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Announcing PFWare - The Elements X for FSX

Last updated Sun, 06 Sep 2015 21:07:02 GMT
Originally posted on Mon, 28 Jul 2008 17:00:05 GMT

All textures are redone and it will improve your flying experience dramatically!  This package includes the following:

  • new and realistic water textures and effects
  • very realistic moon
  • superb sun textures and glare
  • improved sky textures
  • improved clouds

All textures are redone for the whole year (time and seasons).

In the last few years, Perfect Flightware have been re-mastering many of their older releases from FS2004 to work with FSX, reviving old projects and bringing them to life in the new engine and the latest style. Aside from maximizing their performance and helping to improve the overall look and feel of FSX in general, Perfect Flightware are known for altering just about everything that they can get their hands on within the coding for the flight simulator.

One of their most popular packages for FS2004, The Elements, has finally been reconfigured and re-released for use with FSX. By providing all of the same boosts and features within the FS2004 edition and pushing the boundaries even further thanks to using more powerful software, those who used The Elements in FS2004 can re-live those high-end textures and stunning new features.

By making it easier than ever for people to get access to massive scale change to vital parts of the environment such as the sky, the water and even the way that the sun and moon look and feel during the flight you can see massive structural alterations to the way that the entire world around you looks. Whilst impressive for the release date for FS2004, this re-mastering of an old classic takes the features that were introduced before even further.

This helps those who find the FSX textures to be a little dated now since it was released, and in general will make it much easier to use the simulator for longer periods of time. With crisper textures, high-end animations and features like sun glares being added in and various other smaller additions to the main aspects of the landscape you’ll be flying over this manages to freshen up the entire look and feel of FSX.

The main benefit of this software, though, is the fact that it manages to offer you all of this on a budget! The Elements is very cheap in comparison to many of its contemporaries, and can be the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to see a much greater level of sophistication and detail in FSX.

This includes incredibly useful features such as;

  • Brand new cloud textures to make the sky look far more realistic
  • Sky textures, too, have been improved and updated to fit with the standards of FSX instead of FS2004
  • Water surfaces are improved to make them look far more realistic, ensuring that water looks as if it’s flowing naturally
  • New moon and sun textures create the right kind of glow and glare from each, respectively

Although many of the features added are relatively minor in their nature, they all help to make a positive change to the presentation within FSX.

If you are interested in picking up this mod and making your entire FSX experience look a little bit more modern, you can take a further look at this package HERE for a quick and easy download. This will certainly help to tide you over until the next simulators arrive! 

All this is still easy on the frame rates like the FS2004 version. Happy Landings!

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