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KORD 2010, O'Hare International Airport, Illinois (IL). An update with new runway 9L/27R installed, which is 7500 feet long. Gates are assigned to there respective carriers.

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KORD 2010, O'Hare International Airport, Illinois (IL). An update with new runway 9L/27R installed, which is 7500 feet long. Gates are assigned to there respective carriers.

Overview of KORD 2010 Scenery.

Overview of KORD 2010 Scenery.

This AFCAD replaces the FSX default one.


Put the "KORD_ADE_FS" in your "My_FSX_folder\Addon Scenery\scenery" folder.

If you already have an AFCAD for KORD in this directory or another one, you should delete it. More than one AFCAD for an airport may create problems.


has introduced a ground vehicles circulation within airport. In the original stock airport these vehicles are able to use taxiways to do their business which is, in most cases, completely irrealistic. I have rewritten all the system to get two independant networks: One for the planes and one for ground vehicles. Nevertheless all gates are connected to the ground vehicles network to allow servicing (fuel truck etc...)

Features with this AFCAD:

-Assigned Parking Gates.
-Terminal 1 United/United Express Except (ANA,Lufthansa Depature)
-Terminal 2 Continental Airline,Us airways,United Express,United,Air Canada Jazz,Air Canada,Jetblue.
-Terminal 3 American Express.
-Terminal 4 American Airline.
-Terminal 5 Delta Airline,Delta Express,Spirit,Northwest Airline,Alaska Airline.
-International Terminal Aer Lingus,Air Jamaica,K.L.M.Air france, Air India and so on.
-Fedex Cargo/UPS Assigned Parking
-Cargo Station for Air france Cargo And Lufthansa Cargo And other cargo Carriers in to O-hare Airport
-Runway Extended to Real World Length.

There are still works in progress in the Terminal 1.


Jamaican Kid Production and would like to thank you guys for downloading my scenery which take me weeks upon weeks to complete.

I have used AIRPORT DESIGN EDITOR "ADE9X", freeware, to make this AFCAD and would like to thanks its author Jon Masterson. Jon is still working to improve his program but it's already a very powerfull tool and very easy to use.

There are two others CAD-style programs presently available. One is a freeware, FSX PLANNER.

The third tool called AIRPORT FACILITATOR is available but as a payware.

For AFCAD creators:

In FSX, the aircraft placing via AFCAD has changed with the introduction by MSFS of a new strict measurement system. The half wingspan value measured in Meters is now applied. This value is read directly from the "aircraft.cfg" file. It's in the [airplane_geometry] rubric at the "wing_span" line. This value for the Airbus 321 for example, is 112.04 Feet. Divided by 2 and converted in Meters 17.074896. Where that creates a problem is when MSFS round up to the whole meter that is to say 18. Therefore in the "Traffic Explorer" we see 18 for the A321 half wingspan instead of 17 logically. The 321 is a textbook case because in most cases it won't have so much importance.

I have collected data from Airbus, Boeing etc... and you can find here below the results of my searches.

AIRCRAFT HALF-WING SPAN (m) WL= WingLet *=rounded up ie 24* is = or >23.5
I have indicated the length of some planes when it's significant. Caution behind.

A380/F 40 L73
B747-8 34 L76
B772LR/773ER-F 32 L64/74
A358/9/1000 32 L61/67/74
B744 32 L71
A345/6 32* L68/75
B772/72ER/73 31* L64/64/74
A332/33/42/43 30 L63/63/59/63
B788/89 30 L57/63
B741/42/43/SP 30 L71/ SP56
IL96 30 L55
B764 26 L61
MD11 26 L61
DC10-30/40 25
L1011-500 25
B762/63 24
IL86 24 L60
L1011-100 24*
DC10-10 24*
A306 23*
DC8-62/63/72 23*
A310 22
B707 22
DC8-43/55/61 22*
IL62 22*
TU204/34 21
B752/53 19
TU154 19
B736/3G/38/39 17/18# #18 WL
YK42 18*
A318/19/20/21 17
C919 17/18# #18 WL
B722 17*
MD81/83/87/90 17*
ERJ190/5 15*
B733/34/35 15*
TU134 15*
F50 15*
F27 15*
B731/32 14
F100 14
F70 14
F28 14
DC9-21/32 14
B717 14
B111 14
DH8-400 14
ARJ21-700/900 14*
ATR72 14*
DC9-15 14*
CRJ1000 13
ERJ170 13
DH8-100 13
LET610 13
ATR42 13*
YAK40 13*
SAAB2000 13*
CRJ705/900 12
CRJ700 12*
SH360 12*
CRJ100-200 11*
SAAB340 11*
ERJ120/135/40/5 10
DH6 10
LET 410-420 10
B1900D 9
JS-41 9
B1900C 9*
EMB110 8*
JS31 8
C402 7*
AN-124 37*
L-100/C130 HERCULES 20



Caution : This is not FS data but real rounded dimensions.

As we can see, except for the A380 and the B747-8, there are four distinct categories that I've split in "Heavies", "Mediums", "Smalls" and "Regionals". I have assigned radius respectively of 36,27,18 and 15 to fit to the situation at CDG. The A380 has a 40 radius.

Happy flying.

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