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Milviz F-86F-30 Sabre for FSX/P3D Released

Last updated Mon, 25 Mar 2019 14:37:41 GMT
Originally posted on Tue, 09 Feb 2016 10:57:38 GMT

As a true recreation of one of the world’s most capable and well respected aircraft, this package by North American Aviation is just what you need. Its best known as the United States first ever swept wing fighter, ensuring that it could be used in various formats and styles in general. 

Indeed, it was created as a proper competitor to the dominant Soviet MiG-15 at the time, which was easily outdoing any of the American equivalents at the time during the Korean War of the 1950s. In response, the United States came up with one of their most historical designs ever.

Thanks to this mod, you can get to finally understand why the aircraft itself was so well loved. Its incredible attention to detail mixed with its classy creation and format ensures that it sticks out from the crowd in a way that many aircraft might previously have struggled to do.

Screenshot of the aircraft

About The F-86F-30 Sabre

Considered as one of the most impressive fighters of its time, and a real influence upon even modern aviation changes, the F-86F-30 Sabre is just what you need if you want to see where the legacy truly began.

It was an important part of the Korean War and beyond, rated far beyond much of its competitors at the time. It’s lifespan of around a decade might seem small for something that had such a great impact, but the Sabre was the beginning of technological change being replaced so quickly.

Indeed, the aircraft was still seen as a valuable part of the worldwide aviation community as far forward as the 1990s when it was still in use by the Bolivian Air Force. Its quality in the skies was every bit as impressive as the legacy it created, ensuring that it served as a feared, respected and valuable member of the frontline aviation community for several decades.

Close to 10,000 units were produced for the aircraft, as it eventually started to take over massively in places as far as Australia, Japan and Italy. The aircraft was a bit of a revolutionary for the time, making sure that thousands of its units were all used in the right way.

Thanks to this recreation of the aircraft, you can now finally start to get used to the aircraft and the unique way that it would have flown if it was still in use today. For historians and enthusiasts alike, this can be truly educational!

Aircraft in flight

A True Reflection

One of the most powerful aspects of this mod has been the introduction of so many little features that come together as one. With the precision to detail and the attention to make sure that it has all of the right features of the real thing, this take on the famous MiG Killer has become almost legendary!

It gives you full access to the real top speed of 695mph as well as 52,000ft maximum operational altitudes. This helps to push the boundaries of the simulator, helping you get to experience all of the strengths (and limitations) of the aircraft.

One of the main reasons for being created was to help deal with the slippery and exceedingly tricky MiG aircraft, and it done that with ease.

The aircraft was able to turn much faster than previous models thanks to the work of leading edge slats and new solid edges with six inches extra chord at the root of the fuselage helping to greatly expand the flight prowess of this model. This entire package has been designed to ensure you are flying an aircraft that was at one stage the alpha model on the market, dominating all over its competition and truly lasting.

On ramp

Attention to Detail

One of the true aspects of this mod has been the incredible attention to detail carried out across the model. This has seen a huge amount of care, attention to detail and precision put into almost every accessible area of the model.

Even the most minor of features have been improved and changed comprehensively, bringing the whole thing together at once. This mod concentrates heavily on delivering all of these little things at once, creating something that closely mimics the real thing in everything from the aspects of the design to the way that it carries itself in the sky itself.

For a truly awesome recreation, this is the place to get started. This is an aircraft that strives to match the realism of the model itself, ensuring that it makes use of attention to detail both inside the cockpit and on the model itself to bring it all together.

This package really will do all the help that you need in bringing the model to life in the best fashion possible. The changes are all included in high definition, too, ensuring that the aircraft has a real attention to take care of everything you need for a smooth, educational flight.

3D Virtual Cockpit

Easy to Modify

One of the best improvements brought to the table here, though, has been the change to the way that the aircraft handles itself. This features a totally custom Aircraft Configuration Model that looks truly spectacular, giving you all the help that you need in understanding how to just hop into the cockpit and fly off!

Everything has been included to make sure you can either fly the aircraft from the first moment you get into the cockpit, or so that you can benefit from many hours of study, interaction and learning with where every rivet and bolt in the cockpit is.

Indeed, this comes with a fresh Aircraft Configuration Menu as well. This can be a great tool in your favor, helping you to configure and change the aircraft in any way that you wish. This can be used to set up detailed changes to the payload that you fly with and even features such as radio configuration and even the visibility levels of ground equipment.

Remember, the choices that you make and the modifications you include will play a key role in the way that the aircraft handles itself when you are up in the air, so always be careful!

System Requirements

  • A fully operational version of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Full compatibility with other Operating Systems is not guaranteed.
  • At least a process of 2.6 Ghz or higher.
  • At least 4 GB RAM.
  • At least a DirectX®11 compliant video card or greater, with a minimum of 1024 MB video RAM or higher.
  • A working Hard Drive with at least 1 GB available space.
  • A fully working copy of FSX with FSX: Acceleration installed. Alternatively, you can use the FSX: Steam Edition.
  • P3Dv2 Version: Latest release, with all hotfixes.
  • P3Dv3 Version: Latest release, with all hotfixes.

Promo Video

Below is the official promo video by MILVIZ.

Key Features

  • Truly authentic flight dynamics have been included, having been reworked and modified entirely to deliver the best level of performance possible. These new flight dynamics by Bernt Stolle have been modified, changed and improved time and time again to ensure they carry the hallmarks of the real thing. Everything has been altered to make sure that it fits with reality, making sure that both the performance boosts and the limitations of the system are targeted here in the most effective manner possible, creating something truly dynamic.

  • This aircraft even starts up properly! The various attention to the minor details has been a major feature of this mod, helping to bring to life even the way that the aircraft operates at its most basic level. With this mod, you can see realistic startup and shutdowns.

  • Fresh changes to the managerial protocol of the aircraft ensures that it handles itself in a safe, authentic manner. This means that systems and avionics are going to be managed in the right way, keeping you up to date with a fresh design of the aircraft that ensures it flies authentically.

  • A total reworking of lighting being used in the aircraft has been included. Now, when you fly at night, you will feel far less threatened by the overall challenge of the flight as well as making sure you have greater visibility. From landing lights to custom effects, this all captures the look and feel of the aircraft whilst improving your overall operational qualities, making you a much clearer prospect of how this aircraft should look. Avoid crashes and delays with your flight comfort by having access to an easy to manage system built around improving visibility like in real-life.

  • Improve your overall enjoyment of the flight itself by having custom and totally realistic liveries to pick from. With 18 HD liveries all crated by the multi-talented Gunnar von Meeren, this can be just what you need to bring the whole package together to look the very best it can.

  • A high quality sound set has been delivered, giving you a range of sounds that come from the real F-86 in operation. This sounds excellent and gives you all the help that you need in really buying into the audio performance as much as the visual one, creating something awesome.

  • Bring your aircraft together in the right way by having various loadout options to pick from. These give you full control over everything from the flight dynamics right through to the performance of the aircraft, giving you various new ways to enjoy the depth and control of your flight generally.

  • High quality external and internal models help to sell the whole image and picture of the aircraft, ensuring that it flies at the best levels possible and also ensuring you have no problem in buying into the look and feel of the model, capturing even the most minor of details to perfection.

  • Canopy openings will cause drags to help slow you down faster on the ground – it’s these range of little minor touches that really do all they can to come together and make your flights that little bit easier to be a part of, regardless of the flight conditions.

  • Highly detailed product manuals are added for anyone who needs clarity on any of the features included, ensuring that you can get the control that you need in understanding and then truly enjoying the quality and care of the flight. If you have any questions or concerns, start with these! 

For more information, visit the MILVIZ site here.

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