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FS2004 Project Globe Twotter DHC6-300. Scilly Skybus G-CBML and G-BIHO

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Includes all the latest Mods and will automatically update the Original d6skybus file by Premier Aircraft Design.The two aircraft included, are a DHC6-300 Twin Otter made completely in Gmax with wing views, Exit doors, dynamic shine, full suspension, etc. This file supersedes all other skybus files. FSUIPC 3.X required for the TCAS to operate. Project by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell, Samy Fay and Bob May.


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The archive has 138 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Dash6_LongNose_Skybus11.19.030 B
Aircraft.cfg11.16.0311.65 kB
d6skyb42-1.jpg11.10.0333.63 kB
d6skyb42.gif11.11.0314.31 kB
d6skyb42.jpg11.07.0338.49 kB
d6skybus.jpg11.07.0381.50 kB
DHC6W_24.air07.28.0314.33 kB
DHC6_CHECK.htm08.04.0357.00 kB
DHC6_REF.htm08.04.0310.24 kB
file_id.diz11.19.03446 B
NOTAMS_READ_ME.txt11.11.031.31 kB
ReadMe_First.txt11.19.036.05 kB
Full_Install.jpg11.19.03158.06 kB
model11.19.030 B
dhc6300.mdl07.05.031.38 MB
model.cfg05.13.0326 B
panel11.19.030 B
panel.cfg11.09.03274 B
Panel_Docs11.19.030 B
Gauge Credits.txt11.16.033.24 kB
Help_unzip.jpg08.13.03103.63 kB
HOTSPOTS.jpg11.03.03203.72 kB
POPUPS.jpg11.07.03179.87 kB
RKG_Fuelstat_readme.txt08.01.0213.27 kB
Taxispeed_gaREADME.txt03.23.035.41 kB
TCAS_Readme.txt09.26.0310.32 kB
sound11.19.030 B
sound.CFG09.19.0385 B
texture11.19.030 B
DHC6_L.bmp06.08.031.00 MB
DHC6_misc.bmp11.07.031.00 MB
DHC6_t.bmp11.07.031.00 MB
DHC_Vleugl.bmp11.07.031.00 MB
Horizontal_t.bmp11.07.03256.07 kB
image1_t.bmp06.21.0385.43 kB
propbl_t.bmp06.04.0316.07 kB
Prop_wazig.BMP06.13.0385.40 kB
uitl_t.bmp05.15.0316.07 kB
texture.BIHO11.19.030 B
DHC6_L.bmp09.29.031.33 MB
DHC6_Misc.bmp10.16.031.33 MB
DHC6_t.bmp11.10.031.00 MB
DHC_Vleugl.bmp11.10.031.33 MB
Horizontal_t.bmp11.10.03341.43 kB
image1_t.bmp09.23.0385.43 kB
propbl_t.bmp06.04.0316.07 kB
Prop_wazig.bmp06.13.0385.40 kB
uitl_t.bmp05.15.0316.07 kB
fsfsconv11.19.030 B
dhc6_31011.19.030 B
d6engpnl.bmp10.04.02737.16 kB
D6OVERHD.bmp11.11.03783.05 kB
DHC6-310.bmp10.28.032.25 MB
dhc6_Forward_Left.bmp08.09.02900.05 kB
dhc6_Forward_Right.bmp08.15.02900.05 kB
DHC6_Forward_Up.BMP10.12.03769.05 kB
dhc6_Left.bmp08.09.02900.05 kB
dhc6_Rear.bmp08.11.02900.05 kB
dhc6_Rear_Left.bmp08.09.02900.05 kB
dhc6_Rear_Right.bmp08.09.02900.05 kB
dhc6_Right.bmp08.09.02900.05 kB
dhc6_Up.bmp08.19.03769.05 kB
dme.bmp01.31.0343.91 kB
firetest.bmp10.19.03426.22 kB
frame3.bmp09.25.03155.48 kB
gen.bmp10.24.0398.30 kB
hsi.bmp06.16.0387.15 kB
OAT.bmp07.27.03469.80 kB
twotyoke.bmp10.25.03769.05 kB
panel.cfg11.19.0318.69 kB
prosnd2211.19.030 B
Kan11.wav02.02.01365.35 kB
Kan12.wav02.02.01335.29 kB
Kan13.wav02.02.01409.37 kB
Kan14.wav02.02.01366.30 kB
Kan1shut.wav09.16.99213.75 kB
Kan1strt.wav09.16.99153.75 kB
Kan2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
Kan2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
kbn1shut.wav09.16.99207.75 kB
kbn1strt.wav09.16.99158.25 kB
kbn2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
kbn2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
sound.cfg11.16.0310.25 kB
twot_apd.wav04.17.0113.69 kB
twot_door_close.wav04.09.03131.81 kB
twot_door_open.wav04.09.03945.71 kB
twot_flap.wav08.15.01274.34 kB
twot_ovr.wav02.20.0322.23 kB
twot_stall.wav04.17.01105.28 kB
twot_wind.wav06.18.00516.98 kB
Xkan11.wav02.02.01340.25 kB
Xkan12.wav02.02.01335.28 kB
Xkan13.wav02.02.01495.51 kB
Xkan14.wav06.18.00469.24 kB
xkan1shut.wav09.16.99207.75 kB
xkan1strt.wav09.16.99152.75 kB
xkan2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
xkan2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
xkbn1shut.wav09.16.99189.75 kB
xkbn1strt.wav09.16.99160.25 kB
xkbn2shut.wav06.16.00195.17 kB
xkbn2strt.wav06.16.0065.17 kB
aircraft11.19.030 B
twot_dimmer_1024.gau11.03.036.05 MB
twot_dimmer.gau07.01.0360.00 kB
pad_inst.gau02.03.032.45 MB
dhc6_omi_test.gau09.11.0376.00 kB
dhc6_sw.cab11.11.03111.68 kB
DHC6-Engine.gau07.21.031.35 MB
hsi.gau06.18.03333.00 kB
CollinsDME1.gau02.12.0388.00 kB
ball.gau06.18.03106.50 kB
pad_k415.gau11.07.03230.00 kB
twotAP_alt_new.gau06.21.0336.50 kB
twotAP_vsi.gau06.21.0336.50 kB
twotAP_hdg.gau06.21.0336.00 kB
pad_suction.gau12.09.02100.00 kB
cad_kln90brored.gau07.18.02144.00 kB
DME1.gau01.30.0371.50 kB
DME2.gau01.30.0371.50 kB
Davtron.gau08.27.0392.00 kB
RKG_fuelstat.gau07.10.02601.50 kB
ILH-TCAS.gau09.24.03208.00 kB
Dhc6_Instruments.gau07.22.032.62 MB
dhc6_omi_outer.gau09.12.0340.00 kB
dhc6_omi_inner.gau08.04.0340.00 kB
dhc6_omi_middle.gau09.12.0340.00 kB
Twot_ADF.gau10.25.03242.00 kB
PAD_VOR1.gau06.20.03243.50 kB
pad_vor2.gau12.14.02241.50 kB
pad_avi.gau06.12.03456.00 kB
twotflap.gau07.23.0117.50 kB
twot-oat.gau07.13.01133.00 kB
gauges11.19.030 B
file_id.diz11.25.03447 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B


Having decided to pick up my semi-periodic FS2004 habit once again, I grabbed this interesting Project Globe Twotter DHC6-300 mod. Not only does the Project Globe Twotter DHC6-300 feel quite funky to fly with given its rather interesting shape, but it’s always been a good challenge to mess around with. Having grown tired of many of my current FS2004 additions, I thought this might be a welcome addition to the family.

A Brilliant Remake

This comes equipped with all of the latest mods and changes to the system, and will also update itself automatically as you use this. Premier Aircraft Design have made sure that you will see all of the needed alterations to the product appear.

Both aircraft included are DHC6-300 aircraft but the Twin Otter is the one with the most work done to it, in my opinion. Forged in the fires of GMax, this aircraft model introduces many useful features such as exit and entry doors, wing views as well as full suspension for the best control and the most enjoyable realism.

It also has a lovely dynamic shine included, helping the whole thing feel really impressive and making sure that, even if it’s for an older simulator, it still looks great.

By superseding all other skybus files this takes total control and precedence, giving you the most engaging and interesting take on this aircraft possible. I was really impressed with this part of the mod as it helped me really get all of its features without any conflicts which I can find is quite common.

However, you will have to pick up the FSUIPC 3.X mod to make sure that the TCAS add-on in here can update itself properly. The project, though, is very easy to navigate and control outside of this and once you get used to how this works it will be quite easy to use, anyway.

I was really happy with this range of changes to the Project Globe Twitter DHC6-300, making it really fun aircraft to fly around in. If you want to experience something new, this is a good place to start. 

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe

Adam McEnroe is a flight sim enthusiast who has been simming since the days of FS95. Adam writes all of the download section editorials after testing each of the files.  Adam has extensive knowledge using various flight simulator packages and thoroughly tests the files before writing about them.  Adam also like to fly real-world aircraft in his spare time and is training for his PPL.

Should you wish, you can contact Adam via email at

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