FSX Downtown Las Vegas X Scenery

Preview Downtown Las Vegas X, Nevada (NV), USA, a more detailed replacement for Fremont Street X and covers Fremont Street and additional skyskrapers in the downtown area. It was designed to complement Aerosoft US Cities X Las Vegas scenery add-on but should be compatible with the default scenery, too...

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Downtown Las Vegas X, Nevada (NV), USA, a more detailed replacement for Fremont Street X and covers Fremont Street and additional skyskrapers in the downtown area. It was designed to complement Aerosoft US Cities X Las Vegas scenery add-on but should be compatible with the default scenery, too. The Plaza Hotel, the Golden Nugget, the Pioneer Club, the Las Vegas Club and the Golden Gate Hotel are included among others. By Martin Reiffer.

Screenshot of Downtown Las Vegas X Scenery.

Screenshot of Downtown Las Vegas X Scenery.

Please remove Fremont Street X before installing Downtown Las Vegas X.

This scenery enhancement will add new buildings to Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. It was designed to complement Aerosoft's US Cities X Las Vegas but should be compatible with Microsoft's default scenery, too.
So far Dowtown Las Vegas in general and Fremont Street in particular have never been reproduced in any commercial scenery add-on. Even BAO skipped this iconic part of Las Vegas although their European box art showed the legendary area around the Pioneer Club. Unfortunately a lot of the unique Western atmosphere has vanished since Fremont Street was converted into the roofed Fremont Street Experience in the mid 1990s.

Object Author

Plaza Hotel Jordan Herring
Golden Gate Hotel N. W. Perry
Las Vegas Club buildlasvegas
Pioneer Club buildlasvegas
Fremont Street Experience Jordan Herring
Binion's b
Golden Nugget Hotel Golden Boy
Casino buildlasvegas
Gambling Hall Josh H
Clark County Justice Center N. W. Perry
Las Vegas Court House loryluny
Bank of America WTCman
Fitzgerald's concept3d.com
Lady Luck concept3d.com
150 Las Vegas Blvd buildlasvegas
495 Fremont St pbsukla
101 N Las Vegas Blvd Dr.???
Carson Tower N. W. Perry

All objects, which had been designed by the respective authors, were taken from the Google 3D Warehouse. The objects were then adapted to the needs of Microsoft Flight Simulator and were added to the default scenery. All modifications were done with the excellent freeware utility Model Converter X by Arno Gerretsen.

The use of all objects complies with the Google 3D Warehouse Terms of Service sections 8.2 and 11.1c:

8.2 [...] you may modify, distribute, and create derivative works of Content uploaded by other users in 3D Warehouse.

11.1c By publicly posting or displaying the content you give other end users of the Services a perpetual, sublicensable, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute (subject to the restrictions set forth in Sections 11.4 and 20.3 of these Terms) any Content or derivative works thereof which you publicly post or display on or through the Services

Full credits for the objects go to the authors mentioned above.

This add-on supercedes the Fremont Street X scenery enhancement. Please remove Fremont Street X before installing Downtown Las Vegas X.

To install the scenery simply unzip the Downtown Las Vegas X folder to the Microsoft Flight Simulator X Addon Scenery directory and add it to the scenery library.

This scenery works best with Aerosoft's US Cities X Las Vegas and Flight One's Ultimate Terrain and Ground Environment products. However, these products are not required to run this scenery. This add-on was not tested in conjunction with MegaScenery Las Vegas.


M. Reiffer

Screenshot of Downtown Las Vegas X Scenery.

Screenshot of Downtown Las Vegas X Scenery.

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Downtown_Preview.jpg03.21.11244.32 kB
FremontStreet_Preview.jpg03.20.11366.40 kB
Readme.txt03.21.113.38 kB
Scenery03.21.110 B
DowntownLasVegasX.bgl03.21.11341.51 kB
DowntownLasVegasX_Placement.bgl03.21.111.41 kB
Texture03.21.110 B
bankofamerica0.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
bankofamerica1.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
bankofamerica2.dds03.21.11341.45 kB
binions0.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
binions1.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
binions2.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
binions3.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
binions4.dds03.20.11341.45 kB
binions5.dds03.20.11341.45 kB
binions6.dds03.20.11170.79 kB
carson0.dds03.21.1185.45 kB
carson1.dds03.21.1142.78 kB
carson10.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
carson11.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
carson12.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
carson13.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
carson14.dds03.21.11170.79 kB
carson15.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
carson16.dds03.21.1142.78 kB
carson17.dds03.21.1185.45 kB
carson18.dds03.21.1142.79 kB
carson19.dds03.21.1121.45 kB
carson2.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
carson20.dds03.21.1142.78 kB
carson21.dds03.21.1142.79 kB
carson22.dds03.21.1121.45 kB
carson23.dds03.21.1110.78 kB
carson24.dds03.21.11170.78 kB
carson25.dds03.21.1185.45 kB
carson26.dds03.21.1185.45 kB
carson27.dds03.21.11170.78 kB
carson28.dds03.21.1185.45 kB
carson29.dds03.21.1110.78 kB
carson3.dds03.21.1110.78 kB
carson30.dds03.21.11170.79 kB
carson31.dds03.21.11170.79 kB
carson32.dds03.21.1110.78 kB
carson33.dds03.21.11341.45 kB
carson34.dds03.21.1121.45 kB
carson35.dds03.21.1142.79 kB
carson36.dds03.21.11170.78 kB
carson37.dds03.21.115.44 kB
carson38.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
carson39.dds03.21.112.75 kB
carson4.dds03.21.1110.78 kB
carson40.dds03.21.11464 B
carson41.dds03.21.1142.78 kB
carson5.dds03.21.11170.79 kB
carson6.dds03.21.1142.78 kB
carson7.dds03.21.1142.79 kB
carson8.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
carson9.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
casino0.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
court0.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
court1.dds03.21.11341.45 kB
court2.dds03.21.1185.45 kB
court3.dds03.21.11682.78 kB
court4.dds03.21.11682.78 kB
court5.dds03.21.112.67 MB
eastogden0.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
eastogden1.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
eastogden2.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
eastogden3.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
eastogden4.dds03.21.11170.79 kB
eastogden5.dds03.21.111.33 MB
eastogden6.dds03.21.11170.78 kB
fitzgeralds0.dds03.21.11192 B
fitzgeralds00.dds03.21.115.45 kB
fitzgeralds1.dds03.21.11464 B
fitzgeralds2.dds03.21.11208 B
fitzgeralds3.dds03.21.115.45 kB
fremontstreet0.dds03.20.11341.45 kB
gamblinghall0.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
goldengate0.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
goldengate1.dds03.20.11341.45 kB
goldennugget0.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
goldennuggethotel0.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
goldennuggethotel1.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
goldennuggethotel2.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
goldennuggethotel3.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
goldennuggethotel4.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
goldennuggethotel5.dds03.20.1185.45 kB
justicecenter0.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
justicecenter1.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
justicecenter10.dds03.21.112.67 MB
justicecenter2.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
justicecenter3.dds03.21.11341.45 kB
justicecenter4.dds03.21.111.33 MB
justicecenter5.dds03.21.111.33 MB
justicecenter6.dds03.21.111.33 MB
justicecenter7.dds03.21.111.33 MB
justicecenter8.dds03.21.111.33 MB
justicecenter9.dds03.21.11341.45 kB
ladyluck0.dds03.21.115.45 kB
ladyluck00.dds03.21.111.44 kB
ladyluck01.dds03.21.11800 B
ladyluck02.dds03.21.1110.78 kB
ladyluck1.dds03.21.111.45 kB
ladyluck2.dds03.21.1110.78 kB
ladyluck3.dds03.21.11464 B
lasvegasclub0.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
lasvegasclub1.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
lasvegasclub2.dds03.20.11682.78 kB
north4th0.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
north4th1.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
north4th2.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
north4th3.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
north4th4.dds03.21.11682.79 kB
north4th5.dds03.21.112.67 MB
plaza0.dds03.20.11682.79 kB
plaza1.dds03.20.11170.78 kB
south4th0.dds03.21.11341.45 kB
south4th1.dds03.21.111.33 MB
south4th2.dds03.21.111.33 MB
south4th3.dds03.21.111.33 MB
south4th4.dds03.21.11170.78 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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