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Tupolev 154M Released

Last updated Mon, 03 Apr 2017 17:28:34 GMT
Originally posted on Sun, 27 Jun 2004 23:47:15 GMT

Now available from the IGFly team is the popular Russian jetliner, the Tupolev 154M. The FS2004 model features realistic flight dynamics, full featured cockpit, authentic sound. For more information, click on Read More.

The most popular aircraft in Russia Tupolev 154M was released by IGFly team today. You can feel the difference between East and West and experience a real pleasure when flying russian planes. The package includes realistic model of plane, cockpit that utilizes all features of FS2004, real plane dynamic, sound pack. Does not require FSUIPC.

Tupolev 154 by igFly

The Tupolev Tu-154 is a narrow-bodied airliner capable of medium-range flights. The Tu-154 became the most popular aircraft servicing Soviet and Russian airlines from the 1960s up to as recently as the 2000s. The aircraft could carry up to 164 passengers, fly at speeds of 975 kilometers per hour, and cross a distance of 5,280 kilometers, depending on its variant. The 154 stills sees service today, albeit on a smaller scale.

In the 1960s, Russian airliner Aeroflot wanted a faster and bigger jet to replace its older Antonov and Ilyushin units. The company stipulated a payload capacity of at least 16 tonnes, a range of at least 2,850 kilometers, and a cruising speed of 900 kilometers per hour. This stipulation could be changed to one with a smaller payload, but a farther range. These requirements were somewhat similar to the Hawker Siddeley Trident and the Boeing 727, both of which were already popular jetliners back then.

The first Tu-154 flew in 1971 with a freight-mail payload. Commercial passenger services began in the following year. The 154's profile is similar to the Boeing 727, with a trijet design and swept-back wings. One of the biggest differences between these aircrafts was the 154's larger landing gear. This was to enable the Russian aircraft to land on rough runways, something that was common in the rural parts of the country. Shock absorbers were installed to compensate for the rougher ride.

Because of its smaller size, the 154 could only accommodate a three-person flight crew instead of the usual 5 person crew during the Soviet period. There are several variants of the Tu-154, with the 154M being the most upgraded version. This variant makes use of fuel efficient engines and has a more aerodynamic design. The aircraft was quite popular up until the mid 2006, when production stopped.

The 154S is an all-freight version which utilizes a reinforced floor for more cargo. The 154M-LK-1 was intended for Cosmonaut training, with its cabin being converted into work-stations for its trainees.

There are now a little over 100 Tu-154s in service, many of them being retrofitted with hush kits to comply with newer airport regulations. Most Tu-154 owners are airliners operating in Eastern Europe and in former Soviet nations.

You can now download the Project Tupolev 154M over in the file library here.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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