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PreviewScenery Eshott Airfield (X5ES) for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Horizon VFR Photographic Scenery Generation X (Vol. 3) only. Eshott is a busy GA airfield situated alongside the A1 trunk road in Northumberland, UK in the extreme north eastern corner of England. Originally an RAF airfield, it n...

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Scenery Eshott Airfield (X5ES) for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Horizon VFR Photographic Scenery Generation X (Vol. 3) only. Eshott is a busy GA airfield situated alongside the A1 trunk road in Northumberland, UK in the extreme north eastern corner of England. Originally an RAF airfield, it now has two new tarmac runways that have been laid over the old original ones and has the capacity to home up to 70 light GA and micro-light aircraft in its new hangars. Known throughout the GA world as a very friendly place, it is the perfect location from which to explore the stunning and historic Northumberland coast and Scottish borders. This detailed scenery features many animated objects, AI aircraft, moving road traffic and auto-gen trees for the local area. By Trevor Clark.

Eshott Airfield Scenery.

Eshott Airfield Scenery.

Installing this scenery…….
It is essential that you download and install a range of 'Third Party' scenery libraries.

These downloads (in green) need to be installed AND activated within FSX (via the settings/Scenery Library/Add Scenery method) before they will appear.

If you have installed my previous scenery for Hamble, Oxenhope, A Day at the Seaside or Weston on the Green, please proceed to part 2 as you will already have the required files on your PC.

Step one….
It is essential that you download and install a range of 'Third Party' scenery libraries.
These downloads need to installed AND be activated within FSX (via the settings/Scenery Library/Add Scenery method) before they will appear. See the attached read-me files for more information.

Name: lens_ez_scenery.zip Size: 25,470,147 Date: 10-20-2009 Downloads: 549
FS2004 Lens EZ Scenery Volume 1. A collection of scenery objects. By Len Hickman.
I have also used many items from the great collection of British scenery by the UK VFR group, if you have any of my previous sceneries, they will not be needed as you will already have them installed..

Name: ukvfr.zip Size: 44,781,123 Date: 02-28-2008 Downloads: 1,669
FSX UK VFR Add-ons. A scenery set required by many add-on sceneries, made easy to download and set up for FSX. Some of the libraries don't work with FSX but the majority are okay. Uploaded with permission from Alan Fidler. By Neil Birch.

Part 2
Two new additions to the usual scenery library I use are required for Eshott.

To represent the new style pre-fabricated and T-style hangars now being used at Eshott, I used the collection of T hangars by Al Wheeler.

Name: thangars.zip Size: 373,177 Date: 01-27-2007 Downloads: 1,133
FS2004 Tee Hangar Scenery Objects. A collection of simple general aviation T and conventional hangars for use with FS2004 and EZ-Scenery. By Al Wheeler.

I have again used the VFR lettering by Sidney Schwartz, if you have Westonzoyland installed, you will probably already have the objects below……

Name: vfrltrv2.zip Size: 482,319 Date: 10-13-2007 Downloads: 715
FS2004 VFR Letters SS v2. With these scenery objects you can paint the name of any airfield or town in enormous letters on the ground or on flat rooftops. Why? To help pilots flying VFR to figure out where they are of course. If you're using Instant Scenery or some other program that allows you to tilt scenery objects, you'll also be able to place the letters on pitched roofs or pretty much anyplace else you want. Version 2 adds alternate sets of lettering with a worn and weathered look. By Sidney Schwartz.
Step Two…..
Installing the ‘Eshott Airfield’ add-on scenery itself……

Once you have installed the above files, copy the file included in this zip called ‘Eshott Airfield’ into your FSX add -on scenery file; it will be something like this ….
C\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addonscenery\ Eshott Airfield \, depending on what letter drive you have your FSX installed. C drive is the most common.

You must then activate the scenery by selecting (within the menu of FSX) settings-scenery Library- Add Scenery. A box will be displayed showing your FSX folder. Click on add-on scenery to open this file and then highlight (with your mouse) the folder called Westonzoyland whilst high-lighted, click OK. The simulator will take a few minutes to build a new data base and will the return to the menu page.

One installed the airfields can be found in the ‘Go to’ menu under either its code X5ES or by the name Eshott Airfield and under the name of the local town Morpeth.

Traffic Alert…..Please note
Some default micro-lights and a GA aircraft will be using the airfield from time to time; to see these AI aircraft, please ensure that your traffic settings are set above 1%. To remove them, leave the airfield within FSX, delete the small file called ‘X5ES_traffic’ and refresh your scenery library.

Step Three (Optional)
Extra objects
As usual, I have included a lot of extra objects around the airfield, for those who like lots of eye candy and have a PC system that can handle it. Just add the file contained in the folder called ‘Eshott extra buildings’ into your Eshott/scenery folder. It will need to be refreshed, by visiting the scenery library within FSX if you have already installed the rest of the airfield. This will be done by FSX automatically anyway, the next time you boot up the simulator.

Static Aircraft.
I have included some static modern GA aircraft which gives the airfield a nice modern feel. These are supplied by the static library made by ‘kb’.

I have also included some static micro-light aircraft (with British registration codes) via the file by Ted Andrews called…Tedsmicrolights.zip.

If you have problems with these micro-lights not showing (one user did at my Westonzoyland scenery) try using the FSX models contained in the file for FS9 and FSX, on the above page.

You should install the files in the normal way, an enclosed read-me file should guide you, if you have problems. In general anything with a .bgl goes in ‘scenery’ and all others go in ‘texture’! Then add the small .bgl file (file only, not the whole folder) contained in the folder called ‘Eshott_static_aircraft’ into the main Eshott/scenery folder and refresh the scenery library via the FSX main menu.
You should now have a mix of nice modern GA aircraft and a few MS default ones as well, to reflect the busy nature of Eshott.

If you chose not to use the above files, there will still be a couple of default MS aircraft to make the place look like an airfield!

Step Four. (Optional)

Autogen Trees Option….
I have made a set of autogen trees that add a bit of interest and help navigate around the airfield circuit at low level, to improve the performance on more modest PCs, I have made some (but not all) of the trees surrounding the airfield autogen as well.
To install these trees, place the entire contents of the file called ‘Eshott trees’ into the drive where you keep your Horizon VFR Gen X folder, following the path below…
*F:\VFR-Gen-X-2.0\Volume3\Area2\2.4m Photo\texture
*My scenery is on F drive (it is better if you have the option to install all the Horizon VFR X scenery on a DIFFERENT drive to FSX and your Windows operating system, but not essential.), yours may well be on C:\
Please Note…
If FSX is running, you may need to re-start it to see the trees.

Because of the way autogen is created, the trees in the above file should have little impact on frame rates.

Performance Issues?
With just the standard airfield as set out in Step 2, most users should be able to run this scenery at reasonable frame rates. Reducing any auto gen trees to a ‘normal’ setting may help. If you are reading this several years from now (early 2010), you should be able to use all the ‘extra files’ I have provided.
The scenery has not been tested using default scenery, and will not work in any other simulator other than FSX. Not tested in DX10

Comms Frequencies
Eshott G/A…..122.850

NEW 114.25 005 radial 14.9DME
SAB 112.50 161 radial 41DME

Known Problems with this scenery…
The default MS road traffic that uses the A1 is prone to disappear at odd times for several hundred metres. The only way I know of stopping this, is set the road traffic to 100%. It seems the MS use this interrupted flow method, rather than a reduced amount of traffic flow, to adjust the settings. It is a problem within FSX, as far as I have been able to ascertain.

I would like to thank the team at UK VFR, Len Hickman, Sidney Schwartz, Stephen Legg, Al Wheeler and the other designers whose objects I use on my sceneries for the superb library objects used and also the designers at Scruffy Duck for ADE9X. A special mention must be made to both Tony Meridith for assistance and for hosting my sceneries and to Ted Harrison for being able to guide me through each new add-on programme I am using to make these sceneries and for supplying the road bridges that allow the A1 traffic to cross some very deep valleys around the airfield. Thanks again, Ted!

Eshott Airfield Scenery.

Eshott Airfield Scenery.

Images & Screenshots

Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3Screenshot 4Screenshot 5Screenshot 6

The archive eshott_fsx.zip has 76 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Eshott Airfield for FSX02.24.100 B
Eshott Airfield02.24.100 B
Eshott Airfield for FSX Instructions.doc02.24.10318.00 kB
Eshott Airfield for FSX text only instructions.txt02.24.1010.58 kB
Eshott airfield map.jpg02.09.10102.02 kB
scenery02.24.100 B
cvxX5ES.BGL02.24.104.85 kB
Eshott_buildings.bgl02.24.107.45 kB
Traffic_X5ES_FSX.bgl02.24.102.11 kB
X5ES_ADEX_TJ.BGL02.24.105.58 kB
X5ES_Scenery.BGL02.24.10596 B
texture02.24.100 B
Eshott file info.txt02.24.10787 B
Eshott real.jpg02.24.1071.72 kB
Eshott1.jpg02.24.10272.21 kB
Eshott2.jpg02.24.10195.25 kB
Eshott3.jpg02.24.10254.38 kB
Eshott4.jpg02.24.10154.68 kB
Eshott_extra_buildings02.24.100 B
Eshott_extra_buildings.bgl02.19.104.26 kB
Eshott_static_aircraft02.24.100 B
Eshott_static_aircraft.bgl02.24.10716 B
Eshott_trees02.21.100 B
010331112020313an.agn02.19.10172 B
010331112020331an.agn02.19.10516 B
010331112020332an.agn02.19.10544 B
010331112020333an.agn02.19.101.13 kB
010331112021212an.agn02.19.10188 B
010331112021220an.agn02.19.10572 B
010331112021221an.agn02.19.10988 B
010331112021222an.agn02.19.101.35 kB
010331112021223an.agn02.19.10788 B
010331112021230an.agn02.19.101.35 kB
010331112021231an.agn02.19.101.15 kB
010331112021232an.agn02.19.101.14 kB
010331112021233an.agn02.19.101.08 kB
010331112021303an.agn02.19.10272 B
010331112021312an.agn02.19.10192 B
010331112021320an.agn02.19.10572 B
010331112021321an.agn02.19.10460 B
010331112021322an.agn02.19.10888 B
010331112021323an.agn02.19.10384 B
010331112021330an.agn02.19.10348 B
010331112021331an.agn02.19.10184 B
010331112021332an.agn02.19.10196 B
010331112021333an.agn02.19.10312 B
010331112022110an.agn02.19.10608 B
010331112022111an.agn02.19.10696 B
010331112022113an.agn02.19.10524 B
010331112022131an.agn02.19.10216 B
010331112023000an.agn02.19.10224 B
010331112023001an.agn02.19.10776 B
010331112023002an.agn02.19.10824 B
010331112023003an.agn02.19.10540 B
010331112023010an.agn02.19.10428 B
010331112023011an.agn02.19.102.01 kB
010331112023012an.agn02.19.10836 B
010331112023013an.agn02.19.10988 B
010331112023020an.agn02.19.10732 B
010331112023021an.agn02.19.10592 B
010331112023023an.agn02.19.10528 B
010331112023030an.agn02.19.10232 B
010331112023031an.agn02.19.10176 B
010331112023100an.agn02.19.101.77 kB
010331112023101an.agn02.19.101.14 kB
010331112023102an.agn02.19.10148 B
010331112023103an.agn02.19.10384 B
010331112023110an.agn02.19.10320 B
010331112023111an.agn02.19.10304 B
010331112023120an.agn02.19.10864 B
010331112023121an.agn02.19.10268 B
010331132223321an.agn01.13.10336 B
010331132223333an.agn01.13.10388 B
Other freeware FSX Scenery Projects by Trevor Clark.doc02.24.10161.50 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

Complementing Files & Dependencies

This add-on mentions the following files below in its description. It may be dependent on these files in order to function properly. It's possible that this is a repaint and the dependency below is the base package.

You may also need to download the following files:

Installation of Add-on Aircraft/Scenery

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download.


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