FSX RAF Coltishall Scenery

Preview RAF Coltishall, Norfolk, UK. RAF Coltishall as it was before closure. Produced for FSX with Acceleration. Versions are included for both VFR and default scenery. It covers the whole site including the accomodation and magazine areas. Contains specific model libraries but also requires the down...

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RAF Coltishall, Norfolk, UK. RAF Coltishall as it was before closure. Produced for FSX with Acceleration. Versions are included for both VFR and default scenery. It covers the whole site including the accomodation and magazine areas. Contains specific model libraries but also requires the download of third party libraries. By Mike Hudson.

Screenshot of RAF Coltishall Scenery.

Screenshot of RAF Coltishall Scenery.

This is a representation of RAF Coltishall in Norfolk as it was before closure. It was produced simply because the default airport looks terrible when used with VFR Real Scenery, and Coltishall is not represented in the UK2000 scenery. I have made much use of third party libraries, particularly those from Ted Andrews, without which this would not have been possible. I have also constructed a small number of specific buildings. The scenery is primarily made for use in FSX with Acceleration, and has not been tested in any other version of Flight Simulator. Two versions are provided, one for use with VFR Real Scenery, and one for use with the default scenery. It has not been tested with Horizon VFR scenery, but providing the mesh/mapping is identical or close to VFR Real Scenery there should not be a problem as I see it. Note this is not guaranteed as I do not have Horizon scenery. There are a large number of models that I have constructed myself, not all used in this scenery. These are provided in library form so that others may use them if they wish. The download of free third party libraries is also required. See the installation instructions. Please read the installation instructions carefully.

The scenery covers the whole of the airfield site including both the accomodation and magazine areas. I have not been to RAF Coltishall so have had to make use of information and photographs freely available on the net. It does not claim to be super acurate, but rather to give an overall impression within the possibilities allowed by the third party libraries and what I was prepared to produce myself.

In particular the Control Tower, Fire station group of buildings is not accurate, and the church at the north west border is based on the one at RAF Halton and not that at Coltishall. I am aware that one of the hangars has a modified roof which I have not tried to depict, and by no means all of the buildings are included. The airfield altitude has been kept at 66ft, which is the default altitude, and probably some 9ft higher than the centre of the runway. This was because the default cvx file, despite the use of flattens and an _ALT file, showed if I reduced the altitude. The whole of the airfield is at this altitude, and I have used sloping polygons to blend it into the vfr mesh. I have provided a small number of static aircraft. These are two C130 Hercules in front of the hangar, and five SEPECAT Jaguars on the eastern dispersal sites. I have not attempted to provide AI aircraft or flight files. The scenery is modular in construction which allows you to delete or incorporate areas as you wish. Please see the separate note on options in the installation document.

The radio frequencies are:-
ATIS "EGYC" 125.875

There is an:_
ILS for runway 22 - "EGYC" - 111.500 Mhz
NDB - "COLTISHALL" - ident EGYC - 504.00 Khz
VOR?DME - "COLTISHALL" - ident EGYC - 108.2Mhz.

The scenery was constructed using:-
Airport Design Editor, ADE9X, by Jon Masterson.
FS Design Studio 3.5.1, by Abacus.
Instant Scenery by Flight 1.
Paint Shop Pro X, by Corel.
DXTbmp, by Martin Wright.
Google Earth.

The forums at both fsdeveloperand freeflightdesignfrom which I gained much information without which this could not have been completed.
Third party libraries, without which this would not have been possible. See installation guide for full details.

Screenshot of RAF Coltishall Scenery.

Screenshot of RAF Coltishall Scenery.

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
Default02.09.120 B
Addon Scenery02.09.120 B
RAF Coltishall_default02.09.120 B
scenery02.09.120 B
clutter_egyc.bgl02.07.12620 B
EGYC_ADEX_def_MSH.BGL02.08.1230.19 kB
EGYC_ADEX_def_MSH.xml02.08.12270.08 kB
EGYC_ADEX_def_MSH_CVX.bgl02.08.12289 B
EGYC_ADEX_def_MSH_OBJ.BGL02.08.1213.66 kB
EGYC_ADEX_def_MSH_OBJ.xml02.08.1277.95 kB
gse_egyc.bgl08.13.11716 B
static_c130_egyc.bgl02.05.12188 B
static_jaguar_egyc.bgl02.05.12332 B
vegetation_egyc.bgl02.06.1255.82 kB
vehicles_egyc.bgl02.06.123.98 kB
texture02.07.120 B
Images02.09.120 B
RAFColt1.BMP02.08.124.70 MB
RAFColt1.jpg02.08.12238.78 kB
RAFColt2.BMP02.08.124.70 MB
RAFColt2.jpg02.08.12235.72 kB
RAFColt3.BMP02.08.124.70 MB
RAFColt3.jpg02.08.12245.00 kB
RAFColt4.BMP02.08.124.70 MB
RAFColt4.jpg02.08.12326.71 kB
RAFColtishall.gif02.09.1216.22 kB
Installation Guide.doc02.08.1238.50 kB
Installation Guide.txt02.08.125.27 kB
Model Libraries02.09.120 B
Addon Scenery02.09.120 B
RAF Buildings_msh02.09.120 B
scenery02.09.120 B
Bloodhound.bgl07.29.11480.37 kB
Bloodhound.txt07.29.11291 B
RAF Buildings_msh.bgl06.27.112.53 MB
RAF Buildings_msh.txt06.27.113.95 kB
texture02.09.120 B
brick_2_msh.bmp12.31.081.33 MB
brick_3_msh.bmp01.02.091.33 MB
brick_3_msh_lm.bmp03.30.111.33 MB
brick_msh.bmp12.31.081.33 MB
brick_msh_lm.bmp09.22.09682.75 kB
church.bmp04.14.115.33 MB
church_lm.bmp05.04.115.33 MB
cinema.bmp04.13.115.33 MB
cinema_lm.bmp05.04.115.33 MB
colours.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
concrete_3_msh.bmp01.02.091.33 MB
concrete_3_msh_lm.bmp09.22.09682.75 kB
concrete_msh.bmp01.01.091.33 MB
concrete_msh_1.bmp01.01.091.33 MB
concrete_msh_1_lm.bmp09.22.09682.75 kB
concrete_msh_2.bmp12.29.081.33 MB
concrete_msh_2_lm.bmp09.22.09682.75 kB
concrete_msh_lm.bmp09.22.09682.75 kB
corrugated_metal_green.bmp09.27.09682.75 kB
corrugated_metal_green_2.bmp10.03.09682.75 kB
corrugated_metal_green_2_lm.bmp10.03.09682.75 kB
corrugated_metal_green_lm.bmp11.11.11682.75 kB
corrugated_metal_natural.bmp09.26.09682.75 kB
corrugated_metal_natural_lm.bmp02.04.121.33 MB
corrugated_metal_richgreen.bmp09.27.09170.75 kB
corrugated_side_green.bmp10.03.09682.75 kB
corrugated_side_green_lm.bmp10.03.09682.75 kB
earthworks.bmp07.29.091.33 MB
engine_test.bmp05.14.115.33 MB
fire_station.bmp04.23.115.33 MB
fire_station_lm.bmp05.04.115.33 MB
grass_msh.bmp12.29.081.33 MB
Grass_msh2.bmp09.28.09682.75 kB
Grass_msh2_lm.bmp09.28.09682.75 kB
Grass_msh3_lm.bmp09.22.09682.75 kB
Grass_msh4.BMP03.30.111.33 MB
Grass_msh4_lm.BMP03.30.111.33 MB
grass_msh_lm.bmp03.29.111.33 MB
HAS.bmp04.07.114.00 MB
hut_msh.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
hut_msh_lm.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
MOD_complex.bmp04.11.114.00 MB
MOD_complex_lm.bmp04.11.114.00 MB
MOD_office_block.bmp04.11.115.33 MB
MOD_office_block_lm.bmp05.04.115.33 MB
parts.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
parts_2.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
phantom_static.bmp11.19.09682.75 kB
rafcsl_building_1.bmp05.03.115.33 MB
rafcsl_building_4.bmp05.03.115.33 MB
rafcsl_building_4_lm.bmp05.04.115.33 MB
rafmp_complex1.bmp09.24.09682.75 kB
rafmp_complex1_LM.bmp09.24.09682.75 kB
rafmp_ds_90.bmp11.09.09682.75 kB
rafmp_ds_90_lm.bmp11.09.09682.75 kB
raf_building_3.bmp05.14.115.33 MB
raf_building_3_lm.bmp05.14.115.33 MB
ski ramp.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
ski ramp.dds05.27.111.33 MB
ski ramp_lm.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
tennis_courts.bmp02.06.12170.75 kB
tennis_courts_green.bmp05.04.111.33 MB
Thumbs.db03.30.116.00 kB
white ensign.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
Static Aircraft_msh02.09.120 B
Scenery02.09.120 B
gladiator_static.bgl06.20.11294.18 kB
gladiator_static.txt06.20.1185 B
gladiator_static_plinth.bgl06.20.11308.51 kB
gladiator_static_plinth.txt06.20.1192 B
Jaguar_static.bgl02.05.12582.19 kB
Jaguar_static.txt02.05.1282 B
phantom_static.bgl11.17.0993.27 kB
phantom_static.txt11.17.0983 B
Texture02.09.120 B
Back.bmp01.31.0165.05 kB
concrete_msh.bmp01.01.091.33 MB
Dgrey.bmp02.10.0165.05 kB
Droptank.bmp08.29.0165.05 kB
ds_tire.dds05.29.1185.48 kB
fin.bmp08.28.01734.28 kB
finleft.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
finlright.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
Fueselage.bmp02.07.0165.05 kB
fuseaftbot.bmp08.29.0165.05 kB
fusefrontbot.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
fusefrontleft.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
fusefrontright.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
fuseleft.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
fuseright.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
fusetop.bmp08.29.0165.05 kB
gladfuse.dds05.29.111.33 MB
glass.dds05.29.1121.48 kB
intakeport.bmp08.29.0165.05 kB
intakestbd.bmp02.11.01128.08 kB
intakestbd2.bmp08.29.0165.05 kB
intakestbd3.bmp08.29.0165.05 kB
Lgrey.bmp02.10.0165.05 kB
mercury.dds05.29.11341.48 kB
phantom_static.bmp11.19.09682.75 kB
Portaft.bmp02.11.01128.08 kB
Portfrt.bmp02.11.01128.08 kB
portwingbot.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
portwingtop.bmp08.21.0165.05 kB
Pylons.bmp02.10.0165.05 kB
RWR.bmp02.11.01128.08 kB
Spinetop.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
Spinetop2.bmp08.21.0165.05 kB
Spinewrap.bmp08.21.0165.05 kB
SPtex..dds01.07.07170.79 kB
SPtex.dds01.08.07170.79 kB
stbdaft.bmp02.11.01128.08 kB
stbdfr.bmp02.11.01128.08 kB
stbdwingbot.bmp08.28.0165.05 kB
Stbdwingtop.bmp08.21.0165.05 kB
tail.dds01.08.07170.79 kB
tail2.dds01.08.07170.79 kB
tailbotleft.bmp08.26.0165.05 kB
tailbotright.bmp08.26.0165.05 kB
tailport.bmp02.11.01128.08 kB
tailstbd.bmp02.11.01128.08 kB
tailtopleft.bmp08.26.0165.05 kB
tailtopright.bmp08.26.0165.05 kB
wings.bmp02.11.01128.08 kB
wings.dds05.29.111.33 MB
Vehicles_msh02.09.120 B
scenery02.09.120 B
vehicles_msh.bgl06.20.111.67 MB
vehicles_msh.txt06.20.111.46 kB
texture02.09.120 B
fire.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
Thumbs.db06.18.1167.50 kB
vehicles_1.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
vehicles_2.bmp08.02.111.33 MB
Model Libraries.doc02.09.1233.50 kB
Model Libraries.txt02.08.125.62 kB
Read Me first.doc02.08.1235.00 kB
Read Me First.txt02.08.125.07 kB
VFR02.09.120 B
Addon Scenery02.09.120 B
RAF Coltishall02.09.120 B
scenery02.09.120 B
clutter_egyc.bgl02.07.12620 B
EGYC_ADEX_MSH.BGL02.08.1230.20 kB
EGYC_ADEX_MSH.xml02.08.12270.09 kB
EGYC_ADEX_MSH_CVX.bgl02.08.12694 B
EGYC_ADEX_MSH_OBJ.BGL02.08.1213.66 kB
EGYC_ADEX_MSH_OBJ.xml02.08.1277.95 kB
gse_egyc.bgl08.13.11716 B
static_c130_egyc.bgl02.05.12188 B
static_jaguar_egyc.bgl02.05.12332 B
vegetation_egyc.bgl02.06.1255.82 kB
vehicles_egyc.bgl02.06.123.98 kB
RAF Coltishall02.09.120 B
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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John CrossTue, 22 May 2018 23:10:56 GMT

Downloaded RAF-Coltishall.zip @ 12.00 20/15/18. Had about 7 drop-outs (file interrupted). A bit of a pain as I purchase a fair bit from your site. Still, I suppose that's the penalty you pay for not going premium.

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