FSX Scenery Airport Enhancements

Airport Enhancements. Airport scenery, added terminals, jetways, ILS's, taxiways to smaller airports, and IFR flight plans. By Larry McConnell.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) including Steam Edition & Prepar3D (P3D)
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Airport Enhancements. Airport scenery, added terminals, jetways, ILS's, taxiways to smaller airports, and IFR flight plans. By Larry McConnell.

First back up folders.

Open, & copy all files in scenery folder in to add-on folder in FSX.

Path c:/Program files/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Addon Scenery/scenery overwrite if prompted.

When you start FSX you should get "building new scenry databases".

If you have Traffic X AI program installed copy all the files into scenery folder there also.

Path c:/Program files/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight SimulatorX/JustFlight/TrafficX/AirportFacilities/Scenery.

Overwrite if prompted.

Copy Flight Simulator X Files into same folder.

Path start button/documents/Flight Simulator X Files.

The archive fsxairportenhancements_flightplans.zip has 611 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

This list displays the first 500 files in the package. If the package has more, you will need to download it to view them.

Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire to Antananarivo Madagascar.PLN04.18.101.46 kB
Abu Dhabi U.Arab Emirates to Calcutta India.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Abu Dhabi U.Arab Emirates to Diego Garcia Navy.PLN06.10.101.47 kB
Acapulco to Kinston Jamaica.PLN05.23.101.48 kB
Acapulco to Los Angeles Intl.PLN05.23.101.48 kB
Adak Ak to Anchorage Intl.PLN11.22.101.47 kB
Adak AK to Port of Spain Trinidad.PLN11.22.101.46 kB
Adak AK to Seattle.PLN11.22.101.47 kB
Adak Ak to Whitehorse Yukon.PLN11.22.101.46 kB
Albany to Keflavik Iceland.PLN10.20.061.46 kB
Albany to Greenland.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Albuquerque to Las Vegas.PLN04.15.101.48 kB
Albuquerque to Mexico City.PLN04.15.101.49 kB
Albuquerque to Houston.PLN04.15.101.50 kB
Albuquerque to Milwaukee.PLN04.15.101.48 kB
Albuquerque to Tampa Intl.PLN04.15.101.48 kB
Amarillo Tx to Freeport Grand Bahama.PLN10.20.061.48 kB
Amarillo Tx to Las Vegas.PLN10.20.061.48 kB
Amsterdam to St Johns Antiqual.PLN10.20.061.46 kB
Anchorage to Adak Ak.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Anchorage to Fargo ND.PLN10.20.061.48 kB
Anchorage to Kennedy Intl.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Anchorage to Kodiak Ilse.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Anchorage to Seattle-Tacoma Intl.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Anchorage to St Petersburg.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Antifagsto Chile to Aruba.PLN09.27.101.49 kB
Aruba to Bermuda Intl.PLN05.06.101.48 kB
Aruba to Cayenne FR. Gyuana.PLN03.05.101.48 kB
Aruba to Havana Cuba.PLN03.05.101.48 kB
Aruba to Kinston Jamaica.PLN03.05.101.49 kB
Aruba to Lisbon.PLN03.05.101.47 kB
Aruba to Miami Intl.PLN03.23.101.48 kB
Aruba to New Orleans.PLN03.05.101.49 kB
Aruba to San Juan Intl.PLN03.05.101.49 kB
Aruba to Santa Maria Portugal.PLN03.05.101.48 kB
Ascension Aux AB to Kenya.PLN10.28.101.46 kB
Ascension Aux AB to Lima Peru.PLN10.28.101.47 kB
Ascension Aux AB to Manzini Swaziland.PLN10.28.101.47 kB
Ascension Aux AB to Newark Intl.PLN10.28.101.47 kB
Ascension Aux AB to Rio de Junero.PLN10.28.101.48 kB
Athens to Calcutta India.PLN10.20.061.50 kB
Athens to Diego Garcia Navy.PLN03.07.101.48 kB
Athens to Jerusalem.PLN10.20.061.48 kB
Athens to Lisbon.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Athens to London.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Atlanta to Albany Intl.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Atlanta to Bermuda Intl.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Atlanta to Buffalo Intl.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Atlanta to Charlotte Douglas Intl.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Atlanta to Detroit.PLN10.20.061.50 kB
Atlanta to Las Vegas.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Atlanta to Mexico City.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Atlanta to Saun Juan PR.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Auscion Paraguay to Maiguetia Venezuela.PLN10.21.061.48 kB
Babelthuap Micronesia to Guam Intl.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Baghdad Iraq to Abu Dhabi U.Arab Emirates to.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Baltimore to Bremen Ger.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Baltimore to Lima Peru.PLN10.21.061.48 kB
Bangor Intl to Bermuda Intl.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bangor Intl to Chicago.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bangor Intl to Cleveland.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bangor Intl to Geneva.PLN10.21.061.45 kB
Bangor Intl to Goose Bay.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bangor Intl to Greenland.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bangor Intl to Memphis Intl.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bangor Intl to Nashville Intl.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bangor Intl to Philadelphia Intl.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bangor Intl to Tampa Intl.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bangor Intl to Washington DC.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bangui Central Africa Rep to Livingstone Zambia.PLN05.19.101.46 kB
Barbados to Freeport Grand Bahama.PLN12.16.101.48 kB
Barbados to Rio de Junero.PLN12.16.101.48 kB
Barbados to Rome.PLN12.16.101.47 kB
Barbados to San Andreas Ilse Columbia.PLN12.16.101.48 kB
Barbados to San Juan PR.PLN12.16.101.48 kB
Barbados to Santo Dominica Dominician Republic.PLN12.16.101.48 kB
Barbados to to Bermuda Intl.PLN12.16.101.47 kB
Barcelona Spain to Pafos Cyprus.PLN10.21.061.45 kB
Base Marambio to Buenos Aires.PLN12.10.101.48 kB
Base Marambio to Mcmurdo Station.PLN12.10.101.47 kB
Bata Equatorial Guinea to Aruba.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bata Equatorial Guinea to Athens.PLN10.21.061.45 kB
Baton Rouge to Las Vegas.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Baton Rouge to Pittsburgh.PLN10.21.061.48 kB
Baton Rouge to Gibraltar AB.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Beijing China to Guam Intl.PLN10.16.101.47 kB
Beijing China to Los Angeles Intl.PLN10.21.061.48 kB
Beijing China to Moscow.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Beijing China to Tokyo.PLN06.13.101.48 kB
Belfast to Innsbruck.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Berlin to Cairo.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Berlin to Istanbul Turkey.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bermuda Intl to Cayman Ilses.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bermuda Intl to Barbados.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bermuda Intl to Buffalo.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bermuda Intl to San Juan.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bermuda Intl to Santa Maria.PLN06.06.101.46 kB
Bermuda Intl to Scatsta Scotland.PLN03.30.101.46 kB
Bermuda Intl to Tampa Intl.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bermuda to Gran Canaria.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Billings Mt to Anchorage Intl.PLN10.21.061.48 kB
Billings Mt to Columbia SC.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Billings Mt to Nashville Intl.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Biloxi Mi to Bermuda Intl.PLN10.05.101.47 kB
Biloxi Mi to Columbia SC.PLN10.05.101.47 kB
Bismarck ND to Biloxi Mi.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bismarck ND to Whitehorse Yukon.PLN10.05.101.47 kB
Boise Id to Chicago.PLN10.21.061.49 kB
Boise Id to Dallas-Ft Worth Intl.PLN10.21.061.49 kB
Boise Id to Nashville Intl.PLN10.21.061.48 kB
Bora Bora FR.Polynesia to Acapulco.PLN05.21.101.48 kB
Bora Bora FR.Polynesia to Hilo Hawaii.PLN05.21.101.46 kB
Boston to Detroit Metro Wayne Co.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Boston to Goose Bay.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Boston to Indianapolis Intl.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Boston to Lisbon.PLN10.21.061.45 kB
Boston to London.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Boston to Memphis Intl.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Boston to Patrick AFB.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Boston to Rankin Inlet Canada.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Boston to Shannon.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bremen Ger to Cape Town Intl.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bremen Ger to Gibraltar AB.PLN10.21.061.45 kB
Bremen Ger to Glasgow.PLN10.21.061.45 kB
Bremen Ger to Liverpool.PLN10.21.061.45 kB
Bremen to Istanbul Turkey.PLN03.15.101.45 kB
Bridgetown Barbados to Faroe Ilses.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bridgetown Barbados to Ft Laurdedale.PLN10.21.061.48 kB
Brisbane Australia to Los Angeles.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Brisbane Australia to Pago American Samoa.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Brunei Intl to Guam Intl.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bucharest Romania to Entebbe Uganda.PLN10.21.061.46 kB
Bucharest Romania to Manila.PLN10.21.061.47 kB
Bucharest Romania to Oslo Norway.PLN02.23.101.46 kB
Budapest Hungary to Faroe Ilses.PLN02.23.101.45 kB
Budapest Hungary to Prague Czech.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Buenos Aires to Base Marambio.PLN04.19.101.48 kB
Buenos Aires to Cape Town Intl.PLN04.19.101.48 kB
Buenos Aires to LaPaz Bolivia.PLN04.19.101.48 kB
Buenos Aires to Mexico City.PLN04.19.101.49 kB
Buenos Aires to Rio de Junero.PLN04.19.101.50 kB
Buenos Aires to Santiago Chile.PLN04.19.101.50 kB
Buffalo to Gillette Wy.PLN10.08.101.48 kB
Buffalo to Jacksonville Intl.PLN10.08.101.47 kB
Buffalo to Gander Intl.PLN10.08.101.47 kB
Cairo Eygpt to Bata Equatorial Guinea.PLN10.22.061.45 kB
Cairo Intl to Bangui Central Africa Rep.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Cairo Intl to Birao Central Africa Rep.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Cairo Intl to Calcutta India.PLN10.21.101.48 kB
Calcutta India to Adak Ilses.PLN10.23.101.48 kB
Calcutta India to Diego Garcia Navy.PLN10.23.101.49 kB
Calcutta India to Hong Kong Intl.PLN10.23.101.49 kB
Calcutta India to Kunmimg China.PLN10.23.101.48 kB
Calgary Intl to Toronto Pearson Intl.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Calgary Intl to Vancouver Intl.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Cancun to Aruba.PLN10.22.061.48 kB
Cancun to Biloxi Mi.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Cancun to Chicago.PLN10.22.061.48 kB
Cancun to Miami.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Cape Town to Changi Singapore.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Cape Town to Perth Australia.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Cape Town to Rio de Jenerio.PLN10.22.061.48 kB
Cape Verde Ilses to Bermuda Intl.PLN11.11.101.47 kB
Cape Verde Ilses to Lajes Ilses.PLN11.11.101.46 kB
Cape Verde Ilses to Liberville Gabon.PLN11.11.101.47 kB
Cape Verde Ilses to Malta.PLN11.11.101.46 kB
Casablanca to Ascension Aux AB.PLN10.27.101.46 kB
Casablanca to Athens.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Casablanca to London.PLN10.22.061.45 kB
Casablanca to Rio de Janerio.PLN10.28.101.48 kB
Cayenne FR. Gyuana to Casablanca Morroco.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Cayenne FR. Gyuana to Gaulaquil Ecuador.PLN12.17.101.46 kB
Cayenne FR. Gyuana to Lajes Isles.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Cayman Ilses to Apalachicola Mun.PLN05.12.101.47 kB
Cayman Ilses to Aruba.PLN02.20.101.48 kB
Cayman Ilses to Baltimore.PLN05.12.101.48 kB
Cayman Ilses to Boston.PLN05.12.101.46 kB
Cayman Ilses to Chicago-O'Hare Intl.PLN05.12.101.48 kB
Cayman Ilses to Detroit.PLN05.12.101.47 kB
Cayman Ilses to Lisbon.PLN05.12.101.46 kB
Cayman Ilses to Little Rock Ar.PLN05.12.101.46 kB
Cayman Ilses to Wilkes-Barre-Scranton.PLN04.23.101.48 kB
Changi Singapore to Hanoi.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Changi Singapore to Hong Kong Intl.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Changi Singapore to Marshall Is Intl.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Charleston Intl to Kinston Jamaica.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Charleston SC to Baton Rouge.PLN10.22.061.48 kB
Charleston SC to Kinston Jamaica.PLN10.22.061.48 kB
Charlotte Douglas Intl to Tampa Intl.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Charlottetown Prince Edward Ilse to Cherry Point MCAS.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Cherry Point MCAS to Goose Bay.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Chicago to Atlanta.PLN05.15.101.49 kB
Chicago to Bangor Intl.PLN05.15.101.48 kB
Chicago to Bermuda Intl.PLN05.15.101.48 kB
Chicago to Calgary Intl.PLN05.15.101.48 kB
Chicago to Cayman Ilses.PLN05.15.101.48 kB
Chicago to Denver Intl.PLN05.15.101.48 kB
Chicago to La Guardia.PLN05.15.101.47 kB
Chicago to Las Vegas.PLN05.15.101.48 kB
Chicago to London.PLN05.15.101.47 kB
Chicago to Miami Intl.PLN05.15.101.48 kB
Chicago to New Orleans Intl.PLN05.15.101.49 kB
Chicago to Newark Intl.PLN05.15.101.48 kB
Chicago to Portland Intl.PLN05.15.101.48 kB
Chicago to Seattle.PLN05.15.101.49 kB
Chicago to Shannon.PLN05.15.101.47 kB
Churchill to Boston.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Cincinnati to Albuquerque.PLN10.22.061.49 kB
Cincinnati to Bangor Intl.PLN10.22.061.48 kB
Cleveland to Boise Air Term.PLN10.22.061.49 kB
Cleveland to Boston.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Cleveland to Fiji Ilses.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Cleveland to Freeport Grand Bahama.PLN10.22.061.48 kB
Cleveland to Phoenix Az.PLN10.22.061.49 kB
Cleveland to Santa Maria Portugal.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Clevelandl to Daytona Beach Intl.PLN10.22.061.48 kB
Columbia SC to Cape Verde Ilses.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Columbia SC to Minneapolis Mn.PLN10.22.061.48 kB
Columbia SC to Prince Edward Isle.PLN10.22.061.46 kB
Cook Ilses to Guam Intl.PLN07.18.101.47 kB
Cook Ilses to Honolulu Intl.PLN07.18.101.47 kB
Cook Ilses to LaPaz Mexico.PLN07.18.101.48 kB
Cook Ilses to Tahiti FR Polynesia.PLN07.18.101.46 kB
Cork to Keflavik Iceland.PLN10.22.061.45 kB
Dallas-Ft Worth Intl to Boston.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Dallas-Ft Worth Intl to Orlando Intl.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Dallas-Ft Worth Intl to to Jacksonville Fl.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Darwin Australia to Saigon.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Daytona Beach Intl to Key West Intl.PLN10.22.061.47 kB
Denver to Anchorage Intl.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Denver to Boston.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Denver to Buffalo.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Denver to Mexico City.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Denver to Montreal Intl (Dorval).PLN10.23.061.49 kB
Denver to San Diego.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Denver to Chicago.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Des Moines IA to Pittsburgh Intl.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Detroit Mi to Des Moines Intl.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Detroit Mi to Keene NH.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Detroit Mi to Miami Intl.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Detroit Mi to Rapid City SD.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Diego Garcia Navy to Katmandu Nepal.PLN06.11.101.47 kB
Diego Garcia Navy to Kota Kinabalu Malyasia.PLN10.22.101.47 kB
Diego Garcia Navy to Manilla.PLN06.11.101.47 kB
Dublin Intl to Bucharest Romania.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Dublin Intl to Innsbruck.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Dublin Intl to Newark Intl.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Dublin Intl to St. Petersburg.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Edinburgh to Casablanca.PLN10.26.101.45 kB
Edinburgh to Sofia Bulgaria.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
El Salvador to Albuquerque.PLN04.14.101.48 kB
El Salvador to Buenos Aires.PLN04.19.101.48 kB
El Salvador to Lima Peru.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Entebbe Uganda to Rio de Janerio.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Fargo ND to Adak Ilse AK.PLN04.24.101.46 kB
Fargo ND to Cleveland.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Fargo ND to Portland OR.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Fargo ND to Savannah Intl.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Faroe Isles to Anchorage Intl.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Faroe Isles to Geneva.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Faroe Isles to Santa Maria Portugal.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Fiji Ilses to Grand Caymen.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Fiji Ilses to Queenstown NZ.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Fiji Ilses to Sydney Australia.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Fiji Ilses to Tampa Intl.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Freeport Grand Bahama to Aruba.PLN10.23.061.49 kB
Freeport Grand Bahama to Cincinnati.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Freeport Grand Bahama to Houston.PLN10.23.061.49 kB
Freeport Grand Bahama to St. Thomas VI.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Ft Lauderdale to Las Vegas.PLN11.10.101.48 kB
Ft Lauderdale to St Louis.PLN11.02.101.49 kB
Ft Laurdedale to Indianoplis In.PLN11.10.101.48 kB
Ft Laurdedale to Newark Intl.PLN11.10.101.49 kB
Fukuoka Japan to Los Angeles.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Gander Intl to Cleveland.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Gander Intl to Greenland.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Gander Intl to Keflavik.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Gander Intl to Phoenix.PLN10.23.061.48 kB
Gaulaquil Ecuador to Pago Am. Somoa.PLN12.17.101.47 kB
Geneva to Bermuda Intl.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Georgetown Guyana to Cayman Ilses.PLN04.23.101.46 kB
Gibraltar AB to Bremen Ger.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Gibraltar AB to Kennedy Intl.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Gillette Wy to Anchorage Intl.PLN10.09.101.49 kB
Gillette Wy to Phoenix Intl.PLN10.23.061.49 kB
Glasgow to Ascension Aux AB.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Glasgow to Berlin.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Glasgow to Boston.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Glasgow to Innsbruck.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Glasgow to Keflavik.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Glasgow to Madrid.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Glasgow to Santa Maria Portugal.PLN10.23.061.45 kB
Goose Bay to Glasgow.PLN11.21.101.46 kB
Goose Bay to Newark Intl.PLN11.21.101.47 kB
Goose Bay to Rankin Inlet.PLN11.21.101.46 kB
Goose Bay to Vancouver Intl.PLN11.21.101.46 kB
Goose Bay to Windsor.PLN11.21.101.46 kB
Gran Canaria to London.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Gran Canaria to Prague Czech.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Grand Cayman to Aruba.PLN03.24.101.48 kB
Grand Cayman to Rurutu Fr Polynesia.PLN03.24.101.46 kB
Grand Cayman to Tampa Intl.PLN03.24.101.46 kB
Greenland to Aruba.PLN03.22.101.48 kB
Greenland to Cape Town Intl.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Greenland to Liverpool.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Greenland to Palermo.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Greenland to Philadelphia Intl.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Guam to Changi Singapore.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Guam to Honolulu.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Guam Intl to Adak Ak.PLN10.23.061.46 kB
Guam Intl to Cook Ilses.PLN03.16.101.47 kB
Guam Intl to Hong Kong Intl.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Guam Intl to Manilla.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Guam Intl to San Francisco Intl.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Guam Intl to Seattle.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Guam Intl to Seoul Korea.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Guam Intl to Tokyo.PLN10.23.061.47 kB
Guam to Perth Intl.PLN10.16.101.46 kB
Hanoi to Beijing Capital.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Hanoi to Katmandu Nepal.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Hanoi to Tokyo.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Havana Cuba to Mexico City.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Havana Cuba to St.Thomas V.I.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Havana Cuba to Washington DC.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Hilo Hi to San Diego.PLN11.19.101.47 kB
Hong Kong Intl to Beijing China.PLN06.11.101.47 kB
Hong Kong Intl to Guam Intl.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Hong Kong Intl to Katmandu Nepal.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Hong Kong Intl to Los Angeles Intl.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Hong Kong Intl to Moscow.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Hong Kong Intl to Shanghai China.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Hong Kong Intl to Tokyo (Haneda) Intl.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Honolulu Intl to Fiji Ilses.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Honolulu Intl to Guam Intl.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Honolulu Intl to Johnston Atoll.PLN05.25.101.47 kB
Honolulu Intl to Los Angeles Intl.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Honolulu Intl to Mexico City.PLN04.30.101.48 kB
Honolulu Intl to San Francisco Intl.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Horn Australia to Saigon.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Houston to Charlotte NC.PLN10.24.061.49 kB
Houston to Chicago.PLN10.24.061.50 kB
Houston to Lapaz Mexico.PLN10.24.061.50 kB
Houston to Minneapolis-St Paul Intl.PLN10.24.061.49 kB
Incon Korea to Guam Intl.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Incon Korea to Osaka Japan.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Incon Korea to San Francisco Intl.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Incon Korea to Tokyo (Haneda) Intl.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Indianapolis Intl to Bangor Intl.PLN11.10.101.47 kB
Indianapolis to Cape Verde Ilses.PLN11.10.101.47 kB
Innsbruck to Athens.PLN02.24.101.48 kB
Innsbruck to Buenos Aires.PLN02.24.101.48 kB
Innsbruck to Dublin Intl.PLN02.24.101.46 kB
Innsbruck to Gander Intl.PLN02.23.101.46 kB
Innsbruck to Greenland.PLN02.24.101.46 kB
Innsbruck to Katmandu Nepal.PLN02.24.101.46 kB
Innsbruck to Shannon.PLN02.24.101.46 kB
Innsbruck to St Petersburg.PLN02.24.101.46 kB
Isla Rey Jorge Anartica to Mcmurdo Station Anartica.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Istanbul to Incheon Korea.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Istanbul to Innsbruck.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Istanbul to Katmandu Nepal.PLN05.08.101.46 kB
Jacksonville Intl to Buffalo.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Jacksonville Intl to Newark Intl.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Jacksonville Intl to Portland Me.PLN10.24.061.47 kB
Jerusalem to Casablanca.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Jerusalem to Gran Canaria.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Jerusalem to Karachi Pakistan.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Jerusalem to Lisbon.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Jerusalem to London.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Johnston Atoll to Cook Ilses.PLN05.28.101.47 kB
Johnston Atoll to Honolulu Intl.PLN10.30.101.47 kB
Juneau Intl to Boise Id.PLN10.24.061.48 kB
Juneau Intl to Kodiak.PLN10.24.061.46 kB
Kansas City to Minneapolis-St Paul.PLN12.12.101.48 kB
Katmandu Nepal to Hong Kong Intl.PLN06.11.101.47 kB
Katmandu Nepal to Saigon.PLN05.08.101.46 kB
Keflavik Iceland to Buffalo Niagara Intl.PLN10.08.101.47 kB
Keflavik Iceland to Glasgow.PLN10.08.101.45 kB
Keflavik Iceland to Innsbruck.PLN10.08.101.46 kB
Kennedy to Chicago.PLN02.15.071.48 kB
Kingston Jamaica to Mexico City.PLN08.09.081.48 kB
Kingston Jamaica to Phoenix.PLN02.22.101.48 kB
Kodiak Ilse to St. Petersburg.PLN10.13.101.46 kB
Kota Kinabalu Malyasia to Guam.PLN10.22.101.46 kB
Kota Kinabalu Malyasia to Katmandu Nepal.PLN10.22.101.47 kB
Kota Kinabalu malyasia to Osaka Japan.PLN10.22.101.47 kB
Kota Kinabalu Malyasia to Saigon.PLN10.22.101.47 kB
Lajes Ilses to Pafos Cyprus.PLN11.12.101.46 kB
LaPaz Bolivia to Aruba.PLN04.27.101.48 kB
LaPaz Bolivia to Cook Ilses.PLN04.28.101.47 kB
Las Vegas to Mexico City.PLN05.15.101.47 kB
Lima Peru to Aruba.PLN03.28.101.48 kB
Lima Peru to Bermuda Intl.PLN03.28.101.47 kB
Lima Peru to Denver.PLN10.29.101.47 kB
Lima Peru to Maiguetia Venezuela.PLN11.01.101.47 kB
Lima Peru to Mexico City.PLN10.29.101.48 kB
Lima Peru to San Juan PR.PLN03.28.101.48 kB
Lincoln NE to Portland ME.PLN03.27.101.46 kB
Livingstone Zambia to Perth Intl.PLN05.19.101.47 kB
London to Rome.PLN03.25.101.46 kB
Los Angeles to Lincoln NE.PLN03.27.101.47 kB
Maiguetia Venezuela to Ft Lauderdale.PLN11.01.101.48 kB
Manzini Swaziland to Perth.PLN11.16.101.46 kB
McMurdo Station to Base Marambio.PLN04.25.101.47 kB
Mcmurdo Station to Buenos Aires.PLN12.10.101.49 kB
Mexico City to Chicago.PLN03.26.101.48 kB
Mexico City to Los Angeles.PLN03.26.101.48 kB
Mexico City to Miami.PLN04.30.101.47 kB
Miami to La Guardia.PLN03.24.101.46 kB
Midway Ilse to Guam.PLN12.18.101.47 kB
Milwaukee to Port-Au-Prince Hait.PLN06.26.101.49 kB
Minneapolis to Miramichi New Brunswick.PLN12.12.101.47 kB
Miramichi New Brunswick to Glasgow.PLN12.13.101.45 kB
Nagasaki to Cook Iles.PLN03.16.101.47 kB
Newark Intl to Atlanta Intl.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Newark Intl to Bangor Intl.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Newark Intl to Bermuda Intl.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Newark Intl to Chicago.PLN10.18.061.48 kB
Newark Intl to Columbia SC.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Newark Intl to Dallas-Ft Worth Intl.PLN10.20.061.48 kB
Newark Intl to London.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Newark Intl to Montreal Intl (Dorval).PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Newark Intl to NASA Shuttle Landing Facility.PLN10.20.061.48 kB
Newark Intl to Orlando Intl.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Newark Intl to Rio de Junero.PLN10.20.061.49 kB
Newark Intl to San Juan PR.PLN10.20.061.48 kB
Newark Intl to Shannon.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Newark Intl to Tampa Intl.PLN10.20.061.47 kB
Osaka Japan to Guam Intl.PLN10.22.101.47 kB
Pafos Cyprus to Manzini Swaziland.PLN11.15.101.46 kB
Pafos Cyprus to Saigon.PLN11.15.101.46 kB
Pago Am. Somoa to Midway Isle.PLN12.18.101.48 kB
Perth Intl to Sydney.PLN10.16.101.48 kB
Philadelphia Intl to El Salvador.PLN04.14.101.47 kB
Phoenix to Bismarck ND.PLN10.02.101.48 kB
Phoenix to Boston.PLN10.02.101.48 kB
Phoenix to La Guardia.PLN10.02.101.48 kB
Phoenix to Port-Au-Prince Haiti.PLN10.02.101.49 kB
Port-Au-Prince Haiti to Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire.PLN04.17.101.49 kB
Port-Au-Prince Haiti to St Thomas Virgin Ilses.PLN03.20.101.47 kB
Portland Intl to Anchorage.PLN11.02.101.48 kB
Portland ME to Glasgow.PLN03.27.101.46 kB
Prague Czech to Istanbul.PLN05.08.101.45 kB
Prague Czech to Rotterdam.PLN10.07.101.45 kB
Rankin Inlet to Goose Bay.PLN05.03.101.46 kB
Rio de Junero to Aruba.PLN10.28.101.50 kB
Rio de Junero to Georgetown Guyana.PLN10.28.101.48 kB
Rio de Junero to Lima Peru.PLN10.28.101.48 kB
Rome to Abu Dhabi U.Arab Emirates.PLN06.10.101.46 kB
Rotterdam to Keflavik Iceland.PLN10.08.101.46 kB
Saigon to Guam Intl.PLN05.09.101.46 kB
Saigon to Osaka Japan.PLN11.14.101.47 kB
San Andreas Ilse Columbia to Cayenne FR. Gyuana.PLN12.16.101.47 kB
San Francisco Intl to Chicago-O'Hare Intl.PLN03.18.101.48 kB
San Juan PR to Bermuda Int.PLN03.29.101.47 kB
San Juan to Vilnius Lithuania.PLN10.20.101.47 kB
Santa Maria to Athens.PLN06.06.101.48 kB
Santa Maria to Rome.PLN06.06.101.46 kB
Santa Maria to Solenzara Fr.PLN12.14.101.46 kB
Scatsta Scotland to Innsbruck.PLN09.29.101.46 kB
Shannon to Innsbruck.PLN02.23.101.46 kB
Shirak Armenia to Diego Garcia Navy.PLN12.15.101.46 kB
Solenzara Fr to Shirak Armenia.PLN12.14.101.45 kB
St Johns Antiqual to Phoenix.PLN10.01.101.48 kB
St Louis to Portland Or.PLN11.02.101.48 kB
St Petersburg to Beijing Capital.PLN11.21.101.46 kB
St Petersburg to Goose Bay.PLN11.21.101.46 kB
St Thomas Virgin Ilses to Bermuda Intl.PLN07.09.101.46 kB
St Thomas Virgin Ilses to Innsbruck.PLN03.21.101.45 kB
St Thomas Virgin Ilses to Scatsta Scotland.PLN09.29.101.45 kB
St. Thomas VI 2 to Innsbruck.PLN05.02.101.46 kB
Sydney Australia to Mcmurdo Station.PLN10.16.101.48 kB
Sydney to Tahiti FR Polynesia.PLN05.20.101.47 kB
Tahiti FR Polynesia to Antifagsto Chile.PLN07.18.101.46 kB
Tahiti FR Polynesia to Honolulu Intl.PLN06.01.101.46 kB
Tahiti FR Polynesia to Lima Peru.PLN06.01.101.46 kB
Tampa Intl to Cook Ilses.PLN07.17.101.47 kB
Tampa Intl to San Juan.PLN07.16.101.47 kB
Tokyo to Guam Intl.PLN06.15.101.47 kB
Tokyo to Seattle-Tacoma Intl.PLN06.15.101.48 kB
Toronto to Bermuda.PLN03.09.101.47 kB
Toronto to Edinburgh.PLN10.25.101.47 kB
Vilnius Lithuania to Cairo Intl.PLN10.20.101.46 kB
Whitehorse Yukon to Albuquerque Intl.PLN06.20.101.48 kB
Whitehorse Yukon to Toronto.PLN06.20.101.48 kB
Wilkes-Barre-Scranton to Fargo ND.PLN04.23.101.48 kB
AF2_FHAW.bgl11.21.106.24 kB
AF2_FJDG.bgl11.22.108.70 kB
AF2_LFKS.BGL12.14.106.27 kB
AF2_LXGB.bgl12.17.1015.59 kB
AF2_MKJP.xml08.10.0835.80 kB
AF2_NCRG.bgl07.18.109.14 kB
AF2_TJSJ.bgl06.04.1048.31 kB
AFTX_KMSP.bgl08.29.0898.18 kB
AFTX_KORD.bgl05.15.10177.09 kB
AFTX_SAEZ.bgl12.12.1026.99 kB
BGSF.BGL11.26.1011.34 kB
CYCH.BGL12.13.1011.77 kB
CYQX.bgl12.17.1017.14 kB
CYRT.bgl11.21.107.79 kB
CYXY.bgl11.22.1025.39 kB
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Installation Instructions

Most of the freeware add-on aircraft and scenery packages in our file library come with easy installation instructions which you can read above in the file description. For further installation help, please see our Flight School for our full range of tutorials or view the README file contained within the download. If in doubt, you may also ask a question or view existing answers in our dedicated Q&A forum.


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