Integrated Simavionics Group 1 (ISG1) 1.6 Upgrade Released

FMCThis upgrade integrates a Boeing 777 style Primary Flight Display, and A320 style Enhanced ADI, and brings the total number of display gauges in the package to 9, along with 2 FMS's. All ISG1 gauges can be selectively mixed and matched into the aircraft/panel of your choice. This update also provides fixes for some minor reported issues.

This update brought to life many new changes and updates to the ISG package, ensuring that things could easily be changed and updated to fit with the high standards that we all expect today.

This upgrade provides you with a range of features in the package, ensuring that you can start getting access to more up-to-date and more powerful systems that make the perfect ally when you are trying to improve your skills and qualities as a pilot in general.

Also, the various little updates and fixes along the way made a massive difference to performance and general stability.

Everything provided in here is quite versatile, too, as it all works with FSX, FS2004 and PD. This makes it easier to get things running and up to scratch fairly quickly without having to go through the long and challenging installation process many panels tend to have, just because it’s all so easily set up to be installed on more than one simulator.

Every gauge and package that you download o improve your avionics will give you a big boost to the overall level of performance that you are getting at any given time as a pilot. Their various tools out there provide you with things like total displays for airports and navigational aids, making it easier to fly in general and giving you more command than you may have previously been used to. It also allows you to get your hands on basic functions as well as be able to manage various flight plans and approach selections.

All of these little extras might not seem like much but as you become a more accomplish pilot and realize just how useful they can be to getting the kind of flight success that you are looking for, it becomes much easier to believe in yourself and your ability moving forward.

Waypoint functions and the like can all be accessed through their various little add-ons, such as the MCU which allows for waypoint crossing altitudes and autopilot altitudes alongside storing and saving flight plans etc.

This does, in general, make it so much easier to take things forward and give yourself the help that you need to start really improving performance throughout your career a a virtual pilot, as having access to all the right gauges does make a big difference. For anyone trying to improve their piloting skills, this is the way forward.

It ensures that you’ll start to become more aware of the importance of every aspect of your cockpit, too.

This makes it a lot easier to fly your aircraft and actually manage what kind of preparation you need to deal with before taking off. When you start getting used to all these extra little additions along the way, though, you will find that flying becomes something that you can manage so much more as time goes on.

If you are looking to find quality upgrades and mods that will improve your overall grip on avionics, start here.

This is a free upgrade for previous ISG1 customers. ISG gauges are available at:

Flight management console

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Ian Stephens

Ian Stephens

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