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T-6G Texan "Civilian Restoration". As a trainer the North American T-6 Texan could punish as quickly as it rewarded yet once a pilot qualified in a Texan, they could qualify in any aircraft. Built with FSDS 3.5 and fsdstweak, using the FSX Acceleration SDK 3D model by Warwick Carter and David Eckert. Pilot 3D model by Michael Flahault. Textures by David Eckert, Michael Flahault and Warwick Carter. (See also FSDS_T-6UPDATE.ZIP).

Screenshot of T-6G Texan in flight.

Screenshot of T-6G Texan in flight.

T-6G Texan for FSXA/Sp2.
FSXA T-6G Texan "civilian restoration".
Undoubtedly the most famous trainer of WW2,The T-6 is a big aircraft possessing a fuselage length of 29 ft and a wingspan of 42 ft the later being greater than some of the front line fighters of WW2, yet it has about half the horsepower. As a trainer it could punish as quickly as it rewarded yet once a pilot qualified in a Texan, they could qualify in any aircraft. Built using the fsx acceleration sdk with fsds and fsdstweak.

Who did what:
3D model by David Eckert and Warwick Carter. Pilot 3D model by Michael Flahault.
Textures David Eckert, Michael Flahault and Warwick Carter..
Flight model by Warwick Carter.

Unzip to a temp folder and copy or move the FSDS_T-6 folder to your fsxSimObjectsAirplanes folder. Then copy all the *.fx files from the main FSDS_T-6 folder to the fsxeffects folder.

Start up quick:
Mags and fuel selector have to be switched on via the VC controls then Ctrl+E

Start up manual:
Switch fuel switch to res to supply fuel to the wobble pump an,open the throttle a tad (above 5 %) Give the wobble pump(between the trim wheels) a few pumps till you get to 2 or 3 psi on the fuel pressure gauge.

Check the CHT if its at the low end of the green 2 to 3 pumps of the primer lever which is down the bottom just right of the stick centre, if the mixture is in cut off engine wont prime.
If CHT is well into the green and over 50 deg no prime necessary.
if CHT is at 0 deg and the free are temp gauge(lowest temp gauge above amp meter) is in the minus giver her 6 to 10 pumps.

If you over prime you will see lots of dark gray smoke appear around the engine when the starter is engaged, to clear an over prime, open the throttle to full, mixture to cut off and turn over the prop a few times with the starter.... then re prime.

when primed throw the mag switch to both, then hold down the start button (main switch box low right hand side sill panel) with the left mouse button hold the mouse down until engine fires watch that the mouse pointer doesn’t slide of the button due to head latency movement in the VC.

If you have acceleration installed keep an eye on the Mp when taking off as anything over 36 will start to hurt the engine. If you push the engine past 36inch you will hear a rather horrible noise from the motor just back off the throttle till noise stops. At around 5500 to 6000ft the throttle will be able to be maxed out with no engine damage.

To open the main canopy shft e or click the red canopy handle, when you see the canopy open message or red handle is in the open position use the mouse somewhere on the main frame to pull the canopy back.

The adf and com radios need the avionics switch on(red lights on radio face will light) and the volume switch clicked or mouse wheeled on, the adf has a bug somewhere ,so it also needs one of the tune knobs turned (via the mouse wheel) to start working.

Rear VC can be cycled to using the FSX camera system, when in the VC hit the A key to cycle views, the camera view is a lot slower to pan around in so if you intend to fly from the rear Id suggest manually getting there by holding down the CRTL + ENTER key.

Additional Notes:
To toggle ground equipment and other options use the 2d popup (alt~views~instruments~options).
Wheel chocks will only show if aircraft is on the ground and park break is set.

To all the repainters Im sorry for the bad mapping on this aircraft,good luck your going to need it :)
Master.zip should anybody want to have a go at repainting is included.
Im very limited in paint programs...and skill, I used mainly ms paint and paint net.
The pdn files are paintnets layered textures for the main external parts.

In these you will find the base layer, panel line layer and rivet layer(also a guide layer which use coloured area's for any part of the texture mapped to the mesh),
The other bmp's contain alpha channels ect to use as a guide template as are the rawbump maps in their own folder,

Conditions of Use:
You must have fun, you must not take it to seriously!
Its Freeware so don't expect anything :)
PLEASE DO NOT place these files anywhere that requires a fee for downloading.
PLEASE DO NOT place any of these files in any commercial package or any CD collection.
They (the files contained here in) cannot be used in any payware/shareware or any method that requires payment.

If you want to donate via paypal please use the above email addy..Its not expected or asked for.

Have Fun
Warwick Carter

Screenshot of T-6G Texan in flight over residential area.

Screenshot of T-6G Texan in flight over residential area.

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aircraft.cfg02.16.1012.37 kB
AT6G_check.htm02.16.105.08 kB
FILE_ID.DIZ02.15.10466 B
FSDS_T-6.gif02.15.1013.27 kB
fx_engstrt_Tex.fx01.21.102.51 kB
fx_vclight_c.fx01.10.101.26 kB
fx_vclight_d.fx01.10.101.26 kB
masters.zip02.16.102.83 MB
readme.txt02.16.105.63 kB
T-6.air01.28.107.91 kB
Model.cfg02.11.1045 B
t-6.mdl02.14.1012.47 MB
t-6_interior.mdl02.14.1017.78 MB
Panel.cfg02.13.101.44 kB
xml.CAB02.14.1090.27 kB
deto.wav04.18.0155.15 kB
eng_fire_1.wav08.22.07466.52 kB
Flaps_tex.wav05.12.06504.80 kB
gear_down.wav08.22.07362.21 kB
gear_up.wav08.22.07412.21 kB
noncombust.wav05.12.0643.81 kB
noncombustion1.wav08.04.0673.05 kB
Prop.wav05.12.06133.06 kB
prop_fast2.wav01.17.10763.03 kB
RPM1.wav12.28.09633.79 kB
RPM2.wav12.28.09441.64 kB
RPM3.wav12.29.09694.44 kB
RPM4.wav12.28.09293.56 kB
Shutdown.wav12.28.09399.31 kB
Sound.cfg02.08.106.35 kB
Starter.wav02.10.0264.90 kB
Startup.wav12.28.09304.89 kB
tdc.wav12.28.0958.77 kB
tdl.wav12.28.0993.34 kB
tdr.wav12.28.095.92 kB
x_noncombust.wav08.04.0673.05 kB
x_Prop.wav05.12.06133.06 kB
compass_strip.dds09.13.0964.12 kB
compass_strip2.dds09.13.0964.12 kB
compass_stripN.dds09.13.0964.12 kB
compass_stripN_night.dds12.14.0964.12 kB
Comp_Glass.dds12.28.0964.12 kB
Engine_t.dds11.06.09256.12 kB
Engine_t_bump.dds11.04.09256.12 kB
Engine_t_spec.dds06.29.08256.12 kB
envmap.dds01.09.1032.12 kB
Fresnel_Ramp_glass.dds12.12.09640 B
fuel_stripL.dds12.19.0964.12 kB
fuel_stripLN.dds12.19.0964.12 kB
fuel_stripLN_night.dds12.19.0964.12 kB
fuel_stripR.dds12.19.0964.12 kB
fuel_stripRN.dds12.19.0964.12 kB
fuel_stripRN_night.dds12.19.0964.12 kB
Gauges.dds02.11.104.00 MB
Gauges_bump.dds11.19.094.00 MB
Gauges_spec.dds11.22.094.00 MB
glassG_spec.dds11.22.09256.12 kB
glassIn.dds12.23.09256.12 kB
glassx_t.dds07.27.09256.12 kB
glassx_t_spec.dds11.21.09256.12 kB
lights.dds01.11.10256.12 kB
lights_l.dds01.11.10256.12 kB
lights_spec.dds12.07.09256.12 kB
NA16well.dds03.25.091.00 MB
NA16well_bump.dds03.26.091.00 MB
NA16well_spec.dds06.25.081.00 MB
na_strut.dds03.25.0916.12 kB
na_strut_bump.dds12.07.0916.12 kB
na_strut_spec.dds12.07.0916.12 kB
NA_TAILWHEEL.dds03.25.0916.12 kB
NA_TAILWHEEL_bump.dds07.07.0916.12 kB
NA_TAILWHEEL_spec.dds07.07.0916.12 kB
NA_tyreside.dds11.04.0964.12 kB
NA_tyreside_bump.dds11.03.0964.12 kB
NA_tyreside_spec.dds11.03.0964.12 kB
pilot.dds02.11.101.00 MB
pilot_bump.dds12.27.091.00 MB
pilot_spec.dds12.22.091.00 MB
prop.dds08.31.09256.12 kB
t6_tread.dds11.04.0964.12 kB
t6_tread_bump.dds11.04.0964.12 kB
t6_tread_spec.dds09.10.0964.12 kB
TEXAN5_t.dds01.11.101.00 MB
TEXAN5_t_bump.dds11.21.091.00 MB
TEXAN5_t_spec.dds12.16.091.00 MB
Texan6_t.dds02.02.101.00 MB
TEXAN6_t_bump.dds12.27.091.00 MB
TEXAN6_t_spec.dds01.28.101.00 MB
TEXAN7_t.dds02.08.101.00 MB
TEXAN7_t_bump.dds12.17.091.00 MB
TEXAN7_t_spec.dds01.11.101.00 MB
texture.cfg08.22.06137 B
Fresnel_Ramp.dds12.12.09640 B
TEXAN1_t.dds01.06.104.00 MB
TEXAN1_t_bump.dds01.13.104.00 MB
TEXAN1_t_spec.dds11.05.091.00 MB
Texan2_t.dds01.22.101.00 MB
TEXAN2_t_bump.dds01.06.101.00 MB
TEXAN2_t_spec.dds06.25.081.00 MB
TEXAN3_t.dds02.14.101.00 MB
TEXAN3_t_bump.dds01.17.101.00 MB
TEXAN3_t_spec.dds11.29.091.00 MB
TEXAN4_t.dds01.20.101.00 MB
TEXAN4_t_bump.dds01.20.101.00 MB
TEXAN4_t_spec.dds01.17.101.00 MB
TEXANwingL_t.dds12.30.094.00 MB
TEXANwingL_t_bump.dds01.13.104.00 MB
TEXANwingL_t_spec.dds12.30.091.00 MB
TEXANwingR_t.dds12.30.094.00 MB
TEXANwingR_t_bump.dds01.13.104.00 MB
TEXANwingR_t_spec.dds12.31.091.00 MB
TEXAN_t.dds02.11.104.00 MB
TEXAN_t_bump.dds01.15.104.00 MB
TEXAN_t_spec.dds12.28.091.00 MB
texture.cfg08.22.06137 B
thumbnail.jpg12.30.0919.13 kB
Fresnel_Ramp.dds12.12.09640 B
TEXAN1_t.dds01.06.104.00 MB
TEXAN1_t_bump.dds01.13.104.00 MB
TEXAN1_t_spec.dds11.05.091.00 MB
Texan2_t.dds01.11.101.00 MB
TEXAN2_t_bump.dds01.06.101.00 MB
TEXAN2_t_spec.dds06.25.081.00 MB
TEXAN3_t.dds02.14.101.00 MB
TEXAN3_t_bump.dds01.17.101.00 MB
TEXAN3_t_spec.dds11.29.091.00 MB
TEXAN4_t.dds01.20.101.00 MB
TEXAN4_t_bump.dds01.20.101.00 MB
TEXAN4_t_spec.dds01.17.101.00 MB
TEXANwingL_t.dds01.05.104.00 MB
TEXANwingL_t_bump.dds01.13.104.00 MB
TEXANwingL_t_spec.dds12.30.091.00 MB
TEXANwingR_t.dds01.05.104.00 MB
TEXANwingR_t_bump.dds01.13.104.00 MB
TEXANwingR_t_spec.dds12.31.091.00 MB
TEXAN_t.dds02.11.104.00 MB
TEXAN_t_bump.dds01.15.104.00 MB
TEXAN_t_spec.dds12.28.091.00 MB
texture.cfg08.22.06137 B
thumbnail.jpg01.01.1049.39 kB
flyawaysimulation.txt10.29.13959 B
Go to Fly Away Simulation.url01.22.1652 B

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jpop8807Mon, 11 Feb 2019 02:40:19 GMT

I have no isssues with this download I would recommend it to anyone it is probably one of the most detailed downloads for this era planes. Just make sure to read the read me to start the plane properly.

pr9383Sat, 29 Dec 2018 16:24:06 GMT

Don't think I can add much to Mr. Dilbert's write up. (Dilbert! Lol! Clearly a Naval Aviator!) I find the sim has plenty of power, good stability and a decent turn of speed. I wish the canopy opened as it somewhat obscures the outside view. An appropriate training upgrade from the BT-13 reviewed earlier.

Julian OzersFri, 11 Aug 2017 20:09:58 GMT

I wish I could say how great this plane is, but when I load it up, all of my gauges are black - I checked the textures folder and sure enough the textures for them were there, as were the bump and spec files, but in the vc they're black - same goes for most of the switches, namely the fuel tank selector and magneto switches. Throttles and mixture textures showed up, as well as a few switches, but not much else. Also, when I switch to the 2d cockpit it's blank - just the world shows, no cockpit.

I want to like this thing but I can't fly it well if I have no gauges. And ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated,


NickFri, 13 Nov 2015 15:14:36 GMT


This plane is fantastic...

I have one issue...the ADF keeps resetting to 0100 even if i move the dials to change it to a frequency. It's very odd...am I doing something wrong?


dilbertThu, 12 Feb 2015 00:38:20 GMT

I was one of the last 40 pilots trained in the snj5 in 1958. Very realistic model. Flies like the real plane-right down to the 5 notches forward right rudder trim and 3 notches back elevator trim for takeoff, and 9 degree full flap glide slope. All the levers, fuel control switch, mags, etc. seem accurate except for the missing tail lock lever-think it was on the right bulkhead forward. Woe to anyone failing to have it locked for take-off and landing. There were no landing gear indicator lights-the gear went down with a satisfying clunk and you looked out at windows in the wings to make sure the locking pins were home. Don't recall any problem with manifold pressure-our engines were 600 HP P& W s-1340s, as I best recall. Don't recall the wobble pump having anything to do with fuel. The engine drove a small hydraulic pump, and there was a hydraulic accumulator. Every time you dropped or raised the gear or flaps you had to give it a wobble to expedite the process. Wish the sound could be improved. When adding power the P&W had the lovely deep rumble of a diesel train. Hardest part was taxiing: you had to zig-zag to see the plane ahead, To go right you had to stand on the right brake and add power; to go left you eased off the right brake, let off the power, and the nose swung left by itself, as long as you didn't let it get away. The plane was designed for 6 foot plus Texans. The chute was in the bucket seat. At 5' 9" I had to have three cushions behind my back to reach the pedals. Loved it. 57 years later, still fly it in my dreams. Thank you Warwick Carter, Michael Flahault, David Eckert, and FlyAway simulations for a great simulator experience..

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