FSX X4PS Samlesbury Airfield Scenery

X4PS Samlesbury Airfield, near Preston. Designed to blend with Horizon GenX Photo Scenery and Mesh. Aditional files from Rny12 and UK VFR add-ons required to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith.

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X4PS Samlesbury Airfield, near Preston. Designed to blend with Horizon GenX Photo Scenery and Mesh. Aditional files from Rny12 and UK VFR add-ons required to display as included pictures. By Tony Meredith.

X4PS Samlesbury Airfield Scenery.

X4PS Samlesbury Airfield Scenery.

Dedicated to all those men and women, of all the armed services, past and present who serve to protect us.

Samlesbury Airfield.

“In 1938 English Electric became a 'shadow' aircraft manufacturer, able to build other companies designs for the war effort. Preston was chosen as the aircraft factory and an airfield at Samlesbury was built. 80 aircraft a month were built at the peak during 1944.

In 1944 English Electric decided that after the war it would break into the aircraft market and formed a design team located in Corporation Street, Preston. In 1946 a contract was received for 4 prototype Canberra high altitude jet bombers then known as the A1.

In 1940 a new airfield at Warton was built which would be used by the US Air Force. In 1947 English Electric took over the site for use as an Experimental Flying facility as the runway at Samlesbury was not long enough.

During the war production was spread across other sites in Preston to protect it in case of attack. It appears the Germans wern't aware of what the factory built.

A successful run of 5000 Hampden, Halifax and Vampires led to the design of the Canberra and Lightning.

In 1960 English Electric merged with Vickers and Bristol Aircraft to form the British Aircraft Corporation. In 1965 its main contract the TSR2 was cancelled.

The three factories; Preston, Warton and Samlesbury continued with work on Canberra and Lightning and Strikemaster with rear fuselage manufacture of Concorde and Phantom aircraft".

These files are specifically for FSX using Horizon GenX Photo scenery and included mesh. They have not been tested using default mesh or any other mesh. They may look OK and work OK with other scenery packages and mesh, if they do fine, if not, sorry, I am not going to customise further.

Required Scenery:

Horizon GenX Photo scenery volumes 3 together with GenX Mesh.

These files may also work with VFR Real Scenery; however, this has not been tested and may give odd results. It will not function with FS9.

Recommended complementary scenery, (download separately): -
In order to use the included "scenery" .bgl(s) you should have installed: -
Scenery/Object Files from the Runway12 library and the UK add-on scenery library.

Detailed file listing at end of this document.


Use of this software is entirely at your own risk. If you do not accept responsibility for any and all damage that may result from installing this software then you must not install it. Installation is an acceptance of these conditions and you become responsible for any and all risks involved.


Expand into a temporary directory them move them into your ?:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Filight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\--(then make folder \Samlesbury----sub folder \scenery) place files in here.

To remove this scenery just delete the files as listed. DO NOT delete the Scenery directory as this is integral to the working of Flight simulator X.

What’s in this file:

The following files are included: -
1. Samlesbury X4PS.bgl - afd file for runways etc.
2. cvxSamlesbury.bgl - flatten file to remove cliffs.
3. samlesburyhangars.bgl - scenery file for airfield
4. samlesburyextras.bgl – scenery off airfiel, remove if you experience stutters.
5. samlesburytrees.bgl – some trees near airfield, remove if you experience stutters.
6. File_ID.diz
7. This Readme File
8. Readme.pdf file expanded information.
9. Traffic_samlesbury.bgl - Optional AI control file


If you wish to use the samlesburyextras.bgl please ensure that you have the following file installed:-

For the AI aircraft file to function you should also download and install the following Canberra file:-

*** SCENERY FILE samlesburyhangars.bgl***




VEH_Land_car_compact2_red {7aa101c5-ab81-4af4-ba18-2a0d3af0d067} (FSX only!)
VEH_Land_car_compact2_white {af46cd79-b08a-4b8e-ad0d-1d2568ad1db9} (FSX only!)
VEH_Land_car_minivan1_white {8141627b-55f3-4019-8190-93c3bf2d56a6} (FSX only!)
VEH_Land_car_pickuptruck6_blue {f2294393-8b3d-4d45-9ed8-b33ea0323449} (FSX only!)
VEH_Land_car_pickuptruck1_red {cbb2d74c-2661-4442-b467-96d9b04c2104} (FSX only!)
VEH_Land_car_stationwagon1_red {64a007ef-80ce-4c2d-9645-18f6bddc43ad} (FSX only!)
VEH_Land_car_suv4_red {b432902b-905b-4c3c-b3a6-a22fc71e79f0} (FSX only!)


veg_tb_Oak1_8m {2a3ade76-bd19-4ee1-8f99-8b8c10f1f970} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Elm1_10m_sp {caefb3b1-a810-4220-9f6b-03d1b3c7c70a} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Chestnut1_10m {ae221d1c-8660-418b-b45e-93f291d71d3c} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Sycamore_12m_sp {234c9165-0fe0-4c00-8742-04319bd68bb6} (FSX only!)


ag_uswarehouse04 {722c1483-7caa-4997-822c-b7f817f326d4} (FSX only!)
agn_warehsectkh_3 {f745f6e0-102b-47a7-8c8b-2d164b84da36} (FSX only!)
agn_warehsecargo_2 {8f840f09-5245-4dca-9002-88a97ae9165d} (FSX only!)
ag_uswarehouse01 {92e6598a-77aa-4e62-ac97-b60b493a8962} (FSX only!)
agn_warehsedblrnd_2 {02515eff-55b5-4e89-b7dd-730fe67934b4} (FSX only!)
ag_uswarehouse05 {dcfaa06f-1588-4e00-9380-9e1aad009eec} (FSX only!)
ag_uswarehouse03 {c5193ec1-dff6-435f-86ed-25b3f6e3e9f2} (FSX only!)
agn_warehsectkh_2 {e6c47198-ce7f-4a39-8633-4b4d5e0427f3} (FSX only!)
agn_warehseworkshop_2 {fed9735b-087b-4872-b66b-31df77914bf8} (FSX only!)
agn_warehseworkshop_1 {b202262b-afd0-4436-b1aa-d77d16b5a6bf} (FSX only!)
agn_warehsehong_1 {8a833f86-b634-47dc-82c7-8824a443dcca} (FSX only!)


gen_outbuildingsmall02 {a4010d65-8726-42ce-aa54-336f03e7382a} (FSX only!)


gen_hangar12 {ba58b565-69c3-4465-a8ca-83ba2388fdc6} (FSX only!)
gen_hangar01 {23a60e33-ef8e-4a31-8d8b-a74e3b791d3b} (FSX only!)
gen_hangar_edwardsL {618157a1-e440-460a-af0e-ced6ef527fa8} (FSX only!)
gen_hangar03 {2ec60219-7ac0-479a-9756-f5eb3169d1fd} (FSX only!)
gen_hangar_edwards_G {a05f4cf6-c877-4bc1-9e6d-7b7a7a334e70} (FSX only!)
AIR_FBO_TINY {825cdb55-41c4-4cc3-acf3-9562c911c8d5} (FSX only!)
gen_hangar_edwards_F {b3305c76-de7d-4d54-8265-18822f29a91e} (FSX only!)
gen_hangar10 {7975000c-01a8-475b-9983-a9d640cf6fbc} (FSX only!)


Addon Scenery\Static Objects Library\scenery\ez_uk buildings_v3.bgl


Addon Scenery\Static Objects Library\scenery\ez_uk buildings_v3.bgl:



ag_gas_1 {f2e377e7-b1e3-4d8e-86cf-4184b1ca70be}
agn_warehsehong_3 {e67a8eb6-4606-4e4f-8a3f-379625432c6a} (FSX only!)
agn_warehsedblrnd_4 {46b2b562-d1fb-428c-be45-3a7d64185ba3} (FSX only!)
agn_warehsectkh_3 {f745f6e0-102b-47a7-8c8b-2d164b84da36} (FSX only!)




veg_tb_Elm1_10m_sp {caefb3b1-a810-4220-9f6b-03d1b3c7c70a} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Elm1_13m {3ce6f9da-002c-4040-b371-763c2b7dc293} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Elm1_17m {a0a19487-32b0-4d42-8d0c-19f27feac465} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Elm1_24m_sp {10c6912f-0234-4576-8375-ab34278cc797} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Oak1_22m {55188d41-b20e-4693-ad77-4821400ac7b8} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Sycamore_18m {bd38d100-50f3-4d88-b3bd-97e37a31e6a6} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Sycamore_20m_sp {9564fcbd-e9db-4087-b914-5f3ce9865208} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Poplar_22m_sp {f9a2b6eb-b82b-4f25-84f7-87c81dcc71d1} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Oak1_22m_sp {d48e7fcd-8132-4860-ae5a-5289c395e664} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Elm1_30m {14b1b23c-ecf5-4f17-bec7-bd54d29e0e1a} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Elm1_15m {ca812975-d4af-44dd-8c65-48882f335112} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Oak1_110m_wi {5b0b08b8-8d81-40c8-ba51-cbaff172c92e} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Oak1_20m {6eb1c200-b9e5-4aab-ae08-994cd823d197} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Maple_29m_sp {547f2248-0820-454c-b891-c70d1563adc8} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Elm1_25m_sp {7de4f72e-6d25-49b4-bf6e-a3186f82d622} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Elm1_19m_sp {06dbc021-e4b5-442a-bbbe-1afdc0993bf5} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Elm1_13m_sp {1d8c389c-a51d-45f8-abc0-cb49a44e94ca} (FSX only!)
veg_tb_Oak1_110m {699a9d7d-c8ba-42f7-9cc3-2abd475ee3ce} (FSX only!)

The archive samlesbu.zip has 11 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Traffic_SAMLESBURY.bgl10.16.07561.23 kB
X4PS Samlesbury Airfield.pdf10.18.07348.31 kB
cvxSAMLESBURY.BGL10.17.071.92 kB
File_ID.DIZ10.18.07211 B
ReadmeFirst.txt10.18.0710.12 kB
Samlesbury X4PS.bgl10.18.0710.17 kB
samlesburyextras.bgl10.18.07956 B
samlesburyhangars.bgl10.17.072.68 kB
samlesburytrees.bgl10.18.072.01 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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