FSX KSPG Albert Whitted Airport Scenery

Preview KSPG Albert Whitted Airport, St. Petersburg, Florida (FL). Official AWAPS copyrighted licensed version including new tower, park, terminal, signs. Freeware only. Photo real airport. By Jimmy R. Martin, John B. Loney.

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KSPG Albert Whitted Airport, St. Petersburg, Florida (FL). Official AWAPS copyrighted licensed version including new tower, park, terminal, signs. Freeware only. Photo real airport. By Jimmy R. Martin, John B. Loney.

Screenshot of KSPG Albert Whitted Airport Scenery.

Screenshot of KSPG Albert Whitted Airport Scenery.

This historical airport which was the site of the world's first scheduled airline flight and has over 100,000 flight operations a year at Albert Whitted Airport and over half of those are by aircraft not based at Albert Whitted. This scenery has been created in total photo real detail with Actual photos used for texturing. Every building is in proper scale. Open hangars have the actual aircraft featured which belong in that hangar. Very high detailing even with the Pilot Mall owner standing outside of his door to welcome you. The terminal is complete with proper signs in place. The new control tower is done to exact scale from the actual building plans. The new park and taxiway are also included. Immediate areas around the airport are generic. Ultimate Terrain is highly recommended to compliment this scenery. It is brought to you as FREEWARE from those of us at the Albert Whitted Airport Preservation Society (AWAPS) and is our official licensed version.

Screenshot of KSPG Albert Whitted Airport Scenery.

Screenshot of KSPG Albert Whitted Airport Scenery.

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The archive kspg_fsx_2011.zip has 310 files and directories contained within it.

File Contents

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
100_2414_1.jpg08.02.11134.83 kB
file_id.diz08.02.11190 B
KSPG ARTICLE.txt08.11.111002 B
KSPG_FSX 201108.31.110 B
Read Me.doc03.23.093.61 kB
scenery08.31.110 B
door.bgl07.28.111.74 kB
door.fsc07.28.113.51 kB
kspg albert whitted 2.bgl09.27.08145.22 kB
kspg albert whitted.bgl09.27.08318.26 kB
kspgtowersign.bgl07.28.111.81 kB
kspgtowersign.fsc07.28.113.55 kB
KSPG_ADEX_JRM.BGL08.01.1140.02 kB
KSPG_ADEX_JRM_CVX.bgl08.01.11807 B
KSPG_ADE_jRm.ad208.31.11431.56 kB
KSPG_AlbertWhittedHPUdorm.bgl07.27.1162.34 kB
KSPG_AlbertWhittedSWall.bgl08.01.115.25 kB
KSPG_AlbertWhittedTower.bgl07.27.1145.99 kB
KSPG_CoastGuard.bgl07.30.117.82 kB
KSPG_jRm.bgl07.27.112.57 kB
KSPG_N Docks&Buildings.bgl07.30.11476 B
KSPG_park.bgl08.31.1111.01 kB
KSPG_SouthWall.bgl07.31.11812 B
KSPG_SOUTHWESTwall.bgl07.30.11620 B
KSPG_south_wallPart.bgl07.31.111.50 kB
KSPG_StPetFlyingServiceLOGOpart.bgl08.01.111.67 kB
KSPG_terminal.bgl02.06.09111.70 kB
KSPG_terminalAREA.bgl07.31.11764 B
KSPG_terminalRESTAURANT.bgl08.01.11332 B
KSPG_TheHangarResPART.bgl08.01.111.74 kB
KSPG_tower2011.bgl07.29.11524 B
KSPG_towerANTENNA.bgl07.28.1128.39 kB
Mariner Sign.bgl07.28.111.74 kB
Mariner Sign.fsc07.28.113.45 kB
MarinerSignPart.bgl07.31.111.74 kB
MYAM_ADEX_JRM.BGL08.31.1140.02 kB
MYAM_ADEX_JRM_CVX.bgl08.31.11807 B
RampLight_Library.bgl01.11.0530.63 kB
USCoastGuardSign.bgl07.28.111.82 kB
USCoastGuardSign.fsc07.28.113.51 kB
texture08.31.110 B
AWT_east side.bmp07.26.11257.05 kB
AWT_east side_LM.bmp07.26.11257.05 kB
AWT_sides.bmp07.26.1165.05 kB
AWT_sidesBRICK.bmp07.26.1165.05 kB
AWT_sides_lm.bmp07.26.11257.05 kB
AWT_west side.bmp07.26.11257.05 kB
AWT_west side_LM.bmp07.26.11257.05 kB
black.bmp07.25.1165.05 kB
door.bmp07.24.1165.05 kB
door_lm.bmp07.24.1165.05 kB
Hanger End 1.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
HPUbrick.bmp07.25.1165.05 kB
HPUbrick_LM.bmp07.25.1165.05 kB
HPUemd.bmp07.26.1165.05 kB
HPUentrance.bmp07.26.1165.05 kB
HPUentrance_LM.bmp07.26.1165.05 kB
HPUroof.bmp07.26.1165.05 kB
HPUside.bmp07.26.1165.05 kB
HPUside_LM.bmp07.25.1165.05 kB
KSPG #3w.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3w_LM.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG termBackMainbottom.bmp02.12.095.33 MB
KSPG termBackMainbottom_LM.bmp02.02.09257.05 kB
KSPG termBackMainTOP.bmp02.12.095.33 MB
KSPG termBackMainTOP_LM.bmp02.02.09257.05 kB
KSPG terminalConcrete.bmp02.02.09257.05 kB
KSPG #3 FT.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3 FT_LM.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3.fsc08.04.086.79 kB
KSPG #3rear.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3rear_LM.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3roof.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG #3roof_LM.bmp08.04.08257.05 kB
KSPG 204ft hgr.fsc07.31.087.00 kB
KSPG AWAinside.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG AWAinside_LM.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG awaps E.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG awaps E_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG AWAPS2.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG AWAPS2_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG awapsBRK.bmp09.27.0865.05 kB
KSPG awapsBRK_LM.bmp09.27.0865.05 kB
KSPG awapsFT.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG awapsFT_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG awapsSside.bmp02.15.091.00 MB
KSPG awapsSside_LM.bmp02.15.091.00 MB
KSPG AWAsides.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG AWAsides_lm.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG AWAsignBottom.bmp02.11.091.33 MB
KSPG AWAsignBottom_lm.bmp02.11.091.33 MB
KSPG awaSOUTH.bmp02.11.095.33 MB
KSPG awaSOUTH_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG awaWEST.bmp02.11.095.33 MB
KSPG awaWEST_LM.bmp02.11.095.33 MB
KSPG AWAwings.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG AWAwings_lm.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG awning.bmp02.02.09257.05 kB
KSPG AWPSsign.bmp02.13.09257.05 kB
KSPG AWPSsign_LM.bmp02.13.09257.05 kB
KSPG BAM FRONT.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG BAM FRONT_LM.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG BAM N Side.bmp02.11.091.33 MB
KSPG BAM N Side_lm.bmp02.11.091.33 MB
KSPG BAM REAR.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG BAM REAR_LM.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG BAM RF.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG BAM RF_LM.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG BAM SIDE.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG BAM SIDE_LM.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG BAM SIGN.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG BAM SIGN_LM.bmp07.28.08257.05 kB
KSPG bendingHGRdr.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG bendingHGRdr_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG CAP2sign.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG CAP2sign_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG CAPS.fsc09.27.08395.93 kB
KSPG CAPSmainW.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG CAPSmainW_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG CAPSnorthMainT.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG CAPSnorthMainT_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG CAPSsteps.bmp09.27.0865.05 kB
KSPG CAPSstgF.bmp02.13.09257.05 kB
KSPG CAPSstgF_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG CAPSstgN.bmp02.13.0965.05 kB
KSPG CAPSstgN_LM.bmp09.27.0865.05 kB
KSPG CAPSstrSides.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG CAPSstrSides_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG CAPstrgS.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG CAPstrgS_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG CAPSwestSKT.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG CAPSwestSKT_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG CHEVRON.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG CHEVRON_LM.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG civilian door.bmp09.27.0865.05 kB
KSPG civilian door_LM.bmp09.27.0865.05 kB
KSPG CivilianDr&window.bmp08.05.0865.05 kB
KSPG CivilianDr&window_LM.bmp08.05.0865.05 kB
KSPG compass.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG compass_lm.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG h4back.bmp02.24.091.00 MB
KSPG h4back_LM.bmp02.24.091.00 MB
KSPG h4front.bmp07.30.081.00 MB
KSPG h4front_LM.bmp07.30.081.00 MB
KSPG h4roof (8).jbf07.30.089.85 kB
KSPG h4roof.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG h4roof_LM.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG h4side.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG h4side_LM.bmp07.30.08257.05 kB
KSPG hangar 224ft.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG hangar 224ft_lm.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger End 1.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger End 1_lm.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger End 2.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger End 2_lm.bmp07.17.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger Long View 256.bmp07.17.08257.05 kB
KSPG hanger longr roof.bmp07.17.08257.05 kB
KSPG hanger longr roof_LM.bmp07.17.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger open door back.bmp07.18.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger open door back_lm.bmp07.19.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger Open Door front.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG Hanger Open Door front_lm.bmp07.20.08257.05 kB
KSPG hgr11 12.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr11 12_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr12.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr12south.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr12south_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr12_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr13 6dr.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr13 6dr_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr13fb.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr13fb_lm.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr13side.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr13side_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr14.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr14_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr4W dr.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr4W dr_lm.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG hgr4W nS&B.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr4W nS&B_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr4W sSide.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr4W sSide_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr5 end_lm.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG hgr5 NS.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG hgr5 NS_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar 5dr front_back 1024.bmp07.20.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar 5dr front_back 1024_lm.bmp07.20.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar front_back 1024.bmp07.17.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar front_back 1024_lm.bmp07.19.081.00 MB
KSPG long hangar front_back 1024_lm.jpg07.17.08192.42 kB
KSPG old hangar acft.bmp07.21.081.00 MB
KSPG old hangar acft_LM.bmp07.21.081.00 MB
KSPG old hangar sides.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG old hangar sides_LM.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG PiperHgr.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG PiperHgrN.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG PiperHgrN_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG PiperHgr_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG PMeastSide.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG PMeastSide_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG PMftSEcorner.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG PMftSEcorner_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG PMftSWcorner.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG PMftSWcorner_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG PMrWall.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG PMrWall_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG rustyside.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG rustyside_lm.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG rustytop.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG rustytop_lm.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG terminalBRICK.bmp09.13.0817.05 kB
KSPG terminalBRICK_LM.bmp09.13.0817.05 kB
KSPG terminalTOPglass.bmp02.02.09257.05 kB
KSPG terminalwing L.bmp09.13.0865.05 kB
KSPG TOWER6.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG TOWER6_LM.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPG turf.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG turf_lm.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG water aeriators 512.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG water aeriators 512_LM.bmp07.21.08257.05 kB
KSPG water aeriators_2.bmp07.23.0865.05 kB
KSPG water aeriators_2_LM.bmp07.23.0865.05 kB
KSPG water treat walls.bmp07.21.085.05 kB
KSPG water treat walls_LM.bmp07.21.085.05 kB
KSPG wtBLDrf1Sides_91x55.bmp07.23.08257.05 kB
KSPG wtBLDrf1Sides_91x55_LM.bmp07.23.0865.05 kB
KSPG wtBLDrf2_105x59.bmp07.23.0865.05 kB
KSPG WtrTmtaF1.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG WtrTmtaF1_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG WtrTmtaRoof.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG WtrTmtaRoof_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG WtrTmtaS&B.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPG WtrTmtaS&B_LM.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
KSPGh3roof.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPGh3roof_lm.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPGh3SIDE.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPGh3SIDE_lm.bmp09.27.08257.05 kB
KSPGpmFront.bmp03.25.091.00 MB
KSPGpmFront_lm.bmp03.25.091.00 MB
KSPGpmFront_lm.jpg07.30.08150.73 kB
KSPGpmSIDE.bmp07.30.081.00 MB
KSPGpmSIDE_lm.bmp07.30.081.00 MB
KSPGtankBLACK.bmp07.22.085.05 kB
KSPGtankSides.bmp07.22.085.05 kB
KSPGtankTOPbrn.bmp07.22.085.05 kB
KSPGtankTOPgrey.bmp07.23.085.05 kB
KSPG_ATCwindows.bmp07.27.11257.05 kB
KSPG_ATCwindows_LM.bmp07.27.11257.05 kB
KSPG_columns.bmp02.02.09257.05 kB
KSPG_Nside.bmp02.01.09768.05 kB
KSPG_Nside_LM.bmp02.01.09768.05 kB
KSPG_towerTOP.bmp07.27.11257.05 kB
KSPG_towerTOP_LM.bmp07.27.11257.05 kB
KSPG_TOWER_ACwall.bmp07.24.1165.05 kB
KSPG_TOWER_ACwallSside.bmp07.24.1165.05 kB
KSPG_TOWER_TOP.bmp07.27.11257.05 kB
KSPG_TOWER_TOP_LM.bmp07.27.11257.05 kB
LightGravelRoof.bmp05.31.0310.74 kB
LSPGh4Back.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
LSPGh4Back_lm.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
LSPGh4Front.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
LSPGh4Front_lm.bmp09.27.081.00 MB
MARINER.bmp07.27.1165.05 kB
MARINER_LM.bmp07.27.1165.05 kB
NovaGold013.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold017.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
NovaGold017_LM.bmp07.10.0165.05 kB
primary_uscg_sm.bmp07.27.1165.05 kB
primary_uscg_sm_lm.bmp07.27.1165.05 kB
pspbrwse.jbf07.26.1124.41 kB
red.bmp07.26.1165.05 kB
red_lm.bmp07.26.1165.05 kB
roof_curac0.bmp05.17.0765.05 kB
StPeteFlyServLOGO.bmp08.01.1165.05 kB
StPeteFlyServLOGO_LM.bmp08.01.1165.05 kB
thehangarlogo-LM.bmp07.31.1165.05 kB
thehangarlogo.bmp07.29.1165.05 kB
thehangarlogo_LM.bmp08.01.1165.05 kB
Thumbs.db03.28.09706.50 kB
Object libraries used.txt08.01.11246 B
PS0201.jpg08.02.11197.51 kB
PS0202.jpg08.02.11283.65 kB
PS0203.jpg08.02.11347.61 kB
PS0204.jpg08.02.11326.71 kB
PS0205.jpg08.02.11280.85 kB
PS0206.jpg08.02.11166.66 kB
PS0207.jpg08.02.11132.55 kB
PS0208.jpg08.02.1126.89 kB
PS0209.jpg08.02.1177.93 kB
PS0210.jpg08.02.11137.40 kB
PS0211.jpg08.02.1185.65 kB
PS0212.jpg08.02.1143.92 kB
PS0213.jpg08.02.11225.51 kB
PS0214.jpg08.02.11170.84 kB
PS0215.jpg08.02.1154.87 kB
PS0217.jpg08.02.11175.93 kB
PS0218.jpg08.02.11147.83 kB
PS0219.jpg08.02.11256.76 kB
PS0221.jpg08.02.1123.86 kB
PS0225.jpg08.02.1152.96 kB
PS0226.jpg08.02.11189.00 kB
PS0227.jpg08.02.11232.17 kB
pspbrwse.jbf08.02.1136.38 kB
pspbrwse.jbf08.22.114.71 kB
Read Me.doc08.31.117.94 kB
Thumbs.db01.30.0537.50 kB
KSPG_FSX_201108.31.110 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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Stu GThu, 23 Jan 2020 07:25:03 GMT

I just got this running on FSX and it’s awesome. However, there are no more instrument approaches in the GPS for Whitted. Any suggestion?

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