FSX St-Barthelemy Island Sloped Runway Scenery

PreviewSt Barthelemy island (TFFJ) is situated in the Caribbean Sea. It's small slope runway, between a hill and the sea, is very difficult to manage.

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St Barthelemy island (TFFJ) is situated in the Caribbean Sea. It's small slope runway, between a hill and the sea, is very difficult to manage.

The Scenery in FSX.A complete scenery of all islands with TFFJ Airport with slope runway, the photorealistic texture of the whole island in 0.5 m/pixel, new mesh on basis ASTER, new waterclass, generic objects, some remarkable buildings, additional local houses in autogen, additional boats, traffic.

This scenery was carried out for Flight Simulator X, with Gmax, FsXKML, FsxPlanner, and the SDK.

It is made up of:

  • New landclass for the îlots located at the North-West of the main island
  • New mesh on the ASTER basis compiled in LOD11
  • New waterclass
  • A texture photorealist basis on air photograph IGN (reference purchase AWL319060)
  • Limits of the coral reef
  • Generic objects (pylons, ships, boats, and buildings)
  • An aerodrome with its slope runway
  • Some remarkable buildings made with Gmax (Townhall, Hangars)
  • Objects generic or created with Gmax (boats, buildings)


Warning - After unpacking the files, it is necessary to make 2 modifications manually to be able to benefit fully of the scenery :

Modification 1: Add waves coming from the east around the island

  • Open the file " a terrain.cfg.txt "who is located in… ...\addon Scenery\St-Barth_TFFJ
  • Copy the text
  • Open your file " terrain.cfg" and locate the value contained in the line " DefaultTextureCount=XXX" located at the beginning of the document.
  • Add 2 unit to this value (ex: DefaultTextureCount=483 to be modified in DefaultTextureCount=485)
  • Go at the end it document and to paste the text
  • Replace the XXX by the numbers of the total -1 and -2 (ex: if DefaultTextureCount=485 then XXX = 483 and 484)

Modification 2: Add typical houses to Generic Autogen file.

Case 1: You have FsX - SP1 or SP2 or Acceleration

  • Go to directory …\Microsoft flight simulator X\Autogen, rename your Default.xml file in Default-origin.xml
  • Rename my Default_mhg.xml file in Default.xml

Case 2: You have payware addons scenery which had modified the Default.xml file

  • Open the file " To add default_xml.txt " hawho is located in… \ addon scenery \ St-barth_TFFJ
  • Copy the text
  • Go to directory …\Microsoft flight simulator X\Autogen and made a copy of your Default.xml file in Default-origin.xml
  • Edit the Default.xml file with a simple software (notepad.exe)
  • Make a search whit the keyword and place the cursor at the beginning of the following line which contains
  • Paste the text and make Enter
  • Start again the same search and repeat the paste until the end of the file. There are 26 " regions" (one by letter). You must repeat the paste 26 times.
  • Save the file

Activate the scenery of St-Barth_TFFJ in your library.

According to your hardware configuration, it's possible that in spite of an autogen adjustment on max, you can see only part of the houses and trees. You can add the following lines (or modify them) in the Fsx.cfg file to see all the objects:


Thanks to the authors for the free software, and thank Gratisim.fr team and Harry for they lodging on website.

Developer: Marc-Henri Guitteny

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tchtkgSun, 04 Apr 2021 20:16:30 GMT

Am I supposed to change the xxx to 485? Because there is no 483. And on the second fix, there is no xxx at the bottom of the document to change to 483 & 484. Can someone please tell me what I'm missing?

Jason GreenSun, 21 Jun 2020 05:39:36 GMT

Help! Using fsx on windows 10. Followed all the instructions. When I try to activate the add-on scenery by adding the area (navigating to FSX/Addon Scenery/St-bart_TFFJ/scenery), it says "no items match your search". What am I doing wrong?

Thanks, Jason

JayoramaytSun, 14 Jun 2020 11:34:53 GMT

is it possible to fix the blurriness on the runway?

Shyamananda KuytFri, 23 Aug 2019 08:48:25 GMT

Oh my god! This scenery is absolutely awesome. Quick note: the scenery does have to be activated manually in the scenery library in order for it to work.

ThaddeusofohioMon, 15 Apr 2019 00:04:21 GMT

Looks like the real airport with a sloped runway in the correct spot. The hill is in the right place. Cars move on the roadways. MUCH better than the default Microsoft FSX scenery. Followed instructions and it works well.

QwoodSun, 05 May 2013 18:41:23 GMT

Outstanding! Great work and thanks for giving it to the community.

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