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FSX Civil Aircraft

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Air Bagan Airbus A310-222 Update

FSX Air Bagan Airbus A310-222 Twin Package Update, for use with AB312X.ZIP. After installation, this aircraft will look level when cruising at altitude. The induced_drag_scalar is corrected. By HOUSE-RP, Robby Pauletto. ...

File size: 55.99 kB | Download hits: 526

Etihad Airways Airbus A330-243

Etihad Airways Airbus A330-243, registration number A6-EYJ. A repaint for the Thomas Ruth A330-200, it requires TOMA332B.ZIP. Tested only with FSX SP1 + SP2 or Acceleration, not tested in DirectX 10 preview mode. By Mario Monfrecola. Etihad Airways Airbus A330-243 in flight. Etihad Airways A330-243, registration number A6-EYJ, repaint for the Thomas Ruth A330-200. "How to install" instructions: -Unzip the texture.A6-EYJ folder in the Tom_A330_200...

File size: 1.57 MB | Download hits: 525

Gulf Air Embraer E-170

Gulf Air Embraer E-170. A repaint of Gulf Air on the E-Jets series Feelthere/Wilco E-170 model, registration A9C-MA. All texture are in 32 bit, Repainted by Mohammed Al-Khalifa. Gulf Air Embraer E-170 in flight. Gulf Air Embraer E-170 ========================== FSX Gulf Air Embraer E-170,a repaint of Gulf Air on the E-Jets series Feelthere/Wilco E-170 model, registration A9C-MA. Repainted by: Mohammed Al-Khalifa. **Note: I did my best to repaint this aircraft, on the...

File size: 10.22 MB | Download hits: 525

Kuwait Airways Boeing 747-400

FSX Kuwait Airways Boeing 747-400, registration 9K-ADE. Textures only for the payware PMDG B747-400 model. Repaint by Ali Jassem. ...

File size: 3.18 MB | Download hits: 524

EgyptAir Airbus A330-343X

EgyptAir Airbus A330-343X. A repaint of EgyptAir on the Commercial Level Simulation A330-300 RR engine model. The first A330-300 will be delivered on August 23 2010, registration SU-GDS. Repainted by Mohammed Al-Khalifa. EgyptAir Airbus A330-343X. EgyptAir A330-343X ====================== FSX EgyptAir A330-343X. This is a repaint of EgyptAir on the Commercial Level Simulation A330-300 RR engine model. The first A330-300 will be delivered on August 23 2010, registration...

File size: 6.15 MB | Download hits: 522

Air Canada Boeing 747-400 circa 1993

This is another repaint for the FSX Default 747. The last Air Canada 747 was retired in 2004 and was replaced by Airbus A340s. The A340s retires three to four years later and were replaced by the Boeing 777-300ER fleet. This aircraft was repainted in memory of the 747-400 fleet for Air Canada. Splash Screen Included. ...

File size: 6.00 MB | Download hits: 521

Thomas Cook Airbus A321 Repaint

Thomas Cook Airbus A321. Textures only for the default A321 by R. Svit. This is Thomas Cook repaint for FSX Airbus A321. Created by RSvit Installation: 1 - Place into folder .../Simobjects/Airplane/airbus_a321 2 - Open aircraft.CFG using notepad and copy the following replacing X with the next number in the sequence. Save the modified ‘aircraft.cfg’ file. [fltsim.x] title=Airbus A321 Thomas...

File size: 3.73 MB | Download hits: 513

Ansett Australia Airbus A321

FSX Ansett Australia Airbus A321. Textures only for the default Airbus A321 in the colours of Ansett Australia. By George Hutton. ...

File size: 3.38 MB | Download hits: 512

Srilankan Airlines Airbus A340-313X

Srilankan Airlines Airbus A340-313X. Textures only for the Thomas Ruth A340-300 model; requires TOMA343B.ZIP. Srilankan Airlines Airbus A340-313X. [fltsim.x] <------Write here the next number (ex. "[fltsim.3]) title=Sri Lankan A340-300 sim=TomA343 model= panel=340 sound= texture=srilankan kb_checklists= kb_reference= atc_id=G-OREK atc_airline=Sri...

File size: 3.89 MB | Download hits: 507

Boeing 737-800 Flyglobespan Textures

for the default B737-800. By Jamie Graham. ...

File size: 8.43 MB | Download hits: 501

Asiana Airlines Airbus A321

FSX Asiana Airlines Airbus A321. Textures only for the default A321. Repaint by Lee Joon-Ho. ...

File size: 7.01 MB | Download hits: 501

Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400

FSX Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400. JAL textures only for the default B747-400. Repaint by Ruiqi Chen. ...

File size: 690.91 kB | Download hits: 500

Tam Linhas Aereas A340-541

Tam Linhas Aereas A340-541, registration PT-MSL, textures only for the Thomas Ruth A340-500, it requires TOMA345.ZIP. Repaint by Mario Monfrecola. Tam Linhas Aereas A340-541 in flight. TAM Linhas Aéreas A340-541, registration PT-MSL, repaint for the Thomas Ruth A340-500. "How to install" instructions: -Unzip the texture.PT-MSL folder in the Tom_A340-500 folder -Copy and paste the following lines in the Tom_A340-500 aircraft.cfg file (if you are...

File size: 1.42 MB | Download hits: 499

Norwegian Air Shuttle 737-800

FSX Norwegian Air Shuttle 737-800, registration LN-NOL. A repaint for the default B737-800: the 6000th 737. By Kenneth Eide and Jonny Nyberg. Made by Kenneth Eide with som help from Jonny Nyberg. Install FSX [fltsim.xx] title=Boeing 737-800 NORWEGIAN LN-NOL sim=Boeing737-800 model= panel= sound= texture=NORWEGIANLN-NOL kb_checklists=Boeing737-800_check kb_reference=Boeing737-800_ref atc_id=LN-NOL atc_airline=Boeing atc_flight_number=DY...

File size: 3.11 MB | Download hits: 498

Air New Zealand Airbus A321

FSX Air New Zealand Airbus A321, registration ZK-OJA, "Lord of the Rings". Textures only for the default A321. By James Mitchell. ...

File size: 1.76 MB | Download hits: 495

MEA Airbus A330 Repaint

MEA Airbus A330. Includes four different repaints for the new MEA A332 RR. OD MEA OD MEB and OD MEC has been updated with new liveries. Does not include aircraft and sound package. Model by Wilco. Repaint by Mario Chahine. MEA Airbus A330 on runway. This skin pack has to be applied after installing Flight Simulator X and Wilco FeelThere Airbus Series Volume 2. You have 4 installers inside the MEA WILCO each one is a diffrent A330-200 Wilco Feelthere Middle...

File size: 33.47 MB | Download hits: 495

Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400 revision

FSX Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400 revision. Textures only for the default B747-400. Repaint by Ichro Yamamoto. ...

File size: 2.38 MB | Download hits: 492

Aer Lingus Airbus A330-300

Aer Lingus Airbus A330-300. Textures for the Airbus A330-300 model by Thomas Ruth; requires TOMA333B-1.ZIP. The registration is EI-ELA and IT is named St. Coleman. It is the newest aircraft in Aer Lingus' fleet. By Cillian Coleman. Aer Lingus Airbus A330-300. Aer Lingus A330-300 texture for the Thomas Ruth A330-300 model, by Cillian Coleman. This is my first repaint ever so try not to be too critical. I dont think its too bad. Just replace the 'X' with the next...

File size: 3.37 MB | Download hits: 491

bmi Airbus A321

FSX bmi Airbus A321. Textures for the default Airbus A321 in the colors of bmi British Midland. By George Hutton. ...

File size: 4.74 MB | Download hits: 489

Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 PW "50th Anniversary" repaint for PMDG B747-400

FSX Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 PW in "50th Anniversary" livery. Textures only for the payware PMDG B747-400 model. Repaint by Johnny Lawrence. ...

File size: 1.59 MB | Download hits: 489


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