FSX Reutte Airport Scenery

PreviewReutte Airport (LOIR), Austria, v1.02. Reutte-Hoefen is a small airfield in the Tyrol in the west of Austria. Includes runway and helipad, detailed 3D objects with photorealistic textures, night textures, textures for fall and winter seasons, static planes and vehicles, windsock and wind tee with...

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Reutte Airport (LOIR), Austria, v1.02. Reutte-Hoefen is a small airfield in the Tyrol in the west of Austria. Includes runway and helipad, detailed 3D objects with photorealistic textures, night textures, textures for fall and winter seasons, static planes and vehicles, windsock and wind tee with changing directions, AI compatible taxiways, AI traffic, roads, fuel polygons. By Juergen Lechleitner.

Reutte Airport Scenery.

Reutte Airport Scenery.


Reutte-Hoefen is a small airfield in the Tyrol in the west of Austria. It is around 100 Miles in the South-West of EDDM-Munich.

The exact position is N47*28,28 E10*41,50.

The real airfield was built in the 1950's. At the airfield is a historical airplane based. It's a Stampe SV4 from 1949 (D-EHDO).


This is a reworked Version of my FS2004-Scenery. Service Pack are all included. The Stampe couldn't be reworked to a FSX-Version by now!


All my objects in exclution of a few planes and vehicles are specially made by me for LOIR.
For creation of the objects I use ZMODELER.
For creation of the textures I use MSPAINT, IRVANVIEW and PAINT NET.
For creation of the runways, taxiways and for creating the airport facility data i use SceneGenX and AFCAD.
Also with SceneGenX the API's and MDL's (Objects) were placed.
For compiling I use SCASM, MAKEMDL, BGLCOMP, BGLC_9 and some more.
For creating the AI-Traffic I use TTOOLS, ATM, AI FLIGHT CREATOR and some more.
For creating roads and polygones I use AIRPORTFORWINDOWS3.0.
They got compiled by SCM2XY2, SCM2VTP and SCASM.
All textures are made out of manual reviced digital photos.

Changes for the FSX were done with FSXPlanner and SBuilderX.


The compatiblity to other Addons isn't testet or guaranteed!

This product is fully compatible with Austria Professional 2004 but this Addon isn't needed.

The compatiblity to FS2004 isn't tested, but there is an extra FS2004 Version!


The windsock is built by Harald Kraft. The effects are reworked effects from the Salzburg-scenery of Gianni.


* runway and a helipad
* high detailed 3D-objects with photorealistic textures
* high detailed reproduction of the real scenery
* night textures
* textures for fall and winter seasons
* static planes and vehicles
* windsock and wind tee with changing directions with the wind
* AI-compatible taxiways
* night light effects
* AI-traffic
* roads
* Fuelpolygons
* and some more


1.) Copy the containings of my folder Effects into your Flightsim- effect folder. The files inside the effect-texture folder should be copied into your flightsim\effects\texture folder.
2.) Copy the file inside the folder AI-traffic into your Flightsim\scenery\world\scenery folder.
3.) Copy the folder LOIR-Reutte V1.0X completely into your AddonScenery folder.
4.) Now you have to activate it at your Flightsim scenery library by choosing the "Environment" menue - scenery library - Add Area - Select ...\ADDON SCENERY\LOIR-Reutte V1.0X.
5.) Restart your Flight Simulator and enjoy my airfield!

Sorry, if the menu titels are not completly correct, but I have a German FSX-version, so I do not exactly know the names.


Many Thanks to Harald Kraft, wo helped me with all my problems during creating this scenery. Because of him this product was possible!

Also thanks to Gianni, who also answered me many questions.

Thanks to all, who helped me during building!


Juergen Lechleitner

Reutte Airport Scenery.

Reutte Airport Scenery.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Reutte - LOIR - V1.0X11.04.070 B
AI-traffic10.27.070 B
Traffic_LOIR.bgl10.27.07563.19 kB
effect-texture11.04.070 B
TR2.bmp03.08.0585.40 kB
TR2_b.bmp04.22.0616.05 kB
TR2_c.bmp11.01.0742.75 kB
effects11.04.070 B
fx_Licht.fx07.10.071.16 kB
LOIR_Lampe_whi.fx07.10.072.48 kB
LOIR_Lamp_red.fx05.12.062.46 kB
LOIR_Lichtkegel_s.fx05.20.061.36 kB
LOIR_light_blue.fx11.01.072.99 kB
FSX1.jpg10.28.07404.22 kB
FSX2.jpg10.28.07244.83 kB
FSX3.jpg10.28.07378.34 kB
Liesmich.txt11.04.075.21 kB
LOIR-Reutte V1.0010.14.070 B
scenery11.04.070 B
AF2_LOIR.bgl10.27.074.44 kB
CVX_ReutteFSX.BGL10.26.07618 B
fuel.bgl11.04.07645 B
LOIR Glas.BGL07.19.072.52 kB
LOIR.BGL10.31.071.61 MB
loira_API.BGL10.28.078.28 kB
loireff.bgl11.01.07103.81 kB
loire_API.BGL10.28.078.28 kB
Roads.bgl11.04.071000 B
WindT_API.BGL09.16.073.17 kB
texture11.04.070 B
12Tafel.bmp07.09.0710.75 kB
Anbau.bmp07.09.0742.75 kB
Anbau_LM.bmp07.09.0742.75 kB
anhaenger.bmp08.17.0265.05 kB
Anhaenger1.bmp07.14.07170.75 kB
anhaenger2.bmp07.14.07170.75 kB
Asphalt.bmp06.17.07170.75 kB
Asphalt_LM.bmp06.17.07170.75 kB
Asphalt_WI.bmp06.01.0742.75 kB
Autogelb.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Blumen.bmp07.03.0742.75 kB
Blumen_LM.bmp07.03.0742.75 kB
Blumen_WI.bmp07.18.0742.75 kB
BodenT1.bmp07.03.0710.75 kB
BodenT1_LM.bmp07.03.0710.75 kB
Container.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
Container_LM.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
COROLLA.bmp01.03.03170.74 kB
dg800.bmp08.17.0265.05 kB
dg800V2.bmp08.17.0265.05 kB
dimona1.bmp08.17.0265.05 kB
dimona2.bmp08.17.0265.05 kB
Dreieck.bmp05.19.07770 B
Eisdach.bmp07.05.0710.75 kB
Eisdach_LM.bmp07.09.0710.75 kB
Eisdach_WI.bmp07.18.0710.75 kB
Eisextra.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Eisextra_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Eisextra_WI.bmp07.18.07170.75 kB
EisFenster.bmp07.09.07341.43 kB
Eisfenster2.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
Eisfenster2_LM.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
EisFenster_LM.bmp07.09.07341.43 kB
EisHaupt.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
EisHaupt_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
EisWand.bmp05.19.07170.75 kB
EisWand_LM.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
FOLLOWME.bmp01.03.03170.74 kB
Gitter.bmp06.03.0721.43 kB
Gitter_LM.bmp06.03.0710.75 kB
Gras.bmp06.17.0742.75 kB
grass.bmp06.01.0742.75 kB
grass_FA.bmp06.01.0742.75 kB
grass_LM.bmp06.01.0742.75 kB
grass_SP.bmp06.01.0742.75 kB
grass_WI.bmp06.01.0742.75 kB
Gras_FA.bmp10.31.0742.75 kB
Gras_LM.bmp07.18.0742.75 kB
Gras_SP.bmp10.31.0742.75 kB
Gras_WI.bmp07.06.0742.75 kB
Holzstapel.bmp05.19.07170.75 kB
Holzstapel_LM.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Holzzaun1.bmp07.03.0742.75 kB
Holzzaun1demo_LM.bmp07.09.0742.75 kB
Holzzaun1_LM.bmp06.10.0785.43 kB
Karo.bmp06.03.0742.75 kB
katana.bmp08.17.0265.05 kB
Kreis.bmp06.01.03170.74 kB
Landebahnfahrzeug.bmp06.03.07170.75 kB
Landebahnfahrzeug_LM.bmp06.03.07170.75 kB
LOGMSCH2.bmp07.03.0742.75 kB
LOGMSCHR.bmp04.15.04170.75 kB
LOIR A 1.0 _LM.bmp05.27.07170.75 kB
LOIR A 1.0.bmp05.19.07170.75 kB
LOIR A _LM.bmp07.10.07170.75 kB
LOIR A.bmp07.10.07170.75 kB
LOIRFenster.bmp07.03.07170.75 kB
LOIRFenster2.bmp07.03.07170.75 kB
LOIRFenster2_LM.bmp07.03.07170.75 kB
LOIRFenster_LM.bmp07.07.07170.75 kB
LOIRHaupt1.0.bmp07.03.07682.75 kB
LOIRHaupt1.0_LM.bmp07.07.07682.75 kB
loirscheunendach.bmp05.19.0710.75 kB
loirscheunendach_LM.bmp07.19.0710.75 kB
loirscheunendach_WI.bmp07.18.0710.75 kB
LOIRSegelverein.bmp07.09.07682.75 kB
LOIRSegelverein_LM.bmp07.09.07682.75 kB
LOIRSIGN.BMP07.09.072.75 kB
LOIRTower1.0.bmp05.19.07170.75 kB
LOIRTower1.bmp07.07.07170.75 kB
LOIRTower1_LM.bmp07.03.07170.75 kB
LOIRTuer.bmp07.07.07170.75 kB
LOIRTuer_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
MITSUBI.bmp01.03.03170.74 kB
Objekte1.bmp07.03.07682.75 kB
Objekte1_LM.bmp07.03.07682.75 kB
Parkplatz.bmp06.17.07170.75 kB
Parkplatz_LM.bmp06.17.07170.75 kB
Platzwart.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Platzwartfenster.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Platzwartfenster_LM.bmp07.07.07170.75 kB
Platzwart_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Preisliste.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Preisliste_LM.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
RAD.bmp01.03.032.74 kB
RAD2.bmp01.03.032.74 kB
Ranch.bmp05.19.07170.75 kB
Ranchdach.bmp05.19.0742.75 kB
Ranchdach_LM.bmp07.06.0742.75 kB
Ranchdach_WI.bmp07.18.0742.75 kB
Ranchfenster.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
Ranchfenster_LM.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
Ranchglas.bmp07.17.0721.43 kB
Ranchholzwand.bmp05.19.0785.43 kB
Ranchholzwand_LM.bmp07.06.0742.75 kB
Ranch_LM.bmp07.07.07170.75 kB
RAV4.bmp01.03.03170.74 kB
Scheune.bmp07.06.07682.75 kB
Scheune1.bmp05.19.07341.43 kB
Scheune1_LM.bmp05.29.07341.43 kB
Scheune_LM.bmp07.06.07682.75 kB
Scheune_WI.bmp07.18.07682.75 kB
Schlauch.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Schlauch_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Segelanhaenger.bmp05.28.07170.75 kB
Segelanhaenger_LM.bmp05.28.07170.75 kB
Segelwand2.bmp07.07.07170.75 kB
Segelwand2_LM.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
TafelLampe.bmp05.28.0742.75 kB
TafelLampe_LM.bmp07.09.0742.75 kB
Tank.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Tankblechwand.bmp07.05.0710.75 kB
Tankblechwand_LM.bmp07.05.0710.75 kB
Tankbox.bmp06.16.07341.43 kB
Tankbox_LM.bmp06.16.07341.43 kB
Tankhaus.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
Tankhaus2.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
Tankhaus2_LM.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
Tankhaus_LM.bmp07.05.07170.75 kB
Tankhaus_WI.bmp07.18.07170.75 kB
Tankholz.bmp07.05.0710.75 kB
Tankholz_LM.bmp07.05.0710.75 kB
Tankwand.bmp07.05.0742.75 kB
Tankwand_LM.bmp07.07.0742.75 kB
Tank_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Terasse.bmp06.10.07341.43 kB
Terasse_LM.bmp06.10.07341.43 kB
TorA.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
TorA_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Towerwall.bmp07.03.0742.75 kB
Towerwall_LM.bmp07.03.0742.75 kB
trees.bmp11.04.07682.75 kB
trees_FA.bmp11.04.07682.75 kB
trees_HW.bmp11.04.07682.75 kB
trees_SP.bmp11.04.07682.75 kB
trees_SU.bmp11.04.07682.75 kB
trees_WI.bmp11.04.07682.75 kB
Vorzelte.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Vorzelte_LM.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
VWBUS.bmp01.03.03170.74 kB
VWKaefer.bmp06.08.07170.75 kB
v_road_minor.bmp08.10.062.39 kB
Walze.bmp05.19.07341.43 kB
Walzea.bmp07.06.0742.75 kB
WalzeBagger.bmp06.08.07170.75 kB
Wind.bmp07.06.0742.75 kB
WindT.bmp07.13.0710.75 kB
Womo1.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Womo1_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Womo2.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Womo2_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Womo3.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Womo3_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Womo4.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Womo4_LM.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Womo5.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Womo5_LM.bmp07.06.07170.75 kB
Womo6.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
Womo6_LM.bmp07.09.07170.75 kB
YARIS.bmp01.03.03170.74 kB
Zaun.bmp06.16.07341.43 kB
Zaun_LM.bmp06.16.07341.43 kB
Readme.txt11.04.074.91 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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