FSX EPSU Suwalki Aerodrome Scenery

EPSU Suwalki Aerodrome Scenery. Suwalki (EPSU) is located in the north-eastern corner of Poland, which is called "Polish North Pole" because of the lowest year-temperatures. The aerodrome is great for some GA, ultralights or gliders. The scenery was compiled with the FSX Acceleration SDK and cont...

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EPSU Suwalki Aerodrome Scenery. Suwalki (EPSU) is located in the north-eastern corner of Poland, which is called "Polish North Pole" because of the lowest year-temperatures. The aerodrome is great for some GA, ultralights or gliders. The scenery was compiled with the FSX Acceleration SDK and contains phototexture, seasonal variations, specular textures, 3D apron and many detailed small objects. The landclass area has been hand drawn point by point to help with precise VFR flying. By Lukasz Kubacki (SimHangar).

EPSU Suwalki Aerodrome Scenery.

EPSU Suwalki Aerodrome Scenery.

Thank you for downloading EPSU X! We hope that you will enjoy the scenery and it’s beautiful countryside.
The scenery was done with FSX Acceleration SDK, so it will run in the Dx10 mode without any problems. The scenery contains 1m/pix photo texture with seasonal and night variations and custom buildings.
The 3D objects were done in Wings 3D freeware 3D software and then exported to Gmax. Aerodrome’s photo texture has been done in the Sbuilder X. Scenery objects were compiled in the LibraryCreator XML and then placed in the Whisplacer 0.9. Aerodrome characteristics were done in the ADE 1.37.
• 1m/pix photo texture with seasonal variations
• Detailed object photo textures
• Night textures
• Specular textures
• Hand drawn, vector landclass for the Suwalki city, Wigry lake and forests
• Apron and aerodrome road made as a 3D objects

Aerodrome characteristics:
The aerodrome is a home of Aeroklub Suwalski (Suwalski Flying Club) which was found in 1986. The Flying Club has three sections: aero plane, ultra light and glider.

• ICAO Code - EPSU
• Geo. Location: N 54°04'18'' E 022°54'06''
• Frequency: 122.200 MHz
• Altitude: 178 AMSL
• Hdg and distance from Suwa³ki: 3.5 km (1.9 NM), 210 HDG
• Traffic: VFR
• Approach lights and runway lights: none
• Runway: 06/24, 640 m x 100 m, grass airstrip
18/36, 400 m x 100 m, grass airstrip
• Available fuel: Avgas 100LL

Simply, copy the EPSU_X folder into your Flight Simulator/Addon Scenery folder. Then, run the FSX and add the scenery via Library Manager. The ICAO code for the scenery is EPSU, city name Suwalki

Additional options:
To enhance your game play, I have added two .bat files which will allow you to switch the seasons in the aerodrome scenery. Those .BAT files are located in the main EPSU_X folder.
To activate the Summer trees, double click on the “Summer_ON.bat”
To activate Winter trees, double click on the “Winter_ON.bat”
The default season in Winter.

I have also included two versions of the afcad file. Some you may not like the default runways located on the photo texture. Because of that, you can choose the one with runway width set to 0 meters.
Both afcad files are located in the EPSU_X/Afcad folder. Choose the one which you want, copy it and then paste into EPSU_X/Scenery folder and overwrite the old file. The default afcad file has standard runways.

The archive epsu_x.zip has 63 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
EPSU_X02.07.090 B
Afcad02.07.090 B
RWY_0m_wide02.07.090 B
EPSU_ADE_LK.BGL02.07.091.92 kB
RWY_regular02.07.090 B
EPSU_ADE_LK.BGL02.07.091.92 kB
readme_english.pdf02.07.09263.31 kB
Scenery02.07.090 B
CVX_epsu.BGL01.18.09447 B
CVX_landclass.BGL01.17.09569 B
CVX_landclass_vector.BGL01.18.0920.69 kB
CVX_PROJECT.BGL01.17.09447 B
CVX_waterclass.BGL01.17.095.22 kB
EPSU_ADE_LK.BGL02.07.091.92 kB
epsu_road.bgl01.28.092.88 kB
epsu_trees.bgl02.02.093.78 kB
fence.bgl01.27.091.09 kB
fence.bgl.bak01.27.091.09 kB
LC_5412.bgl01.17.09616 B
Photo_EPSU.BGL01.18.097.04 MB
suwalki_apron.bgl01.18.091.40 kB
suwalki_hangars.bgl02.07.0915.65 kB
suwalki_object_library.bgl02.07.09165.00 kB
zajac.bgl02.07.09220 B
Summer_ON.bat01.29.09132 B
Texture02.07.090 B
altana.dds01.11.091.33 MB
apron.dds01.18.091.33 MB
apron_LM.dds01.18.091.33 MB
barak.dds01.15.091.33 MB
barak_LM.dds01.18.09341.48 kB
brama.dds02.02.09341.48 kB
daf.dds01.12.09256.12 kB
epsu_ful.dds01.20.091.33 MB
fence.dds01.10.091.33 MB
grass.dds01.30.09341.48 kB
han_lpr.dds01.09.091.33 MB
h_epsu_1.dds01.08.095.33 MB
h_epsu_1_LM.dds01.18.091.33 MB
h_epsu_1_spec.dds01.30.091.33 MB
litter.dds02.07.09170.80 kB
main_hng.dds01.17.095.33 MB
main_hng_LM.dds01.18.091.33 MB
main_hng_spec.dds01.30.091.33 MB
road.dds01.29.091.33 MB
siatka.dds01.20.09341.48 kB
szarak.dds01.28.0985.48 kB
szarak_LM.dds01.28.0985.48 kB
Winter_ON.bat01.29.09132 B
_Seasons02.07.090 B
road.dds01.29.091.33 MB
Summer02.07.090 B
epsu_trees.bgl01.29.093.78 kB
grass.dds01.21.09341.48 kB
road.dds01.29.091.33 MB
Winter02.07.090 B
epsu_trees.bgl02.02.093.78 kB
grass.dds01.30.09341.48 kB
readme_english.txt02.07.093.08 kB
readme_english.doc02.07.0938.00 kB
thumbnail.jpg05.23.092.99 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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