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Announcing FS Force 2.0 For FSX

Last updated Sat, 03 Oct 2015 12:58:57 GMT
Originally posted on Sat, 03 Feb 2007 21:00:00 GMT

Now available from Dirks Software is FS Force 2.0 for FSX, and add-on module that provides enhanced force feedback effects. For more information, click on Read More.

Dirks Software is pleased to announce the release of FS Force 2.0 for FSX. FS Force is an add-on module that provides enhanced force feedback effects for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FS Force has been through various changes and improvements over the year, and just recently was improved and updated to fit with the popular FSX: Steam Edition. These changes also work completely with Prepar3D and this makes it a whole lot easier to get things moving in the right direction with regards to compatibility with modern machines.

The main thing about using FS Force is the range of feedback that you can get from the software, and the depth that it provides in improving the overall sphere of realism, as well as to improve things such as control loading or feedback from the joystick.

In general, this manages to enhance the entire flight performance that you will get from scratch and ensures that everything, from start to finish, can continue to grow and improve.

You’ll start to feel more realistic trim forces, as well as various centering forces that are varied along with airspeed. This, in general, makes the whole aircraft start to feel a whole lot more realistic to fly and a lot more enjoyable to be within especially as you go through the takeoff process.

You’ll start to feel various bumps and braking forces underneath you as you jut along the ground ready to take off, whilst when you land you can really feel the force of a hard landing now as opposed to just seeing the effects of it! This adds another little layer of realism and fun to the event and makes it a whole lot more fun to land an aircraft than it would have been in the past.

Additionally, every aircraft can be loaded up with a specific force feedback role of it’s now. If you want to have different depths and scales for varying aircraft then you can do this with ease; you just need to add it in there via the features and keep moving on with regards to how you want it to be adjusted. With an easy to use interface and the fact profiles can be changed to be as intense as you want, you can easily make a system that allows for easy and effective flying that feels truly realistic.

Best of all, the entire package has now been updated and improved to work alongside DirectX technology, ensuring that you get the best levels of response and overall enjoyment from the aircraft.

This really does make flying your aircraft a whole lot more enjoyable than it was in the past as you just remove the need to try and create the realism on your own. Everything now comes more or less within the atmosphere of the aircraft and what you are getting up to, and that can be a huge amount of fun to be involved with!

If you want to start enjoying the full power of flight simulation then you really do need FS Force for its contributions to making you feel like you are moving at a million miles an hour, creating a truly enjoyable flight experience! 

Reduced pricing is in effect, and registered users of version 1.0 can upgrade at a discounted rate. Visit the FS Force web site for all the details.

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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