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Icarus Releases Focke Wulf Ta283

Last updated Wed, 05 Apr 2017 14:21:21 GMT
Originally posted on Thu, 03 Jul 2003 21:12:47 GMT

Now available from Icarus is their CFS2/FS2002 version of the WWII era Focke Wulf Ta283 twin engine jet featuring a dynamic virtual cockpit and full moving parts. For details, click on Read More.

Icarus announces the release of their new Fw ta283 for CFS2 and now also for FS2002.

The aircraft includes multiresolution full animations

  • Fully animated retractable gear.
  • Shock absorber movement.
  • Wheel rotation.
  • Dynamic Vc gauges.
  • Moving rudder pedals.
  • Multiple animation sequence yoke
  • All standard flaps and control surfaces move smoothly and precisely.
  • Open canopy animation
  • Exhaust effect

The Focke Wulf Ta283 twin engine jet was a German Jet Fighter that was used during War World Two. This jet was spectacular in appearance and unique in design. The Focke Wulf Ta 283 twin engine jet had two different types of engines, making it unique in its own standards.

One of its engines consisted of a normal liquid fueled rocket responsible for lifting the German jet into the air and obtaining a constant speed. The two very large engines that were mounted to the edges of the tailplanes were called ramjets. These powerful engines were used to achieve substantial speed once in the air and allowed for cruising.

Because of the enormous amount of fuel that was consumed from these engines the jet functioned best at shorter distances. This jet was powerfully fast and because of its speed, other jets were able to out-maneuver the Focke Wulf Ta 283.

One of the most beneficial aspects of a fighter jet with this much speed was it was able to take off in a moments’ notice without the need of having to warm up the engines while it was also able to take off without having to do much taxing. This was a fighter jet that was built for its incredible speed. The German Fighter Jet’s wings were mounted considerably low on the fuselage at a forty five degree angle.

The cockpit would sit high up on the carrier itself and in the middle of the aircraft creating the image of a strong fighter jet. This jet had it all in speed and appearance but because of its need for a very caustic fuel, it was not equipped for long flights and the crew grew less and less fascinated by this beauty. The fuel was strong enough to burn bare skin requiring many crew members to wear a rubber suit while the fighter jet was in air. This was once a spectacular fighter jet that prided itself on speed and power.

Now on sale at Icarus:

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