Alabeo Diamond DA-40 for X-Plane Released

Having long been seen as one of the genuine authorities within flight simulation, Alabeo have recently added another top release to their selection – the Diamond DA-40. Created for exclusive use with X-Plane, this provides users with a chance to finally hop into the cockpit of one of the most beloved aircraft of its era and enjoy a far more realistic and creative representation of what this aircraft is all about.

It makes a massive difference to the overall level of detail throughout, creating a really enjoyable recreation of a beloved aircraft.

Alabeo's DA40 in X-Plane 10

This Austrian aircraft, first released in 1997, was a huge success when it first arrived on the scene and has changed and developed considerably since it first hit the markets. Given the fact that the aircraft comes with a single engine and is deemed to be a “light” aircraft, its overall reputation throughout aviation is almost untouched – recognized for its nimble and accurate nature, and this is an aircraft that many people will love being able to have the chance to fly.

It’s actually one of the more popular civilian aircraft, and has a place in many airfields for those with the money to pick one up. Its popularity also came from the fact that the aircraft had a very low rating of accident occurrences – in fact, there are no stall-related incidents recorded when looking at the Diamond DA-40, making it one of the most reliable aircraft created in its generation.

Note: Please note that this recreation of the Diamond DA-40 for X-Plane is only compatible with versions 10.30 or higher!

What’s Included?

  • In this package, you can receive access to a full recreation of the model for the aircraft itself. This makes it very easy to fly and very simple to get to grips with, due to the fact that the model is represented in such an impressive and realistic manner

  • 2 unique models are provided in this package, giving you access to one with one or two pilots. This lets you change the overall cosmetic feel of the aircraft; if you would rather have the feeling of someone else alongside you in the cockpit, this can be very useful

  • 5 HD liveries have been created from scratch, too, giving you a greater output on the model and making it look far more realistic than it may done in the past. This makes a telling difference to the overall feeling of the aircraft, as you can fly the one that is the most memorable to you in terms of the design

  • A whole range of PDF files are included in this package, as well. This includes things such as the Normal Procedures PDF for helping you get to grips with the basic function and usage of the aircraft. It also includes the Emergency Procedures PDF, which is a hugely useful tool that gives you help in understanding what to do when things aren’t going exactly to plan. Another useful addition is the inclusion of performance tables and references so that you can easily understand what to do in very specific situations

The DA40 cockpit

Key Features

  • Each model comes equipped with some of the most impressive 3D models and textures that you are likely to use in X-Plane 10, the attention to detail on even the most minimal of additions and inclusions makes a huge difference, helping you see just how attractive this aircraft can look in comparison to many of the more dated models that are being used in X-Plane, making it look even better than it has done in many other previous recreations

  • Interested in creating your own texture? Then a black livery has been provided that would allow you to totally customize and change it. this lets those with an artistic mindset or those who want to fly a specific version of the Diamond A-40 would be able to with minimum fuss

  • Comes equipped with a fully enabled Vision Microsystems VM 1000 Engine Instrument, improving the overall feel and realism of the whole aircraft as you fly

  • If you are used to using a GPS system then this package is just what you need – it comes equipped with two default X-Plane 10 GPS systems; the GNS430. This makes it a whole lot easier to manage and control the aircraft as you fly, making navigation much easier also

  • A stunning volumetric side view prop effect that looks brilliant, giving you a real idea of what it looks like to be staring out across the aircraft wings and being able to enjoy the view that you have at this point in time during the flight

  • Totally accurate flight dynamics that make the aircraft fly and feel just as it should – this improves the overall strength and alignment that you get from the aircraft during flight and makes a rather telling difference to the overall performance that you will get when you are flying this aircraft

  • 64-bit compatible so if you are using a more modern machine that seems to clash and be incompatible with many mods out there; this will be completely operational when you use it within X-Plane

  • It’s plugin-enhanced, too, so you can use various third party additions with it to make the entire thing feel far more realistic. This is a big change from many of its contemporary releases which have been limited in terms of the different plug-ins that were available that would actually be compatible with the aircraft itself in use

  • The model and the entire project has been coded and optimized to provide the most effective level of performance possible. Your FPS rate should stay at a relatively high level when you are using this system due to the fact it is made to operate in high pressure situations that will put your PC under some duress

  • Total support with the SuperManipulator Scroll Wheel to make sure you have access to all of your tools when you are flying

You can pick up this package directly from the SimShack site here.

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Ian Stephens

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