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Hotas Warthog Video Overview. Demonstrating the joystick and a little walkthrough. Video credit: rockliffe22 (YouTube).

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Hi, guys. This is a little video I've been promising myself that I would put together for some time now. A little bit of an overview of the Hotas Warthog, which you will probably all know as probably one of the finest joysticks on the market, not least because it is a good solid quality alloy bit of kit. And to be frank with you, there is nothing like it. It is just beautifully, beautifully made. But as I said, what I want to do is just share with you some of the options which are available to you, as a pilot, using this bit of kit. The assignments are quite extraordinary. There are... I haven't counted them, to be honest. There must be a couple of dozen, probably more, options available to you. Most of those come in really, really handy, if you are a user of Asdoc, particularly for flying something like the NGX, where you really want to place your viewpoint in so many different areas.

So what I'll do is I'll run through the stick itself, the controller, first of all, and then we'll move across to the throttle control. On the stick, we have the number one switch, which is trigger switch, which primarily I use for breaks. For some reason, I have been unable to get the Saitek compact pedals, rudder pedals, to function correctly for a break. So I ended up using this in the warthog, and anyway, it works fine. Below that, we have a trigger affair, which I use for track IR. And anyone who uses track IR, you know you got primarily two switches when you're in flight. One is a pause, and the other is a center switch, which centers up the viewpoint. This trigger affair, that works as my pause button, and the one behind it, I assign that for centering up any viewpoint.

On the other side of the warthog, around here I have the button, which operates to center ailerons. On the top here, the red one, I have a button which helps center the rudder, and then moving down the side here, I have a four way switch, which allows me to zoom in and zoom out. There we go. And the other two sides, it moves left and right. Again, obviously you can assign any of these switches to whatever you like. I'm actually saving those for FS2 Crew when it arrives. Anyone who uses FS2 crew will know that you have the option there to assignments in the [inaudible 00:03:11] of your crew.

On the top here... I've shown you the red button... there is another four-way switch here. Again, it's got a left and a right movement... at the moment, I have not assigned... But the forward and back, that gives me elevator up and down, which is, of course, really, really useful, having that eagerly available just beneath your thumb.

To the right of that, I have what's called one of my three S dog camera views. Press it forward, we have the virtual cockpit, the VCU. Pull back on it, and that, then, brings me tighter into the MCP along the top. Turn it to the right, click to the right, it takes me across to the F.O.'s window on the right hand side and then off to the left. We, of course, bring it to the left view out the captain's window. Okay, that just about sums up the actual stick itself.

Moving across to the left, where we've got the throttles, we've effectively got two throttle here, which are connected by a stainless steel pin. If you wanted to operate two throttles separately for two different engines, then of course, you could do so, but I have these connected as.. They function just one throttle. To the left of this throttle switch, we've got a little... You might be able to hear the engines... That's my reverse thrust for landing, of course.

Around the front, we have a red button, which again, I don't have it assigned. To the right of that, there is another button, and yet again, it is not assigned. To the right of that, yet again, it's a button... Oh, no. Hang on. Sorry, guys. Just go back. The button next to it I do have assigned. I'm sorry. I press on that, that takes me into what I call my second VC position. I like that particular position in the VC for flying, but on approach, on landing approach. I just like to be taken a little bit closer into the main display unit and so forth.

Just to the right here, on the throttle, we have a four-way switch, which again, looks after another four views in Asdoc. Press it forward, and it takes me up to the main overhead control panel. Pull it back, that takes me to the secondary overhead control panel. Turn it to the left, switch it to the left, it takes me straight into the main display, the MFT, and so forth and the CDU here. Put it down, and that takes me across to the throttle quadrant.

Just below that, I have another switch, which basically functions for my air traffic control. Press it forward, that assigns the first air traffic control menu. Pull it back, and of course, ... It's on a toggle switch. It just disappears. Just below that, I have general aviation. I have propeller pitch control. Below that is fuel mixture, lean, rich fuel mixture. Okay, looking at the base of the throttle unit, there is a switch here, which effectively gives me full flaps down or full flaps up. Intermediary flap positions I have assigned via inside panel switch there, but we're not her to talk about the V.R. inside.

Back to the throttle base, base of the throttle, we have this switch here, which I have assigned for pop and break. Next to it, yet again, another unassigned switch. The reason why I've got so many unassigned switches is primarily because I've just been playing around and rejigging my pit here. In doing so, I have been reassigning a lot of buttons and so forth. Just to the right of this switch here, I've got the toga switch, little black push button. To the right of that, this is my landing gear. Forward of that, that's the chime button on the NGX, the seat belt button. To the right of that, I have my spoiler. And again, I'll just have to take myself upon the... See the spoilers, full spoilers or partial spoilers, and that's all on the sliding rotator there. Forward of that, again, another three switches, which are unassigned. Forward of that for GA flying, I have the engine's cutoff and engine start. And I think that's about it.

So I hope I've explained or shown some of you what warthog is capable of in the way of just the amount of switches it has and obviously what it can be used for Asdoc. It's a great bit of kit, and like I say, hopefully some of you will find it some help and if not help, certainly interesting. See you back on the forums.

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