CLS Announces Eclipse 500

Commercial Level Simulations offers a preview of their newest add-on aircraft, the Eclipse 500, a small jet with virtual cockpit, virtual cabin, maintenance mode and more. For details, click on Read More.

This brilliant package by the ever-impressive Commercial Level Simulations ensures that you are left with an easy to fly and thoroughly enjoyable aircraft that is suitable for business level lights. It comes with a range of enhancements and changes that you might not have expected to see included, but in this package it means that the whole thing really manages to shine bright in comparison to its competition out there.

CLS business jet

The business jet provided here is detailed and nippy, whilst still having a huge range of class and caliber waiting for you when you get inside that cockpit. The depth of detail in general ensures that the project can be trusted to really deliver a comprehensive and realistic experience, with everything that could have legitimately been added being included here.

The most impressive factor is the way that the amount of smaller, more “insignificant” features were included with little to no problems. All of these extra features are added in from scratch, and are fully operational, ensuring that your aircraft has simple access to things in there such as doors moving and opening right down to the way that the atmosphere carries across the entire aircraft, making it feel truly authentic.

It’s the little additions that make everything feel so realistic that make the difference with a package like this, and when you use it for long enough you can quickly start to see why this is the case. When you have the correct planning and the correct preparation put out for the entire project to work around and to follow as a lead, it becomes very easy indeed to see how this aircraft can really give even the most demanding of pilots a really enjoyable ride.

Given the fact that it comes with things like weather features affecting your windows, you can really get into the grips of flying here in the real way. The windows are fully covered in rain and snow as you fly, as your wipers will be working overtime to try and deal with it.

This rarely seen feature is always well received when it is added in and we were delighted to see it included here, making it really easy to follow for people who want to see something a bit more “unique” being included in the whole package, such is the impressive nature of the design and the depth of the weather.

Another big part of this, though, is the fact that the GPS navigation features that are included make it incredibly simple to follow the process throughout. GPS services are common in FSX and other simulators these days but many of them aren’t as accurate as they could be.

The fact this uses a Primary Flight Display to take total control of their feature is very important, and this makes it easy for new pilots to start getting to grips with the system and to start understanding what they are going to be taking on when you start flying something as dramatic as this!

CLS is pleased to preview our newest bird, the Eclipse500. The Eclipse500 is a small jet and relatively new to the market. Some of the features are: virtual cockpit, virtual cabin, pushback truck, fuel truck, maintenance mode and even the pilots show movement.

The first images of the aircraft can be found here:

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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