FSX St. Augustine - Northeast Florida Regional Scenery

PreviewScenery St. Augustine - Northeast Florida Regional Airport (KSGJ), FL. Generic floating buildings have been replaced with custom and library objects, and the attached seaplane base is included with a functional ramp to the water. FSX does not include the water runways on the intercoastal waterway...

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Scenery St. Augustine - Northeast Florida Regional Airport (KSGJ), FL. Generic floating buildings have been replaced with custom and library objects, and the attached seaplane base is included with a functional ramp to the water. FSX does not include the water runways on the intercoastal waterway, but information from the St. Augustine-St. Johns County Airport Authority is included showing the runway locations. Scenery in this package is based on Virtual Earth (Bing) and Google Earth imagery. Landclass changes, roads, rework of taxiways and aprons, placement of library objects and a library of new airport buildings are included. By Art Poole.

Screenshot of St. Augustine - Northeast Florida Regional Scenery.

Screenshot of St. Augustine - Northeast Florida Regional Scenery.


Extract the zip file and either (1) move the KSGJ folder to the "Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery" folder and then add this folder to the scenery list in FSX settings, or (2) move the files from the KSGJ\scenery folder to the Microsoft "Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery\scenery" folder and move the texture fileS from the KSGJ\texture folder to the FSX "Addon Scenery\texture" folder.

Next, move the Scenery_Global_Scenery files (Airport_Buildings_AP.bgl and Airport_Buildings_01_AP.bgl) to the "Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\Global\Scenery" folder. If you already have these files, overwrite them with the new ones unless yours are dated more recently.

For all scenery objects to display, the Scenery Complexity slider in Scenery settings must be set to "Very Dense". If you have Jim Dhaenens' lightobj.bgl installed (fsx_lts.zip in the AVSIM library) and set Scenery complexity to "Extremely Dense", apron lighting will be included. The layout of scenery is optimized for use with Ultimate Terrain X-USA. This airport can be further modified by the user with Airport Design Editor (freeware).

To revert back to FSX default, uncheck KSGJ in the AddOn Scenery list or remove the added KSGJ files from the Addon Scenery\Scenery folder, according to how it was installed. The Airport_Buildings_AP.bgl and Airport_Buildings_01_AP.bgl are libraries of objects which can be used by any object placement tool and do not need to be removed to deactivate the KSGJ airport scenery.

The Thumbs folder contains thumbnail images of included library objects and the Models folder contains .mdl files incorporated into the scenery for users of Airport Design Editor and other object placement software.

This scenery is freeware, and may not be reproduced in whole, or any part for profit. There is no warranty. It was tested using FSX Deluxe edition, UTX-USA, Acceleration, GEX, Cloud 9 and WOAI.

Airport modification, landclass changes and object placement were accomplished using Airport Design Editor v1.40.09 by ScruffyDuck Software. The object library was assembled using LibraryCreatorXML.

If there are any problems, questions or comments, contact:

Art Poole

Screenshot of St. Augustine - Northeast Florida Regional Scenery.

Screenshot of St. Augustine - Northeast Florida Regional Scenery.

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The archive st_augustine_fl.zip has 94 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
KSGJ09.21.100 B
scenery09.21.100 B
KSGJ_ADE_AP.BGL09.21.1056.37 kB
KSGJ_ADE_AP_CVX.bgl09.21.102.80 kB
KSGJ_FBO_01_AP.bgl09.12.1035.34 kB
KSGJ_FBO_02_AP.bgl09.16.106.92 kB
KSGJ_FBO_03_AP.bgl09.16.104.54 kB
KSGJ_RAMP_AP.bgl06.22.105.81 kB
KSGJ_SIGN_AP.bgl09.15.1017.91 kB
KSGJ_TERMINAL_AP.bgl09.20.10116.17 kB
texture09.21.100 B
KSGJ.bmp09.14.10170.75 kB
KSGJ_lm.bmp09.21.10170.75 kB
ksgj1.JPG09.21.10175.92 kB
ksgj2.JPG09.21.10191.36 kB
ksgj3.JPG09.21.10181.09 kB
readme.txt09.21.102.87 kB
Scenery_Global_Scenery09.21.100 B
Airport_Buildings_01_AP.bgl05.25.10207.20 kB
Airport_Buildings_AP.bgl03.31.09372.23 kB
Thumbs09.21.100 B
Airport_Buildings.bgl09.21.100 B
double_row_hangers_01.JPG01.03.095.25 kB
double_row_hangers_02.JPG01.03.095.96 kB
double_row_hangers_03.JPG01.03.094.72 kB
double_row_hangers_end_01.JPG01.03.096.58 kB
double_row_hangers_end_02.JPG03.17.097.07 kB
fbo_small_01.JPG01.03.095.93 kB
fbo_small_02.JPG02.05.094.76 kB
fbo_small_03.JPG02.06.094.96 kB
fbo_small_04.JPG02.06.095.43 kB
fbo_small_05.JPG10.12.095.67 kB
fbo_small_06.JPG10.16.096.22 kB
fbo_small_07.jpg01.03.105.59 kB
fencepost_01.JPG05.20.108.95 kB
gate_01.JPG05.20.1018.00 kB
hanger_fbo_01.JPG03.15.095.23 kB
large_double_hanger_01.JPG03.22.094.96 kB
large_hanger_01.JPG01.03.096.28 kB
large_hanger_02.JPG02.05.095.27 kB
large_hanger_03.JPG03.20.096.37 kB
large_hanger_05.JPG11.01.094.29 kB
large_hanger_06.jpg01.25.1012.36 kB
large_hanger_07.jpg03.24.104.56 kB
long_cover.JPG01.03.094.62 kB
low_jetway_02.JPG03.22.095.32 kB
medium_hanger_01.JPG01.03.096.12 kB
medium_hanger_02.JPG01.03.098.24 kB
medium_hanger_03.JPG01.03.095.19 kB
medium_hanger_04.JPG03.09.094.50 kB
medium_hanger_05.JPG10.12.095.18 kB
medium_hanger_06.JPG10.12.095.92 kB
medium_hanger_07.JPG10.16.094.98 kB
medium_hanger_08.JPG10.16.094.76 kB
medium_hanger_09.JPG10.16.095.45 kB
medium_hanger_10.jpg01.03.105.04 kB
medium_hanger_11.jpg01.03.106.72 kB
medium_hanger_12.jpg01.25.1014.15 kB
medium_hanger_14.jpg01.25.1012.48 kB
medium_hanger_15.JPG05.25.1012.69 kB
office_rectangular_01.JPG02.06.095.98 kB
office_round_01.JPG02.06.098.64 kB
Parking_01.jpg03.03.0915.20 kB
Parking_02.jpg03.03.0912.36 kB
Parking_03.jpg03.03.0912.90 kB
residence_01.JPG02.05.0911.02 kB
residence_02.JPG02.05.096.47 kB
residence_03.JPG02.05.097.70 kB
row_hangers_01.JPG01.03.094.72 kB
row_hangers_02.JPG01.03.096.79 kB
row_hangers_03.JPG01.03.098.24 kB
row_hangers_04.JPG01.03.095.34 kB
row_hangers_end_01.JPG01.03.094.96 kB
short_cover.jpg03.08.097.66 kB
small_hanger_01.JPG01.03.095.84 kB
small_hanger_02.JPG01.03.095.23 kB
small_hanger_03.JPG03.15.096.67 kB
small_hanger_04.JPG11.01.095.45 kB
small_hanger_05.JPG11.01.095.67 kB
small_hanger_06.jpg05.02.105.62 kB
small_hanger_07.jpg05.02.105.39 kB
t_hangers_01.JPG01.03.095.44 kB
t_hangers_02.JPG01.25.1011.95 kB
Thumbs.db12.19.0914.00 kB
tiny_hanger_01.JPG01.03.096.62 kB
tiny_hanger_02.JPG02.05.097.67 kB
tiny_hanger_03.JPG02.05.097.01 kB
tiny_hanger_04.JPG02.05.097.01 kB
tiny_hanger_05.JPG02.05.096.06 kB
tiny_hanger_06.jpg01.03.105.65 kB
tiny_hanger_07.jpg05.02.105.39 kB
Water runways.pdf06.22.10396.30 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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