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FSX Military Aircraft

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Iraqi Air Force MiG-21MF

Iraqi Air Force MiG-21MF 1991. Model by Ivan Jurcaga. Repaint by Zsolt Beleznay. Iraqi Air Force MiG-21MF. [fltsim.6] title=MiG-21MF Iraqi AF '91 sim=mig model= panel= sound= texture=Iraq prop_anim_ratio=3.56 KB_checklists= ui_manufacturer=Mikojan atc_id=1185 atc_airline=Air Force atc_flight_number= ui_type=MiG-21 MF description= ui_variation=Iraq 1991 atc_heavy=0 visual_damage=1 Iraqi Air Force MiG-21MF. ...

File size: 6.14 MB | Download hits: 194

Beechcraft T-34 N134HC

Beechcraft T-34 N134HC. Textures and new IFR panel for the Carenedo T-34. This depects a real world livery of N134HC. Tested with FSX SP2 Acceleration. Repaint by John Detrick. Beechcraft T-34 N134HC in flight. SP2 Accel. Textures and new panel for Carenedo's T-34. This is painted to represent a real world liveryof N134HC owned by Harold Cannonof Owensboro KY. I don't know what his panel looks like, so I decided that this aircraft was due an avionics overhaul. Now this...

File size: 6.35 MB | Download hits: 192

F-35A Lightning II - 51mo Stormo Fix

F-35A Lightning II - 51mo Stormo Fix, for use with 51STORMO.ZIP. Fixes missing fuel tank texture and corrects thumbnail. By Luigi Martinelli. F-35A Lightning II. Payware F-35A Lightning II, 51° Stormo Aeronautica militare italiana. Repaint by Merida72. Payware Aircraft by Dino Cattaneo. ATTENTION - These are very High definition texture (4096). Disclaimer: Nothing in these files can harm your computer. I accept no liability. Little...

File size: 93.02 kB | Download hits: 192

Aero L-39 Albatros

Fictional repaint for Lotus Simulation L-39C Albatros. Screenshot of Aero L-39 Albatros in flight. Place the texture.ZU-MAE folder in Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesLotus L-39-SS-civ folder. Open the aircraft.cfg in the Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesLotus L-39-SS-civ folder and add the following: [fltsim.XX] title=L-39...

File size: 4.39 MB | Download hits: 192

RRS2 US Navy Beechcraft T-44A Pegasus

This is a repaint of Carenado's Beech C-90B King Air. These textures represent a T44A Pegasus of the United States Marines as it appeared in 2006 as a member of VT-31, "Wise Owls" at NAS Corpus Christi. The textures are those of an artist interpretation and resulting rendition. By Russel R. Smith. Screenshot of US Navy Beechcraft T-44A Pegasus in flight. Extract the files in the "Carenado C90 King Air" folder, making sure "Use Folder...

File size: 5.77 MB | Download hits: 191

US Navy Douglas A-4 Skyhawk VF-126

A-4E Skyhawk VF-126 #52. Model by Virtavia. Repaint by Zsolt Beleznay. Screenshot of US Navy Douglas A-4 Skyhawk VF-126 on the ground. [fltsim.XX] title=A-4E/F Skyhawk VF-126 sim=Virtavia_A-4E-F_Skyhawk model=E_clean_1 panel= sound= texture=VF-126 Bandits kb_checklists=A-4_check kb_reference=A-4_ref atc_heavy= 0 atc_parking_types= mil_combat atc_airline = Navy atc_flight_number= atc_id= 151033 atc_id_color= 0000000000 ui_manufacturer=...

File size: 3.13 MB | Download hits: 191

US Marines F/A-18 VMFAT-101 Devilfish

This is a set of USMC VMFAT-101 'Sharpshooters' "Devilfish" textures for the FSX Acceleration F/A-18 Hornet. This aircraft features a Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11 "Devilfish" tail. Thanks to jetwashimages for the reference photos. By Nathan Havercroft. Screenshot of US Marines F/A-18 VMFAT-101 in flight. This repaint is freeware, however, please do not upload this repaint anywhere without my permission. If you would like to use these...

File size: 2.23 MB | Download hits: 190

USMC OV-10A VM0-1 1983

Textures only for the Aerosoft OV-10A Bronco. This represents BuNo. 155447 which served with VMO-1 during the 1980's. This aircraft was converted to an OV-10D shortly after 1983. This repaint has two different texture folders. One folder represents an aircraft with chaff dispensers and one without. By John Detrick. Screenshot of USMC OV-10A VM0-1 1983 in flight. Instructions: Place the folder "texture.VMO1GREEN" and "texture.VMO1GREENCHAFF into...

File size: 24.16 MB | Download hits: 190

US Navy F/A-18 VMFAT-101 MiG Killer

US Navy F/A-18 VMFAT-101 MiG Killer. This is a set of VMFAT-101 "Sharpshooters" textures for the FSX Acceleration F/A-18 Hornet. This aircraft, BuNo 163508, was flown by LCdr. Mark Fox when he shot down a MiG-21 during the Gulf War. At the time, 17th January 1991, he was flying with VFA-81 Sunliners. By Nathan Havercroft. US Navy F/A-18 VMFAT-101 MiG Killer in flight. This repaint is freeware, however, please do not upload this repaint anywhere without my...

File size: 2.16 MB | Download hits: 189

MS760 Paris No.39

MS760 Paris No.39, French Civ. Aviation Authority, early seventies. This is a repaint of Tim Conrad's MS760 Paris (MS-760PARISJET.ZIP). It is shown in the the markings of the French Civilian Aviation Authority in the early seventies. At that time six MS760s were used in Saint-Yan to train future airline pilots. Repaint by Michel Gerard. MS760 Paris No.39 in flight. Morane-Saulnier MS760 Paris N°39 - French Civilian Aviation Authority - SFA Saint-Yan - Early...

File size: 4.04 MB | Download hits: 188

US Navy T-45C Goshawk 167100/B322

VT-22 Golden Eagles. Textures for Dino Cattaneo's Boeing/BAe T-45 Goshawk v2.10 (T45CV210.ZIP). By Jiri Soukup. Screenshot of US Navy T-45C Goshawk in flight. Due to some little imperfections in original textures I wasn't able to paint some details accurately, but I did my best to recreate the paint as close as possible. I also decided to not put any officer name on the fuselage because it got changed over the last couple of months few times and I can't...

File size: 4.21 MB | Download hits: 187

Sukhoi Su-24 Effects

Effects for use with SUKHOI_SU-24M_AI.ZIP and SUKHOI_SU-24M_FENCER.ZIP. Missing effects in the FSX Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer Multi Livery Package and FSX Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer Flyable AI Package. By Michael E. Roberts. ...

File size: 5.07 kB | Download hits: 186

Marines VT-9 T45 C Tiger

SX Marines VT-9 T45 C Tiger. A repaint of David Brice and David Friswell's T-45 Goshawk modified for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This paint scheme is of the VT-9 Marines Tiger paint scheme, number 165088 VT-9 TW-1. This aircraft includes new flight dynamics and effects and too many animated parts to name and a new panel. Textures By Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft pictures of the original T-45c Goshawk and Bu. No 165088 history included. Squadron motto "We Train...

File size: 17.44 MB | Download hits: 186

USAF F-100 Super Sabre 474 TFW

USAF F-100 Super Sabre 474 TFW. This is Kazunori Ito's North American Aviation F-100F Super Sabre modified for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The F100 was developed as a follow-on to the F-86 Sabre used in the Korean Conflict. The F-100 was the world's first production airplane capable of flying faster than the speed of sound in level flight (760 mph). The later models of the F-100 had a speed in excess of 1000 mph. This aircraft is a 474 TFW Fighter. Bob Chicilo's panel is included,...

File size: 11.34 MB | Download hits: 185

F/A-18E VFA-41 Black Aces Pack

F/A-18E VFA-41 Black Aces Packfor the VRS F/A-18E Superbug including NH120(VFA-41_CAG) and NH121 (VFA-41_LINE). Thereal VFA-41 operates the F/A-18F. This is afictional "what if" repaint. IncludesEditVoicepack Black Aces callsign: FAST EAGLE.By Alexander Hauck. F/A-18E VFA-41 in Black Aces livery. VFA-41 Black Aces repaint pack for the VRS F/A-18E Superbug including NH120 (VFA-41_CAG) and NH121 (VFA-41_LINE). The real VFA-41 operates the F/A-18F. This is a...

File size: 5.36 MB | Download hits: 184

North American T-2C Buckeye Fix

North American T-2C Buckeye Fix, for use with T-2CFSX.ZIP. The fix contains the correct sound.cfg file for the Buckeye sound included in the original upload. By Bill Lowe. North American T-2C Buckeye on runway. SOUND FIX FOR T-2CFSX With apologies to all who downloaded, here's the missing sound.cfg file for the Bucaneer I recently posted. Why it wasn't included in the initial upload will forever remain a mystery that can probably only be solved by...

File size: 3.05 kB | Download hits: 184

Acceleration Pack F/A-18A - Views

Original views reworked and additional views (defined by camera definitions in the aircraft.cfg file) for the Boeing F/A-18A Hornet by Microsoft available only in the Acceleration expansion pack. Eight cameras pointing at the aircraft and a total of three views in the 3D cockpit. By Marc Renaud. Screenshot of F/A-18A in flight. 8 cameras pointing at the aircraft and a total of 3 views in the 3D cockpit. Instructions: Make sure FSX is not running. Make a...

File size: 113.87 kB | Download hits: 184

DeHavilland DH-100 Vampire

DeHavilland DH-100 Vampire. Repaint of VAMPUPXA.ZIP of Langley Museum. Includes a repaint to attempt to reflect DH-100 Vampire currently in Canadian Museum of Flight. DeHavilland DH-100 Vampire in flight. Repaint of of Langley Museum Enclosed is a repaint to attempt to reflect DH-100 Vampire currently in Canadian Museum of Flight, Langley, BC collection by Josef of Sadly I wasn't able to get the labels right, but photoshopped from...

File size: 1.37 MB | Download hits: 182

USN Evaluation Embraer A-29B Super Tucano

USN Evaluation Embraer A-29B Super Tucano. Repaint of a US Navy 'Imminent Fury' A-29B Super Tucano. Requires the A-29B by Tim Conrad (A-29B_ST.ZIP) Repaint by Paul Barry. USN Evaluation Embraer A-29B Super Tucano in flight. A-29B Super Tucano USN Evaluation Repaint. This file contains a repaint of the superb A-29B Super Tucano by Tim Conrad in the livery of USN 'Imminent Fury' evaluation programme.You will require the original A-29B file by Tim Conrad for...

File size: 3.49 MB | Download hits: 182

USAF Canadair C-139 Yukon

USAF Canadair C-139 Yukon. A repaint for Jens Kristensen's Bristol Britannia for FSX only, as a Canadair Yukon (ish). The CL-44-D4 was briefly considered for purchase by the USAF in the 1958, but the project was never culminated due to political backlash in Canada and the US. The USAF purchase of the CL-44 was complicated by two factors. It came in the aftermath of the cancellation of the Avro CF-105 Arrow and involved a "swap deal" wherein 100 F-101 Voodoo fighters were obtained...

File size: 965.74 kB | Download hits: 182


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