FSX Argentine Airports Scenery

Preview Argentine Airports. Six remote airports along the Andes Mountains in Argentina. Includes Andalaga Belen Fiambala Frias Tinogasta Chamical. All new scenery objects and AFCAD's. By Ed Wells.

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Argentine Airports. Six remote airports along the Andes Mountains in Argentina. Includes Andalaga Belen Fiambala Frias Tinogasta Chamical. All new scenery objects and AFCAD's. By Ed Wells.

Screenshot of Argentine Airports Scenery.

Screenshot of Argentine Airports Scenery.

This is a group of 6 airports in Argentina on the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountain Range.


As these are all very remote airports, they are devoid of any hangars, vehicles, maintenance services, fuel, etc. in the default version of FSX. At the request of a fellow simmer I did my best to enhance these airports somewhat without making them look overdone. In some cases I adjusted the Landclass to better suit the general area, so I think they still achieve the "remote" appearance, but with a few small flourishes.

Five of the six airports are relatively close together, so the only true challenge I found was making it up and over some of the mountains to the next airport. Chamical is the exception as it is approximately 145nm from the closest other airport. The average altitude for these airports is around 4000' with some mountain peaks at about 13,000 within a relatively short distance so you can see that you better have an airplane that can handle the climb.

Most of the scenery objects are default, however one of the airports does require one scenery library and that has been included.

The airports should remain in their folders and placed wherever you put your addon scenery. Then just activate each scenery folder in the Scenery Library. The Scenery_Object folder is done the same way.
The one exception to this is the "Airport_Buildings_AP.bgl". This file must be placed in the main FSX scenery/Global/scenery folder.
That's about all there is to it really. Load up FSX and go flying in some very remote areas of Argentina. Enjoy!!

Ed Wells

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Filename/Directory File Date File Size
AFX_SA35.bgl03.16.122.18 kB
Andalgala.bgl03.16.122.67 kB
cvx_Andalgala_AB.BGL03.16.12228 B
cvx_Andalgala_excAB.BGL03.16.12228 B
cvx_Andalgala_pond.BGL03.16.12287 B
cvx_Andalgala_Road.BGL03.16.12217 B
AFX_SA44.bgl03.16.125.32 kB
Belen.bgl03.16.125.06 kB
cvx_Belen_AB.BGL03.15.12280 B
cvx_Belen_excAB.BGL03.15.12228 B
AFX_SA46.bgl03.16.123.03 kB
cvx_Fiambala_AB.BGL03.16.12228 B
cvx_Fiambala_excAB.BGL03.16.12228 B
Fiambala.bgl03.16.12668 B
LC_2941.bgl03.16.12316 B
AFX_SANI.bgl03.15.123.56 kB
cvx_Tinogasta_AB.BGL03.15.12278 B
cvx_Tinogasta_excAB.BGL03.15.12228 B
LC_2941.bgl03.15.12336 B
Tinogasta.bgl03.15.121.21 kB
lens ez walls & fences vol1.bgl12.03.054.16 MB
lens ez walls & fences vol1.txt12.03.052.96 kB
Lens EZ walls & fences Vol1.xml12.03.057.87 kB
Bench_metal.bmp10.23.0465.05 kB
Blast.bmp02.14.091.33 MB
boxes.bmp09.26.0465.05 kB
Bright Stone.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
Bright Stone_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
Bright_brick2.bmp08.21.0486.39 kB
bright_pebbledash-ground.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
bright_pebbledash.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
bright_pebbledash_lm.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
brown rust.bmp02.24.08170.75 kB
chainlink.bmp03.23.0542.75 kB
chainsaw.bmp01.27.05257.05 kB
Cheap_veneer.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
Cheap_veneer_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
Cheap_veneer_white.bmp08.27.0464.20 kB
Cheap_veneer_white_lm.bmp08.29.0464.20 kB
Dirty moss stone grey.bmp05.31.0565.05 kB
Dirty_panel_Blue.bmp02.09.0565.05 kB
Dirty_panel_Blue_lm.bmp02.09.0564.74 kB
Dirty_panel_red.bmp02.24.0565.05 kB
Dirty_panel_red_lm.bmp02.24.0565.05 kB
door sign.bmp01.31.08170.78 kB
Dull_brick.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
Dull_brick_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
Gutter.bmp08.25.0465.05 kB
Gutter_lm.bmp08.29.0465.05 kB
iron01.bmp02.24.0842.75 kB
LCR.bmp02.14.09341.43 kB
Len-brick2 Dark.bmp03.16.05257.04 kB
Len-brick2 Dark_lm.bmp02.03.05257.02 kB
Len-brick2 light.bmp02.03.05257.05 kB
Len-brick2 light_lm.bmp02.06.05256.78 kB
Len-brick3.bmp02.24.0565.05 kB
Len-brick3_lm.bmp02.27.0564.62 kB
Len-brick4.bmp02.25.05257.05 kB
Len-brick4_lm.bmp02.25.05256.10 kB
Len-brick5.bmp02.25.05257.05 kB
Len-brick5_lm.bmp02.25.05256.10 kB
Len_Logs.bmp03.23.05170.75 kB
len_stonework.bmp04.24.0565.05 kB
len_stonework_lm.bmp04.24.0564.91 kB
lot median texture.bmp07.21.0885.46 kB
lot texture 2.bmp07.20.08341.43 kB
lot texture 3.bmp07.21.08341.43 kB
Offset.bmp02.14.09682.78 kB
old_brick-ground.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
old_brick-ground_lm.bmp04.20.05257.05 kB
old_brick.bmp04.17.05257.05 kB
old_brick_ivy.bmp04.21.05257.05 kB
old_brick_ivy_lm.bmp04.21.05257.05 kB
old_brick_lm.bmp04.18.05257.05 kB
old_pebbledash-ground.bmp04.19.05257.05 kB
old_pebbledash-ground_lm.bmp04.19.05257.05 kB
old_pebbledash.bmp04.17.05257.05 kB
old_pebbledash_lm.bmp04.19.05768.05 kB
padlock.bmp05.01.0565.05 kB
Pallet wood.bmp06.15.0565.05 kB
planks 256x256.bmp02.18.0565.05 kB
planter rims.bmp02.24.0810.75 kB
Precision.bmp02.14.091.33 MB
riveted_plate.bmp02.12.0565.05 kB
riveted_plate_lm.bmp02.12.05192.05 kB
rust07.bmp02.24.0842.75 kB
sacking.bmp06.08.0565.05 kB
sacking2.bmp06.09.0565.05 kB
sacking3.bmp06.09.0565.05 kB
stainless_steel.bmp02.24.0810.75 kB
Steel_box_section.bmp05.31.0565.05 kB
steel_Red_flange.bmp05.31.0565.05 kB
STOL.bmp02.14.09170.78 kB
Stonewal.bmp12.22.0265.05 kB
tds_wall.bmp05.07.05256.05 kB
VFR002.bmp07.20.08341.43 kB
wall_concrete.bmp02.10.0565.05 kB
wall_concrete_lm.bmp02.27.0564.89 kB
weathered white.bmp10.04.07256.07 kB
weathered_stone.bmp01.07.0565.05 kB
Welcome_sign.bmp02.27.0565.05 kB
Welcome_sign_lm.bmp02.27.0565.05 kB
Wht_base.bmp02.14.0985.59 kB
wiremesh.bmp01.15.05128.07 kB
X.bmp02.14.09341.43 kB
zinc03.bmp02.24.0810.75 kB
Airport_Buildings_AP.bgl03.31.09372.23 kB
AFX_SACT.bgl03.14.124.96 kB
Chamical.bgl03.15.123.98 kB
cvx_Chamical_AB.BGL03.14.12372 B
cvx_Chamical_exc.BGL03.14.12227 B
cvx_Chamical_excrds.BGL03.14.12230 B
cvx_Chamical_excrds2.BGL03.14.12230 B
cvx_Chamical_Roads.BGL03.14.121.71 kB
LC_3042.bgl03.14.12386 B
AFX_SA1J.bgl03.15.123.81 kB
cvx_Frias_AB.BGL03.15.12252 B
cvx_Frias_dirtrds.BGL03.15.12432 B
cvx_Frias_excAB.BGL03.15.12226 B
cvx_Frias_excrds.BGL03.15.12232 B
Frias.bgl03.15.122.48 kB
LC_3042.bgl03.15.12341 B
Readme.txt03.17.121.91 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ03.17.12149 B
Chamical.jpg03.17.1291.45 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B
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