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Preview RAF Stronsay. Presenting RAF Stronsay airfield. A real airfield but redesigned as it might have been used in WW II. This is located about 30 nm north of Scapa Flow, the site of the Royal Navy's ships in WW I and II. ICAO and navaid numbers are in the readme file. Wry humor is evident in a coup...

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RAF Stronsay. Presenting RAF Stronsay airfield. A real airfield but redesigned as it might have been used in WW II. This is located about 30 nm north of Scapa Flow, the site of the Royal Navy's ships in WW I and II. ICAO and navaid numbers are in the readme file. Wry humor is evident in a couple of places. Notice the items in the gate guard house, the outhouse and the military personel done by John dutton of Malta, who sadly passed away May, 2010. By Robert Lacy.

Screenshot of RAF Stronsay Scenery.

Screenshot of RAF Stronsay Scenery.

It was never used for this purpose even though it seems as if it should have been. Stronsay is only about 30 some odd NM north of Scapa Flow. I built up this area for this purpose, just for the fun of it. Soon Scapa Flow will be on line which was designed by about 4 or 5 of us, me included. Scapa Flow was a fun project to work on. RAF Stronsay (RAF of course is for Royal Air Force) is just my add-on...something to have fun with along with Scapa Flow, soon to come out.

icao is EGER
VOR is 114.00
NDB is 330.00

Unzip this zip file to a temp folder of your choice. You will find a folder called RAF Stronsay. Drop or copy and paste this into addon scenery in FSX. Activate as usual in FSX scenery library.

To Ted Andrews whose textures I used in making my hangar and to Garry White who graciously gave permission to use our first set of textures used in Lewisaire virtual air. John Stinstrom who has given permission to use his wonderful vintage cars and beta testing, John B. Loney and Opa Marshall, and Keith Troutman for beta testing and for their help throughout the years, and Bill MacKay for our work together and his extensive historical research. on many RAF and NAS bases.

This is freeware. Please do not rent, sell, bend, fold or mutilate this work in all or in part. Any of this you may use for free, just give me the credit where it is due.

Robert Lacy.

Screenshot of RAF Stronsay Scenery.

Screenshot of RAF Stronsay Scenery.

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scenery04.17.110 B
AFX_EGER.bgl04.17.116.21 kB
AFX_STOCKEGER.bgl04.16.111.56 kB
CVX_Stronsay.BGL04.16.11351 B
ez_Stronsay_buildings.bgl04.17.1114.48 kB
fueltriggerstronsay.BGL04.17.11172 B
gun_enplacements.bgl01.02.1094.26 kB
gun_enplacements.txt01.02.10383 B
small_mil_buildings.bgl04.17.112.06 MB
small_mil_buildings.txt04.17.111.97 kB
static47s.bgl10.08.0993.90 kB
Vintage_Vehicles.BGL12.05.073.27 MB
texture04.17.110 B
@_Plain_Black.bmp12.17.08341.40 kB
@_Plain_Black_lm.bmp12.17.08341.40 kB
@_Plain_Light_Pink.bmp12.17.08341.40 kB
@_Plain_Light_Pink_lm.bmp12.17.08341.40 kB
Afloor.bmp04.04.10512.07 kB
Afloor_lm.bmp04.04.10512.07 kB
Ahangar1.bmp05.26.104.00 MB
Ahangar1_lm.bmp04.04.10512.07 kB
Aircraft-wheel.bmp03.02.1032.07 kB
ammoboxes.bmp12.28.0932.07 kB
ArtyAmmo.bmp12.28.09128.07 kB
AVGAS.bmp09.20.0932.07 kB
back.bmp09.29.0932.07 kB
barrier_signs.bmp12.09.09128.07 kB
Bench_metal.bmp12.09.0932.07 kB
BigTree2.bmp10.27.09512.07 kB
BobblueWindow.bmp06.18.10128.07 kB
Bobwindow_brown.bmp07.13.0964.07 kB
brick007.bmp09.18.0932.07 kB
Brick3.bmp04.17.10256.07 kB
c47cabin.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47elevl.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47elevr.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47eng.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47fusel.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47ins.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47intak.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47pnl.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47props.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47ruddr.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47tail.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47wheel.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47wngl.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
c47wngr.bmp05.01.0842.74 kB
coffeecup1.bmp09.03.0932.07 kB
coffeecupaa.bmp09.03.0932.07 kB
coffeecupfart.bmp09.03.0932.07 kB
coffeecupgramps.bmp09.03.0932.07 kB
COMMANDER.bmp04.26.10128.07 kB
COMMANDER_BRIGHT.bmp04.26.10128.07 kB
COMMANDER_BRIGHT_LM.bmp04.26.10128.07 kB
COMMANDER_LM.bmp04.26.10128.07 kB
Concrete-gun_emplacement.bmp02.11.10128.07 kB
concrete_cammo-RL.bmp11.20.09128.07 kB
dkgrayroof.bmp04.16.0322.39 kB
drkbrown_bob.bmp09.22.0932.07 kB
ds_tire.bmp02.24.0065.05 kB
Farfy_431.bmp03.21.10341.43 kB
Farfy_436.bmp04.08.101.43 kB
Farfy_438.bmp04.09.101.33 MB
Farfy_439.bmp04.04.101.43 kB
Fence.dds02.11.0932.12 kB
fencewgrass.dds02.05.09256.12 kB
GATE-SIGN.bmp04.18.10128.07 kB
GGSE.bmp03.02.08682.75 kB
grass11.bmp05.11.08170.74 kB
grass11B.bmp05.11.08170.74 kB
groundlight.bmp01.21.1064.07 kB
GW_BarrelSet-2.bmp06.06.08256.07 kB
GW_BayWindow1.bmp04.21.0864.07 kB
GW_Color_Black.bmp05.03.088.07 kB
GW_Color_Brown_Dark.bmp04.04.088.07 kB
GW_Color_Red_Darkalpha.bmp04.20.0985.40 kB
GW_Concrete-4a.bmp08.28.0964.07 kB
GW_Door-19.bmp04.09.0816.07 kB
GW_Door-19_LM.bmp06.06.0832.07 kB
GW_Door-7.bmp04.02.0832.07 kB
GW_HangarFloor.bmp05.03.08128.07 kB
GW_HangarTools-1.bmp06.06.08128.07 kB
GW_Metal-1A.bmp05.03.0832.07 kB
GW_Metal-2.bmp05.03.08128.07 kB
GW_Roofing-1.bmp05.03.0864.07 kB
GW_Roofing-20.bmp04.09.0864.07 kB
GW_Roofing-22.bmp04.11.0864.07 kB
GW_Roofing-26A.bmp04.19.08128.07 kB
GW_Roofing-3.bmp04.02.0864.07 kB
GW_Siding-1.bmp04.02.0864.07 kB
GW_Siding-10.bmp04.02.0864.07 kB
GW_Siding-25B.bmp05.03.08128.07 kB
GW_Siding-33.bmp04.11.0864.07 kB
GW_Siding-9.bmp04.02.0864.07 kB
GW_TrashCan-1.bmp06.06.08256.07 kB
GW_Window_Home10.bmp04.04.0832.07 kB
GW_Window_Home10_LM.bmp06.06.0864.07 kB
GW_Window_Home11.bmp04.04.0816.07 kB
GW_Window_Home15.BMP04.04.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-10.bmp06.06.0832.07 kB
GW_Wood-11.bmp06.06.0832.07 kB
GW_Wood-3.bmp06.06.0832.07 kB
GW_Wood-38.bmp04.04.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-4.bmp04.02.088.07 kB
GW_Wood-43.bmp04.07.0864.07 kB
GW_Wood-48.bmp06.06.08128.07 kB
GW_Wood-54.bmp04.11.0864.07 kB
GW_Wood-62.bmp04.11.0816.07 kB
GW_Wood-8.bmp05.02.088.07 kB
HangerEted.dds01.30.08682.79 kB
hatch.bmp12.10.0916.07 kB
Howitzer.gif04.09.0610.22 kB
JGSE.bmp10.06.07682.75 kB
Ktype hanger.bmp05.31.10128.07 kB
live-xmas-tree.bmp10.27.09256.07 kB
metal_L1.bmp12.09.0932.07 kB
newspaper.bmp04.17.1132.07 kB
olddoor8.bmp02.07.0532.07 kB
PinkODps.bmp12.28.0932.07 kB
q4color.bmp12.28.0932.07 kB
RadarHootchTs.bmp12.28.0932.07 kB
RAFHangersTed.bmp05.31.10512.07 kB
RAFROOF.dds01.24.0964.12 kB
REFUEL SIGN.bmp04.17.1164.07 kB
REFUEL SIGN_LM.bmp04.17.1164.07 kB
right.bmp09.29.0932.07 kB
RSTYSTEEL.dds01.24.0964.12 kB
sandbags1.bmp12.28.0932.07 kB
spit1_t.bmp01.16.071.00 MB
spit2_t.bmp01.16.071.00 MB
Spitfire-front.bmp02.17.101.52 MB
Spitfire-Side.bmp02.17.102.31 MB
Spitfire-top.bmp02.17.103.47 MB
Stone_tile.bmp12.09.0932.07 kB
tankleft.bmp12.16.098.07 kB
tankright.bmp12.10.098.07 kB
tedglass.dds01.20.08170.79 kB
Vintage 1928 Army truck.bmp11.29.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1931 Maxwell.bmp11.15.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1932 Maxwell.bmp11.17.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1937 Plymouth Sedan.bmp11.15.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1938 Chevrolet 2dr Sedan.bmp11.14.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1938 Navy Staff Car.bmp11.17.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1938 Plymouth Sedan.bmp11.17.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1939 Army Staff Car.bmp11.17.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1939 Buick Sedan.bmp12.04.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1940 Cadillac Coupe.bmp11.15.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1940 Ford Coupe.bmp11.14.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1941 Cadillac Coupe.bmp11.21.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1941 Dodge Commander Coupe.bmp11.15.0742.75 kB
Vintage 1945 Army Truck.bmp11.23.07170.75 kB
Vintage truck 2-half ton Open-bed.bmp12.02.07170.75 kB
Vintage truck 2-half ton.bmp11.15.07170.75 kB
Vintatge Truck 3 quarter ton.bmp11.17.07170.75 kB
windsock.bmp09.17.0964.07 kB
WoodCamo1.bmp12.10.0932.07 kB
RAF Stronsay04.16.110 B
readme.txt05.20.111.76 kB
Stronsay1.jpg05.20.1185.74 kB
Stronsay2.jpg05.20.1186.79 kB
Stronsay3.jpg05.20.11151.74 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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