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FSX Utilities

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JAB_FSX - Flight Simulator X Helper

FSX JAB_FSX - Flight Simulator X Helper. This small program has three parts. 1) It allows you to regularly save the current FSX flight in order to open the next session at the same point where the last session finished (just like "Previous flight" in FS9). 2) It allows TrackIR owners to enable Track-IR only when in virtual cockpit and disable it in outside views (to use a joystick hat for example). 3) For scenery, mesh and landclass designers, it provides a great help to get coordinates with...

File size: 465.27 kB | Download hits: 620

Logbook Recovery

FSX Logbook Recovery v1.1. Corrupt entries can get into the FSX logbook. Though new entries will continue to be added, none of them will be viewable until the corrupt entry is removed. This utility will automate the recovery. By Daniel van Os....

File size: 230.52 kB | Download hits: 4050

Wing Leveler/ForceFeedback Utility

FSX Wing Leveler/ForceFeedback Utility Version 3.1.0. This utility combines both a wing leveler and a force feedback utility. The wing leveler will remove or restore Flight Simulator's automatic wing leveler function. For those who like to fly using the autopilot solely to maintain a constant altitude the author has developed this little utility to modify Flight Simulator Aircraft.cfg file(s) to remove the wing leveller function. The Aircraft.cfg file is modified to add information that will...

File size: 228.98 kB | Download hits: 736


FSXAircrafter, release 0.1. FSXAircrafter is a little tool showing you all installed aircraft with their thumbnails, without starting FSX. By Andreas Schwarz....

File size: 559.82 kB | Download hits: 2616


FSX GA-Traffic second release candidate. GA-Traffic is the first fully automatic general aviation (GA) traffic generator, now for FSX. Features: Generate GA traffic for every installed airport of the whole FSX world at once; Fully automatic detection of installed planes and airports; Simulate different GA traffic behavior; 'Virtual landing fees' unique algorithm to avoid GA traffic generation on busy commercial airports; Amphibian planes used only near seaports; Amount of plane usage selectable...

File size: 6.59 MB | Download hits: 8842


FSX Autothumbnail. Automatically generates a thumbnail file for the currently flying aircraft. The image (shown in the "select aircraft" menu) is based on a screen capture. Public Domain....

File size: 134.81 kB | Download hits: 668

FSCamera X

FSX FSCamera X 1.1. Allows the FSX cameras to be edit and unused cameras to be deleted, giving complete control of the cameras available to view your flight. By Gunnar Daehling....

File size: 160.35 kB | Download hits: 3175

Flightplan Converter

FSX Flightplan Converter 1.0. A small program to convert the fs9 flight plan in the TTools2 standard to FSX flight plan standard from the SDK so that it can be used with the Trafficdatabasebuilder.exe which comes with the FSX SDK. By Jens Rabmund....

File size: 30.13 kB | Download hits: 828

Utility--FS9toFSx Migration

FS9toFSx Migration (shareware demo) - move previous FS version planes to the new FSX. This utility is designed to process the FS9 folder. However, it is possible to select FS2002 and FS2000. It analyses aircraft.cfg, .mdl and .air files to find all ressources required. For instance, it looks at .mdl files to extract a list of the textures used and verify if they exist. It also searches for non standard Windows .dll's. By Georges Vinet....

File size: 338.04 kB | Download hits: 1217

Airlines Editor

FSX Airlines Editor. FSXAE is a program that you can edit the airline names so that you can put your own names in. Programming by Steven Logiudice....

File size: 11.40 kB | Download hits: 2314

FS Texture Replacement Utility

FS Texture Replacement Utility v1.0.1. If you ever wanted to update textures in your FS texture folder, or other folders and maybe wanted to backup the original files you may find this little utility handy. By Bill Tanner...

File size: 249.62 kB | Download hits: 755

Mission Category Modifier

FSX Mission Category Modifier. If you want to put all your downloaded missions into a new category, other than having to look for them in all the FSX default categories, just download and install cause that's exactly what this program does. By Hugo Vieira....

File size: 450.19 kB | Download hits: 550


rwd2xml. A little tool that decompiles and extracts bitmaps from mission rewards files (RWD) of Microsoft Flight Simulator X. A source XML file is generated and can be recompiled to create a (theorically) identical file. Public Domain....

File size: 14.92 kB | Download hits: 169

Music Player 1.0001 Downloader

FSX Music Player 1.0001 Downloader. Play some tunes while you fly, well now you can, with FSX Music Center. This file only downloads the software needed to run FSX. Programming by Steven Logiudice....

File size: 32.98 kB | Download hits: 2449

Event Logger Gauge

FSX Event Logger Gauge. This gauge is designed to detect repeating FS Key_Events which interfere with normal panel operation. Symptoms of repeating Key_Events include an inability to select a second exit or second engine, as well as accelerated selection on autopilot controls (Course and Heading controls increment by 10 instead of 1, Altitude Select increments by 1000 instead of 100.) This gauge will not tell you which gauge is sending the repeated Key_Events, but by identifying the events...

File size: 50.70 kB | Download hits: 165

Boat Traffic Viewing

FSX Boat Traffic Viewing. The new boats traffic facility in FSX is difficult to view. This program will show the planned boat traffic with the help of Google Maps and Google Earth. By Michel A. Mettling....

File size: 1.87 MB | Download hits: 668

AutoStar X

FSX AutoStar X, v1.01, a utility that adds new features to the night sky such as brighter planets in the correct position for any date, comets and even user objects such as an eclipse or Messier object. The SAO star catalog can be imported to greatly increase the number of background stars. By Chris Wright....

File size: 714.12 kB | Download hits: 6266

AITP-X AI Timeout Patcher

FSX AITP-X AI Timeout Patcher, alpha release. A utility to alter the time limitations imposed on AI traffic: normally, FSX will cause AI aircraft to simply disappear if they cannot move after 5 minutes, which can be visually irritating. Running this utility allows the timeout to be lengthened up to 17 minutes. By Andrew Jarvis / JBAI Simulations. (See AITP10.ZIP for FS2004 version.)...

File size: 3.23 MB | Download hits: 892

EZ-Landclass 3.01

FSX EZ-Landclass 3.01. EZ-Landclass is a program that allows you to change the placement of landclass and waterclass textures in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can use it to add small towns that MS left out, for example, or to correct the type of vegetation or ground cover in a certain area. Easy to use dialog boxes and project oriented scenery files are just two of the highlights of this program. Requires Microsoft Excel 97 or later. Freeware. Version 3.0 adds support for FSX. By Russel...

File size: 685.63 kB | Download hits: 1025

spb2xml Utility

FSX spb2xml Utility; convert SPB files to XML. This tool can decompile SimPropBinary (SPB) files as used in FSX and produce their corresponding XML source which can then be read and modified. Requires .NET framework 2.0. By Lamont Clark. Public Domain....

File size: 12.13 kB | Download hits: 7733

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