21.1042.81 kB
Thumbs.db08.03.0910.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


As an aircraft I’ve never had much time with in the past, the Airbus A400M was something that struck me as quite interesting to try out. So when I see that we had this brilliant file on the library, it felt like the perfect time to try it out and finally see what I made of this arm of the Airbus family. In short, I have to say that I was massively impressed with this design and this style of aircraft. It’s relatively quick, easy enough to control, looks great and really acts out the whole strength and style of the Airbus chain perfectly – what was not to like?

Preview screenshot

Well, first off, I noticed just how incredibly easy it was to get this installed. The hallmark of a good FS file is when you can install it in a matter of moments, so you need to just get used to doing this and you’ll really start to benefit moving forward.

This comes equipped with a brilliant virtual cockpit, for a start, that helps to compliment the style and the format of the Airbus perfectly. Indeed, with the addition of the radar, the maps, the new HUD and even the TCAS guides you will find that flying this and getting it down to an art form is a lot easier than it might seem at this moment in time. The cockpit, though, is arguably the most impressive part of the whole thing as it gives you such a realistic representation of what the real thing would have inside.

The modelling is massively impressive, too. It was made using GMax and because of that it has lots of the little attention to detail parts that many others seem to miss in their modelling. From the scale and color of the textures to the size and effect of the wheels and the rotors, you are getting a smooth and realistic rendition of this aircraft whilst ensuring you have all of the help that you could possibly need in getting to grips with this aircraft and thoroughly enjoying the way that it looks.

This file does a great job of really just capturing this aircraft. I’ve since done my research to find out what it has in store for people, and I can safely say that this is one of the most exciting members of the Airbus family to try out – not sure what you want to fly today? Then I heartily recommend that you download this and put it to the test.

I love the look and feel of this aircraft as it’s just so incredibly nimble for something its size – it really is a bit of a paradox! That being said, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a larger aircraft for some time and would recommend that anyone who is into this kind of aircraft tries this out as soon as they can.

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files. Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them. Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at adam@flyawaysimulation.com.

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jpop8807Wed, 15 Aug 2018 19:39:00 GMT

Looks great flies great. Only thing I found that didn't work is the speed hold. Which is no problem otherwise a great airplane thanks for the build.

salih hosFri, 26 Feb 2016 18:25:25 GMT

Its an good and fast plane but I can see EICAS only when I press shift+1 I cant see it on VC how csn I fix it ?

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