FSX/SP2 Newtownards Airfield Scenery

Preview FSX/SP2 Newtownards Airfield (EGAD), UK, for use with Ultimate Terrain X scenery. Built from scratch using custom Gmax models, textures and Runways all positioned accurately and based on photographs. All files necessary for this scenery are included. By Terry Shields.

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FSX/SP2 Newtownards Airfield (EGAD), UK, for use with Ultimate Terrain X scenery. Built from scratch using custom Gmax models, textures and Runways all positioned accurately and based on photographs. All files necessary for this scenery are included. By Terry Shields.

Newtownards Airfield Scenery.

Newtownards Airfield Scenery.

This scenery was designed for users of FLight Simulator X with Service Pack 2 for FSX or Acceleration installed. This particular version is compatable with Ultimate Terrain X Europe. Another almost identical version is available for users of the default FSX European Scenery.

About this Scenery

There is not an abundance of Northern Ireland Airport Scenery available for FSX with the only commercial example being of Gary Summons excellent UK2000 Scenery, Belfast Xtreme which depicts Belfast International Airport (EGAA). I decided to model Newtownards Airfield as I personally visited it and was given permission to take lots of photographs.

About the design

This scenery was designed using the FSX SDK, FS2004 SDK, FS2002 SDK, GMAX, SBuilderX and Airport Design Editor. The airport buildings and hangers are reproduced as realistically as possible using photographs for reference as well as for some textures. The Runways and Aprons also make use of custom textures. The Airfield including individual hangers and airport buildings were positioned on top of a Satellite Image for accuracy in positioning. The satellite imagery could not be included with this release owing to copyright restrictions. I have included a picture to compare this scenery with the real Airfield (FSXvReal.jpg)


Although very detailed, this is still a small airfield and any impact on FPS is minimal with very little difference noticed between this scenery and the default FSX Scenery. All the models have been carefully constructed using Gmax with the FSX plugin and Polygon counts have been kept to a minimum.

Quick Installation:

1. Extract 'EGAD_UTX.zip' into your main FSX directory, start FSX and activate the scenery.

Detailed Installation:

1. Extract 'EGAD_UTX.zip' into your main FSX directory eg.'C:\Program Files\ Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X'
2. Start FSX.
3. Click on 'Settings' (Below Learning Centre)
4. Click on 'Scenery Library' within 'Other settings'
5. Click on 'Add Area'.
6. Click on 'EGAD_UTX.zip'.
7. Click 'OK'


1. Deactivate the scenery within the Scenery Library and then delete 'EGAD_UTX.zip' folder from your main FSX directory.

Settings and Options

AI General Aviation traffic is activated by default around this Airfield to represent Flying Club Aircraft. The traffic file is in FSX format so it will not conflict with or interfere with other FSX AI scenery or flightplans. To disable AI Traffic around this Airfield go to the EGAD_UTX\Scenery folder and rename 'EGAD_AirTraffic.bgl' to 'EGAD_AirTraffic.xxx'

Moving road traffic is activated on the roads around this Airfield by default. To disable road traffic around this Airfield go to the EGAD_UTX\Scenery folder and rename 'RoadTraffic_UTX.bgl' to 'RoadTraffic_UTX.XXX'

Scenery Complexity should be set at a minimum of 'Normal'. A higher setting will have no impact to this scenery.

About Newtownards Airfield

Newtownards Airfield is the home of the Ulster Flying Club which was founded in 1961. It is currently Northern Irelands largest flying school and is located at the head of Strangford Lough approximately 9 miles east of Belfast on the outskirts of the market town of Newtownards. The airfield has 6 runways with 22/04 being in predominant use. This Runway has night lighting and is 794 M in length. Runway 26 is for landing only owing to high ground (Scrabo Hill). The Multicom frequency for the Airfield is 128.300 and AV100, JETA and JETA1 fuel is available.

Other included scenery

Scrabo Tower sits on top of Scrabo Hill to the west of the Airfield. The tower is 125 feet high and was erected in 1857 as a monument to Charles William Stewart, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry.


Thanks to Luis Sa, author of SBuilderX, and ScruffyDuck Software, author of Airport Design Editor.

Terry Shields

Newtownards Airfield Scenery.

Newtownards Airfield Scenery.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

The archive egad_utx.zip has 57 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Copyright and Distribution.txt07.27.091.18 kB
EGAD_UTX.gif07.27.098.76 kB
EGAD_UTX.jpg07.26.09306.92 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ07.27.09279 B
FSXvReal.jpg07.27.09322.62 kB
Readme.txt07.27.095.87 kB
Scenery07.27.090 B
AF2_EGAD.bgl07.27.095.31 kB
Asphalt.bgl07.15.099.34 kB
EGAD_AirTraffic.bgl08.05.082.10 kB
EGAD_Fillers.bgl07.26.091.82 kB
EGAD_Grass.bgl07.21.0911.56 kB
EGAD_Lib.BGL07.22.09857.62 kB
EGAD_Lights.bgl08.02.082.27 kB
EGAD_Objects.bgl07.22.09908 B
EGAD_UTX.bgl07.26.0913.56 MB
EGAD_Vegetation.bgl07.26.094.96 kB
Flatten_UTX.BGL07.26.091.26 kB
Lines.bgl07.27.0940.47 kB
RoadTraffic_UTX.BGL07.26.091.28 kB
Tarmac.bgl07.16.0917.39 kB
Texture07.27.090 B
Brick1.dds08.09.0810.80 kB
Brick1_Bump.dds08.09.0810.80 kB
Mad1.dds08.05.0885.48 kB
TSAsphalt.dds07.21.09682.80 kB
TSCracks.dds07.21.091.33 MB
TSEGAD1.dds07.11.08682.80 kB
TSEGAD10.dds07.28.08682.80 kB
TSEGAD11.dds07.28.08682.80 kB
TSEGAD12.dds07.28.0821.48 kB
TSEGAD13.dds07.28.085.64 kB
TSEGAD14.dds08.05.08682.80 kB
TSEGAD15.dds08.05.08170.80 kB
TSEGAD15_Bump.dds08.05.08170.80 kB
TSEGAD16.dds08.05.0842.80 kB
TSEGAD17.dds08.05.0842.80 kB
TSEGAD18.dds08.09.08824 B
TSEGAD19.dds07.08.0942.80 kB
TSEGAD2.dds07.11.08682.80 kB
TSEGAD20.dds07.09.09682.80 kB
TSEGAD21.dds07.15.09682.80 kB
TSEGAD22.dds07.09.0942.80 kB
TSEGAD23.dds07.13.0985.48 kB
TSEGAD24.dds07.15.0985.48 kB
TSEGAD25.dds07.15.0985.48 kB
TSEGAD3.dds07.11.0885.48 kB
TSEGAD4.dds07.17.08682.80 kB
TSEGAD5.dds07.28.08682.80 kB
TSEGAD6.dds07.24.0821.48 kB
TSEGAD7.dds07.12.09170.80 kB
TSEGAD8.dds07.24.08341.48 kB
TSEGAD9.dds07.24.0821.48 kB
TSRWL.dds07.21.091.33 MB
TSTarmac.dds07.20.09682.80 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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