FSX A Day On The Farm Total Plus 2 Scenery

PreviewA Day On The Farm Total Plus 2 More. Complete add-on farm strips scenery companion to A Day on the Farm and A Day on the Farm-2. Fields included are Lumb in Rossendale, Acaster and Belle-Vue, Breidden and Camphill, Clipgate and Pent Farm, Tarn and Patty's Farm, Ashley's Field and Hanley, Vallance...

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A Day On The Farm Total Plus 2 More. Complete add-on farm strips scenery companion to A Day on the Farm and A Day on the Farm-2. Fields included are Lumb in Rossendale, Acaster and Belle-Vue, Breidden and Camphill, Clipgate and Pent Farm, Tarn and Patty's Farm, Ashley's Field and Hanley, Vallance By-Ways Gatwick, Oxenhope, plus the latest two. Egton and Fishburn. Designed and aligned to be used with with Just Flight/Horizon's VFR sceneries. Requires ADOTF.ZIP, ADOTF-UP.ZIP, ADFARM-2.ZIP, WDYEZSRP.ZIP and Rwy12 and UK VFR add-ons. By Neil Birch.

A Day On The Farm Total Plus 2 Scenery.

A Day On The Farm Total Plus 2 Scenery.


YOU MUST HAVE ALREADY DOWNLOADED A DAY ON THE FARM and A DAY ON THE FARM-2 FSX for all the necessary scenery and texture files plus you will need UKVFR Addon and RWY12.

Aligned for Justflight/horizon VFR SCENERY.

Unzip the zip file a&h.zip into an empty directory.

You will now have folders 4 1/ Scenery\2/ Texture/

Some files will inevitable be duplicated occasionally, you will be prompted to overwrite , it is IMPORTANT to only overwrite OLDER files. As one or two of the files have been updated.

Copy all the SCENERY files *.bgl (not the folder) into your original ADOTF Scenery folder, overwrite any files when prompted.

Copy the TEXTURE file *.dds/bmp (not the folder) into the original ADOTF TEXTURE folder, overwrite any files when prompted (a lot of the earlier texture files have been updated).

Airfields can be selected from your World-Goto Airport menu.

I have incuded extracts (with permission) from Bryan Lockyears book ` FARM STRIPS AND PRIVATE AIRFIELDS' guide.

In this latest update, all of the terrain settings are as accurate as possible, all the fields have sound (you will have to download the `Sounds Update' Seperately) and now you also have road traffic, its not brilliant but there's only so many hours in the day.

This is freeware and includes other peoples work so do not sell it.

Thats it enjoy your flying.

Thanks to Horst for the use of his vehicles.

EXTRAS. Unless you have already done so you will have to download Woody's people - wdyezsrp.zip

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The archive total.zip has 201 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
A Day on the Farm total addons.txt05.16.08836 B
effects05.16.080 B
fx_cuckoo.fx04.19.083.61 kB
fx_dogs.fx05.09.082.54 kB
fx_jetaircraft.fx05.13.083.65 kB
fx_wind.fx05.14.083.63 kB
EGTON - FISHBURN-flight.pdf05.16.08218.45 kB
flight-guides05.17.080 B
alcester-airfield.bmp05.07.08668.22 kB
ashley's field.bmp05.12.08743.26 kB
belle-vue-airfield.bmp05.07.08668.22 kB
black knights.jpg05.11.08254.90 kB
Breidden-strip.bmp05.09.08644.62 kB
camphill.bmp05.09.08666.15 kB
clipgate farm.bmp05.10.08667.29 kB
hanley.bmp05.12.08744.49 kB
patty's farm.bmp05.11.08666.15 kB
pent-farm.bmp05.10.08666.15 kB
tarnfarm.bmp05.11.08731.08 kB
READ-ME-FIRST.pdf05.17.08239.89 kB
README-oxenhope.txt05.15.083.48 kB
readme-Tarn Farm and Patty's Farm.txt05.11.082.48 kB
scenery05.16.080 B
ADOTF-3.bgl05.07.08861.23 kB
ADOTF-3.txt05.07.081.50 kB
Clipgate-Farm.bgl05.09.08480.02 kB
Clipgate-Farm.txt05.09.08265 B
CVX_Lumb-terrain.BGL05.04.08314 B
CVX_SBX-Alcester.BGL05.07.08819 B
CVX_SBX-Belle-Vue.BGL05.01.08468 B
CVX_SBX-Breidden.BGL05.08.08357 B
CVX_SBX-Camphill.BGL05.08.08386 B
CVX_SBX-Clipgate-Farm.BGL05.09.08322 B
CVX_SBX-Egmont.BGL05.15.08552 B
CVX_SBX-Fishburn.BGL05.16.08443 B
CVX_SBX-Hanley.BGL05.12.08419 B
CVX_SBX-Oxenhope.BGL05.14.08521 B
CVX_SBX-Patty's_Farm.BGL05.11.08492 B
CVX_SBX-Pent_Farm.BGL05.10.08605 B
CVX_SBX-Vallance_By-Ways_Gatwick.BGL05.13.08412 B
CVX_sbx-vallance-gatwick.BGL05.12.08377 B
cvxDAVIDS.BGL05.02.081.68 kB
cvxROADS FISHBURN-1.BGL05.15.081.03 kB
cvxROADS-ALCESTER-1.BGL05.07.08554 B
cvxROADS-ALCESTER-2.BGL05.07.08492 B
cvxROADS-ALCESTER-3.BGL05.07.08410 B
cvxROADS-ASHLEY'S FARM.BGL05.11.081.00 kB
cvxROADS-BELLE-VUE.BGL05.06.08896 B
cvxROADS-BELLE-VUE-2.BGL05.06.08756 B
cvxROADS-BREIDDEN.BGL05.08.08882 B
cvxROADS-CAMPHILL.BGL05.09.081.72 kB
cvxROADS--CAMPHILL-2.BGL05.09.08674 B
cvxROADS-EGTON.BGL05.15.081.13 kB
cvxROADS-FISHBURN-2.BGL05.15.081.29 kB
cvxROADS-FISHBURN-3.BGL05.16.08602 B
cvxROADS-FISHBURN-4.BGL05.16.08394 B
cvxROADS-FISHBURN-5.BGL05.16.081.54 kB
cvxROADS-FISHBURN-6.BGL05.16.08858 B
cvxROADS-FISHBURN-7.BGL05.16.08360 B
cvxROADS-FISHBURN-8.BGL05.16.081.78 kB
cvxROADS-GATWICK-1.BGL05.12.08863 B
cvxROADS-GATWICK-2.BGL05.12.08466 B
cvxROADS-GATWICK-3.BGL05.12.08462 B
cvxROADS-GATWICK-4.BGL05.12.08426 B
cvxROADS-GATWICK-5.BGL05.12.08624 B
cvxROADS-GATWICK-6.BGL05.12.08384 B
cvxROADS-GATWICK-7.BGL05.12.08416 B
cvxROADS-GATWICK-8.BGL05.12.08376 B
cvxROADS-HAWORTH.BGL05.14.08724 B
cvxROADS-HAWORTH-2.BGL05.14.083.46 kB
cvxROADS-PENT-FARM.BGL05.10.08648 B
FSA-Alcester.bgl05.07.08157 B
FSA-Alcester2004.BGL05.07.08559 B
FSA-Ashley's Farm.bgl05.11.08155 B
FSA-Ashley's Farm2004.BGL05.11.08572 B
FSA-Belle-Vue.bgl05.07.08151 B
FSA-Belle-Vue2004.BGL05.07.08553 B
FSA-Breidden.bgl05.08.08150 B
FSA-Breidden2004.BGL05.08.08554 B
FSA-Camphill.bgl05.08.08150 B
FSA-Camphill2004.BGL05.08.08562 B
FSA-Clipgate Farm.bgl05.09.08150 B
FSA-Clipgate Farm2004.BGL05.09.08566 B
FSA-Egton.bgl05.15.08155 B
FSA-Egton2004.BGL05.15.08549 B
FSA-Fishburn.bgl05.16.08150 B
FSA-Fishburn2004.BGL05.16.08693 B
FSA-Hanly's-Farm.bgl05.12.08151 B
FSA-Hanly's-Farm2004.BGL05.12.08570 B
FSA-Oxenhope.bgl05.15.08150 B
FSA-Oxenhope2004.BGL05.15.08556 B
FSA-Patty's Farm.bgl05.11.08154 B
FSA-Patty's Farm2004.BGL05.11.08570 B
FSA-Pent-farm.bgl05.10.08147 B
FSA-Pent-farm2004.BGL05.10.08551 B
FSA-Tarn-Farm.bgl05.11.08147 B
FSA-Tarn-Farm2004.BGL05.10.08559 B
FSA-Vallance-gatwick.bgl05.12.08162 B
FSA-Vallance-gatwick2004.BGL05.12.08583 B
IS-Alcester.bgl05.07.086.86 kB
IS-Ashley's Farm.bgl05.12.086.09 kB
IS-barton-camphill.bgl05.09.08316 B
IS-Belle-Vue.bgl05.06.0811.82 kB
IS-Belle-Vue-tower.bgl05.06.08140 B
IS-Breidden-strip.bgl05.08.082.43 kB
IS-Camphill.bgl05.09.083.79 kB
IS-Clipgate.bgl05.09.087.07 kB
IS-Egton.bgl05.15.084.40 kB
IS-Fishburn.bgl05.16.086.71 kB
IS-Hanley's Farm.bgl05.12.084.36 kB
IS-Lumb-in-Rossendale.bgl05.04.085.86 kB
IS-Oxenhope.bgl05.15.088.03 kB
IS-Patty's Farm.bgl05.11.089.06 kB
IS-pent-farm.bgl05.10.083.93 kB
IS-Tarn-Farm.bgl05.10.082.34 kB
IS-Vallance by-Gatwick.bgl05.13.083.11 kB
Lumb-in-Rossendale.bgl05.04.08323.43 kB
Neil's airport buildings.bgl05.15.08170.75 kB
Neil's airport buildings.txt05.15.08898 B
Neils-people.bgl05.12.0813.17 kB
Neils-people.txt05.12.08715 B
pent-farm.bmp05.10.08541.71 kB
README.txt05.12.081.80 kB
sounds-alcester.BGL05.07.08467 B
sounds-ashleys-farm.BGL05.12.08342 B
sounds-belle-vue.BGL05.06.08467 B
sounds-Breidden.BGL05.08.08467 B
sounds-camphill.BGL05.08.08217 B
sounds-clipgate-farm.BGL05.09.08467 B
sounds-egton.BGL05.15.08342 B
sounds-fishburn.BGL05.16.08467 B
sounds-hanlys-farm.BGL05.12.08342 B
sounds-lumb.BGL05.04.08592 B
sounds-oxenhope.BGL05.14.08342 B
sounds-pattys-farm.BGL05.11.08467 B
sounds-pent-farm.BGL05.10.08592 B
sounds-tarn-farm.BGL05.10.08608 B
sounds-vallance.BGL05.13.08342 B
temp05.16.080 B
CVX_SBX-Sennybridge.BGL05.05.08267 B
FSA-Sennybridge.bgl04.29.08149 B
FSA-Sennybridge2004.BGL04.29.08678 B
sounds05.17.080 B
birds-1.wav05.16.089.98 MB
cuckoo.wav04.14.08861.37 kB
dogs.wav04.13.084.85 MB
jetaircraft.wav05.13.087.66 MB
wind.wav05.14.081.03 MB
ss.fishburn.bmp05.16.08606.96 kB
texture05.17.080 B
ashley's field.bmp05.12.08743.26 kB
barrel.bmp05.04.0865.05 kB
BEWARE OF THE DOG.bmp05.09.08257.05 kB
brick-wall-1.dds05.03.08170.80 kB
brick-wall-1_lm.dds05.03.08170.80 kB
buildings-17.bmp05.08.08513.07 kB
buildings-17_lm.bmp05.08.08513.07 kB
buildings18.dds05.10.08682.80 kB
buildings18_lm.dds05.10.08682.80 kB
buildings19.bmp05.10.08682.75 kB
buildings19_lm.bmp05.10.08682.75 kB
buildings19-lit.bmp05.10.08682.75 kB
buildings19-lit_lm.bmp05.10.08682.75 kB
buildings-20.bmp05.10.08682.75 kB
buildings-20_lm.bmp05.10.08682.75 kB
cabinet-1.dds05.09.08682.80 kB
corrugated-panel.dds05.15.08682.80 kB
corrugated-panel_lm.dds05.15.08682.80 kB
flats-1.dds05.02.08682.80 kB
flats-1_lm.dds05.02.08682.80 kB
flats-2.dds05.02.08682.80 kB
flats-2_lm.dds05.02.08682.80 kB
gangplank.bmp04.30.0842.74 kB
gatwick aviation museum.bmp05.12.08498.10 kB
Golf_3_blau.bmp05.07.08128.07 kB
grass.bmp05.03.08257.05 kB
grass-fsx.dds05.03.08170.80 kB
hangar-6a.bmp05.15.08682.75 kB
hangar-6a_lm.bmp05.15.08682.75 kB
hanley.bmp05.12.08744.49 kB
hedge-new.bmp05.03.08682.75 kB
Mini.bmp05.07.08128.07 kB
mobile-home.bmp05.14.08342.40 kB
MRFlags.bmp05.04.0865.05 kB
MRFlags_LM.bmp05.04.0865.05 kB
Neils-people.bgl05.12.0813.17 kB
neils-people-1.bmp05.13.08682.75 kB
neils-people-1_lm.bmp05.13.08682.75 kB
office-block-1-unlit.dds05.07.08682.80 kB
office-block-1-unlit_lm.dds05.07.08682.80 kB
people.bmp05.12.08682.75 kB
people_lm.bmp05.13.08682.75 kB
smfence.bmp05.04.0865.05 kB
tl_metal1.bmp05.04.0865.05 kB
VW-Bus_Feuerwehr.bmp05.07.08257.07 kB
windsock.bmp05.12.0842.75 kB
windsock_LM.bmp05.12.0842.75 kB
total addons.DIZ05.17.08845 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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