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FS2004 Scenery

Scenery Addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight
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Scenery VTBD UpdatePatch

An update for Martin Strong's Bangkok 2004, Thailand scenery for use with VTBD2004.ZIP. By Ben Meesterman. Overview of Suvarnabhumi Airport. ...

File size: 16.55 KB | Download hits: 427

Taipei Financial Center

Taipei Financial Center (Taipei 101). Standing at 1667 feet, the Taipei 101 is officially the world's tallest building. Located one mile south of RCSS, it almost didn't get built due to its proximity to this airport. The tower boasts 101 floors, the world's fastest elevators, an observation deck, restaurant, and a shopping mall. Scenery features night lighting, dynamic shine, and a custom landclass for the city of Taipei, Taiwan. By John Townsend. INSTALLATION Unzip to...

File size: 130.92 KB | Download hits: 1259

Santiago Cibao Int'l Airport

This is the scenery of Dominican Republic's second biggest city. Cibao Intl Airport MDST was inagurated in 2002 and since then it has been the bridge for thousands of people that fly to and from this beautiful city located in Dominican Republic. Our main goal from this package is to give you the chance of knowing Santiago de los Caballeros (The first Santiago of the western hemisphere) and enjoying it. This version is the only version which is freware with many features (it is not a...

File size: 7.11 MB | Download hits: 2020

SABENA Heliports

Detailed heliports for most of SABENA's extensive helicopter network. International passenger service was started on 1 September 1953 using Sikorsky S.55 aircraft, which could carry eight passengers. By October 1956 the service had new helicopters, the twelve-seat Sikorsky S.58 and SABENA's fleet of eight S.58 helicopters inaugurated the service to Paris in 1957! By 1960 this international passenger helicopter service from Brussels flew to Rotterdam, Antwerp, Lille, Eindhoven,...

File size: 143.38 KB | Download hits: 315

Chicago Heliports

What Chicago and the rest of the world needs is PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and WM. R. PULICK HELOPADS. Place these replacement files in the texture directory and play leap frog from building to building. Especially appropriate for use with the 2004_Chicago_Trollycopter and its rooftop comuters. No "it's mine" claims or rules. Do what you want with it. Chicago Heliports ...

File size: 1.38 MB | Download hits: 438

Complete Road System For Canada

FS2004 Complete Road System For Canada, based on Geobase data. Includes highways to streets level. Includes all provinces except British Columbia and New Brunswick. Files are sorted by province and by type of road so you can install just those parts you want. By Joel Gill. ...

File size: 26.1 MB | Download hits: 2309

Sacramento International (KSMF)

FS2004 Sacramento International Airport 2008 Scenery. Sacramento International Airport (KSMF), California (CA) as it was in late 2008, just before construction had started on the new Central Terminal B. By David Biggar. ...

File size: 35.92 MB | Download hits: 2332

LEGE Girona Costa Brava

FS2004 LEGE Girona Costa Brava, Spain. A detailed scenery for Girona airport, 50 kilometers north of Barcelona. The scenery uses default buildings but with some modification so it looks very realistic. By Daan Steinhaus....

File size: 9.76 KB | Download hits: 1255

Johannesburg International Airport (FAJS)

FS2004 Scenery for South Africa A new Johannesburg International Airport (FAJS), South Africa. A highly detailed airport containing photorealistic ground textures, hangars and buildings. The ILS alignment is also corrected. ...

File size: 2.98 MB | Download hits: 6634

Canary Islands - Supplement to Canarias 2006

This download contains bgl files from Toni Agramont's Canary Islands scenery (, modified so that the airports and scenery will work with project Canarias 2006. This should nicely fill out the whole of the Canary Islands, until such a time as Canarias 2006 complete their project (when this file will doubtless be redundant!). My defaults remove static aircraft, but there is an option to retain these if required. Also a few corrections of the default scenery.Let me reiterate that all...

File size: 1011.63 KB | Download hits: 1821

Pittsburgh International (KPIT)

Thank you for downloading my scenery. This file contains a complete remake for Pittsburgh Int'l Airport. It includes remodeled and repositioned terminals, jetways, and vehicles. All terminals have accurate parking assignments per the PIT website as a feature of the included AFCAD. This scenery was built using Abacus' EZ-Scenery program. ...

File size: 2.07 MB | Download hits: 1994

Moving Jetway Animation

FS2004 Jetway animation for your aircrafts in approaching to terminal. The model is make by Gmax 1.2 and the animation is assembled by CAT program of Arno Gerretsen. By Lucio Lepore. ...

File size: 1.75 MB | Download hits: 7969

New York And New England Mesh

New York and New England 1-Arc Second LOD 10 Terrain Mesh Created from U.S. Geological Survey NASA Shuttle Radar Topography Mission 1-Arc Second Dataset, resampled to LOD 10 (38.2 meters) and interpolated x 20. Covers the area between approximately longitude W-70 and W-80 and latitude N40 to N45 including approximately all of the states of New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, and major portions of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire (virtually all) and Maine,...

File size: 161.57 MB | Download hits: 2602

London Stansted Airport (EGSS)

London Stansted Airport V7.0 for FS2004 by John Young.  A very detailed rendition of London Stansted airport that includes ground textures derived directly from a composite aerial photograph produced and copyrighted by The Geoinformation Group Ltd and downloaded from Google Earth. My thanks to the company for their kind permission to use their image as the 2-D base for my freeware scenery. The image has produced a remarkable enhancement to the scenery package and together with the...

File size: 4.51 MB | Download hits: 7171

John Travolta's Home Airport Jumbolair

DBWsim proudly presents Greystone airfield, centrepiece of the Jumbolair estate which is home to John Travolta. The airfield has been extensively redeveloped, realistically portraying the area. The estate section of the field is also accurately covered including detailed scenery of the Travolta house. A localised landclass optimises the appearance of the area. Some areas have been extrapolated based on the best available information and to take into account future development of the...

File size: 1.35 MB | Download hits: 1754

Robin Hood International EGCN

Robin Hood International Airport, V3 For FS2004. By John Young. A new release of this UK scenery that restores the autogen to the airfield perimeter. Includes a Landclass file to create the wooded areas and villages around the airfield. Also includes a new runway surface and a fix for the ATIS identity. Aligned to the Just Flight VFR scenery and FS2004 default. AFCAD2 file included. See readme on FS2002 compatibility. ...

File size: 1.66 MB | Download hits: 1247

Tree Textures

FS2004 Tree Textures. A complete set of replacement tree textures. They may also work in earlier versions. These replace your default tree textures, so they have no effect on the size, placement, or quantity of your trees. What they will do is add variety and realism to your trees, in all seasons, in all parts of the world. By Mick Posch....

File size: 1.59 MB | Download hits: 3345

LIRF 2005 Scenery (ISD Project)

FS2004 LIRF 2005. Scenery of Roma Fiumicini "Leonardo da Vinci" Airport in Rome, Italy. By Alessandro Savarese and Alessandro Simonato (ISD Project). ...

File size: 15.19 MB | Download hits: 7083

Verona VFR Scenery (ISD Project)

VERONA VFR SCENERY for FS2004, by Francesco Mandelli. Scenery of Verona area (Italy) of approximately 370 kmq, with buildings, autogen, seasonal and night textures, nightlights in all the roads. Frame rate very friendly. It works exclusively with FS2004. Fully compliant with new Verona Villafranca airport scenery by ISD Project. ...

File size: 47.25 MB | Download hits: 2065

Gmax Bacolod

FS2004 Gmax Bacolod Scenery with full animation. Gmax Bacolod Superscenery version 2005 is a product of months of research and innovation. This scenery is a one-of-a-kind Flight Simulation scenery wherein its boasts of its full animation feature which can mostly be found in payware add-ons. Featured in the product are the following realistic animations: 1. Air traffic controllers moving inside the tower. 2. Detailed baggage carts moving from the cargo section to the ramp. 3. Moving passengers...

File size: 10.22 MB | Download hits: 2102

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