FS2004, Kahului International Airport, Maui, Hawaii PHOG

PreviewDescription: This is a complete remake of the Kahului airport on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. It includes a completely new terminal, with newly designed jetways, and now includes the entire airport, with cargo and hangar areas. The parking area is also included as is the road coming into the air...

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Description: This is a complete remake of the Kahului airport on the Island of Maui in Hawaii. It includes a completely new terminal, with newly designed jetways, and now includes the entire airport, with cargo and hangar areas. The parking area is also included as is the road coming into the airport, and if you drive very carefully you can even follow the outgoing road into the town and down to the beach. The jetways at the center buildings have been rotated inward to make way for the heavy jets which park in this area, or for Regional jet parking. This airport is a very nice short hop out of Honolulu. By: Bill Melichar.

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The archive kahu2.zip has 197 files and directories contained within it.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
SCENERY.dat10.28.031.23 kB
Kahului2TN.jpg10.26.037.48 kB
Kahului2TNAV.gif10.29.0312.59 kB
Kahului3.jpg10.27.0380.61 kB
KahuDsk.jpg10.27.0350.25 kB
Kahului Read Me.txt10.29.033.58 kB
scenery10.29.030 B
kahu.xcl10.28.03300 B
kahu.bgl10.28.03689.52 kB
KAHU_EX1.bgl10.28.03148 B
KAHU_EX2.bgl10.28.03148 B
KAHU_EX3.bgl10.28.03148 B
KAHU_EX4.bgl10.28.03148 B
KAHU_EX5.bgl10.28.03148 B
texture10.29.030 B
BEV2_LM.bmp08.09.0265.07 kB
nova005_lm.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
nova007_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova036_lm.bmp03.12.015.05 kB
concr.bmp11.06.0065.05 kB
concr_lm.bmp02.11.0165.05 kB
asphalt.r802.27.03257.07 kB
eddf06.bmp12.11.0265.05 kB
eddf06_lm.bmp12.13.0265.05 kB
00GRTerminal.bmp06.13.011.00 MB
00GRTerminal_LM.bmp08.21.011.00 MB
eddf24.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
eddf24_lm.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
shedL2.bmp10.28.0265.05 kB
nova015.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova015_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
NovaGold021.bmp07.10.01129.05 kB
NovaGold021_lm.bmp07.10.01129.05 kB
eddf05.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
eddf05_lm.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
nova007.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova005.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
eddf25.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
eddf25_lm.bmp10.08.0265.05 kB
eddf18.bmp12.17.0265.05 kB
eddf18_lm.bmp12.17.0265.05 kB
NovaGold015.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
NovaGold015_lm.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
bldplants39.bmp09.29.0265.05 kB
bldplants38.bmp09.29.0265.05 kB
bldplants37.bmp09.29.0265.05 kB
NovaGold009.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold009_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold008.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold008_lm.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
nova032.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova032_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
cocotier1.bmp07.06.0365.05 kB
nova046.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova046_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
cocotier2.bmp07.06.0365.05 kB
bldplants45.bmp10.07.0265.05 kB
nova052.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
nova052_lm.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
NovaGold018.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold018_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
airlogo1.bmp02.03.0365.05 kB
NovaGold011_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold010.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold013.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
nova029.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova029_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
tinroof1.bmp11.02.0086.39 kB
nova028.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
nova028_lm.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
nova014.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova014_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova016.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova016_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
NovaGold016.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold016_lm.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold020.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold020_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
nova001.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova001_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
ads8.bmp07.23.0265.05 kB
FENCE.PAT01.02.9964.00 kB
Fence2.pat01.03.9964.00 kB
inoopleggercargo3.bmp11.28.0186.39 kB
inoopleggercargo1.bmp11.28.0186.39 kB
inoopleggercargo4.bmp11.28.0186.39 kB
inooplegger4.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
inooplegger7.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
inooplegger8.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
inooplegger6.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
inooplegger5.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
inooplegger9.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
inooplegger13.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
CF_Vito_FW1_tr.bmp09.03.004.23 kB
inooplegger12.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
inooplegger11.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
inooplegger10.bmp11.25.0186.39 kB
parking3.bmp07.27.0217.07 kB
ChevyVan.bmp02.21.0386.39 kB
ChevyVan_lm.bmp02.21.0386.39 kB
ChevyVan1.bmp02.21.0386.39 kB
ChevyVan1_lm.bmp02.21.0386.39 kB
AA.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
AA_lm.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
tree109.bmp02.24.0365.05 kB
bldplants16.bmp09.25.0265.05 kB
treemix4.bmp07.01.0365.05 kB
Carb100.bmp06.29.0265.05 kB
treebananemix2.bmp07.06.0365.05 kB
treebananemix.bmp07.01.0365.05 kB
bldcarpark2.bmp07.25.0265.05 kB
cargog.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
carpo.bmp06.01.0365.05 kB
caraud.bmp01.20.0365.05 kB
carsha.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
carmeb.bmp04.21.0365.05 kB
cargera.bmp03.11.0365.05 kB
carcig.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
carciy.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
cargogy.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
carcib.bmp06.02.0365.05 kB
carchic.bmp10.22.0265.05 kB
cartaz.bmp11.14.0265.05 kB
carco.bmp10.25.0265.05 kB
bld110.bmp07.01.0265.05 kB
palm651.bmp01.12.0165.05 kB
NovaGold017.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold006.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
nova035.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
NovaGold005.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
nova036.bmp03.12.015.05 kB
NovaGold001.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
BEV2.bmp08.02.0265.07 kB
7372ALO2.5AF04.22.0064.00 kB
7372ALO2.8AF04.22.0064.00 kB
7372ALO2.AAF04.22.0064.00 kB
7372ALO2.3AF04.22.0064.00 kB
7372ALO2.4AF04.22.0064.00 kB
7372ALO2.7AF10.17.9964.00 kB
7372ALO2.2AF04.22.0064.00 kB
7372ALO2.1AF04.22.0064.00 kB
7372ALO2.9AF04.22.0064.00 kB
7372ALO2.6AF10.17.9964.00 kB
7372ALO2.0AF04.22.0064.00 kB
nova034.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova034_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova047.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova047_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
NovaGold014.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
NovaGold014_lm.bmp07.10.01171.72 kB
nova026.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
nova026_lm.bmp03.12.0165.05 kB
bldplants23.bmp09.29.0265.05 kB
HAW.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
HAW_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
AA1.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
AA1_lm.bmp02.19.0386.39 kB
HAW1.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
HAW1_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
ATA1.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
ATA1_lm.bmp02.20.0386.39 kB
RAV4.bmp01.03.03170.74 kB
ProjFrt.bmp07.31.0317.05 kB
ProjFrt_LM.bmp07.31.0317.05 kB
nova035_lm.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
nova037.bmp06.04.0365.05 kB
nova037_lm.bmp06.04.0365.05 kB
nova038.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
nova038_lm.bmp03.12.0186.39 kB
pushbacktug1.bmp03.02.0386.39 kB
pushbacktug1_LM.bmp03.02.0386.39 kB
BagCartB.bmp02.17.03257.05 kB
BagCar10.r802.14.0364.00 kB
Tug1.bmp02.18.0386.39 kB
Tug1_lm.bmp02.18.0386.39 kB
Faboxes.BMP04.09.0165.05 kB
wood1.bmp01.16.0186.39 kB
loader.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
Loader_lm.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
Container.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
Container_lm.bmp02.22.0386.39 kB
Aircond.bmp02.23.0386.39 kB
Aircond_lm.bmp02.23.0386.39 kB
Cater.bmp02.14.03257.05 kB
Cater_lm.bmp02.15.03257.05 kB
NovaGold001_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold005_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold006_lm.bmp07.10.0186.39 kB
NovaGold010_lm.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold013_lm.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold017_lm.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
PARKING3_LM.bmp07.27.0217.07 kB
Tract_lm.bmp02.18.0386.39 kB
Tract.bmp02.18.0386.39 kB
KahuluiV210.29.030 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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201tflyerFri, 08 Dec 2006 21:11:12 GMT
I have flown a real plane out of PHOG. This download is far more realistic than the original. I appreciate the included directions for unziping the file to the right place.

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